Ten Adorable Gifts That Bring Smiles to 6 Year Old Girls on Their Birthday

Ten Adorable Gifts That Bring Smiles to 6 Year Old Girls on Their Birthday

Children are so smart these days and they often know exactly what they want for their birthday. So the last thing you want to do is disappoint your daughter, niece, or granddaughter with a gift that is not right for her, or worse, if she doesn't like it. We can help, with a great selection of gifts she will adore.

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4 Ways to Ensure You Always Choose the Right Gift

Going to a birthday party means having to buy a suitable gift for the birthday girl.You find yourself asking questions like, is the gift you picked out right for her age or will she show interest in your present? Different occassions mean different kinds of gifts to be presented and it sometimes becomes difficult to pick out a particular gift. If you're not sure which gift to buy and how much to spend on it then you have come to the right place. Read on to find useful tips on selectings gifts for 6 year old girls and 10 great gifts ideas as well.

Don't Always Buy Her Everything in Pink!

The colour pink has not always been associated with girls. During early 1900s pink was seen as a stonger colour and the right choice for boys but this was a long time ago and now the color pink, in every baby clothing store, tells a different story. The stores don't necessarily have it right though; not all girls are fan of the color pink and not all of them want girly diaries in pink with frilly bows and a cute little heart shaped lock. They want things in other colours and designs, perhaps toys and games which would appeal just as much to boys.

Child experts have found that girls till the age of 2.5 years like other shades of colour as much as pink and it is only later with developing years they start to become aware of their love for different shades. Often strong environmental conditioning pushes them towards the colour pink. So, it can be safe to say that likeness of colour pink is not biological or built in. Any little girl, who does not particularly like pink can be as girly as the girl who likes pink.

The bottomline is that just because she is a young girl that doesn't mean she needs to be surrounded with copious amount of pink, girly, frilly or heart shaped things. Step out of the box and look for gifts that will appeal to her.

Think of Her Needs and Things She Could Use

As a girl approaches 6 years of age she has already started to go to school and started to explore the outside world and is starting to form strong opinions about her likes and dislikes and what she would like to have. As she starts to read and understand words, her world begins to open up. She starts to find science interesting and her journey to identifying her place in the place starts.

Before picking out a gift for her, it is necessary to consider what she is into and she would prefer. Be it a baby doll or a lego house or a science kit, 6 year olds are captivated by their imagination and for them toys mean more than just a play thing. As she is on the road towards her developing identity, she is well aware of what she likes, be it books or toys for some while fashion accessories for others; the right toys will help in her early years of development.

Educational Toys That Also Help Her Learn

Children of all ages love toys but as they reach preschool age they start to learn alphabets and numbers and there are a lot of educational toys available to encourage them to learn. From simple alphabet puzzles to high-tech electronic gadgets, these toys can provide a headstart for kids to learn along with their school. An educational toy will increase a kid's interest in learning and will surely give the kids an opportunity to learn while still having fun. Also, if the kid likes the toy which is presented to her, she is more likely to spend time playing with it. SO along with being educational, it must appeal to her.

An educational toy is also a great way of bonding with your child. When you play with her with her new toy, she more likely to enjoy your time together and she'll retain whatever she has learnt for a longer period of time. A positive environment, while playing, will also make her lean towards the learning and develop an affirmative behaviour towards learning.

Find and pick the gift for little girl's based on her interests. If she is of artistic nature and likes to draw and paint, then consider art material for her. Embrace her creativeness and interests before finalising a gift.

10 Special Gifts That Will Bring a Smile to 6 Year Old Girls

Jumbo Art Set

This gift is perfect for little girls who likes to paint and draw. Mitashi Skykidz Jumbo Set 101 Pieces costs Rs.360 on Flipkart and consists of crayons, oil pastel erasers, paper clips, colour pencils, and all the basic primary colours and all the accessories needed for painting. It also has colour brushes, watercolours, ruler, glue, markers and stapler. Also it made from non-toxic material and comes with a 10 day replacement policy.

It will develop hand to eye coordination, creativity and imagination and increase her attention span. She will learn to differentiate between colours and maybe even become an accomplished artist in her own right. Having such a variety of art material to play with will enable her to understand which medium she most enjoys.

This portable and reliable set of different shades and medium of colour will become your kid's best friend as she'll be able to carry it around and paint when she likes. If you're still wondering about the credibility of this gift, then consider the fact that at the age of 6 she has just started to explore new things; painting, or even just playing with colours is a whole lot of fun and a wonderful way for her to express herself. It is also a good idea to include pastel drawing paper with this colour kit.

Hair Accessories

Girls of any age have an instant attraction to jewellery, hair accessories and pretty ornaments. It may have something to do with watching their moms apply makeup and dress up, but most little girls will get starry eyed at the site of pretty baubles. As young kids have a delicate scalp, buy them products that are gentle on the skin, do not contain toxic material or harm them in any way. It is advisable to avoid any product which contains harsh or harmful chemicals. On the other hand there are loads of very pretty and cute accessories that you can use to doll up your little one.

