Gifting Guide for Ramadan: 15 Ramadan Gifts You Can Order Online with 5 Food Gift Packs to Complement these Gifts (2020)

Gifting Guide for Ramadan: 15 Ramadan Gifts You Can Order Online with 5 Food Gift Packs to Complement these Gifts (2020)

When it comes to casual giftings such as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion, you can go with almost anything the receiver would like, per their choices and preferences. However, when it comes to gifting on festivities, you cannot just pick any item and gift it to your loved ones. Keeping this in mind, we bring you 15 appropriate gifts for Ramadan, which you can order online.

Types of Traditional Ramadan Gifts

Clothes and Jewellery

Offering clothes or jewellery to your loved ones is a usual ritual around Eid. The designs of clothes may vary depending on the tradition or culture that surrounds you. Muslim women and men of the regions of South Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, usually wear salwar and kameez or kurta embellished with the fine work of ornaments.

However, in the regions of Saudi Arabia, women prefer kurtas, while men prefer cultural thobe or thawb. Still, there are some clothing items which are worn by Muslims throughout the world, such as a shawl or scarf or kufi cap. Therefore, it is crucial to research well, not only on a subcontinent level but also on regional levels, to identify the type of gift that will be cherished by the individual of that locality.



As Eid marks the culmination of a month of fasting, Eid al-Fitr is undoubtedly a festivity — and a celebration that revolves greatly around food. Muslims visit the houses of their loved ones on Eid, where they are offered a lavish feast. Therefore, gifting a person food items on Ramadan or Eid is always a smart move. You can prepare sweets and homemade snacks to notch up a gift.

However, as many of us are busy and do not have the time or skills to prepare such delicate delicacies, buying dry fruits, cake, or chocolates is both practical and cost-effective. On the other hand, Ramadan alone also calls for a plethora of mouthwatering items, especially dates to open each fast with. For such periods in Ramadan, dates such as Dates With Hazelnut & Chocolate by Tamar Hazel are a go-to choice.

Islamic Books


Islamic Books are also offered by visitors as a gift all across the world. Islamic books explain a lot of things about the expected behavior of a Muslim, how they should spend their life with the examples of stories of the messiah. Many Islamic books, in this way, equip Muslims with the very fundamental tools to gain a better understanding of their religion.

Therefore, they can be an impeccable gift to offer someone during Ramadan. To notch things up a bit, you could gift your loved one the Holy Quran along with a methodological interpretation of the book; this will go to great lengths in enhancing the clarity in their faith. These books are not restricted to adults; there are Islamic books for children as well, which contain the stories explained in a way that kids understand easily and enjoy reading.

15 Ramadan Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Ramadan Kareem Mubarak Tote Bag


This Ramadan Kareem, presented by Redbubble, is as adorable as a tote bag can get. It has a sublimated print of Ramadan in rustic shades on both sides of the bag. This spacious tote bag makes for a very easy to carry shopping bag. The soft yet durable 100% spun polyester poplin fabric enhances the reliability of the bag. It also comes with an utterly strong 1-inch wide shoulder strap for ease in carrying your belongings.

You can buy this for Rs. 3,305 from

Black Plain Abaya With Maroon Sleeves


This plain black abaya, from the famous Classiques brand, comes with exotic maroon full sleeves. It’s a stitched abaya for casual day to day wear, which makes it the perfect gift for Ramadan. Your female friends will absolutely adore this practical gift that can be matched with an olive green hijab to create an impeccable attire. The fabric incorporated in this abaya is Nida. Furthermore, it’s available in sizes ranging from M to XXL.

You can but stylish Eid gift for Rs. 3,444 from

White Eid Kufi Kufi Cap

This gorgeous kufi cap is crafted with high-quality cotton. It’s an ideal, pragmatic gift for Muslim men for kufi caps that can be worn for daily namaz prayers as well as on festivities such as Eid. This particular Kufi cap, from one of the well-known Barrera Collections, has the graceful color white. It comes in a stretchable fabric for easy fit for both kids and adults. Each box contains as many as 12 pieces.

