Cement Your Relationship With The Perfect 7 Month Anniversary Gift For Boyfriend: 12 Gift Ideas Plus 3 Tips to Get Gifting Right!

Cement Your Relationship With The Perfect 7 Month Anniversary Gift For Boyfriend: 12 Gift Ideas Plus 3 Tips to Get Gifting Right!

Whether you are celebrating your six-month, one year or five years, celebrating an anniversary is a wonderful way to remind each other how special your relationship is and express your love. Here are 12 different cute, romantic, practical ideas to celebrate the upcoming milestone with your one and only.

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What's The Point Of Celebrating The 7 Month Anniversary!

The honeymoon phase of a relationship (typically lasting 6 months to a year) is blissful. It’s an amazing period when everything feels wonderful - you feel your new boyfriend is the best ever, you both are hyper-focused on the relationship, and can’t get enough of the other. But this can’t last, can it? Yes, the relationship soon starts to slide into a boring routine that feels flat after all the initial excitement. But this slowdown need not be inevitable. Celebrating milestones like anniversaries can keep the excitement alive.

Appreciate Him and the Relationship

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Making a big deal of a monthsary feel like an overkill especially in the early stages of a relationship, but this is, in fact, a good way to celebrate the relationship and a good way to confirm, mutually, that the relationship is on track and moving towards serious commitment. It offers the perfect opportunity to express your thankfulness for your boyfriend’s presence in your life and helps to strengthen the bond further.

An Occasion to Surprise Him

The 1-year mark is the first big milestone for a relationship, a reminder that you have made it through 12 months of togetherness. Although the accepted norm is to celebrate the yearly anniversary why not pre-empt it and spring a pleasant surprise on your sweetheart by celebrating the 7 month anniversary? The unexpectedness of the gesture is sure to create memorable moments that’ll be cherished by both of you.

3 Tips to Get the Gift Right

Show Him You Understand Him

The relationship may be new but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t understood your boyfriend! Show him how well you know his quirks, likes, and interests by picking out a gift that is perfect for him. Your attention and care will make it clear to your boyfriend that you have spent time on the gift, reassuring him of your love! We have tips later to help you get this right.

Romantic But Don’t Overdo It

An anniversary gift by definition needs to be romantic and thoughtful. Nevertheless don’t go overboard by choosing something too overtly romantic or cheesy at this stage. It can make your boyfriend uncomfortable and he may feel obligated to return the favour even if he’s not ready.

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Flashy Gift

You may feel pressure to impress him with a high-end expensive gift. But that is not the point at all. Use the anniversary to express your love for him, which can be done effectively with a sweet small gift or even a handmade card by you. It’s the thought that goes into the gift that matters, not the price tag.

12 Great Gifts for Him to Know You Love Him

Cute Personalised Gifts

Personalized Monogram - Beer Mug

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If your boyfriend is a beer lover, then get him his own customised beer mug. This monogrammed beer mug from engrave.in is an elegant pick. The 6 inch glass holds 500 ml and will have his name and initial etched on clear glass. You can add up to 10 characters onto the glass. Order it from the site for Rs. 850.

Men Caricature T-shirt

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A cute customised T-Shirt that captures the essence of your boyfriend in a creative manner is a truly cool anniversary gift.

Order this amazing T-shirt at dezains.com which will feature his printed caricature along with a slogan or message. The original caricature is hand drawn so it has a lovely artistic feel. The round-necked T-shirt is made from dry-fit sports material and the caricature is created using a sublimation print which doesn’t fade even with multiple washes. This unique tee can be ordered for Rs 1,399.

Personalised Wine I Love You

To celebrate the special day why not plan out a romantic evening at home? Surprise him with an awesome meal cooked by you or order in your favourite takeout, and relax with a glass of wine. Add a personal touch to the evening by gifting him a personalised bottle of wine. At thedottedi.in you can pick out a bottle of red or white wine from Sula and get the label customised by adding his name or even a photograph. Get it at the website for Rs. 1,500, if you are located in Bangalore. If not, make your own customized label, by printing out one and affixing it!

Practical And Useful Gifts

JBL Black Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Boyfriend a heavy user of his phone? Make his life easier by gifting him these wireless in-ear headphones., Be it calls or listening to music, these hand free JBL headphones make using the phone a stress-free experience. The headphones last long offering up to 6 hours of battery life on a charge of just 2 hours. Lightweight and featuring ergonomic ear-tips and neckband design, your boyfriend will be able to wear them for long hours comfortably. Other interesting features include the famed JBL Pure Bass Sound, tangle-free cable as well as magnets to keep the earphone from dangling awkwardly. Buy it on myntra.com for Rs. 1,874.

Shingora Men Multicoloured Printed Muffler

Jazz up his look by giving him this classy yet colourful muffler. Made of 100% wool, the muffler is ideal to keep him warm on cold mornings. Available for Rs. 1,325 from Myntra Not in a cold climate? Then consider an accessory set that will make him look his professional best. The Tossido Men Blue Woven Design Accessory Gift Set includes a tie, a pair of cufflinks and a pocket square - all a perfect match to each other. Available on the same site for Rs. 1,364

Ever Thine Ever Mine Ever Ours - Bamboo Wood Notebook

Express your love for your beloved with something offbeat. This customised journal made from bamboo wood is a standout gifting option as you can personalise it by getting your message engraved onto its cover. The notebook has 70 plain brown pages and features an elastic band for keeping the notebook securely closed. What's more - a free bamboo pen is also included in the set! Get it at woodgeekstore.com, where a regular sized notebook is priced at Rs. 800 and a larger sized one is at Rs. 999.

