Make Your First Monthsary Memorable: 10 Romantic Gifts and Amazing Date Night Ideas to Make the Occasion Unforgettable

Make Your First Monthsary Memorable: 10 Romantic Gifts and Amazing Date Night Ideas to Make the Occasion Unforgettable

Giddy in a new relationship and want to show your new boyfriend how much you love him? What better way to show your love other than gifts? We have 10 gifts that are not just awesome but also not over the top. In other words, just perfect. Our experts have put forward some amazing tips to make this milestone, a great success.

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Let’s Plan an Amazing Date Night for Your First Monthsary

You have completed the blissful one month in your new relationship and it’s time to celebrate your first monthsary. You and your boyfriend have completed the one month of togetherness and happiness. So, go out and plan an amazing date night with your boyfriend to mark this stepping stone in your relationship. Well, if you are bit confused and can’t make mind about what do on your first monthsary date as you don’t want to go overboard or underwhelming, we have few date night planning ideas for you. Just pick out any of the following date night ideas and make your first monthsary memorable.

Go to A Local Club

Let’s just get little carefree and enjoy each other's dance moves. Yep, just put on your finest clothes and pair of high heels and with your boyfriend hit the hottest local club. Have a drink or two with your boyfriend and sway your bodies to the sound of rock and roll. So, in short, don’t waste your time over unnecessary date night planning as being carefree and spontaneous is the best way to start your date. Plus being in the carefree environment, you and your boyfriend can relax and enjoy the moment to the full.

Organise Board Games Night

If your boyfriend doesn’t like to dress up and go out, then it's better not to force him. Just make sure to plan date night according to his taste. Like, for a homey boyfriend organize a surprise board game night at his or your place. Order lots of junk food and plenty of different boards games. Because you never know one boring scramble game can bring you two really close as being competitive is very sexy. Get on board ladies and on your first monthsary date night planning, don’t forget to include some board games.

Movie Marathon with Lots of Junk Food

Are you and your boyfriend hardcore movie junkies? Then, there is no better way to celebrate your first monthsary than organizing a movie marathon date. For this date night planning, order your favourite movies and of your boyfriend’s and also order all the junk food that you both love. And, then start your incredible movie date night with your boyfriend with lots of spicy food. You both can make movie marathon date as your personal thing that you two can repeat every month.

Spa Night Together

Well, if you want your first monthsary to be sexy and romantic, then you can give your boyfriend an erotic massage at home. Yep, just call your boyfriend at your place and don’t give him any reasons for the invite. And, then with aromatic candles and soothing music convert your place into the massage parlour where you can give exquisite body massage to your boyfriend. Well, this date night idea is only for those girls who are totally sure about their relationship and ready to take their relationship to the next step. But, if you are not sure about your relationship yet, then don’t enter into something too deep one month into your relationship.

Plan a Fantasy Vacation

On your first monthsary, you and your partner can plan your whole future ahead. You both can map out the vacations which you would like to take in the future. To map out your future make a bucket list of all the places which you both as a couple want to visit. Then, take images of all those places from the newspaper or magazines and make one future fantasy vacation journal with your boyfriend. This way you can tick mark each of your vacation destinations whenever you go there. This date night planning activity will bring you two closer and help you in creating a beautiful future.

Write Letters to Each Other

This idea might sound odd, but, being in love means you get to be cheesy and stupid even. So, to add a bit cuteness to your date night write a letter to your boyfriend. For the preparation of a perfect love letter order a beautiful paper and use your calligraphy skills to craft a well-curated letter. Just write the letter from your heart and the words will automatically start coming out of your pen. Moreover, you can even ask your boyfriend to write a reply to your letter as well.

Join a Cooking Class

The perfect date night planning can include learning something new together. And, there is nothing more delightful than learning to make the new dish together. You can book a special cooking class for you and your boyfriend where you both can learn to make the dish which your boyfriend loves to eat. If your boyfriend belongs to some different nationality, you can learn a dish from his heritage or vice versa. The learning process will improve the bonding between you two and give you the opportunity to learn new things about each other.

10 Perfect First Monthsary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Ending your first monthsary date with a beautiful gift is a very great idea. You can order something simple and meaningful for your boyfriend on your first monthsary celebration. You can order some flowers, chocolates or something simpler for your boyfriend or you can order some meaningful gifts like photo collage, personalized accessories etc., So, options to buy first monthsary gifts for boyfriend are endless, however, if you are bit confused, we got a few cool and memorable gifts for boyfriend to celebrate one-month of your relationship.

Snack Bouquet


If your boyfriend is one hell of food junkie and is being always munching on the snacks, then regular floral bouquet is of no good to him. For your foodie boyfriend, you could order the giant chocolatey and munchy bouquet of different snacks. This marvellous bouquet includes Cadbury perk, five star and dairy milk chocolates, nestle KitKat chocolates, Lay's potato chips, and Kurkure. To order this gift for just under ₹649, visit the and this snacks bouquet will be delivered to your boyfriend on your first monthsary.

