Reading is Good for You but it Can Also Be Motivating: BP-Guide's List of the Top 10 Books to Read for Inspiration in 2019

Reading is Good for You but it Can Also Be Motivating: BP-Guide's List of the Top 10 Books to Read for Inspiration in 2019

Reading is one of the best, if not the best way, for having some serious introspection. If you're looking for some amazing motivation to turn your life around or even start and finish your day productively, there's no better way than reading, and not just anything and everything! Only the most apposite content must be read. Keeping that in mind, we're here with some of the best inspiration works for igniting some motivation through your inner self.

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The Beauty of Life-Changing Books

A plethora of new books crowd the book stores every day. Some entertain, some inform, and some enthrall, but there are some, which leave a mark on your life, change the way you think, transform your behavior, and modify your perception of life. Words are mighty, and some authors manage to pen some inspiring words which speak to you, to your mind and your emotions. Some authors also manage to talk to your soul with their influential words. Their books make you question your core beliefs in life, and such books stay with you long after you have finished reading. Such masterpieces are not an everyday affair. Once in a while, such treasures come to the surface, which forces you to introspect and ponder deep within.

When Should You Read These Books?

If you are a frequent visitor to the bookstore or regularly browse new releases on your Kindle every month, then you should always keep an eye on books which motivate and inspire you to do better and live better in life. Even when all is going well in life, these books offer plenty of inspiration, mental wellness, and satisfaction in life – some key elements which help us live our life happily.

There are some moments in life when nothing seems to be working right. It could be in your personal life or professional life. During such crucial moments, a snippet, phrase, or even a single idea from these books penned by experienced people help us see the problem in a new light or come to an ultimate solution. It is possible that you may not agree with some points mentioned in the books, but even if you get one solid idea from a book then reading it was definitely worth your time.

10 Highly Inspirational Books That Can Give Your Life a New Meaning

Here is a list of these life-changing books that you must read in your lifetime. Some below are fiction, and some are non-fiction, but they will leave you brooding over some critical elements in your life. You can download these books on your Kindle or smartphones and read them even while on transit. So hurry up and fire up your Kindle or buy a hardcopy from the bookstore soon.



Author: Yann Martel
Year: 2001

Synopsis: Pi Patel is the son of a zookeeper, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of animals and a taste for philosophy. While immigrating to North America from India together with his family, their ship sinks - and Pi finds himself alone in a lifeboat with a hyena, an orangutan, a wounded zebra, and Richard Parker, a 450-pound Royal Bengal Tiger - or does he? What follows is a fantastical tale of intrigue and adventure.

That Special Something: This book is not something that teaches you about religion, but it does make you believe in a superpower. Call it God or call it a supernatural force, but believing in something that is far above human possibilities. This influential book inspires you to think that something good will happen in your life. It teaches you to be patient and never give up hope. This book is written beautifully and is unnerving and nail-biting until the very last word.

Paperback version is available on Amazon for Rs. 280 with Kindle version priced at Rs. 133 only.


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Author: Paulo Coelho
Year: 1988

Synopsis: Originally released in Portuguese, this inspiring tale of self-discovery follows Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. But his quest takes him in a completely different, and much more satisfying direction, to learn how to listen to his heart and follow his dreams.

That Special Something: This masterpiece inspires you to brave the path to pursue your dreams. Anyone who has a dream of doing something meaningful and prominent in life should read this book. It is the chance of getting a dream that can come true that will make your life interesting. This book gives a dominant perception of reality. This book supplies inspiration and insight into a teenager’s life. Not just teenagers, this inspiration can be highly useful to anyone, young or old.

Get your hardcopy from Flipkart for Rs. 235.


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Author: M. Scott Peck
Year: 1978

Synopsis: A cross of psychology and spirituality, this non-fiction book is packed with insight and wisdom about the attributes that make for a fulfilled person. With an articulate associate examination of advanced, human concepts such as discipline and love, Peck theorizes four distinct stages of social, spiritual development along the path to self-realisation.

What makes it special?
This book teaches you that only amid problems can one realise and polish his courage and wisdom. Problems create courage and wisdom. We often tend to shy away from confronting and solving problems. Avoiding problems result in more considerable pain and inability to grow spiritually and mentally. Dr. Peck, a psychiatrist, suggests that how a person can reach a higher level of self-understanding. The book also focuses on some other vital elements such as how one can distinguish dependency from love, how to become a more sensitive parent, and how to be our best person. This masterpiece shows you how you can embrace reality and yet remain calm and content from inside.

The hardcopy can be bought from Amazon for Rs. 299.



