Create Mystery and Anticipation Through Stunning Diwali Gift Wrapping and 10 Easy Ideas You Can Use to Wrap Gifts This Year

Create Mystery and Anticipation Through Stunning Diwali Gift Wrapping and 10 Easy Ideas You Can Use to Wrap Gifts This Year

Exchanging gifts is one of the biggest highlights of Diwali, and when there is so much effort put into selecting and buying gifts for loved ones, why not take that extra step to wrap them in interesting ways. This year use interesting Diwali decorations on gifts with these awesome and easy Diwali gift wrapping ideas and tips. Don't forget to include Diwali greeting cards as well.

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7 Steps to Nail the Perfectly Wrapped Diwali Present

Gather All the Tools

The festival of Diwali is a big one and right before Diwali there is a ton of things to do. Wrapping up the various Diwali gifts that you got for your friends and family is one of the biggest tasks that you need to complete before Diwali. A beautifully wrapped present not only looks pretty but also shows the receiver that you have put in effort to make the gift look presentable.

Before you sit down and begin, you need to make sure that you have everything that you need, because it’s really inconvenient having to get up constantly because you forgot something or the other. You will need wrapping paper of your choice or gift boxes or bags, cello tape, scissors, ribbons or shiny chord for decoration and glue. If you really want to save time and yet wrap like a pro, then invest in a few useful tools like a rotary cutter and pop up tape dispenser. The pop up tape dispenser fits right on to your hand and cuts the tape for you, while the rotary cutter evenly slices through wrapping paper on flat surfaces with ease.

Use a Suitable Wrapping Paper

The paper that you get for wrapping your gift should be strong enough so that it doesn’t tear, but at the same time shouldn’t look bulky or lumpy. Get good quality wrapping paper that will stay intact after you have finished wrapping up your gift. Paper with a metallic finish is ideal, as they don’t stain or get wet easily. You get a neat package with clean folds and creases which doesn’t tear at the corners.

Always Put Gift Upside Down

One of the basic principles of gift wrapping is to wrap it upside down. This is done for a very simple and obvious reason. Wrapping the gift upside down ensures that the paper overlap is on the underside of the gift. It’s a small thing and easy to forget. But when someone un-wraps a gift, they expect that the side with the name tag or the bow is also the top of the present. This is true especially with children, and therefore we recommend that you always wrap your present upside down and preferably on a hard surface, to get a neat and clean package.

Use Lots of Pleating in Cylindrical Shaped Wrapping

Wrapping a cylindrical package is a bit tricky due to the challenge with the ends. There are two ways you can wrap a cylindrical shaped package. You can either scrunch up the ends to make it look like a big piece of candy or you can use pleating.

Pleating takes a bit of time, but the end result is immensely satisfactory. What you need to do is measure out how much wrapping paper you need to get around the length of the object and also how much is needed to cover the ends. Try to locate the center of the circle and make sure that there is enough wrapping paper to reach the center. Now make a series of neat creases to go around the package. What you will get is a beautiful pinwheel like pattern and a neat package.

Add Little Embelishments

A neatly wrapped package looks clean, but the festival of Diwali calls for a little extra something. Why not jazz up the gift with some pretty embellishments? Ribbons and bows look really pretty, but for that Indian touch use some shiny chord instead of satin ribbons. You can also use zari ribbons. You can use paper cutouts to go with the Diwali theme, like maybe a cutout of a clay lamp or a diya or press on some dry flowers and leaves on the package, since it's Diwali, some pretty firecrackers can make even a plain wrapping look interesting.

Wrapping Gifts of Different Shapes

Wrapping a gift which is oddly shaped is a challenge even for a pro wrapper. But with a few little tips and tricks you can avoid making your gift look like it was wrapped by a toddler. The easy way would be to use gift bags or boxes. You can get a little creative as well and re-use old items lying around the house to wrap your gifts. Small items like make-up or perfume can be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside empty tissue paper rolls. You can wrap it up using the method given earlier. Use up empty shoe boxes and coffee cans for other items. You can also use empty cardboard shipping containers for larger gifts. Things like scarves can be placed on a flat piece of cardboard (repurpose cereal containers) and wrapped up easily.

Ribbons Are Not the Only Options

While decorating a gift we tend to reach for the same old ribbons and bows. Why not think a little differently? Use other things to embellish your package. Paper cutouts, pressed flowers, chord are some of the other things that can be used to decorate a gift. You can even use unconventional things like feathers. Visit for creative ideas.

