Still, Wondering How to Make the Best of Your Vacation? Fret Not!  Best Tourist Attraction Places to Visit in Lisbon, Portugal: 3 Bookshops in Lisbon That Will Take You a Different World (2020)

Still, Wondering How to Make the Best of Your Vacation? Fret Not! Best Tourist Attraction Places to Visit in Lisbon, Portugal: 3 Bookshops in Lisbon That Will Take You a Different World (2020)

The wonderful and vibrant capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is famed for its warm and bright manner, the city is also honoured with an abundance of impressive landmarks, world-class exhibition halls, and a wide variety of different marvellous activities. If you have the question like everyone, why visit Lisbon 2020? You will get the answer in this article!

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Why Should You Visit Lisbon?


The Seafood Is Extraordinary!

What’ll make you want to run to this scenic coastline is the idea of relishing some of the country’s most fantastic seafood? The local cuisine specializes in seafood dishes. You’ll find restaurants serving a wide array of delicacies ranging from fresh squid, bream, and snook to the famous fried cuttlefish that’s only found along the coast. The codfish is every Portuguese’s favourite; you’ll also treasure its taste for years to come. As an ancient tradition, salted cod is imported from the north of Europe, before making its way to the many signature dishes in Portugal. Another exotic seafood delicacy that is a must-try is bacalhau a bras that provide an amalgamation of ingredients such as onions, fried potatoes, and scrambled eggs.

To make your cuisine even more extravagant, Portugal offers splendid homegrown wines. We’d recommend you to try the famous Port wines from Porto; also, green wine is a favourite of all locals.

The City Preserves Its Heritage

Where other countries prefer creativity and development over history and traditions, Lisbon does its best to preserve the heritage. This is what distinguishes Lisbon from many others. One of the most famous buildings in Lisbon is the Central Tejo in Belem. This used to be a thermoelectric power plant; however, the city managed to transform it into an exotic museum while maintaining its industrial outlook. Instead of being a plain building that reeks of the mainstreams, the place radiates character! The exhibitions in the museum are extraordinarily creative and innovative; a cherry on the top is the architecture of the museum; it entails high ceilings, exposed steel framework, robust construction, and whatnot. All of this highlights how Lisbon is the epitome of heritage preservation.

It Has Unique Shopping Malls

You’ll find a plethora of exotic leather products, exquisite ceramics, refreshing and vibrant soaps in all parts of Lisbon. Concept stores pop up everywhere in Lisbon. One of the most innovative stores that you’d come across in Lisbon is The Fleeting Room. It’s right in the middle of the ancient Chiado district and is one of the most exciting places that you can visit. Numerous lifestyle items by famous designers can be found at this store; amongst these items, Ana Romero’s vibrant accessories and outfits particularly stand out. If you’re a Gossip Girl fan, you’d be glad to find out that one of her iPhone cases was used in the season. In the contemporary world, Ana Romero’s cushions, clutches, and accessories are sold worldwide. If you’re a fan of vintage, a visit to A Vida Portuguesa is a must. You’ll be amazed by the variety of exquisite vintage items that are in stock here!

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Lisbon, Portugal

Praca do Comercio

The Praça do Comércio is one of the most extravagant plazas in Lisbon; it was initially the very hub of commercial activity in the city. In this plaza, merchants from all across the globe would trade ancient items and spices; explorers, on the other hand, would seek financing for journeys to Africa, India, or Brazil. In this way, the plaza gained the attention of people all over.

In the contemporary world, Praça do Comércio is just as energetic and vibrant but now focuses on tourism and culture. Situated in the unique yellow buildings are boutique hotels and elegant restaurants that radiate the traditions of the city. Also, there is always a friendly atmosphere around the plaza. If you’re on a visit to this beautiful plaza, we recommend that you do not miss out on The Arco da Rua Augusta; it is the glorious arch that makes its way from the Praça do Comércio into central Lisbon, and at the very top of the monument is delightful panoramic sightseeing location.

Elevador de Santa Justa

Situated strangely over the rooftops of Lisbon’s Baixa district is a peculiar looking Santa Justa Lift; it radiates eccentric look while providing the most novel means of public transport in the city. At first glance, it rivets wrought iron frame and grey paint that conjures imagines of Eiffel Tower in Paris. The French architect Raoul Ponsard designed the fabulous elevator that was inaugurated in 1901.