Author: Viktor Emil Frankl
Year: 1946

Synopsis: This book is an inside story of a Jewish concentration camp during World War 2, told by one of its survivors. In this book, he said that he and the other survivors kept themselves alive by imaging and looking forward to their lives after the war. Those who felt hopeless and they could not picture themselves reuniting with their families after the war, perished. As if they had no longer any reason for living and thus they chose to die rather than to survive.

That Special Something: Cited as one of the most important books of our time, this book teaches us that happiness is a choice that humans can make, regardless of their circumstances. The book also signifies that we should never ask for the meaning of our life, and instead ask what our life wants from us.

Paperback version is available at Rs. 181 while the Kindle version can be availed at Rs. 122 from Amazon.



Author: Napoleon Hill
Year: 2017

Synopsis: This book answers various questions that might have cropped in our heads at some point in our lives. Questions such as why some people are so rich, while others, unfortunately, so poor? Why do some people skyrocket ahead while others stay stuck? How to achieve the goals? How to earn more money in less time?. This book beautifully answers all these questions.

That Special Something: This is one of the best books written by Napoleon Hill. It helps you to take some significant ideas and change your life in the shortest time possible. This book teaches you how you can rise from poverty to riches. It can change the way you think about the world.

Get your paperback version from Flipkart for Rs. 150 only.


Author: Ayn Rand
Year: 1943

Synopsis: This book portrays the objectivist philosophy of a visionary artist struggling against the dull and conformist viewpoint of his peers. The characters are fascinating, very well-developed, and the story is, at times, gripping. The story of Fountain Head is not sacrificed to create an ethical treatise. This book revolves around the story of architect Howard Roark who is very hard to yield. He manages to defy the conventions of the world and embrace his battle over two decades against his crew of rivals who will do everything to put him down.

That Special Something: This book helps you realise the pain and agony of a person who stands on his own beliefs, defying the society rules and so-called modern world culture. This is one epic story of money, power, and a man's struggle to succeed on his terms is a paean to individualism and humanity's creative potential.

You can avail your copy from for Rs. 161.


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Author: Robert Kiyosaki
Year: 2002

Synopsis: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, explains the differences and distinctions between how the wealthy class, and the poor and middle classes manage their money. The author differentiates throughout the entire book describing how his best friend’s dad, the “Rich Dad” was so successful.

That Special Something: There are lots of things said about personal finance and savings, but this book manages to hit the bull’s eye with its easy to understand examples and simple language. The book emphasizes on a lot of things such as ‘working hard’ was different from ‘working and spending smart’. You can be the hardest worker but if you are unable to manage your funds, you might have nothing left in hand.

Snapdeal offers this book at a discounted price of Rs. 119.


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Authors: Howard C. Cutler & Dalai Lama
Year: 1988

Synopsis: This book is penned by the Tibetan Dharma Guru, Dalai Lama a renowned psychiatrist, Howard Cutler, who poses questions to the Dalai Lama. This book is a quotation of his words describing details of the ambience where the interviews took place and also his reflections on problems raised.

That Special Something: This book will encourage you to practice the discipline of self-reflection. The more you reflect on your life, the deeper you look into your soul. This is where you discover what happiness truly means to you. Knowing what happiness means to you gives you purpose. With purpose, you’ll have clarity, focus, and a vision. These are the foundations that will empower you to embark on the journey to change your life.

The book can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 149.


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Author: Mitch Albom
Year: 2003

Synopsis: This book tells the story of Eddie, a cantankerous, bitter and nondescript man in charge of maintenance at the carnival at the fictional Ruby Pier. After many years, he feels that he has wasted his life in a dead-end and non-productive job that required no more brains than washing a dish. On his 83rd birthday, he dies while trying to save a little girl from a runaway cart on a ride. Soon he realises that he is in heaven, and he meets five random people who help him understand the meaning of his life on earth. These include the Blue Man, the Captain, Ruby, Marguerite, and Tala. All these people were connected in one way or the other to his life on the Earth. From each one, he learns something significant, and the book describes his understanding of his own life from these people. He finds peace in the end.

That Special Something: Each person affects the other and the other affects the next one, and this is how the world is full of stories. But in the end, all these stories are intertwined. This book beautifully explains that whatever happens in our lives happens for a reason.

It can be bought from Flipkart for Rs. 221.


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Authors: David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried
Year: 2010

Synopsis: This book shows you the essential things you need to get success in business. The original idea of the book is to stop talking and get into action soon. It is a best-selling and successful time management strategy book. The authors are co-founders of a software company. They both believe in ‘simple is better’ philosophy. Right from using a writing software in micro-blogging Twitter to managing and building a large business, the duo has been mostly successful, and their journey is truly inspirational.

That Special Something: The book contains solid basic business advice which can get you more productive especially if you want to strike it on your own sometime. They give importance to simplicity, even in the products they manufacture, to succeed in life.

The Kindle edition of the book can bought for Rs. 299 only from Amazon.

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