Get the Popcorn Ready, Snuggle Up on the Couch and Get in the Mood for Romance with the 10 Best Romantic Movies!

Get the Popcorn Ready, Snuggle Up on the Couch and Get in the Mood for Romance with the 10 Best Romantic Movies!

What would be the better memory than this when you both are just sitting or lying and watching an all-time romantic movie? Starting a new relationship is simple but handling it is not so easy because you have to take care of others feelings as well as your own. Both of you have to give enough time to each other. There are various ways for it but Movies are the mirror of society so why not watch an all-time romantic movie with your partner? Here BP-Guide is suggesting the top 10 best romantic movies which you can watch and make your time memorable for each other.

Why Watching Romantic Movies is Good for You?

Although chick flick fans rejoice every time a Nicholas Sparks movie is released, romance haters sigh complaining that these romcoms are unrealistic and skew your feelings about love. There is a misconception that romance movies create a false notion about relationships.

Do the storylines and characters of romantic movies really have an adverse effect on relationships? According to a study, the answer is definitely a no. The study has determined that frequent viewings of romcoms may turn you into a morally open and sensitive person. The positive effects appear in your heart and mind. Today, romance is one of the popular genres watched on TV. The plot of these romantic movies revolves around two main characters who are in love as they experience the ups and downs of love. These romantic films will make us realise the value of relationship and love and teach us to understand, forgive and cooperate.

Romantic movies usually have happy endings which encourage us to remain optimistic and when lovers in spite of hardships stay together will induce positive energy in us. It also boosts soft feelings, helping us to remain in a euphoric state and pursue our passion. All these prove that romantic movies are a positive relationship tool that stirs our emotions and is considered to be the best relationship therapy.

5 Romantic Gestures That You Can Make for an Love-filled Relationship


Gestures always talk better than words and when it comes to love, showing loving gestures will always improve a relationship. It makes a relationship stronger and interesting. Here we are suggesting five best gestures that you can show to your partner to show your interest in the relationship and make the other person feel lovable.

1. Offer Support

One way to be the best partner is by being supportive. There is sure to be some rough patches and stressful moments when your partner needs your support, so understanding their needs and putting it into practice goes a long way. Just listening to them, creating a stress-free environment and reminding that you love them are some ultimate ways to show your support.

2. Vacationing Together

Plan for a road trip, a weekend getaway, or board a flight to her favourite destination or whatever suits both.

3. Appreciate Your Partner

‘Sweet Words’ is all you need to say to make your companion feel super appreciated. Say ‘I love you’, tell them why and how much you love and why you are grateful to them which will make them feel valued.

4. Draw a Perfect Bath


Create a serene and calming ambience like lighting candles, playing music or anything that you think will please her. Of course, include a favourite beverage like hot cocoa, a glass of wine that is comforting while taking a bath. Use bath salts, essential oils, or some sort of bubbles that adds a playful quality to a wonderful bath.

5. Surprise with Dinner

Take your partner to the finest place in the town or cook something fancy. However, if you do not have any experience in cooking, then preparing even a simple dish with love will be magical. Lay the table and light a few candles to show how special she is.

10 Best Romantic Movies

Although there are variety of movies on the internet, still there are some movies which are evergreen and even the decades have passed but the movies are still having remains in hearts. If you didn't watch any of these you should consider watching these with your partner and even if you watched, watching them again will not make you bore and you will enjoy the moments with your partner.


The beautiful love story of Nic Cage and Cher will warm your heart in this classic rom-com movie.

Moonstruck follows the radiant Loretta Castorini, who is all set to marry Johnny Cammareri. However, she finds herself in a difficult position, when she falls in love with Johnny’s younger brother. Moonstruck was an experimental new wave film of the late ’80s that set the scene for the rom-com resurgence of the next decade. From Sleepless in Seattle to Pretty Woman to My Big Fat Greek Wedding to While You Were Sleeping, you can notice the subtle hints of Moonstruck in all these movies.

Although the story revolves around Ronny and Loretta, the movie is in fact an ensemble of the entire Castorini Family. It is difficult to put into words as to what makes this unusual romantic concoction so enchanting, but it sure does cast a spell even after all these years and you just do not wish to pull through it.

Notting Hill


The life of a Portobello Road Bookshop owner changes forever when a movie star walks into his life. Notting Hill is one of the career-best performance of Julia Roberts in this enduringly warm-hearted and lovely rom-com. The movie makes a solid entertainment with its quirky sidekicks and pleasant one-liners and a beautiful couple who fall in/out of romance at a scandalous speed.

William Thacker is the owner of a travel book store. He is divorced and life seems normal until the famous film star Anna Scott visits his shop and falls for Thacker’s Brit Charms. However, the path of true love is not as smooth as expected. At times, it’s sad, at times it's typical and at times it’s funny, but the movie has mini-twists that makes it different from the other rom-com movies. The chemistry between the lead pair, the humorous and eclectic set of characters makes the movie fun and interesting to watch. This delightful date film proves that even in the most improbable circumstances there is a possibility for love to spring spontaneously.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is a romantic musical movie that will stay with you and you are likely to watch it many times. From marvellous scenery to talented cast to brilliant directing, there is no doubt that the movie is one of the coveted love-story musicals of all time. Over the top visuals will take you into the fantasy world. This romantic spectacle generates heart-warming laughter even amidst the gut-wrenching emotional scenes. The soundtrack of the movie comprises of previously-released songs like The Police’s ‘Roxanne’, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, of Nirvana and ‘Like a Virgin’ of Madonna to fit perfectly into the theme of the movie.