You can buy this for Rs. 600 from

The Noble Quran Word For Word (3 Vol)


There can’t be a better gift for any of your Muslim friends in Ramadan than the holy Quran itself. This most sacred book holds immense significance for all Muslims, for it teaches them how to spend their life, how to make their decisions, and what to do in the face of conflict. This particular Quran comes in three-volume sets with a total of 1,388 pages. This hardcover bound Quran has been compiled by the famous Dar-us-Salam publications. Moreover, the divisions into three volumes, along with the idiomatic translation, makes it very easy to read and grasp the Holy Book.

You can buy the Quran for Rs 2,430 from

Engraved Allah Mohammad (Saw) Tasbeeh Muslim Prayer Beads


The beads of this chain type tasbeeh have engravings of the names of Allah as well as Muhammad (PBUH). The base material of the tasbeeh, manufactured by Momin Bazaar, is stones. The prayer beads are for the use of people of all genders and ages. The ethnic nature of the gift makes it the best for giving on religious occasions like Eid and during Ramadan. The strong and well-finished beads are 99 in number and have been created in India.

You can buy this tasbeeh for Rs. 220 from Flipkart.

Ramadan Pen Drive 16 GB

This one’s a practical gift for working people as it comes with a storage space of 16GB for personal data. The case in which it comes has lines about Ramadan printed classically. This pen drive, by the Islamic Shop, is utterly portable so your loved ones can carry it in spaces from their pockets to wallets. It is also customizable, which serves the purpose of safety for the name printed on the USB will not let it get lost. You can also get photos and messages imprinted on it for further personalization. It’s constructed with durable plastic with a dimension of 5 x 2 inches.

You can buy this customizable Ramadan Pendrive for Rs. 650 from

Mobile Case (Ramadan)

Everyone keeps their phones with them at all times, so there can’t be a better gift than a phone case. This phone case, with Ramadan quote printed all over, has been constructed from polycarbonate plastic for a scratch-resistant finish. The design you select from the very options available won’t fade away because they have been engraved with 3D sublimation printing technology. The case covers the whole backside as well as corners of the phone and, in this way, provides proper safety from breakages. It also has a hard matte finish for an attractive look.

You can buy this mobile case for Rs. 220 from

Ramadan Table Runner


This rectangular-shaped table runner, constructed with durable fabric cloth, is both elegant and modern. The black backdrop color embellished with a golden moon print makes it stand out any dining during Ramadan. Its dimensions are 32 x 180 cm. This extravagant table runner, manufactured in China, can be placed on top of a white table for an amplified effect.

You can buy this Ramadan Table Runner for Rs. 2,315 from

Ramadan Decoration Cushion Cover


These creative, vibrant cushion covers, presented by tbnmedi, are a perfect gift for your loved ones, for they accent the entire outlook of the house. They are made with high-quality cotton linen fabric for a long-lasting use and ease in washing. The dimension of these cushions is 45 x 45 cm; these come in square shape. The print pattern, on the other hand, is beautiful abstract art.

You can buy these cusions for Rs. 2,005 from

Ramadan Tea Set

In case your loved one is a tea craving soul, like most of us, a coffee mug is undoubtedly the perfect gift for him or her. This is also one of the very few gifts which they will really be able to use almost every evening after a long day of fast. It’s an ultimate package because it comes with 500 g pack of crown date, 25 tea bags by Taj Mahal, and a coffee mug. This tea set is available for Rs. 1,195 on

Ramadan Mubarak Candle

If you are having difficulty in choosing the right gift for your loved ones, go for these cute candles. These candles, printed with “Ramadan Mubarak”, can be placed in unique candle holders to change the way light radiates altogether. If used alone, these candles can be utilized on a day to day basis to illuminate any setting. They’re impeccable for your loved ones to match with the glow of this religious festivity to lighten the house. You can buy these candles from for Rs. 595 apiece.



Key chains make for great gifts on any occasion! With key chains, you’ll be finding the middle ground between practicality and something special that your loved ones can always have. This exotic keychain, provided by the brand faynci, comes with a shiny finished design. It has a unique Islamic eagle design with “Allah” and “Muhammad (pbuh)” prints. The dimensions of this silver keychain are 8 cm x 2 cm x 0.5 cm.

