Melt Your Old Man's Heart with a Wonderful Birthday Gift: 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad (2018)

Melt Your Old Man's Heart with a Wonderful Birthday Gift: 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad (2018)

You will always be daddy's little girl or boy no matter how old you get, and he is there whenever you need him, like always. His birthday is your chance to show him how much he is loved. Give him a wonderful fragrance, a briefcase for work, or a reclining chair to relax in. Find all these and other thoughtful birthday gift ideas for daddy and make his day special.

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What Kinds of Gifts Can You Give Your Dad on His Birthday?

Bake a Cake for Your Father

There is nothing more special to a father than pure love from his children. Dads tend to feel special even if their kids make a small gesture of gratitude towards him. So this time do something unique for your dad on his birthday - we recommend you to get to the kitchen, whip out the spatulas and start making his favorite cake. It might not turn out to be a perfect cake like the one found in bakeries but it will not be less than a million dollar cake for your dad.

If you want to make it more special then you can shape the cake according to his favorite car or his dearest musical instrument. Additionally, you can write a good message on the cake for him that you wish to convey to him. The best part is there are lots of videos online, like on YouTube, that can easily help you bake an amazing cake for your dad.

A Handmade Gift for Dad

There is no better gift than the one made with love, emotions, and hard work. While preparing something custom made for your dad make sure it conveys all the three traits - love, emotion and hard work. Creating a scrapbook full of memories of your family or making a photo frame for dad, both will work great, undoubtedly. You can also go for other gifts like a birthday card, a hand-painted coffee mug or a hand-stitched laptop cover, a hand-made super dad bracelet, making a nameplate of your dad's name for the entrance of the house, a photo mobile cover or a funky message printed t-shirt will make your dad's birthday a special one.

Choose a Useful Gift for the Working Dad


There are tonnes of options to choose from for a working man. For example, gifting him a unique ink pen or a lunch box with multiple boxes, a water bottle that keeps water cold for a longer time, a kneeboard, a tie, a diary, bunch of files and folders will be appreciated. Other than this you can gift him is a customised yearly calendar that includes pictures of your family, you can choose a book to gift him about his profession and pair of formals will be a great choice to gift your dad. In addition to this, you can deliver him food from his favorite restaurant during lunch break on his birthday or you can send him a birthday cake with a bouquet wishing him for his birthday.

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Titan Smartsteel White Dial Multifunction Watch for Men (1489SL02)

Get this sophisticated timepiece for your dad. It features roman numerals and black indices against a silver-white dial, providing a dapper look and will be the best choice to gift your father on his birthday. This watch is a multifunctional, contemporary, refined and sturdy timepiece. Moreover, this 5 ATM water resistance and analog quartz precision watch has a mineral glass dial cover and also a secure leather buckle clasp. It offers a two-year warranty and a classic, everlasting appeal. You can shop this from at Rs.5,805.

Fastrack UV Protected Square Men's Sunglasses


A pair of sunglasses will be the best gift for your cool dad and Fastrack UV protect square men's sunglasses can give a dashing look to anybody. It has a black colored plastic frame with with a green coloured plastic lens. It comes with a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects and has a UV protected and polarized lens. It can be used while driving, biking, and also to add a sense of style to his daily dressing. Your dad will definitely admire this medium size eye protector. You can buy this from for Rs.1,174.

Hammonds Flycatcher Black Forest Tan Briefcase


Your hardworking dad should be gifted with something that will aid him in his day to day life and for that Hammonds Flycatcher Black Forest Tan Briefcase will be the perfect pick. The briefcase is made entirely from genuine Bombay brown two-tone leather which is a supreme quality leather that has a premium look. This briefcase is handmade by skilled craftsmen, hence, comes with an amazing finish. Also, the brass and metal fitting locks and buckles are internally lined with a strong brown lining that makes them durable and sturdy. You can buy this from for Rs.3,950.

Lino Perro Black Tie Cufflink Combo

The combo of Lino Perro black tie and a cufflink sounds like a good present for dad doesn't it. This attractive combo for men includes a tie, pocket square and a pair of cufflinks. The tie and pocket square is made from micro fabric that makes product long lasting. There is no doubt about that this is a valuable pick for your dad as it will be loved by him and he will feel proud to wear these for work meetings, conferences and in parties too. You can buy this from at Rs.998.

Finger's Blue Hooded Sweatshirt

This Sweatshirt with Hood and Kangaroo Pocket is made of good quality and will serve him well during winters. It has a stylish look that will be appreciated by your dad. The high quality fabric used in this product help provide proper comfort and a smart look. The sweatshirt is made from pure cotton fleece that makes this item quite comfortable. The zip used in the sweatshirt is made of a high quality metal slider that is sturdy and can withstand wear. The bold blue color of the sweatshirt makes it appealing to a wide range of audience. You can shop this from at Rs.713.

Vita Rocker Chair in Blue Color by HomeTown

Gifting something that just not give happiness but also the comfort and relaxation will be much appreciated, and for that nothing could go better than gifting your dad a vita rocker chair that is bound to leave your dad speechless. It is a skillful design to combine functionality with aesthetics, using the qualitative material. The color of the chair is royal blue and it weighs around 9 kgs. The company gives 12 months of warranty on this product. This piece of furniture can either be kept in a living hall or in your dad's study room where he can sit and relax. You can shop this from at Rs.6,990.