For girls who love dressing up and adore their mom’s fashionable jewellery and accessories, Silk Thread Hair Accessories With Bangles And Jhumka by Namu’s Creation will be a real treat. The set contains two bangles, a hairband, a pair of hair clips, two hair ties and a pair of jhumkas for a dressy occasion. She can use all at one go if she wishes, though it would be better to wear only a few of the accessories at a time to avoid being over matched. The bangles and jhumkas are available in different sizes. Buy the set for Rs.499 on namuscreations.com

Board Games

Board games are an important part of any childhood; they are enjoyable, can be educational and the whole family can join in to play it with her. Scrabble is one such classic game that can enjoyed by people of all ages. This game is played between 2 to 4 players and requires the player to make a word using
7 random letters given to them. The score is calculated based on the value of the letters and is boosted by premium square or triple scores on the board. It does not require any batteries and it does not need to be assembled. Kids can enjoy this game at their own pace and since it is in English it will help build a good vocabulary.

The game is popular among all ages and was first developed by an architect named Alfred Butts. Now Mattle Scrabble original has become a famous game across the world. This game will increase your little one's interest in letters, words, maths and word making. Have fun playing this with your kid while learning a thing or two yourself and teaching her in turn as well. The board game is available at a price of Rs.589 on Amazon.

Puzzle Sets

Source www.amazon.in

Puzzles are always exciting and educational too. Mickey Mouse Puzzle Set ensures visual understanding and learning of basic concepts for beginners. Each set of puzzles has 48 pieces and will make your child understand shapes and will deliver a fun filled holiday season or a weekend.

Puzzles are also said to increase concentration level as they keep the child engaged for hours and make them think it through before putting a piece into the puzzle. Seeing their favourite cartoon character slowly emerge as the puzzle is completed makes it more fun for kids. Suitable for beginners, this puzzle game is good for increasing hand-eye coordination and helps in development of basic motor skills. Increase in concentration of the child will help her focus on other activities too without losing interest too quickly.

This reliable Mickey Mouse and Friends 3 in 1 puzzle encourages the little one to think out of the box to use many shapes to make one big shape. She will use her visual skills and memory to finish a puzzle. Made of good quality board paper, the puzzle can withstand being put together and taken apart several times. This puzzle is suitable and a perfect present for a kid if you're looking to make her play time full of curiosity and challenge. Buy the Mickey Mouse and Friends 3 in 1 Puzzle for Rs.325 on Amazon.

Kick Scooter

Let your kid zip around the house and, preferably, outdoors around on her scooter. This Kid’s Scooter Mid 7 With Stand is the perfect ride for a child as it is lightweight. This perfect partner for an outing is easy to use and the height can be adjusted to accommodate your child's growing height - it can be adjusted from 1.45 meters to 1.85 meters in height. Your kid will be able to move around on it 3 times faster that on foot and is sure to love it. The scooter is easy maintenance and spare parts are easily available in case they need to be changed. This scooter gives a smooth ride and a good performance with its large 175 mm PU rubber wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and rear brake wheels; in addition, it comes with a warranty of 2 years.

It is recommended you check the parts of the scooter after every use and change the parts in case they are worn out to ensure her safety. The scooter's lifespan can be increased with good care. It can be folded and is easy to carry around. Mudguards are attached to both front and rear end to protect your kid from mud splashes and its 175 mm wheels will not let obstacles stand in her way. It is available at decathlon.in at Rs.4,999.

Art and Craft Set

Source www.amazon.in

Make fashion fun for your little girl with Ekta Jewelry Boutique. Fashion, clothes and jewellery, and makeup are some of the favourite things of most little girls and if she enjoys making craft sets she will enjoy making her own jewellery that she can then wear or give to her friends.

This kit contains multi-coloured acrylic beads clasps, fish hooks, ear hooks and beading wires that you can use to teach her kid to create new and unique patterns. Show her a few methods and ideas and soon she will be using her own creativity to make fashionable pieces. This jewelry boutique will keep your kid engaged and bring out her creative side. Suitable for children between 4 to 6 years of age, these colorful beads will add a bit of color and fashion into your kids life.

Made from non-toxic materials these small fashion pieces can be turned into beautiful ornaments when your kid uses her imagination and creativity. The set is priced at Rs.370 on Amazon.

Lego Set

Source www.sluban.in

Building blocks are perfect for children this age and what can be better than the all time classic Lego. Available in a wide range themes, the stackable blocks can be used to create just about anything your little girl can think of. Like this Sluban Lego Villa With Pool Set made specially to appeal to little girls. The set consists of 291 number of building blocks and also includes mini figurines and a little pet cat. When put together it creates a little home with a pool in the front.

