Still, Wondering What to Buy for Your Little Ones for This Eid? Here Are the 20 Best Eid Gift Baskets with Assorted Gift Combos to Surprise Your Kids on This Eid (2020)

Still, Wondering What to Buy for Your Little Ones for This Eid? Here Are the 20 Best Eid Gift Baskets with Assorted Gift Combos to Surprise Your Kids on This Eid (2020)

The blessed and holy celebrations of Eid are here and you must be wondering how to say Eid Mubarak to your loved ones with something exceptional. Well, here is the best way to greet your loved ones with blissful Eid wishes by sending them assorted combo gift baskets. Here we have hand-curated 20 different types of Eid gift baskets for your little one that will make them smile. Read on to find the best Eid gift items for yourself.

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10 Eid Gift Baskets for All

Mixed Dry Fruits with Basket

A mixed dry fruit basket makes for a perfect eid gift for the nutritional value of dry fruits after 30 days of fasting; in fact, dry fruits entail a lot of fibre and are considered as a great source of antioxidants such as polyphenols. Polyphenol oxidants come with various health benefits such as enhanced blood flow, digestive health, and alleviated oxidative damage. This particular mixed dry fruit basket, weighing 2 kg, is embellished with the red and golden wrapping for a festive feel. It contains a wide variety of dry fruits such as almonds, cashew, raisins, and pistachio.

You can buy this at Rs. 3,495 from Online Delivery.

Mixed Fruits with Basket

If you want to want to make the sweet festivity of Eid even fruitier for your loved ones, a mixed fruit basket is a way to go. This particular mixed fruit basket, weighing 10 kg, comes in a wooden texture topped off with a vibrant yellow bow. It consists of fruits ranging from tropical sweet pineapples to syrupy grapes. As far as health benefits are concerned, fruits such as these are an imperative source of many nutrients such as potassium, fibre, vitamin C and folate. Apart from boosting your immune system and preventing dreadful diseases, fruits are the very epitome of nature’s saccharine taste.

You can buy this at Rs. 4,295 from Online Delivery.

Beautiful Mixed Flowers Cane Basket

The biggest reason for why you should gift a flower basket is to connect with emotions of Eid; regardless of whether it is love, gratitude, or happiness, gifting flowers will communicate your sincere feelings most gracefully. This particular mixed flowers cane basket, with its antique nature, comes with 24 seasonal cut vibrant flowers. The visual effect of these flowers will bloom even long after Eid itself. They’ll add a striking charm as well as fragrance to any space.

You can buy this at Rs. 1,199 from Gifta Love.

A Saporous Basket

In the modern era, saporous baskets have become a go-to gift for many festivities to cheer up your loved ones in a sweet way. Whether it is to satiate their mid-night sugar cravings or just as something to munch on, baskets with crunch delicacies will have an impact that outlives Eid. This mouthwatering amalgamation of the saccharine bits will also be an amazing way for your loved ones to the top of their lavish Eid feasts. This particular beautiful basket comes with atta biscuits, chocolate chunk cookies, bishopnut crunch cookies, and jujube candies. It’s the ultimate ethnic basket that you can gift on Eid.

You can buy this at Rs. 2,500 from Gifta Love.

Basket of Chocolate & Cookies

Chocolates and cookies have been presented as a gift for many centuries and many disparate festivities now. Even now, chocolates and cookies are gifted on Eid to amplify the zest of the festivity with hues of saccharinity. This remarkable basket of cookies and chocolates, with a wooden touch, is embellished with white stuffing and red ribbons to give more than just a presentable feel to your gift. It comes with lip-smacking sweets such as 16 pcs of Ferrero Rocher, 2 royal Danish cookie boxes, 2 Oreo cookie boxes, 2 dark fantasy cookie boxes, 2 dairy milk silks, 2 kit Kats, and Cadbury temptations.

You can buy this at Rs. 2,681 from India Gift.

