Shower Love and Happiness This Ramadan with Best Food Gifts for Your Loved Ones in 2019

Shower Love and Happiness This Ramadan with Best Food Gifts for Your Loved Ones in 2019

Ramadan is a festival which celebrates the inclusivity and love among fellow human beings. When you are planning to gift your loved ones on Ramadan, go the unconventional way and choose food gifts. BP-Guide tells you why.

The Tradition of Gifting Food Items on Ramadan


If you are wondering about giving food gifts on Ramadan, we can throw some light. Gift-giving on Ramadan, in general, is encouraged. In fact, there’s even a common Muslim saying “tahaabu tahaadu” which literally translates as giving gifts to spread love among one another. Do you know that there are even several well-known stories of the prophet Muhammad who has given as well as received gifts of perfume, clothing, and livestock.

But among all of the gifts that he had given and received on equal terms, was the “gift of food”, and it is for this reason that giving food gifts has become such a strong tradition in Muslim culture.

The prophet Muhammad had put food on quite a high pedestal and had considered giving food on all the three major holidays of the Muslims. On Ramadan, while Muslims are encouraged to give food gifts to one another every night for ‘iftar’, which means ‘breaking of the fast’, on Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims follow a practice known as ‘Zakat-ul-Fitr’ during which they are known to donate grains and other foods, and lastly, on Eid-ul-Adha, Muslim families slaughter an animal, while keeping a third for the family, they gift a third to their friends and offer the last third as a donation.

Gifting of food items has always been considered as a precious and valuable gift, more so, in the Muslim culture.

Wrapping Is the Key When It Comes to Gifting Food Items on Ramadan


Giving food gifts on Ramadan is great. They are affordable, thoughtful and personal and they never go out of style.

But do you know that when it comes to giving food gifts, the exterior is just as important as the interiors meaning, simply a plastic container won’t do. You will need to up your game when it comes giving food gifts.

Taking the Help of Parchment Paper.

If you have always thought of parchment paper that can only be used for lining the baking sheets, then, you are gravely mistaken.

In fact, you can give your food gift a minimalist look by wrapping them with plain parchment papers. Add a finishing touch by tying a jute twine around it, you can even add in a colourful and decorative ribbon for a fun look.

And you know, what’s the best part? The parchment paper can be used by the recipient for baking their own goods.

It’s cute and Eco-friendly, right?

How About Using the Ice-cream Tubs?


Big fan of ice-creams and have way too many ice-cream tubs in your freezer?

You can use these ice-cream tubs, instead of just throwing them away. Though, to use the ice-cream tub, you, at first, will need to make sure that they are thoroughly washed, plus, you can even decorate the ice-cream tubs on the exteriors after drying them. The more colorful, the better. Or you can even wrap the ice-cream tub in wrapping papers, if you so like.

After everything is done, why not put your cookies in the ice cream tubs? Wrap the little package with cellophane, add a cute little sticker, and viola, you are done!!

Jazz up the Empty Cardboard Boxes

If you are a big fan of shopping, then, we are sure that you have got a few plain boxes lying here and there. Instead of cursing them for wasting space, how about you use them to package your food gifts?

Those boxes are indeed plain and boring. How about you jazz them up a little?

First, cover them in plain white paper. Then, take a few sponges (you can find them in any stationery store) and cut them in various shapes, dip them in paint and press on the plain white paper – you can make any fun patterns that you like. You can even create a wrapping paper on your own, if you try!!

The Evergreen Idea - Using Craft Paper.


Who says the craft paper is only for making school projects? Do you know that you can use them to pack up your food gifts?

Buy a whole lot of them (you can find in online stores, and they comes in sets, though). Search online for free craft paper bag templates, or you can even look for videos on YouTube, and make do with paper bags. Put your food gifts in the paper bag, add a little bow and, you can add in a handwritten note. The choice is yours.

Putting Mugs to Good Use!

You can even put in your food gifts in a mug, and gift it with a bit of twist.

First, get a mug – a big one will do. Next, cover your food gifts in clear cellophane, and put them in the mug. Take a decorative ribbon, and tie it around the mug in such a way that it covers the top a bit, yet allowing a glimpse of the gift inside!!

Who Can Forget the Mason Jars?


Well, who can beat a good ol’ mason jar when it comes to giving food gifts?

Easy, yet trendy on their own, you can put your food gifts in the mason jar and then, can add a jute twine around the lid, while sticking a handwritten note.

And What About the Good Old Basket?

You can also give your Ramadan food gifts in a basket. This is the best option when it's for professional associates or family friends. All you need to do is to put your food items in the basket and cover them with a clear cellophane, if you so desire, or you can leave them in the basket as they are. If you plan to give the food gift this way, it is suggested that you at first arrange the food items in the basket, and you are good to go!!

10 Food Gifts for Your Loved Ones During Ramadan

Festive Special Dry Fruits Gift Basket


Priced at Rs. 2, 649 and can be found on Amazon, this fruit basket is brought to you by V.S. Dryfruit Mart and consists of roasted almonds, roasted cashews, pistachio, mishri and more.