Beardo Gift Box

If your boyfriend is a bit scruffy and has a thick beard on his face which he adores very much, you can gift this beard combo pack to him which includes all the essential stuff to grow and maintain his beard. This combo includes three different things to nourish your boyfriend’s beard such as Beardo Beard Oil, a 100 ml bottle of Beardo Beard Wash and our super strong Beardo Mustache Wax stick that will give your man a Perfect Look. To get this unique gift for boyfriend you have to spend ₹916 on Flipkart.

WildHorn Wallet Combo


Style for the true gentleman is defined by the pure black leather. So, for your man get the ultimate WildHorn wallet gift combo to bring out the stylish factor in his life. The classic leather wallet has two compartments where your boyfriend can keep his cash or cards. This combo also includes one elegant and well-crafted belt of leather with the small leather keychain as well. This stylish leather combo pack for gentlemen is available on the Amazon store for just ₹1349.

Personalized Handkerchiefs


If you want to gift your boyfriend something handmade and personalized, but you are not good at crafts, don’t get disheartened as you can order personalized initial embroidered handkerchiefs for your boyfriend easily from Amazon. The handcrafted handkerchiefs come in the set of three where you will get three embroidered handkerchiefs in different colours. You will get plain white handkerchief embroidered in yellow, pink and purple colours. The handkerchiefs already come in gift pack so you don’t have to do anything before gifting them with your boyfriend. And, all this for only ₹399.

Park Avenue Men’s Kit

Your boyfriend is a special person in your life, so celebrate this bond with the giant Park Avenue gift Hamper range. In this grooming kit, you will get a Park Avenue deodorant, Park Avenue shaving brush and razor Park Avenue shaving cream, Park Avenue after shave lotion, Park Avenue talcum powder and Park Avenue soap. A special treat for your boyfriend on the special occasion of your first monthsary would be this branded grooming kit which is available on the To order this gift for boyfriend, you just have to spend ₹999 only.

Cup a Heart Mug

Your heart already belongs to your boyfriend. So, why not remind him of this fact on your first monthsary. Now, you can’t actually give your heart to him, so instead you have to settle for this white ceramic I love you mug and five heart-shaped handmade chocolates. This heart combo will remind your boyfriend that you love him so much and will always love him. This gift for him can be ordered from the To send this loving reminder to your boyfriend you just have to pay ₹599.

Perfect Story Cushion

Nothing is more beautiful than being in love and wishing to spend a lifetime together. This 12x12 digitally printed cushion is a sweet gesture to tell someone about the bliss of staying in love and making a perfect story of immense emotions. This sweet story cushion totally hit the brief of the first monthsary gift as it’s both sweet and romantic. You can give a rose or chocolates along with this cushion, but however, the single cushion will also be sufficient. On the, this perfect story cushion is available for ₹449.

Foldable Sunglasses

To make your stylish boyfriend more stylish and cool, you can gift him these interesting foldable sunglasses. Often times, when we go out it becomes the hassle to carry sunglasses, so with these sunglasses, you don’t have to carry sunglasses everywhere. No, your sunglasses will be easily strapped around your wrist. Yep, these sunglasses are really foldable and can be slapped around the wrist like a bracelet. To order the pair of these foldable sunglasses for your boyfriend login to and order them for ₹999 in different colour combinations.

Cartoon Socks

To add the bit of quirkiness in your gift for boyfriend, you can definitely trust these cartoon socks. With these set of 5 cartoon socks bring the superhero to your boyfriend’s feet. The set of 5 cartoon socks contains Batman, Superman, Captain America, Ironman, and Spiderman design socks. Your boyfriend can wear these soft cartoon socks anytime and feel the power under his feet. This cute first monthsary gift for a boyfriend is available at for ₹1299.

Travel Journal

To map out your future travel destinations with your boyfriend on your first monthsary, you require this beautiful travel journal. The journal is perfect to design maps, make notes or to paste different images. You can easily take out pages from it and swap in with new blank pages. Unlock and remove pages with ease to jot down an important memory. So, gift this beautiful travel journal on your first monthsary and together with your boyfriend draw your future. This journal is available on for ₹450.

Try to be Simple & Romantic for Your First Monthsary

For your first monthsary gifts for boyfriend follow two key points. First, keep your gifts simple and secondly, try to make them romantic. Don’t go and overspend on your gifts trying to make them romantic. You have to develop a beautiful balance between the gifts so that they can hit the right spot. For instance, organize a date night challenge where you have to dine under just ₹500. This way you can add the element of fun in your date as well as save some money. And, a totally simple and romantic for your boyfriend? Just order a single stemmed red rose with a Cadbury chocolate bar and you are good.

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Keep Within Limits

Monthsarys are important since it is the first milestone you would have reached relationship wise. Also, it is the first anniversary you would be celebrating. However, you need to be careful since, you might have to top that up every year maybe every month too. And for that same reason, monthsarys are not that widely celebrated. How great would it be if you could celebrate every moment when you are giddy with a new relationship? So, make it a point to celebrate your monthsary but make sure you keep it within limits. Not only do you run the risk of scaring him with your over-enthusiasm, but you also run the hassle of topping it throughout your relationship.