There are very few films that can be considered as the ‘best movie ever’ and without any argument, Casablanca is one of them. This romantic drama of 1942 is set during WWII. Its more than 70 years since the release of the movie yet it is still grippingly powerful. The movie was made when it was still not clear about the outcome of the war. The movie won 8 Academy Award Nominations with Oscars for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Screenplay. Every Dialogue in the movie is a gem with many lines becoming a lexicon – ‘Here’s Looking at you, Kid’, ‘I’m shocked, shocked..’. etc. The music of Max Steiner hits the right chords and sets the mood for the drama to unfold. This is one of a kind films that anyone can watch it again and again, like listening to their favourite song!


The drama is set in the 50s and revolves around a divorcing woman (Carol) falling in love with the doe-eyed shop assistant Rooney Mara (Therese). Therese is interested in photography and trains, but these are not enough to escape from her uneventful life. On the other hand, Carol has a daughter and is trying to divorce her husband, who makes her feel miserable. When these two people meet there is an instant connection.

This forbidden love affair directed by Todd Haynes is pitch-perfect. The story is incredibly captivating and is set during a period when homosexuality was frowned upon. So, seeing the two women struggling to keep in touch is fascinating. The body language and eye contact speak a lot and is excellently executed. Sometimes, you know how these characters feel even when they do not utter a single word.

Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett’s performances are brilliant and unforgettable. They make these characters so human, so real that you actually wish they existed. This perfectly crafted romance is deeply satisfying to the audience.

The Notebook

Based on Nicholas Sparks novel, The Notebook is a magical timeless story. The movie is about young love of Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson. The story goes back and forth in time from when they fell in love to the later years when they are old. This is a perfect romantic story as compared to others because it not only tells a great love story, but you actually feel the emotions of the characters go past the screen and reach the audience.


One of the finest love stories ever to hit the theatres. Even after 3-decades, this classic movie retains its earnestness and innocence that makes it wonderfully uplifting as ever.

Veteran producer Bruce Joel Rubin created this gem that revolves around a murdered young man, who is around his grieving girlfriend as a ghost trying to warn her of impending danger. This tragicomic fantasy has plenty of alluring shots and is a fine blend of mushy romance, thrills and comedy that are simply irresistible. The movie reassures that a good person will find divine Justice.

Sam is killed by a mugger, but is left behind on earth something like a limbo who cannot communicate with anyone but can witness events. He approaches a spiritual advisor, Oda Mae Brown to help him protect his girlfriend and track down his killer. They will manage to find the killer, who is none other than Sam’s friend Carl. Finally, in the climax scene, Sam Kills Carl and ascends in a calming white light as Molly watches.

A Star is Born

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s ‘A star is born’ was a huge hit at the box office in this 2018 remake. The other versions of the movie were released in 1937, 1954 and in 1976. However, Bradley Cooper’s version steals the show. It’s sincere and honest. The performances are brilliant, the songs move the story forward. More importantly, this version concentrates on the characters rather than the spectacle. The astounding original soundtrack adds to the overall appeal. Bradley Cooper as Jack Maine has something new to say here. The intimate, palpable chemistry between the leading pair and singing recitals that convey a raw sensitivity is sheer magic to watch.



Titanic hit theatres more than 20 years ago and became a record-breaking sensation that grossed over two billion dollars worldwide. Audiences hadn’t experienced a movie like Titanic before: the heady concoction of high-octane action and spectacular visual effects interweaved brilliantly with romance so appealing in this true-life shipwreck tale that Titanic was an instant success. The movie was intelligently constructed, impeccably crafted and strongly acted.

The story involves Rose DeWitt Bukater, a 17-year old girl who is forced to marry a rich snob Cal Hockley by her penniless family. She hates this prospect that pushes her to kill herself while on the ship and is saved by Jack Dawson, as they fall for each other during the brief time on the ship. Every bit of the story and the saga is convincing to the viewers. The last moments of Jack and Rose clinging to each other still haunt people. The action perhaps attracted people to the movie, but it’s the ending scenes that made them keep coming back.

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is one of the memorable teen movies of the ’80s. In the summer of 63’, Baby, a naïve teenager goes on a vacation to a resort with her family, where she meets Johnny Castle, the rebellious dance teacher. She falls in love with him, but things are not simple.

The story of Johnny and Baby remains the ultimate romantic fantasy even after 30 years of its release. The film was received enthusiastically on its release, but in a month’s time, the film became a sensation ending up being the highest-grossing movies of 1987. The potent message of the film is as relevant in today’s world as it was back then. The most famous dance is the movie’s final scene, which is 7-minutes of pure delight and entertainment.

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Curling up with your beloved in front of the television watching a romantic movie is something that we all like to do. One similar experience that is close to this is reading a romantic book together. There are countless time-honoured classic novels that are swoon-worthy.

  • 1. Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell)
    This Pulitzer winning novel tells the story of Lady Scarlett O’Hara, who fights to preserve her family’s plantation and love of her life during the Civil War.

  • 2. Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte)
    This 1847 classic tells the story of Heathcliff, whose true love is kept away from him due to social status first and then death.

  • 3. Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)
    Jane Eyre is an orphan, who accepts a governess position in a mysterious situation with a brooding and dark master, Edward Rochester.

  • 4. A Farewell to Arms (Ernest Hemingway)
    The story is set against the backdrop of World War I and is about the love story of Catherine, a British Nurse and Frederic Henry, an ambulance driver in Italy.
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Quality Time is What Matters

It really doesn't matter how much time you really spend with your partner, the time should be quality time then only it will be effective. Showing gestures to each other is one way to make your time special. Small Small things can really make huge differences. Watching these movies is surely going to help because movies are the mirror of society. Always try to come up with new things to make your relationship better than last time. Small big fights happen but it should not really affect you both. Sit and talk. It the best way to resolve any problem.