A Travel Inventory You Just Can't Miss! Here are the 10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations That You Must Visit in 2019

A Travel Inventory You Just Can't Miss! Here are the 10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations That You Must Visit in 2019

With the growing workload, robotic lifestyles, deadlines and busy schedules, it becomes imperative to plan a vacation once in a while. So if you are planning to take a trip to relax and rejuvenate in 2019, we are here to help you choose your destination better.

Are You Planning to Tour The World? We Will Help You Choose From Among The Best Travel Destinations

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When you have to cross boundaries for a vacation, you need to choose a good place to go, and popular tourist destinations can be a perfect choice. That does not mean that their appropriateness will change if they lie in your backyard. On the contrary, each one of them has a number of great things that would excite almost anyone regardless of their location. Those things range from culture, history, architecture, cuisine, fun activities, and other tourist attractions. Apart from making you feel enthralled, these will offer a traveler new and exciting experiences. Equally important, they can be a great platform for learning new activities such as cooking, swimming, and mountain biking among others. One gets to see things that he probably couldn’t have seen if they never visited these popular tourist destinations. This piece highlights some of the places which will be worth travelling a million miles and even spending a fortune if one can afford. Check them out!

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting a Travel Destination

What is My Budget?

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In order to come up with a place that you can afford to go to, you need to have an idea of how much you want to spend. That way, you will only choose a place which fits into your budget. In addition to this, it will determine the amount of time that you are willing to spend there. Since the budget varies according to place, compare a few of them and choose the one that suits you best. Remember that it may not be wise to spend too much on a vacation only to be left financially crippled afterwards.

Who are You Travelling With?

Some people would go with family while others will go with friends. Destinations may differ based on these factors. That’s why you must consider who would be accompanying you. To choose a better tourist destination, consult them and discuss it until you arrive at a decision. It is obvious that the places you would visit with kids will differ from places to visit by adults. If you are traveling with a combination of the two, then you have to keep that into account.

How Safe is That Country?

Avoid places undergoing post-election violence as well as political clashes. You can gather such details through international news channels and online dailies. Otherwise, the trip you will take won’t serve its purpose making you devoid of enjoyment and relaxation. In extreme cases, you or your loved ones may end up feeling despondent which is absolutely not worth it. Therefore, ensure that the place you visit is safe and not even the most popular destinations are worth compromising your safety.

When Can I Afford to Visit?

Due to factors such as weather and rainfall, it may be appropriate to visit some places during a certain period. That’s why you need to know when you can travel. Once you identify that, visit the place only when the climate and rainfall are not very harsh. Failing to do that, you might end up going somewhere only to stay inside your hotel throughout your vacation.

The Most Visited Countries in the World and Why You Should Consider Visiting Them in 2019

France - The Land Of Romance

France is a country which ranks among the popular tourist destinations. According to a survey, the country records up to 82.6 million visitors a year. That compels us to ask the question, "Why?" The answers are simple:

  • First, the place has a number of sites that are hard to find. They include the likes of the Sacred Coeur and Eiffel Tower in Paris. Have dinner at the former or enjoy an amazing view.
  • France is also known for its tasty wines. Between the English Channel and the Mediterranean lies beaches as well as vineyards that are breathtaking indeed.
  • Culture and cuisine are also an exception.
  • Other great places to visit are the Palace of Versailles, where royalty is documented perfectly, and the Louvre Museum, to catch up with history.
  • You can visit the official website www.francetourisme.fr to know more about the amazing country.

Spain - Land Of The Setting Sun

Another great tourist destination is Spain. That doesn’t come as a surprise given the famous beaches in Barcelona, Costa del Sol, and the Ibiza island. What many people are not aware of is that there are more and better places in Spain.

  • An excellent place for beach lovers is San Sebastian located in the north. Its beaches amalgamated with the exemplary cuisine is a combination you don’t want to miss.
  • Beach is not the only thing to expect in Spain. The Prado and Reina Sofia museums are other great options. The two are located in Madrid, and they explain the culture of the place in the best way possible.
  • The good thing is that it doesn’t end after the sun sets. As the moon starts shining, nightlife begins, and it is so vibrant that you will want to relive it over and over again.
  • You can visit the official website www.spain.info to know more about the country.

The United States - The Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave

There is quite a lot to see if you make the United States your next tourist destination.