Kaju Barfi with Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is a sugary solid dessert that originated in the Indian subcontinent. This luscious sweet is popular in India due to the satiating syrup that bursts from the solid sweet and splashes delicious taste in the mouth. Kaju Barfi is another dense milk based sweet that originated in India. These sweets have the reputation of adding taste in ethnic festivities such as Eid. This package, that includes 1 kg Kaju barfi and 1 kg gulab jamun, is the ultimate sentimental basket that you can send to your loved ones this Eid. It will surely amplify their fervour of Eid as well as be sufficient to satiate the sweet cravings of an entire family!

You can buy this at Rs. 1,899 from India Gift.

Marvelous Hamper

If you want to mash two potatoes with one fork, metaphorically, of course, this is the go-to Eid basket. This Marvelous Hamper, as the name suggests, includes 16 red and pink flowers basket along with a half kg luscious butterscotch cake with striking topping. Lush free foliage is incorporated to amplify the beauty of the flower arrangements while ribbons on top of the antique basket are used to beautify the basket they come in. Furthermore, the cake is customizable; you can change the flavour of the cake with chocolates, strawberries or even eggless.

You can buy this at Rs. 1,599 from Gifts 2 India Online.

Flora Magic

Flowers alone communicate a myriad of emotions. Since they do so, flowers encourage intimate connections with your loved ones. Anyone who has ever been gifted flowers can agree that something is moving about receiving them. When coupled with something as sweet as fruits, they can be the ultimate gift bringing joy to your loved ones this Eid. Send your special ones this flora magic basket that includes 2 kg of fresh fruits coupled with a bouquet of 6 peach flowers and 4 pink graceful lilies with a lot of greenery. The varied fruits in this round cane basket include apples, pears, grapes, limes, and oranges.

You can buy this at Rs. 1,495 from

Premium Quality Dates Pack

The tradition of gifting dates to Muslims in Ramadan and Eid dates back to ancient times! Dates not only hold an immense nutritional value but also hold great historic significance in Islam. Dates have been cited more than any other fruit-bearing plant in the Holy Quran. Therefore, share the holy spirit of Eid by sending this striking beaded basket filled with mixed dates. This beautiful hamper contains 250 grams of best quality dates. It is embellished with a blue wrapping that radiates an ethnic feel. Furthermore, these dates are packed in plastic bags to maintain freshness as well as prevent any transportation damages.

You can buy this at Rs. 480 from

To Munch for Health

Alas! You can finally gift your loved ones something that not only effectively adds to their Eid but also something that foodies crave at midnight; something too much on! Furthermore, they won’t be compromising on their health while doing so. This basket, with healthy snacks, comes in a shade of green and wood. This delicious hamper contains Khoob Khao Jawar Crispies, Britannia Nutri Choice Multigrain Roasty, Britannia Nutrichoice Ragi Cookies, Natural’s Almond Fiesta, and 2 Nature Chewy Bars. It’s a medium-sized basket with hefty sized snacks!

You can buy this at Rs 1,030 from

5 Eid Baskets for Her

Spotlessly You

Get hold of this striking gift basket filled with high-quality beauty products from Lakme, a well-known Indian cosmetics brand owned by Hindustan Unilever, for your loved one. This Spotlessly You gift hamper will make your girl look remarkable on the special festivity of Eid as well as make her happy for your effort to gift her the beauty products every girl wishes for. This Lakme gift basket, embellished with ethnic décor, consists of face wash, sun expert, moisturizer, and daily cream. All of these are products that a girl can use on a day to day basis.

You can buy this at Rs. 1,400 from

Makeup Hamper for Her


All girls love for their guys to get high-quality products for their makeup. In this magnificent Makeup Hamper For Her, there are some necessary makeup items that a woman needs at home. This magnificent basket contains some basic day to day products such as soap as well as makeup products for outings such as nail paints. Other items include powder, kajal, and mascara. A pair of scented candles also comes along with the basket for you to express your romantic feelings to your significant other on the joyous festivity of Eid. This one’s going to be a practical hamper to make your partner’s life so much easier.

