Have a V Day Gift for Husband Ready? Here's Why You Should and 10 Gifts to Give Him This Valentine's Day

Have a V Day Gift for Husband Ready? Here's Why You Should and 10 Gifts to Give Him This Valentine's Day

Do you think it's corny celebrating Valentine's Day or that you're too old for exchanging romantic gifts? Or do you think it's sweet? No matter which side of the fence you're on, we have some great Valentine gifts for him that you will be sorely tempted to give your husband. Also read our fun tips on how to celebrate this day.

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Why Married Couples Need Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is the day of lovers who celebrate their love and express their love, emotions, and gratitude to their partner. Valentine's Day is the most exciting day for young couples, but for married couples, it's an opportunity to rejuvenate their relationship and spend some quality time with each other. They can take its advantage to add a burst of romance in their beautiful relationship.

Diminishing intimacy and simmering romance in your relationship may be the by-product of the huge workload which most people deal with today, which is why he might not able to give you enough time. You can take this as an opportunity to make him feel special and loved. Valentine's Day is a reminder of what we have and what we need. Your love is all about acceptance. You should notice what is good and nurture them well.

On this Valentine's Day, thank your partner for being in your life, for his support, show your love and affection, and always make efforts to replenish this beautiful and awesome relationship that you have.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Gift for Him on Valentine's Day

Planning in Advance Can Make All the Difference

Advance planning is the most necessary part of giving gifts. You must prepare your wishlist well in advance so that you could manage each and everything in time. Keep an eye on his routine and note down everything you think he may need. This will help you to get enough time to select the most appropriate gift for him.

If you are planning to order it online, then you must sort out the gift in advance to avoid delays in delivery. Ordering gift earlier can get you an opportunity to customise and decorate it. Moreover, you are going to celebrate the most romantic day of your life with him, and you don't want to keep it simple. You must plan your gift in advance so that you can focus on other arrangements to make this day a memorable and special one.

Keep Tabs on His Interests

Make the evening of this Valentine's Day even more special by presenting him a gift of his interest. Talk to him about his hobbies and interests. You can observe his daily routines and behaviour to know what he would like the most. We often ended up giving gifts that are least used by the recipient, and you don't want to do the same with your husband. Look out for his passion, hobbies, and interest to choose the most suitable one for him according to his personality.

If he loves to listen to music, then giving headphones could be the best idea. For fitness freaks, getting an exercise gear or gym wear is an awesome idea to make him feel happy. Focus on non-materialistic gifts as they are something which is most adored by men. If he carries his laptop to office then gift him a laptop sleeve to keep his laptop safe from damage. Such gifts will be appreciated by him.

Give Gifts That Have Sentimental Value

It's Valentine's Day - the most special and exciting day of the year for couples. Choose a gift which has your personal touch or any sentimental value. Such gifts show that you think of them and care for their happiness. They have an emotional value which may be connected to your past memories. You can express your inner feelings, respect, and admiration towards him with these sentimental gifts.

You can get him a personalised keychain engraved with his name or you could just gift him a memory photo album with all your special moments together. Be with him all the time on this day. You can also write some love letters to him and hide it in places where he could easily find it. Express your love and care for him, and we guarantee he will appreciate your honesty and candor.

Top 10 V Day Gifts for Husband on This Valentine's

Me and You Personalised Candle

Source www.fnp.com

Make your Valentine's Day even more special with this romantic photo candle. You can use it on your romantic date or could just preserve it. This candle is personalised with your photo, and It looks gorgeous. A smooth finishing makes it difficult to identify whether this is a candle or an engraved mug. If you planned to go for candlelight dinner on Valentine's day, then take this gift with you and present him right there. To make this evening a little more special and unique, lit the candle you brought for him on this romantic date. Isn't it awesome and unique idea to celebrate Valentine's day in a unique way. Get this candle for Rs.449 on fnp.com.

Art in a Bottle

On this romantic occasion of Valentine's day, let's do something unique for your loving husband. You have been giving him same gifts repetition after repetition, not it's time to introduce something romantic and one of a kind to him. Just imagine, how would he feel when you present this creative piece of art to him? His name carved on the tip of the pencil is something new and unique way to impress him.

Your desired name can be carefully carved into the lead contained in a pencil and sealed in a bottle which is then placed over the handcrafted wooden stand. The service provider can only carve names of up to 6 letters only. The size of the bottle is about 4 inches. After placing an order on oyehappy.com, it will ask you to enter the recipient name. Put your husband's name and submit. The total cost will be around Rs.2,950 on oyehappy.com. This gift is definitely going to blow his mind out of happiness.

Park Avenue Men's Kit

Your husband is the closest person to you in your life. He is the one who loves you, cares for you, and also pampers you. You can't express your gratification towards him with the help of words. Why don't you make him feel delighted on this day? Grooming is the key to look more smart and handsome. Keeping yourself neat and clean makes you confident. If you want your husband to be more confident and smart, then this Park Avenue grooming kit is made for him.

In this kit, you will get one park Avenue deodorant, shaving brush, razor, one shaving cream for a smooth shave, one after shave lotion, one talcum powder, and one soap. This kit is perfect for those whose works include travelling as this kit contains almost every product required for a complete shave. Surprise him with this amazing grooming kit. You can get it for Rs.999 on floweraura.com.

