Surprise the Love of Your Life with the Perfect Gift This Eid: 15 Sublime Eid Gifts to Wife to Win Her Heart, Plus 3 Tips for Shopping (2020)

Surprise the Love of Your Life with the Perfect Gift This Eid: 15 Sublime Eid Gifts to Wife to Win Her Heart, Plus 3 Tips for Shopping (2020)

Between your busy life and Ramzan fasting, you might not get enough time to spend on gifts for your wife. And for that reason, we have put together a list of gifts ranging from a stunning necklace to an ever-practical watch and trendy eyewear. Next time you are spending hours after hours pouring over the internet for an ideal gift have a look at our list for inspiration. Our shopping tips might also help you score the perfect gift.

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Tips for Eid Shopping

Plan Ahead With a Wish List

Nothing overburdens a man’s wallet like eleventh-hour shopping that filled with impulse decisions. Stay ahead of your Eid shopping game by tracking the gift items that you want to buy with a wish list. You could take help from apps such as Todoist to do so or do it the conventional way by jotting down the items on paper.

It is hard to select an ideal gift for your better half, but try to fight the urge to continue shopping for the perfect gift. Items enumerated below are here to save the day. Also, switch off the computer as soon as you’ve crossed off every item on the list. People make such detailed lists for shopping each year. It makes the chore of shopping as easy as pie! Also, you tend to forget the gifts that you haven’t written down.

Create a Holiday Budget

Source Gift budget

If you don’t have a plan, you’ll probably overspend. Before setting on this voyage of getting gifts for your wife, try to jot down your gifts on a list along with the amount you’re planning on spending for each item. This should be done before you start browsing for the optimal gift; the internet is jam-packed with extravagant items for Eid!

If you’re a disciplined man, you might already have the anticipated amount in your bank account and will be able to pay in cash for all items. However, if you don’t have a sufficient amount, evaluate the sum that you can spend on the Eid gifts for your wife without affecting your family’s current expenses. Try to avoid impulsive purchases on a credit card that you know you would not be able to pay later; for these expenses only increase with increasing interest.

Also, bear in mind that a meaningful gift is always better than an expensive mundane gift. Eid is all about simplicity with meaning. Apps such as Spendee are an excellent way to keep track of your expenses during this festivity!

Get Online

Even though going online might be the only option you have with the current situation, keep this alternative in mind for future Eid shopping as well. Most of the retailers assure delivery before Eid. Therefore, skip on the mall and shop online for gifts instead. This way, you’ll not only skip the hustle-bustle of holiday crowds but also ship gifts to you directly. A plethora of shopping sites have the option of customization; adding a personal touch to the gift will amplify the feel of the gift for your wife.

Also, almost all stores incorporate a website. They also allow you to check the item’s availability in the store near you, so it’s a very practical way to avoid going to the store all the way across the town to find that an item that you liked yesterday isn’t available today. Also, pay heed to the “favourites” bookmark on which you can add pages that you’ve liked. This will give you more time to think about your gift resulting in a final well-thought Eid gift that will be even more appreciated.

15 Memorable Eid Gifts for Your Wife in 2020


Eid is all about happiness and going an extra mile, so why not gift these exotic earrings to your wife to spice up her distinctive look on this festivity. The best feature about a gift such as earrings is that it is a timeless piece of jewellery that never goes out of trend. This earring, from the collection of Silver Stone Jewelry, comes at a lightweight of 9.8 grams. Furthermore, such a stone design can be matched with any attire to give a flawless Eid look. You can buy this at Rs. 1960 from SilverMountainInc.

Embroidered Kurta

An embroidered kurta can always put a smile on a woman’s face. This particular grey and off-white printed kurta will surely make your wife stand out this Eid. It has a v-neck, a curved hem, side slit, and quarter sleeves. It’s an ultimate package for it comes with a palazzo and a dupatta. The palazzo has an elasticated waistband and a drawstring closure. The suit is made with cotton and silk for both comfort and a glamorous outlook. You can buy this at Rs. 4896 from Myntra.