  • You will love the entire view of the excellent infrastructure and architecture as you drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. Things won’t be any different as you enjoy a drive out to the Key West drive.
  • The rich history of America is laid out in over 35,000 museums. You can also visit the top-notch art galleries and war memorials.
  • In addition to visiting the big towns, one can also experience the rural communities as well as small cities since they also have something to offer. Suitable examples include Portland and New Orleans.
  • There is also the Rocky Mountains, forests such as the Amazon River and vast plains if you love nature.
  • The farmland of Kansas, Everglades of Florida, mountainous Colorado, as well as Arizona's cactus, are also great places worth visiting. When it comes to big cities, join the crowd that has visited and enjoyed a stay in Los Angeles or New York.
  • One cannot forget natural wonders either. They lie in places such as the Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park. The country has 58 national parks for those who love wildlife.
  • Accommodation is world-class, and you will have an opportunity to enjoy both local and international cuisine in the United States.
  • Last but not the least, you will love the fashion and style.
  • You can visit the official website of United States at www.visittheusa.com

China - Land Of The Red Dragon

While the cities of China offers exciting innovations, the remote areas will amaze you with the interesting history that they preserve.

  • Some of the historical areas are the Great Wall together with the Forbidden City. Interestingly, they are in China's capital city, Beijing.
  • It is one of the countries with every landscape. On one side, you find fertile plains while on the other one, there are high mountain ranges. While some places are deserts, others are icy cold such as Harbin. Xishuangbanna is a place with the lush, warm tropics climate.
  • There is the West Lake, beautiful garden views as well as winding rivers that form great architectures, especially in Suzhou. Eastern Hawaii is an island that feels like paradise.
  • Cultures, languages as well as cuisine are great. The spicy food and seafood will leave you licking your fingers. China's street foods include Chinese barbeque and roasted sweet potatoes which are great.
  • For the rich Chinese culture, visit places such as the Middle Kingdom, Terracotta Warriors, and Temple of Heaven. It also has a modern architecture including skylines and high rises. Its calligraphy, festivals, diversity, and markets are other reasons as to why China is among the popular tourist destinations.
  • The country is also full of other big cities. Hong Kong is another masterpiece thanks to its opulence and the fact that it gives you a coastal experience which is lovely. Shanghai also joins the list as a clear indication of where East meets West.
  • You can get more information about China at www.travelchinaguide.com

Italy - The Land Of The Sirens

The way Italy combines both the ancient and the modern will leave you mesmerized. On the one hand, there is Rome that represents the ancient architecture that one could only imagine before visiting the ruin. On the other side, there are modern cities like Milan which is well-known for not only wealth but also fashion.

  • In addition to being the place to be to experience the ideal western world, it is also an epicenter of romance. Cities like Venice and Florence will prove that with the likes of canals.
  • The Cinque Terre which is among the UNESCO World Heritage sites is another great destination. The town seems to be hanging from a cliff, and it is perfect for hiking.
  • For fishing, white-sand beaches and turquoise water, the Sicily’s Pelagie Islands will not disappoint. That also applies when it comes to Lampione Island.
  • Among its famous delicious cuisine is the antipasti. You can go for spreads, prosquitto, marinated vegetables, and cured cheese among others.
  • Other natural World Heritage Sites and cultural World Heritage Sites in Italy include Dolomites mountain, Aeolian Islands, Torre Annunziata, Herculaneum and Pompei among others.
  • The Liguria and Tuscany cities have a beauty that you can never get enough of as well. The latter has rolling hills. Since Tuscany is large, mainly consider places such as Monticchiello, Pienza and Montalcino hills for the best experience.
  • The towns of Val d’Orcia backgrounds are amazing.
  • You can visit www.italia.it to know more about Italy.

Germany - The Land Of Poets And Thinkers

Being one of the safest tourist destinations in the world, Germany is a good option for a vacation. People enjoy their stay for reasons such as great cities, outdoor activities, the countryside, and German culture. Metropolitan areas are full of fascinating architecture. The towns include Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich.