You can buy this keychain for Rs. 349 from

Roll-On One Man Show Attar 60ml


Alcohol-free attars are the optimal substitute for perfume fragrances for Muslims. This particular roll on one-man show attar, which is ideal for men, comes with a capacity of 60 ml. The package contains a set of 5 attars, each filled with 12 ml of liquid. The crystal and gold bottle of the attar is also exquisite for a gift presentation in Ramadan.

You can buy this attar for Rs. 1,200 from

Silver Mubarak Water Bottle


This is one of the best choices for Ramadan gifts because it’s one of the few gifts that one can use every day for a long time. This cool trendy water bottle, with a Mubarak print, has a total capacity of about 600 ml; for enhanced durability, it is made up of the highest quality aluminum. This water bottle is ideal for outdoor and gym use but can also be used as a school water bottle.

You can buy this bottle for Rs. 448 from

Personalized Ramadan T-shirt

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, this might just be the ideal gift for it. These two cool t-shirts for both a father and a son or daughter come with a “My First Eid” print. Gifting these personalized t-shirts would be a superb way to add more sparkle to this season of festivities for your loved ones. They’ll be a perfect way to show your loved ones that you care for them as well as for their children!

You can buy this t-shirt for Rs. 1,600 from

Items That Go With Ramadan Gifts

Metal Lantern with 12 Chocolates


This exotic metal lantern, presented by Zoroy Luxury Chocolate, will surely amplify the value of your meaningful gift by its very appearance. This copper-coloured metal lantern comes with 12 multifarious pralines. It has a matching bow coupled with a flower on its exterior, along with decorative stuffing on the interior. With enough space on the inside, this rusty-feel ethnic lantern will allow you to deliver the twelve pralines along with cards or notes incorporating Ramadan Mubarak greetings.

You can buy this Eid Gift Add-on for Rs. 2,021 from

Golden Baby Almond Cart

This Golden Baby Almond Cart, presented by giftsnideas, is another one of the items that are both exotic and pragmatic. Stuffed with fresh almonds, this aesthetically pleasing almond cart comes with a net weight of 300 grams. The cute cart can later be used as a decorative piece or a practical container. A cherry on the top is that all dry fruits inside the cart are vacuum packed and nitrogen flushed to retain their freshness.

You can buy this for Rs. 1,878 from

Kaju Katli

Sweets represent the very zest of Eid. Any family gathering for a lavish feast calls for desert for a wholesome finish. High-quality rich ingredients, including cashew nuts, are all gathered to make this delicious mouthwatering sweet known as Kaju Katli. It is prepared hygienically, with quality assured or money-back guarantee, so it is an impeccably healthy item to match with a gift and offer to your loved ones for their sweet cravings.

You can buy this pack of Kaju Katli for Rs. 998 from

Tamar Hazel - Dates With Hazelnut & Chocolate


Imported from Oman and Saudi Arabia, these fine dates are exclusive, pitted, and scrubbed. These dates are filled with dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts to jot together a mouthwatering delicacy. Not only are these delicious dates prepared under hygienic control but also vacuum packed and nitrogen flushed to ensure the freshness of the final product. For the elegant packing that they come in, the nutrition they provide, and the traditional value they hold, these dates are the perfect items to match with a Ramadan gift. They’re available in 15, 30, and 60 pieces approximately.

You can buy the 15 pieces pack for Rs. 1,360 from

Healthy Mixed Fruits Combo


Do you want an item to match with your gift that is also one of nature’s finest treats? Well, this mixed fruit combo is the way to go. This basket contains 6 kg of fresh fruits in a basket. Fresh fruits are optimal for sending out in Ramadan for the nutritional value that they serve a person after a long day of fasting; potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamins are some of these many nutrients. In this way, this mixed fruit combo of seasonal fruits will allow you to express your sentiments in the most vibrant way.

You can buy this mixed fruit pack for Rs. 3,655 from

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Always Complement Your Gift with a Note for Your Loved Ones!

When you've selected the perfect gift for your loved one this Ramadan, complement it with a short, sweet and personalized note for them. The littlest of gestures like these go a long way in making your loves one(s) feel special and shows them how much you care about them!