We First Met Here Postcode Jigsaw Puzzle

Remembering the old days is awesome. You have completed so many years of your marriage but the moment when you both had met each other is priceless. On this romantic and lovely day, just remember the place where it all started between you. It's always an awesome feeling whenever we remember something really good from our past. This jigsaw gift is a perfect idea to remember that super awesome place.

This pack contains 400 pieces of the jigsaw with a map printed on it along with the postcode of place where you both had met. Tell them the address of the exact place, and they will do the rest of the job. You will also get some space on box lid to write your own personal message for him. The most romantic feature of this jigsaw is that the central piece (where you both met) is in heart-shaped besieged by 8 small heart pieces. This "I Love You" shaped puzzle pieces on Valentine's day is a really great idea. Get this amazing gift for Rs.4,560 on prezzybox.com.

Personalised Newspaper

A newspaper is the first thing we want to hold in our hands every morning. On the morning of Valentine's Day, surprise him with something he had never expected. What if you could order your own newspaper that has your own choice of newspaper name, news content, headlines, and other content. You can fold this paper over the original one, and when he will open it to read, he will definitely be surprised.

This newspaper is printed on 14 × 22 inches of paper which is exactly the same size as regular newspapers. The paper used for this purpose is high-quality glossy sheets so that he can keep it as a permanent memento. This newspaper consists of only two pages. Name of newspaper and texts with your desired photos will be embedded, and the rest of the newspaper will have original news. You can personalise it on excitinglives.com, and the total cost will be around Rs.449.

Wireless Charging Pad

If your husband is interested in techie things, then you must present him this wireless charging pod fitted with advanced technology. He can use it to charge his phone easily. Just place the phone over its surface and done. It will also help him to explore new technology used in that device. Giving such gifts to a gadget lover always makes them happy. Being portable in nature, he can take it with anywhere he wants.

This charger is compatible with almost all the phones fitted with QC2.0, QC3.0 adapters, and also works properly with QI enabled devices. This gadget has mMultifunctional intelligent protect technology which controls the temperature, surge protection and prevents short circuit. Its intelligent technology provides efficient and fast charging. It's recommended to charge the mobile phones after removing the case in order to charge it without any problem. Place it over the surface of the charger and done. You can get this device for Rs.1,113 on amazon.com.

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Source www.amazon.in

Health is the biggest asset of our life, and being his wife, it's your responsibility to take care of yours, and husband's health. On this Valentine's Day, take a step forward towards a healthy lifestyle. If he is a gadget freak and concerned towards fitness, then this Fitbit tracker best suits him. He can use it to keep an eye over his health. The most important thing about this gift is that you can also order one for you to keep track of your health too.

This Fitbit tracker tracks calories burned, distance walked, sleep, number of steps, heart rate, and workout. OLED display of this tracker enables you to stay connected with calls, messages, phone notifications, and many more. Connect this device to your mobile phone using Bluetooth to store all the data on the phone. This will help him to track his fitness level and can take specific actions to improve his fitness. You can get this Fitbit fitness tracker for Rs.7,499 on amazon.in.

Tie and Cufflinks Set

Is your husband a working professional? Get him something on this Valentine's day which could make him stand different from the crowd. Outfit of a professional man indicates his level of confidence. Outfits are not something that you wear only to cover your body. It's completely different now. Proper clothing shows your class, standard, and level of professionalism. Don't miss out any chance on giving him this set of ties and cufflinks on Valentine's Day.

The box contains a set of three, 60 inch ties, pocket handkerchiefs, 4 tie clips, and 4 sets of cufflinks to enhance his overall professional look. The neckties are made of polyester which provides a perfect fit with any outfit. Solid stitching ensures the longevity of the product. He can pair different tie clips with cufflinks for each special event. This pack is a great gift for your working husband. Get this gift set for Rs.4,456 on amazon.com.

100 Reasons Why I Love You

Source www.etsy.com

Giving something romantic on Valentine's day is the perfect way to impress and express your love and affection to him. Just imagine, how would he feel when you will tell him not only one but 100 things that you love in them? This is going to be the best memorable evening of his life. It will definitely surprise him, and he will truly enjoy your gift.

You can order one for him on etsy.com. This is a digital download gift, but you can take the printout, and frame it so that he can keep it as a permanent memento. Get this romantic gift for Rs.2,968 on etsy.com.

Men's Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

The wallet might look like a very common and simple gift, but that's where you are totally wrong. These are the gifts that men really like to get. On this Valentine's Day, gift your husband a really unique wallet to replace their old one. He can use it to keep his credit or debit cards safe. Wallets also became a fashion accessory nowadays. This wallet will help him to hold cash, cards, and important receipt safely.

In this combo, you will get a pen, wallet, and a keychain. The pack is available in blue shades. Keychain is made of leather and has a Wildhorn brand logo inscribed in it. The ballpoint pen has a metallic smooth finish which provides a special look and feel. The wallet has 2 compartments where he can keep his credit or debit cards safe. You can get this combo for Rs.549 on amazon.in.

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It's good to be corny and cliched sometimes

If everyone was practical, sensible and proper all the time, the world would be a very boring place. And if you feel giving mushy and romantic gifts to your husband, that too on Valentine's Day is cliched, and oh so cheesy, that's precisely why you ought to give one! To shake things up a little, to not be sensible and pragmatic, to put a goofy grin on his face, and a goofier one on yours as you gift wrap it for him in paper covered with red hearts. Wear your heart on your sleeve and be whimsical for a day, it can be deliciously fun!