  • Hamburg, which is also referred to as the famous Gateway of the World, is one of the reasons why Germany is yet another popular tourist destination. From entertainment to culture, this place will never disappoint. Make sure that you visit an incredible concert hall for an Andalusian flamenco night. Shopping at Maison Suvene, staying in a classy hotel or visiting the Altes Madchen brewhouse will do you good.
  • There is also Berlin which is the home of world-class galleries and museums. There is also the Brandenburg Gate. Its 26-meter height, Quadriga symbol of the horse of victory and marvelous architecture makes it appealing. On the backside are lakes, canals, rivers, gardens, quaint parks, and lush forests.
  • Some other landmarks include the Neuschwanstein fairytale beautiful castle, Heidelberg castle, the Heidelberg town’s picturesque houses and narrow streets, the Holstentor city gate, the Cologne Cathedral and its Gothic architecture, Lindau City and Frauenkirche Lutheran church in Dresden among others.
  • Nature lovers will enjoy visiting the Black Forest. It is a forest with a thick tree canopy. It is beautiful and a haven of outdoor recreation. For example, one can indulge in mountain biking. Other activities include swimming along Alpine lakes which is chilly in a lovely way and hiking.
  • Those who are not fascinated by nature will love the town side of the Black Forest. After all, it has quite a number of cities including Baden-Baden and Freiburg. The former is perfect for relaxation while the latter has great nightlife and cuisine.
  • The cuisine, landmarks, theme parks, protected areas, old towns, and other features will make your stay in Germany worthwhile.
  • You can visit the official website www.germany.travel to know more about Germany.

Thailand - The Land Of Beaches

The list of what you can do if you visit Thailand is endless.

  • Primary reason is the fact that their cuisine is phenomenal. While there, you will be spoilt with options. The good thing is that the array of food has one thing in common. They are all delicious. Equally important, they are affordable. For even better offers, it is advisable to choose food vendors over both resorts and hotels.
  • It is also good to note that it has a coastline that measures not less than 1,500 miles. In addition to that, their beaches rank among the best in the entire world. The combination of stunning vistas and water that is both warm and clean makes the experience amazing. They include Freedom Beach and Freedom Beach in Koh Kradan island and Phuket, respectively. The quietness and party nights are great. The nightlife is colored by after dark shopping, theatrical shows, cocktails, clubs, and live music. Its weather is another plus with only three seasons that are conducive for any traveler.
  • In addition to beaches, there are mountain terrains as well as national parks. The latter includes the Khao Yai National park. It is centrally located for conveniences. Its wildlife includes elephants, tigers, and wild boars. The Monkey Beach located in Koh Phi Phi is full of monkeys.
  • It is no secret that the main religion is Buddhism. Consequently, it has more than 40,000 temples. They are truly breathtaking.
  • It also has excellent towns including Koh Samui. It allows you to do snorkeling as well as scuba diving and sea kayaking. When it comes to spa therapy and beach parties, you better book a ticket to Thailand and make this town your destination.
  • Last but not the least, the accommodation is impressive. The luxury hotels will ensure that. A good example is the Banyan Tree Samui. Things will be even better if you visit between March and June.
  • You can visit www.tourismthailand.org to know more about this amazing country.

Points to Consider While Selecting a Tourist Destination

In the case that you have several choices, breaking the tie may be necessary. That is where the following tips will help you. Make sure that you keep these things in mind when selecting one of the popular tourist destinations.

Never Make a Mistake of Dismissing your Own Country

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People leave behind great tourist sites in their motherland to go and visit others that aren't even attractive abroad. Don’t join that club. Ensure that you don’t shy away from selecting a great tourist attraction simply because it is in your backyard.

Having a Small Budget Should Not Stop You

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Not all tourist destinations will need you to break the bank. That’s why a tight budget should not discourage you from visiting a nice place. All you have to do is to consider the one which will not cost you much. A good example is a natural walk in a forest near your home.

Company is Not a Necessity

Some people postpone their trips simply because the people they were going with couldn’t make it. However, that should not be a problem. You will be amazed by how much fun you can have even when visiting a place alone.

Don’t Refuse to Visit a Place Just Because Everyone is Visiting It

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When it comes to tourist destinations, considering originality may not be a wise thing. You should look for a place that is receiving many visitors. It shows that something is exciting and you should not miss out on it. Nevertheless, avoid visiting during peak periods if it is practical to visit them during other seasons.

Identify The Reason Why You Want to Travel

It is good to know why you are traveling. Once you have the answer, then it will be easy to choose the most appropriate tourist attraction. If you plan to go and relax, it may not be wise to go with kids especially infants and toddlers. Consequently, the destination will be different.

Avoid Capital Cities

When it comes to accommodation, avoid the capital cities at all costs. Instead, settle for the surrounding cities. The costs will be relatively fair, and you won’t have to deal with congestion associated with most capital cities which can be annoying as well as an inconvenience.

Be Ready to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is fun to try out new things. That’s why you have to visit new places. Some may not be as comfortable. Don’t let that stop you from experiencing the joy that comes from the same.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Trying to Figure Out Where to Go

Many times people use most of their time deciding where to go. As a result, they are left with little time to visit the place. Don’t make such a mistake because you might regret it. In most cases, people end up not visiting at all.

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