Doll Up Your Diwali Gifts Like You've Never Done: 10 Diwali Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping With Newspaper

If you are in a hurry and out of wrapping paper, then don’t panic. Reusing and recycling is the motto of the current times. Use newspapers or shiny magazine pages to wrap your gift. You can use different colors and textures of newspaper to decorate the present. Make newspaper flowers or use folded over and creased newspaper to create interesting textures on your gift surface. It will look kitschy and cool. Instead of ribbons tie a string or a coir rope around the gift. We are sure that the person receiving the gift will appreciate your ingenuity.

Using a Hole Punch


You can use simple tools like a hole puncher to create interesting shapes and designs on a wrapping paper. You can use it to make paper ribbons or use a bunch of different colored wrapping papers to create interesting designs with hole punchers. Get punchers with interesting designs like the Vardhaman pack of three hole punchers from It costs around Rs.490.

Use Personalised Wrapping Paper


Want to get a message across to someone special this Diwali? Why not print it on the gift itself? Customise your gift wrapping paper with a special personal message or images. Use your home printer and some interesting fonts to create an unique wrapping paper. You can buy personalised gift wrapping paper from Prices start at Rs.25.

Ribbon on Pain Paper

If you want a gift wrapping idea that’s smart, elegant and simple, then just wrap your gift using a plain gift wrapping paper and tie a satin ribbon around it. You can use simple white paper and a red ribbon or colored paper with a white or black ribbon.

Wrap It Up Funky

Want to unleash your creativity and deviate from the ordinary? Then use new and innovative methods to wrap your gift. Dress up a brown paper bag with newspaper bows or use a brightly colored piece of fabric to wrap your present. If your are artistic then why not doodle something on the wrapping paper. It will be interesting, fun and totally unique. Look to for many more ideas like this.

Washi and Coloured Tape

If you are someone who is not that fond of shiny or flashy things then washi or colored tapes may be good idea for you. These printed tapes come in various pretty colors and designs. They are perfect for dressing up simply wrapped packages. You can buy Generic imported Washi tape rolls from A pack of six rolls of 10 meters each will cost you around Rs.970.

Tag Those Gifts


Adding a little card or a gift tag to your present is always a nice gesture. A gift tag lets the receiver know who the gift is from. It can also be used to write down wishes or little well wishing messages. Satyam Craft traditional print gift cards are perfect for your Diwali gifts. A pack of 20 cards cost Rs.199. You can buy them on You can also make your own gift tags by cutting up pieces of card paper into interesting shapes.

Fresh Flowers on Top

Add an exotic touch to your Diwali gift by using fresh flowers to decorate your package. Slip in a single rose for that someone special or use a bunch of flowers on the wrappings. You can also use marigold garlands in place of ribbons. Visit for ideas.

Wrap Gift With Fabric and Gota


A great alternative to using wrapping paper this Diwali would be to use colorful fabric. Use bright bandhni fabrics or fabrics with mirror and gota work. Use zari or jacquard tape instead of ribbons. Repurpose old torn up sarees, dupattas and scarves. Your gifts will look festive and glamorous in no time at all.

Use Pom-Poms to Embellish Gifts

Adding colorful pompoms to your gift wrapping is another way to make your gift look festive and bright. Use thread with pompoms to tie the gift or place them whimsically on the gift. You can attach the pompoms to the tag as well. Pompoms are quite easy to make. If you don’t know how to make pompoms then just ask someone you know to show you or look for online tutorials. if you have old clothes or accessories with pompoms on them, cut them out and use them to dresss up your gift

How to Gift Wrap Diwali Diyas

If you are gifting diyas this Diwali then wrap them up in an interesting way. Put the diyas in a festive looking box. You can make your own by decorating an ordinary cardboard box. Paint the box or cover with fabric or colorful paper. Place a few paper flowers on top of the box or decorate it with small mirrors, pompom or sequins. If you are artistic then you can paint some designs on the box using gold or silver paint.

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Everyone Appreciates the Extra Effort

In a way Diwali is all about beautifying; homes are scrubbed, polished and decorated, beautiful rangolis adorn the floors, lights and diyas brighten entire towns and cities and people bring out their finest clothes for this day. So why not extend the same spirit to Diwali gifts as well? The pleasure of receiving a gift is amplified by a pretty and creative wrapping. Professional gift wrappers are permanently stationed outside stores to wrap Diwali gifts, but the personal touch and creativity you can bring to presents cannot be matched.