In the contemporary world, explorers from all across the globe make the thirty-meter jaunt to the top instead of the locals. They travel in wood-panelled cabins that still radiate the ancient brass instruments with which it was constructed. From this point, passengers either exit or walk across the bridge into Bairro Alto. They can also opt to climb a well-designed spiral staircase that makes its way to the top terrace. The views from the top are exotic; they vary from busy, crowded streets to scenic squares, and finally, the River Tagus. You can also seek pleasure from the view of the ancient castles built. A tip to bear in mind is that this spot is very crowded in the summer season.

Castelo de Sao Jorge

The next one is one of the most popular attractions in Lisbon. Castelo de Sao Jorge is situated near Alfama on the hilltop that overlooks the Portuguese capital. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lisbon. Why is that so? The exotic castle holds glamorous battlements, gigantic museums, and attractive archaeological sites that will simply leave you awestruck. All of these attractions combine to make the castle a never forgetting experience for families; kids love to clamber over the rigid walls and towers that surround the grounds.

This castle offers magnificent views from the observation terrace; tourists are left enchanted by the uninterrupted panorama of the city that the castle provides. Glancing over River Tagus during sunset will allow you to observe the colours of sun dripping in the vast river to give a view that will leave tears in your eyes and memories in your heart. A Camera Obscura periscope situated in one of the towers delivers the viewers a 360-degree view of the vast city below. It just makes you ponder you’re your very existence.

The Statue of Cristo Rei

The statue of Cristo Rei is one of the most famous monuments in Lisbon. It mirrors the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro; it is commonly said that the Brazilian monument simply inspired this Portuguese statue.

It is not only a unique landmark but also a platform that delivers the tourists views of Lisbon; these unparalleled views of suspension bridges, crowded street, and refreshing gardens simply puts the mind of the visitors at a piece. A tip for your travel to the statue of Cristo Rei is that it can be travelled by public transport at affordable prices; a ferry will take you from Cais do Sodre to Cacihas. From there, you can take a bus to the exotic destination spot. The ferry ride itself is utterly exciting. Each part of the voyage helps you build memories for years to come.

The grounds around this statue encompass complexes of religious parks and pilgrimage structures; the towering monument is the focal point of the entire site. A cherry on the top is that these grounds are free to visit; also, the clifftop viewpoints again offer panoramic views of the whole city.


If you want to relish views that will stay in your heart for years to come, head to Miradouro right now! The city is named after a local poet who loved the scenic views of the city as much as she loved to write about them. Merely sitting on the terrace, sipping coffee at a kiosk, and enjoying the sweeping cityscape will relieve you of the burdens of the modern world. The view is as exotic at night as it is at day time. Miradouro has been written about in the poetic verses of many writings just because it delivers a stellar view of Lisbon regardless of the time of the day. Many tourists stop here to explore the ancient districts of Mouraria, Alfama, and Graça.

A tip to bear in mind while visiting Miradouro is to wear comfortable sneakers to wade around the region’s stoned streets and steep hills. Those hills won’t be of any use here. You should live like a local while you’re here; that said, settle in at a café and relish the views from dusk till the dawn.


Why visit Belem? Simply because it is one of the most popular regions in Lisbon; it boosts not only numerous famous landmarks but also exquisite architectural treasures. Belem sits along the Tagus River; this means that you can always opt for boat rides to see the entire region from a different perspective. You’ll find numerous spaces, ranging from lush green parks to modern plazas, to relish. The activities here range from sports, games, and wading around to absorbing the art and culture. There’s something for everyone to do here in Belem. Also, many visitors set sails to explore new regions from this very point.

A tip for you to make the best out of your visit is to explore the iconic Torre de Belem; this defensive yet gigantic fort was built as early as the 1500s. The exotic architectural details will leave you speechless.

Parque das Nacoes

This Nations Park delivers the visitors a wide array of gardens, lush parks, art portrays, and outdoor dining options to make the best of their experience. It is a bit isolated spot; however, a short metro ride takes you to the city. Your day will be as splendid as it can be if you visit the attractions nearby this destination spot merely by wading around. Vasco da Gama Tower is situated here; this is the tallest structure in Lisbon. Therefore, we recommend you to visit it

You’d be surprised to find out that this was once a heavily polluted industrial area; however, The Expo 98 holds the credit for its magnificent transformation into an exotic, neat and refreshing neighbourhood of green buildings. A nearby Vasco de Gama shopping centre will allow you to explore some top floor eateries as well as the terrace. Otherwise, you can simply head out to the riverfront to enjoy waves of fresh air.