Tickets to See His Fave Band in Concert

Gift him the exhilarating experience of seeing his favourite music band live! Be on the alert to see if you can get tickets to a concert by any of his favourite artists around the time of your anniversary, so you can treat him to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Music, not his passion? Then look at gifting any experience he will enjoy: go-karting, escape room, rock climbing, horse riding, skydiving - the choice is endless, though the range depends on your location. Websites you can check out for such services include oyehappy.com, excitinglives.com, etc.

Simple Romantic Gifts

Red Roses Bouquet

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Nothing can beat the purity and simplicity of roses for expressing your love. This eternal symbol of love will leave no doubts about your love for him. You can order a bouquet from online sites and get it delivered to your boyfriend's home or office. Or you can go to your nearest florist and get a special bouquet made of 7 roses; 1 rose each for every month you have spent together! The gorgeous Vivid 10 Red Roses Bouquet available on fnp.com is priced at Rs. 499.

Learn About Each Other Box

A DIY gift that’s perfect for spending an intimate and romantic evening with your boyfriend.

Even if you know your boyfriend well enough, the Learn About Each Other Box is a wonderful way to uncover hidden aspects of your boyfriend’s personality(and yours) in an extremely fun and playful setting. In the box will be a mix of intriguing, interesting and thoughtful questions to be answered by both of you.

Here's how you make this gift.
  • Find a cute box or a clear glass jar (upcycle anything that looks good) .
  • Make a list of questions to answer - perhaps around 25.
  • Write down each question in a piece of regular paper or chart paper.
  • Fold them and pop them all into the container.
  • To play, you and your boyfriend alternatively pick out 1 question and answer.

Now the important part is picking the right questions. Look up online for ideas as there are several sites offers hundreds of questions you can pick from. Some ideas:

  • This or That Questions (read a book or watch TV? ocean or lake? family or friends?)
  • Favourites ( favourite movie quote, favourite outdoor activity, favourite time of day and why)
  • Silly or Embarrassing Stories( silly accomplishment you're secretly proud of, most embarrassing moment, weirdest thing you've ever eaten)
  • Hypotheticals (historical figure would you like to be if you could time travel, where would you go, what do you like to do on a rainy day, bucket list)

Number Photo Collage

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The Number Photo Collage is a lovely romantic gift made up of your memories. Pick out a set of meaningful photographs that commemorate the journey so far and make into a collage in the shape of 7. You can either make it yourself by using free templates on sites like photo-collage.net or you can get it done by professionals. Custom ordering is very convenient as you just have to send your chosen photographs. Check out this option on Amazon where you can get it done at prices starting at Rs. 600.

A Memorable Romantic Date

One of the classic ways to celebrate an anniversary is a romantic dinner date. You can book a table at your favourite restaurant or make it very special by going all out by finding an exotic setting for your date, depending on your location. For instance, if you are in Delhi, you can book this Qutab View Private Candlelight Dinner which offers the amazing experience of having dinner against the backdrop of the majestic Qutub Minar. Available at togetherv.com, this package offers a private rooftop dining space at a hotel in Meharauli decorated with candles & rose petals, where a 4-course meal will be served. Book it at the site for Rs. 5,900

Dark Passions Chocolate Gift Hamper

A box of chocolates is yet another classic gift on an anniversary. Add oomph to the idea with this sensational gift basket of exotic chocolate-based products. The Dark Passions Chocolate Gift Hamper offers a selection of products made of delicious handmade dark chocolate that'll blow away any chocoholic. It contains a box each of Dark Chocolate Fudge, Dark Chocolate Sugar, Dark Chocolate Tea and 99% Dark Chocolate, all packed inside an elegant gift box. Order it at qtrove.com for Rs. 1,599.

Bonus: A Cheat Sheet For Gifting

Finding the perfect gift is an art and not many of us are a natural at it. If you are one of those stumped by the idea of buying a gift, our tips will show you how to get it right!

Really Pay Attention

A meaningful gift is one that shows you understand his needs and emotions. Take note of how he spends time, listen to his comments, observe his routine, consider his mindset. Think deeply along these lines, and you will be able to create a shortlist of potential ideas. For instance, if he is stressed from work he’ll appreciate a relaxing massage session or a weekend getaway more than an expensive gadget.

Make a List of His Favourite Stuff

Creating a comprehensive list of trivia about your boyfriend could be a great starting point. Here is a list to get you going : his favourite clothing brand, favourite jeans style, favourite perfume, favourite TV show and characters, favourite movie, favourite singer or band, favourite author and book, favourite activities, preferred leisure activity, favourite colour, favourite songs, and so on.

Know His Love Language

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Giving a gift that matches the love language of your boyfriend is one the top ways ensure its success. Wondering what love languages are ? According to this concept, there are 5 distinct ways in which people show and receive love - acts of service, quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, and gifts. When you give a gift that matches your boyfriend’s preferred language, then naturally it is a hit! To figure out your boyfriend’s love language (and yours too) take the free online test.

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Plan Well For An Awesome Anniversary

The man in your life knows about your financial situation, and he isn’t going to demand plane tickets to Paris for your anniversary. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way without causing much damage to your pocketbook. Plan your gifts in advance, and remember that every day there are opportunities to show you care, not just on birthdays and holidays.