Erecting a villa with just a few building blocks will make your child feel like a creator and she's going to enjoy every moment of figuring out the next block and where it fits. Facilitating better hand to eye coordination, this Lego set is an apt present for your little one. This construction set is made of plastic and is safe for kids. The color beautifully compliment the built villa and increases your kid's interest in building and fitting the blocks. If she takes to it you can later supplement with an expansion pack to give more room to her creativity. This Lego set is priced at Rs.1,457 on First Cry.

Inflatable Toys

Inflatable toys are great fun for kids especially when used outdoors. Inflatable balls, slide bouncers and ball pits are always a hit with kids. It’s a great way to send them out to play, use up some of that excess energy that children seem to have, and when done with, can be deflated and packed away.
This Pack of 6 Inflatable Beach Balls can be used in the swimming pool, for parties, inside the home and even by adults. They are suitable for kids between 4 to 12 years of age and are designed in colourful shades of green, yellow, red,white and blue. These inflatable beach balls are easy to store and carry around. They are made of non-toxic material and are safe for your kid.

They measure 12 inch in size and make a perfect volleyball, dodgeball, kickball, throwing ball and catching ball to play around or inside the water. This beach ball swimming pool toy will urge your kid to get inside the water and play around in it while also learning to swim. Their fear of water, if present, will go away. Priced at Rs.1,799 on Amazon, an air pump is not necessary as they can be inflated by blowing air into them.

Magic Cube

Brain teasers are an excellent form of play for young children and one of the most challenging puzzles you can give her is a rubik's cube. The six-sided puzzle has engaged people across ages from the time of its conception and it will tantalize your 6 year old as well. There are people who can solve it in a matter of seconds, yet others have thrown it away in frustration time and again only to be drawn to it again in a quest to solve it.

The Taxton T-3 Magic Speed Cube Transparent is a transparent version of the rubik’s cube and will keep your child engaged and make her use her problem solving and memory building abilities to solve it. It requires her to dig deep into her mind and use analytical thinking. Made up of transparent plastic, the new generation cube is filled with new ideas to solve the cube. Let your kid find the way of bringing similar colored cubes at one side. It has smooth movement and will make your kid's brain work at a super fast speed. Buy it on Flipkart for Rs.275.

Building and Construction Toys

Construction toys in different shapes make your child want to develop her own small town and develop the art of balancing, counting, comparing and all different kinds of hands-on experience and learning.

Emob Colorful Wooden City Blocks Puzzle Multicolor is made of wood and is perfect for creating buildings, trees, road signs and bring out the imaginative side of your little one while making her learn valuable lessons of how the real world functions.

The coloured pieces are very small to enable a wide range of application and it is advised to keep an eye on your kid to prevent her from accidentally swallowing any piece. Playing with these blocks will help her to practice her fine motor skills and also develop her vocabulary. These creative blocks come in a handy storage bag and are priced at Rs.922 on First Cry.

Utility Items for Daily Use are Also Good Gifts

As your six year old starts to go to school, it becomes essential to pack her bag with all kinds of necessities. School backpacks are one the most common used item by school going kids to carry their things in. The backpack allows the kid to carry her pencil box, tiffin, books and other school supplies. Hence, a backpack may be a wonderful gift; they come printed with cartoon or movie characters, cute designs and colours.

Pencil case and lunch boxes too are essential for a kid. Apart from these kids also go through a ton of colours, pencils, erasers and sharpeners so giving her cute stationery as gift will be both useful as well as a nice gift she is sure to like.

If you are considering giving her a lunch box, opt for popular brands like Tupperware and Signoraware that offer toxic-free plastic lunch boxes. Pair it with a matching water bottle to make a set. Little girls also like making crafts and art material will always be received well. Other options are a soft ball, or sports equipment like a bat, a basketball or a bicycle if she is inclined towards any of these.

She is a Growing Child

Shopping for cloths of younger children tends to be easier than shopping for older children as there are just so many cute options available; going home with just a single outfit can seem impossible. But the sizes are a whole different ball game. Children grow so fast that even their parents are often not sure what size to buy. If you are not a parent opt for a slightly bigger size than what she already wears so she can use those clothes and shoes in the near future. But remember, you aren’t making a 5-year plan for her so don’t reach for the extra large sizes either.

It may be a good idea to buy clothes for a 6 year old girl who already has too many toys. But keep her favourite cartoon characters and colours in your mind while buying her clothes. You can supplement them with matching hair accessories as girls love adorning themselves. Keep her age in mind, don’t buy her things for a more mature child and neither will she appreciate being given very babyish clothes. Try out new prints, skirts, cute t-shirts and pretty dresses. Shop according to the season you're giving her the gift in. And always go for the trendy and newly arrived items for the kids, because trust us, she may look small but she is already cued in on the latest fashion trends.

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Check With the Parents

When you are not entirely sure what the little girl needs or if she already has a toy you are considering, checking with the parents is a good idea. That way you can avoid buying her things she already has and give her something they may have been thinking of buying themselves or what she needs. Even at 6 years girls already have an idea of what they would like, so you can even ask the little one, then perhaps check with her mom to see if that's alright with her.