Hand Clutch

A hand clutch is a practical gift for your wife for she can use it to store her money, phone, wallet, keys, and so much more. A team of experienced artists designed this glamorous hand clutch based on the current trends. This golden embroidered hand clutch can be your wife’s best companion on both Eid and the days to come. The stones with which the clutch is embellished radiate the very feel of Eid. You can buy this at Rs. 2473 from ShopClues.


This watch will assist in your wife’s punctuality as well as add to her attractiveness this Eid. The modern Timex watch manufactured in India incorporates high-quality quartz. It has a water-resistant exterior which means that it won’t be damaged in as much as 30 m depth of water. Furthermore, the diameter of its case is 36 mm and comes in gold colour. To notch this up, this multifunctional watch displays not only the time but also the day and month! You can buy this at Rs. 1798 from Timex India.


This ethnic kolhapuri flat, from jivaana, comes with a gorgeous dalenna windflower pattern. Ironically, by gifting your wife this beautiful pair of flats you’ll be the one walking your way into her heart. The high-quality genuine leather material ensures long use as well as ease in wear. The grey colour of the flats will easily allow these flats to be matched with any and every attire. Keep it away from moisture and experience its durability. You can buy this at Rs. 1054 from Jivaana.

Pure Natural & Premium Quality Roll-on Attar

Add fragrance to the Eid of your wife by gifting her this purely natural and premium roll-on-attar. This Rooh Gulab Attar is spicy and floral attar made from natural ingredients. It radiates an enchanting, flesh, and warm fragrance that stays for a long duration. She’ll only have to apply it directly to her pulse points such as the neck, inside wrists, and behind ears for refreshing of fragrance. You can buy this at Rs. 459 from PaytmMall.


This exotic Anekaant shawl is available in mustard yellow and grey shades to match with the zest of Eid. This warm shawl, made from pure wool, is the ideal item to match with your festive wear. It comes in a beautiful woven design coupled with floral prints. The frayed ends further beautify the shawl. It has the dimension of 70 x 210 cm for an ease slip. You can buy this at Rs. 2999 from Myntra.

Makeup Kit

Surprise your wife with this Mars 180-Color Eyeshadow Makeup Kit this Eid without worrying if she needs it or not. Trust us, she does. This multifunctional set comes with 180 Eye shadow, 2 Compact Powders, 2 Blushes, 3 Eyebrows, and 3 Lip Shimmer palettes. The palettes include shades ranging from shimmer to fine matte for an impeccable finish. From casual makeup to festive looks, this kit has everything to cater to your significant other’s needs. You can buy this at Rs. 2567 from Flipkart.


Sunglasses will help save your wife from the scorching heat of the sun while adding to her style not only this Eid but also on many festivities to come. These beautiful sunglasses, by the brand Fastrack, come with a lens colour of purple. The frame shape is pilot for easy fit on your wife’s face. These semi-rimmed sunglasses come with 100% UV protection. The durable metallic structure makes along with all other aspects makes it the ultimate trendy gift. You can buy this at Rs. 2499 from TitanEyePlus.

Necklace Set

The next one’s a timeless piece of jewellery to cater to your wife’s needs. This exquisite gold stones necklace, by the well-known brand Classiques, comes with a pair of earrings as well. Both these items incorporate stonework to embellish the jewellery. Both the plating and base metal is constructed from brass to radiate an ethnic feel. These golden accessories are perfect for your wife’s Eid look for they go with all dresses. You can buy this at Rs. 2276 from Mirraw.


This Gold American Diamonds Bracelets, by the brand Classiques, is the epitome of fineness. American Diamonds have been incorporated on the bracelet that gives it an elegant outlook. The yellowish gold plating of the bracelet, on the other hand, gives an ethnic feel. In this way, it is the amalgamation of modern and traditional trends perfect for your wife on this Eid. This ultimate package also entails a ring embellished with diamonds similar to that of the bracelet. You can buy this at Rs. 2648 from Mirraw.