This fruit basket is purely a vegetarian product. Thus, it makes a great food gift for the vegetarians. Additionally, this fruit gift basket consists of quality items, making for a much healthier alternative than the junk food items out there.

Top this fruit gift basket with a handwritten note and you have got a winner on your hands.

Personalised Wooden Box with Chocolates


Who doesn’t love chocolates? You can opt for this chocolate gift box to give your loved ones on Ramadan.

Measuring 6 x 3.5 x 2.5, this box is made of wood and consists of 12 Dairy Milk Chocolates of 12 gms. If you want, you can even add a few more.

And you know what’s the best part about this gift box? You can choose to personalize the top of the wooden box, meaning, you can add in any photo that you want!!

Coming in the universal color ‘black’, this wooden box can be found exclusively on FNP and is priced at Rs. 599.

Box of Assorted Chikki


Brought to you by the brand ‘Chappan Bhog’, this is one food gift box that you don’t want to miss giving your loved ones on Ramadan.

Weighing only 500 gms, and having a shelf life of 60 days, this food gift box consists of 500 gms of assorted chikis for your loved ones to savor. And the good news – the chikis are all in different flavors that come with the combination of dry fruits to make them taste heavenly.

The food gift box is priced at Rs. 875 and can be found on IGP.

Ramadan Mubarak Gift Basket

Priced at Rs. 1,195, this Ramadan food gift box is one of its kind – featuring a 500 gm of crown dates and a black coffee mug, along with 25 tea bags from the brand ‘Taj Mahal’.

Found exclusively on Online Delivery, this food gift box will be what your loved ones will need in the evening. You even get the option of numerous add-ons with this food gift basket – 7 Dairy Milk Chocolates of 12 gms, a 6-inch or a 12-inch teddy bear, a greeting card, a bouquet of roses, and much more.

Brownie Box

Brought to you by the brand ‘Sustenance’, this food gift box is one that no one can say ‘no’ to – featuring eight brownies in one gift box, you can choose from two variants to give to your loved ones on Ramadan – Chocolate Pistachio and Chocolate Sea Salt.

The best part about these brownies is that they are homemade and hence, they make for quite a healthy food choice. Neither do they contain artificial colourants, nor do they have artificial preservatives in the food product.

This box of eight brownies can be found exclusively on Q Trove and is priced at Rs. 900.

Millet Jaggery Cookies (Honey, Oats & Raisins)

Priced at Rs. 300, this food gift box (it comes in a beautiful tin) features 2 pack of cookies that are flavoured with jaggery, raisins, oats, and honey.

While the honey, raisins, and jaggery are sure to add a natural flavour to the cookies, the oats in the cookies come as an element of fibre.

Found exclusively on Q Trove, this pack of cookies is brought to you by the brand ‘Boutique Foods’ and are a must-have for the people who have a desire to stay fit and healthy.

Simply Accented

Priced at Rs. 1,650, this is more of a gift duo than a food gift for Ramadan. Found exclusively on Gift Cart, the duo features a bouquet of roses followed by a yummy cake.

While the bouquet consists of red roses, the cake itself is made of chocolate with three cherries as toppings.

And one of the best part about this gift duo is that you don’t have to get the gift yourself, you can send it to your loved ones directly by selecting the city that they are situated in. Trust us, doing so will add an element of mystique as you can even select the day and time!!

The English Tea Hamper

Brought to you by the brand ‘Gourmet Company’, this is one food gift basket that your loved ones will always remember you for!!

It’s quite a grand gift basket too – featuring the Earls Grey Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Flavored honey and jam, Nutella, Cookies and followed by Honey Roasted Almonds.

Priced at Rs. 5,250, and can be found exclusively on the Gourmet Company’s official website, this food gift basket is indulgent and luxurious and makes it the perfect gift for your loved ones to start their day with a smile.

Kaju Barfi with Mewa Batisa


Weighing 1000 gms, and priced at Rs. 1,320 at IGP, this food gift basket features an assortment of sweets, namely ‘kaju barfi’ and ‘mewa batisa’.

This food gift box is brought to you by the brand ‘Chappan Bhog’ and makes it an exotic and perfect gift box for your loved ones who have a sweet tooth.

And the best part about this food gift box is that you get the option for adding numerous ‘add-ons’ that can range from greeting card to a pack of almonds, a glass jar of dry fruits and more.

Assorted Sweets


Brought to you by FNP, this food gift box is priced at Rs. 1,499 and features an assortment of sweets, ranging from ‘kaju barfi’ to ‘mewa batisa’.

One of the best parts about this food gift box is that it consists of four different types of sweets, all lined together and weighing only 1 kg. This food gift box makes for the perfect food gift that you can gift your loved ones.

And we assure you that you will always be in their heart.

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Make Ramadan Special for Your Loved Ones by Gifting These Food Items in 2019

Everybody loves receiving gifts. More so, if they are food gifts! So, when you are celebrating the festival of the oneness of the community, why not gift something special to your loved ones. Choose these amazing food gifts to keep up with the spirit of Ramadan.