You can buy this at Rs. 3,299 from

Beauty Mini Basket


Eid is all about bringing comfort to your loved ones. This beauty mini basket, by winni, is just your ticket to impressing your significant one with comfort. The rejuvenating skin essential products in this basket will allow your girl to slay her bathing routine. After all, all women know that bathing is more than just getting clean. This beautiful basket, with a dimension of 8 x 4 x 2 inches, comes with turmeric soap, clay mask, and milk rose soap. Every product is an artistic piece in itself since it’s curated for the optimal bathing and skincare routine.

You can buy this at Rs. 1,399 from

Beautiful Basket of Teddy and Corazon Chocolates

A stuffed animal such as a cute teddy bear is an ideal way to express your love for your better half this Eid. The teddy bear holding a “With Love” heart is coupled with mouthwatering Corazon Chocolates to make an ultimate package. The beautifully designed basket, embellished with a blue ribbon, contains enough space to hold chocolates that will satiate her sweet cravings this Eid. The tempting Corazon Chocolates weigh as much as 150 grams and surround an adorable 6 inches teddy bear seated in the centre of the basket.

You can buy this at Rs. 495 from

Face Pack with Heart Shaped Soap

The very appearance of this exotic gift hamper will leave your girl awestruck. This glamorous basket, embellished with pink net wrapping and red rose art, comes with a face pack and heart-shaped soap. This visually pleasing gift package has another bonus point: the products in it are chemical-free in that they are handmade products free of sodium laurate sulphate, paraben, and preservative. Gift it to your girl this Eid to show her that you struggled all the way to find her natural beauty products!

You can buy this at Rs. 949 from

5 Eid Gift Baskets for Him

Grooming Hamper


Gift your guy this amazing grooming hamper that he will be able to use both on and after Eid. This Grooming Hamper caters to the needs of men in the most practical way. It contains an aftershave lotion, face wash, deo energy, cream, shampoo, shaving foam, and shower gel. All of these quality products by Nivea are a must-have to start and end each day perfectly.

You can buy this at Rs. 4,999 from

Bright Little Luxury Pamper Hamper

The next one is another essential hamper for a man’s day to day needs. Spread the happiness to any man in your life by sending him this Bright Little Luxury Pamper Hamper this Eid. This utterly practical hamper consists of 10 items ranging from Adidas Deodorant Body Spray to Set Wet Style Hair Gel. It even comes with bathing items such as Cinthol Bathing Soap and a towel to top it all off. It’s an ultimate package for not only this Eid but for many days to come after it.

You can buy this at Rs. 2,895 from

Fantastic Breakfast Hamper

Breakfast is the most important day of the meal. Let the man in your life know that he’s the most important person by gifting him the most important hamper! This Fantastic Breakfast Hamper comes with delicious delicacies such as croissant, green tea, honey, and cornflakes. They’ll surely create a magical morning for him on Eid and so many days to come.

You can buy this at Rs. 895 from

Shirt, Cufflink Set with Blue Tie

Are you a classy gift hamper to gift him this Eid? Do you want it to be something that he can wear at the office to radiate an elegant impression? You’re in the right place! This package comes with a sophisticated Peter England Shirt, blue tie, and golden cufflink set. All these items are in beautiful contrast to each other.

You can buy this at Rs. 3,739 from

Dapper Men Box

This last hamper is not the least. It radiates the kind of class that every man yearns for. Show your loved one the lengths you can embark on to find him the epitome of sophistication. Gifting him this Dapper Men Box will make this Eid the best. The package contains assorted items including men’s tie, shave gel, charcoal soap, and travel perfume all beautifully packed in a black box.

You can buy this at Rs. 3,799 from

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Shopping for Eid gifts for kids? Eid is a very pious and delightful festival and we want your loved ones to enjoy this festive occasion with some assorted gift hampers. Thoughtfully curated these 20 Eid gift baskets will surely delight your loved ones. You no longer have to run from store to store in search of the perfect gifts for you dear ones. You can buy these charming gift baskets online and get them delivered to your loved ones on the scheduled day.