Embroidered Abaya

This exotic black abaya is the perfect gift for your wife for her outings on Eid! This dual-layered abaya employs chikan dori embroidery on the yoke enhanced hand embellishments for a rich modern look. To beautify the abaya further, it has a wide layer of georgette on top of the inner layer. It’s a dual-layered abaya constructed from the Nida fabric which is a soft, breathable, and lightweight material; this makes the abaya very easy to maintain as well as gives it a good fall to the garment. You can buy this at Rs. 3499 from Mushkiya.

Artistic Mug

A mug is a gift that your wife can use on a day to day basis, and each time she does that it’ll remind her of your meaningful gift. This coffee mug, filled with vibrant colours in synchrony with the festivity’s rhythm, has Eid Mubarak printed on it. It has a capacity of 320 ml. The practicality of the gift doesn’t end here; it is a highly durable mug constructed of ceramic and can be used for both tea and has the spacious dimensions of 10 mm width, 9.7 mm height, and 8.2 mm depth. You can buy this from Flipkart.

Empowering Wall Sticker

Any loving husband would want to empower his women at every opportunity that presents itself. This wall sticker is just the right gift to do this Eid. It’ll be a constant reminder of your appreciation for her even as Eid passes by. This wall art, with vinyl decal style, is printed with a Muslim Arabic women is the trendiest way. It has the dimensions of 22 x 35 inches which beautify spaces such as bedrooms in a noticeable manner. You can buy this at Rs. 4536 from PaytmMall.

Wooden Photo Frame

What better to gift your wife than a photo frame that sums up your memories through every thick and thin in your beautiful years of marriage? This exotic wooden photo frame is affordable, distinct, and multifunctional all in one. It can amplify your space setting, in a glamorous manner with its wooden texture, and hold as many as 20 pictures at the same time. Photos of any size can go on this frame! Also, it can be reused for work projects by becoming a visual board to boost your productivity. You can buy this at Rs. 599 from Flipkart.

Perfect Add-ons for Your Eid Gift to Wife (2020)

Gold Rose

This is a gorgeous item to augment the presentation of your Eid gift for the love of your life. This rose, by Fizzy Tech, is a charming ornamental rose that is handcrafted to bring about the exquisite body. The excellent dexterity in constructing this rose, with a dimension of 9.8 x 3 inches, is visible in the details of the rose that radiate hues of golden! It is available at Rs. 225 from Amazon India.

Giant Teddy Bear

A giant teddy bear is a gigantic symbol of love for your lovely wife especially on a festivity; every woman can vouch for this! This huge teddy bear has a size of as much as 3 feet. It is stuffed with comfortable soft material for a splendid huggable experience. Also, it weighs just 500 grams so that your loved one can move it around as easily as a pie! It’s available at Rs. 549 from Flipkart.

Chocolate Gift Pack

Everyone has room for more chocolate for chocolate doesn’t fill the tummy it goes straight to the heart! Couple your amazing gift for your wife along with this chocolate gift pack, in a royal purple wrap, from the well-known FSSAI, approved brand Skylofts. With this pack, you’ll be able to fill your wife’s Eid with an assortment of mouthwatering flavours such as crunchy, nut butterscotch, peanuts, raisins and plain chocolates. It is available at Rs. 299 from PaytmMall.

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Be Innovative About Shopping During Lockdown!

In the age of COVID-19 crisis, it is not possible to be able to keep up with your usual custom. This Eid, however, innovate and not disappoint your loved one. The best gift you can give your loved one is TIME and the same goes for your wife. Gift a whole day for your wife and stay away from distractions such as social media. You can also gift her a day off from work. Let her enjoy a day of relaxation while you take care of your kids. If she chooses to take a day off after the lockdown she can even enjoy a day of shopping or visiting friends.