Men's Slim Blazer with Solid Colored Shawl Lapel

A nice dinner jacket or blazer is one piece of clothing that rarely goes out of style, provided you pick up a classic design. Trendy clothes too are a good choice if you know your father's taste in clothes well. Add to his wardrobe with a piece that also makes him stand out in a crowd. This Men's Slim Blazer will be a great choice for your dear dad if he is on the leaner side. It is made using high quality material and has a perfect slim fit that will enhance a trim frame - if your dad is on the heavier side or carries some weight around the middle, skip the slim fit blazers and go for a more conventional cut. You can buy this blazer from at Rs.3,940.

Fruit Infuser Sipper Bottle

Health always comes first and showing concern for someone's good health is an act of love. When it comes to your father, there is no space for carelessness and so being a good son or daughter, gift him this Fruit Infuser Sipper 700 ml Bottle that comes with two sippers. Drinking plain water can get boring and if he needs an incentive to stay hydrated without guzzling down aerated or sugary sports drinks, this is the gift for him. Fitted with an infuser that can hold slices of fruit and other flavouring, this water bottle is like any other sipper bottle. He can use it to flavour his drinking water with his favorite fruit, vegetable, and even tea. Made from good quality plastic, this can be an interesting birthday gift for your dad. You can buy this from at Rs.680.

Calvin Klein Be Eau De Toilette

Who doesn't want to smell good, and as far as gifting a thoughtful gift is concerned, a fragrant product is always a good choice. The best part about gifting a bottle of perfume is that it will serve your working dad well. This Calvin Klein Be Eau De Toilette spray comes in an elegant black bottle and will serve as a perfect pick up for your dad on his birthday. It's a 100 ml perfume bottle with an aroma that has hints of spicy juniper as well as tones similar to that of mint and tangerine. It is perfect to wear for both casual and special occasions. You can buy this from at Rs.1,563.

Hangoverr Power Beat Plus Water Resistant Smart Fitness Activity Tracker


If your dad is into fitness or if he wants to start a fitness routine then this gift will be perfect for him. This Hangoverr Power Beat Smart Fitness Activity Tracker, H-B30 will help him take better notes of his daily activity thus become more mindful about his levels of fitness and health.

This tracker is water resistant and so he can easily wear this out even when it is drizzling. The highly sensitive sensors give the perfect recording of heart rate and blood pressure. It captures 24 hours activity with accuracy, including distance, time, calories burned, and keeps a complete record of daily activities. This tracker can be synced with the mobile phone and all the information can be analyzed using a single device. This fitness belt comes with a direct plug-in- USB that helps to charge it and also to connect with other devices. One can also control the camera of their phone using this tracker. You can buy this from at Rs.3,199.

How to Plan an Amazing Birthday Party for Your Dad

Talk to Him and Get to Know What He Wants to Do on His Birthday

When it comes to throwing a party for your dad, you should first know what your dad likes and would rather avoid on his birthday. And for that talking directly with him will make it easy and you will understand how your father actually wants to spend his birthday. After having a word with your dad maybe you will come up with something interesting to surprise him with. It may be just a family dinner or it can be a day out.

Does he often give to charity and is he planning to donate on his birthday? You can do this on his behalf and even volunteer at his favourite charity. This will make him feel proud of his children. Knowing what your dad wishes for his birthday will be very helpful to make this day a special and memorable one.

Consider Going on a Family Trip for a Milestone Birthday

One of the best thing you can consider doing on your father's birthday is going off on an adventure or a memorable trip. You should consider choosing a place where you can disconnect from everything and have an awesome time with your dad. We recommend that you ask your father's views before booking tickets for anyplace. Ask him about his favorite destination and choose a mode of transport that would be both comfortable and fun. Take the whole family along to make it a memorable holiday for all.

You can go for a luxury cruise or a train for a more relaxing and reviving experience. On a different note, you can even go for a trek to forested or mountainous places, stay in a tent, cook food on woods and sleep under the sky full of stars - if your dad is ready for a camping trip. The trick is to have an amazing experience with your dad, where you can connect with him and talk your heart out.

Plan a Family Dinner for His Birthday

A dinner outing works in any situation because it is fun, and a family that eats together, stays together. Planning a dinner for your dad on his birthday might sound like the usual deal but parents always want to have a celebration in which they can spend quality time with their family. If you want to do something special for dinner for your dad, have the venue decorated in advance and watch his face break out into a smile as he enters. You can also prepare a well-worded note for your dad which you can read out loud during the dinner. Moreover, you can prepare a song or poem for your dad and recite it for him as a surprise.

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Look after him in ways he neglects to

Dads are the greatest aren't they; they work hard to provide the best for their family, and do everything in their power to give you everything you need to lead a good life, often at a personal cost. They will buy you new clothes and wear shirts and socks with holes in them, give you the latest toys and buy only the basics for themselves, throw you a big birthday party and insist you do not fuss over theirs. What are some things your dad does for you but neglects himself? Return those loving gestures and see his face light up.