Oceanario de Lisboa

Are you one of those people who take great pleasure in exploring marine life? Do aquariums excite you more than the land? Then this is just the right place for you. One of the most magnificent aquariums in Europe, Oceanario de Lisboa is gigantic, fun, and utterly educational; it is the ideal spot to take your kids out for. The aquarium is categorized into four different areas, displaying the water and land environments of the four major oceans of Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Antarctic.

It not only houses a vast selection of aquatic life but also contains numerous distinct species of birds. You’ll find all kinds of tanks here, ranging from the small containers to the gigantic and impressive tanks. Just standing in front of one of these tanks will leave you in awe as creatures like huge sharks swim right in front of your eyes. Not only is Oceanario de Lisboa, one of the major attractions in Lisbon but also very active in educational purposes, preservation goals, and conservation strategies.


How does Alfama stand out from the rest of the destination spots? Only by being the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon. It has both a rich history and culture. Visiting exotic architectural treasures like the National Pantheon will take you back in time! Also, exotic cobblestones line up the street with charming houses built many years ago. The architecture of these houses alone will leave your enchanted. As walk past these quaint houses lined up the hill, you will notice how the region boasts numerous attractions all over the place. It is so easy to roam around these sights, absorb the culture, and free yourself of all the worldly hassles in this dream spot. It offers the optimal relaxation that anyone can need.

Initially, it was thought of as a region of underprivileged individuals; however, it promptly transformed into a trendy zone with a fantastic character to the entire neighbourhood. Alfama houses the very Fado music; it is a soulful kind of music that stimulates deep feelings of nostalgia and wistfulness in anyone and everyone.


The historic town that houses the very Sintra National Palace is very well-known amongst tourists from all across the globe. On a trip to Sintra, you’ll come along three exotic structures. First, Sintra National Palace is intriguing for both kids and adults. It offers magnificent views of the rural regions that surround the palace. The other two are Moorish Castle and Pena Palace. Instead of going with the crowd, we’d suggest you explore the hidden gems of these regions, for these areas gigantic as one could imagine. Some of these hidden gems include the Sintra tram, Cabo da Roca at sunset, and Vila Sassetti. These stunning yet deserted areas will leave you enchanted; not only are they utterly exotic but also free of any crowds that plague the rest of the spots!

Apart from sightseeing at these picturesque locations, you can browse through the handcrafted goods and taste famous tarts at the Piriquita bakery.

3 Bookshops Worth Visiting In Lisbon!


Founded in 1732, Bertrand is the oldest bookshop in Lisbon. For its ancient origins, it is highly prevalent in Lisbon. Behind an exotic façade of contrasting blue and white tiles, the bookshop offers selections of famous Portuguese writers. The translations to English are just as readily available. The location of this bookshop is utterly enviable; this allows the travellers to soak up the best of Portuguese literature in one of the regions that are most interlinked to it. For those proficient in Portuguese, Bertrand has a website that enlists all of the available material as well as allows you to order books that aren’t in the bookshop.

Menina e Moça

This comfortable bar is situated in the middle of Lisbon’s Pink Street; this is one of the most vibrant, busiest and most crowded streets of the city. However, once you step inside the doors of Menina e Moca, you will be transported to a whole different world. You’ll find books lined up on the shelves as well as poetry embossed on the ceiling; the very design of the bar is a haven for people who love books. All books available here are for sale. If you’re looking for English books, fret not. They have those too, along with the most visually pleasing sites of all time. This cosy bar sits right in the middle of Pink Street: one of Lisbon’s brightest, busiest, and most vibrant streets. But once you step inside the doors of Menina e Moça, you are transported into an entirely different world.

Livraria Lello & Irmão

If you’re a harry potter fan or someone who adores peaceful book reading spots, this is the bookshop for you. Not only will you find endless opportunities to bring out your Harry Potter fanatic, but the place itself is quite exotic. Ever been to a bookshop that releases you of all the worldly hassles of the world? Well, if you’re looking for one, this is just the right spot for you. If you look around, you’ll find yourself in between a surrounding that is soaked up in poetry. The colour of the books spills all across the bookshop and allows you to get lost within it. Sit back and relax while the books read themselves to you.

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In Conclusion!

These were the 10 best places to visit in Lisbon. However, the list does not end here. The city of light has a list of numerous places to visit. We hope so, this article helped you to find the best places to enjoy your vacation. So do visit this city and unveil the mesmerising beauty of this place.