Put Aside the Teasing and Fighting and Show Your Love for Your Sister on Bhai Dooj: 14 Adorable Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas for Sister (2019)

Put Aside the Teasing and Fighting and Show Your Love for Your Sister on Bhai Dooj: 14 Adorable Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas for Sister (2019)

A festival that cherishes the beautiful relation between a brother and a sister, Bhai Dooj is a festival celebrated two days after Diwali. In case you forgot to bring your sister a lovely present on Rakshabandhan, worry not as we're here to help you present an amazing gift to your sister on Bhai Dooj. Read on to find out more.

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Why Bhai Dooj is as Significant as Rakshabandhan?

One of Those Rare Opportunities to Celebrate Siblings Love

The festival of Bhai Dooj gift isn't just about giving a present to your sister but also about celebrating this beautiful bond of sibling relationship. There are so many festivals in Indian culture, but only two are dedicated to the siblings which are Bhaidooj and Rakshabandhan.

This is the reason that Bhaidooj holds equal importance as Rakshabandhan, and you must not miss out on this opportunity to shower love on your sibling. This is the beauty of this unique relationship that no matter how much you fight with one another, at the end of the day, you want your sibling to be by your side.

Excuse to Come Together at Home

Once you pass through the phase of high school, you never really know where life would take you. And of course, you not only leave behind your home but also your parents and siblings too. Celebrations and festivals like Bhaidooj come as an amazing excuse to find a way back home.

It not only extends your Diwali celebrations but also serves rightly for you to stay at home a little longer. You get to spend some time with your brother/sister and also get to cherish all the memories too.

As Joyous and Colourful as Any Other Festival

Some festivals in Indian culture aren’t as popular as the other ones, and people sometimes misunderstand Bhai Dooj for the same. But it is totally up to you how you like to celebrate certain festivals. There is no doubt that Bhaidooj is as joyous and significant as any other festival in India. So, if you are planning the gift for your sister or brother then make sure it is a big one because you get rare opportunities to show your love and affection towards them.

10 Awesome Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas for Sister

Her Favorite Flowers

Source igp.com

The thing about considering Bhai Dooj gift ideas for sister is that you should be dedicated and concerned for it. And when it comes to wooing a girl no matter who she is to you, flowers always work. Or you can pick flowers along with some other gifts for your sister.

For the recommendation, we bring you this gorgeous bouquet comprised of white roses and blue orchids. The contrasting colours and beautiful flowers truly make a masterpiece. This bouquet is made out of fresh flowers only and arranged elegantly. To put more effort, you can pick the flowers on your own to make the bouquet. This orchids and roses bouquet is available for purchase on igp.com for Rs. 995.


Source oyegifts.com

Chocolates are quite like the unsaid compulsion when it comes to counting choices for informal gifts to your loved ones. So, we picked this superb gift pack of chocolates for your sister on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. The basket here is full of Dairymilk chocolates along with chocolairs gold candies in 12 and 30 pieces, respectively.

This one here is just an example, and you have got a lot of other choices to consider too. To add some efforts on your own, you can buy things separately and then create a hamper by yourself for your loving sister. This amazing chocolate basket is available on oyegifts.com for Rs. 899.

Latest Gadgets

Source amazon.in

When it comes to giving gadgets to your loved ones, you have got numerous choices to pick from. However, budget plays a big role in this department, so we picked something which not only fits your budget but also turns out to be a great gift to your sister.

This Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera is a perfect gift for your sister, especially when she is a big-time photograph hoarder.

This small camera allows you to capture quality pictures with its auto-exposure camera and flashing LED mode. You can even switch to High Key Mode to take brighter and softer pictures. The photos will be received in 62 X 46 mm size. The compact size is perfect for travelling, and this camera is available in different popping colours too. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 2,799.

Something Personalised

Source igp.com

It is time to up your game and pick some creative and thoughtful gifts for your sister on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. It won’t be wrong if you go all out with your Bhai Dooj gift ideas for sister as it is one of those few occasions where you get to show your affection towards your sister.

Talking about this gift, it is a personalised LED Bottle Lamp. When it comes to personalised gifts, you can find a lot of other choices, too, but we found this lamp to be quite creative and beautiful.

You can personalise it with the pictures of your sister and you inside the bottle, which will be further filled with some fairy tale lights. This beautiful table lamp is going to add a great aesthetic to the room. You can buy this on igp.com for Rs. 695.

Utility Friendly Gifts

Source shein.in

Utility items are those that add comfort to our lives. From bags to boxes to various pouches and more such items are perfect for giving to your sister when she is a messy person. This will not only add a bit of order in her life but will also make her life much more comfortable too.

To add a suggestion, we picked this superb tote bag for your sister. And the best thing about this bag is that you get some other items with it too. This wholesome pack includes one tote bag, sunglasses case, makeup pouch, and a smartphone case. Available in grey and black colour, this utility item is perfect for keeping all the belongings safely in it. These beautiful pebble detailed items are available on shein.in for Rs. 647.

Makeup Products

Source nykaa.com

Some girls like makeup, and there are there some who do not. If your sister is a big-time makeup freak, then we have the perfect recommendation. A wholesome makeup kit for your sister would be an excellent idea.

And as we know that guys are not so good at picking makeup products, we decided to ease things up for them. We chose this superb makeup products combo for your sister here. All of these are NYX products, which are liquid illuminator, waterproof mascara, coloured lip oil, and a professional cosmetic bag. These items are definitely makeup essentials that every girl would love to have. You can buy this perfect makeup combo for your sister on nykaa.com for Rs. 2,250.


Source purplle.com

To keep things simple yet significant, you can go for some lovely perfumes for your sister. Instead of buying one, we will recommend you purchase a miniature gift set for her so that she can have choices and options while picking her perfume for special occasions.

For example, take a look at this WOW Perfumes combo for women. This gift pack here contains four high-quality perfumes from WOW, each having 30ml quantity in it. These fragrances included in this pack are Black Poison with citrus powder fragrance, Tender Heart with Strong Jasmine fragrance, Purple Sin with a rosy floral fragrance, and I Love Pink with metallic lily fragrance. This pack is ideal, and all the fragrances included are quite feminine but totally different from one another. You can buy this gift pack on purplle.com for Rs. 1,200.

Precious or Fashion Jewellery

Source bluestone.com

If you have a high budget, then we have some pretty lovely Bhai Dooj gift ideas for sister that you can consider. You can buy precious or fashion jewellery for your sister, depending upon her choice and your budget. If you are going for precious jewellery then we found this perfect gift item that your sister would love, and you won’t have to break a bank for it. We found this gorgeous pair of earrings for your sister crafted in 18kt gold.

Weighing just 1.48 grams, these are not only lightweight but beautiful too. They are small in size, and these dangling earrings are perfect for day to day use without any fuss. The unique design is a big plus in these earrings, which is trendy and sleek and is precisely what girls would love. You can buy these earrings on bluestone.com for Rs. 6,868.

A Wrist Watch

Source tatacliq.com

Watch is quite like the symbol of giving someone your time, and we believe that you cannot find something more precious than time to give to someone. On this Bhai Dooj, promise your sister that you will always be there for her no matter what time it is, and this watch is a perfect keepsake for this promise.

We picked this gorgeous black Titan watch for your sister, which looks every bit of elegant and stunning. The unique feminine design is surely eye-catching. Belonging to Titan Raga range of watches, this analog watch has a black leather strap and asymmetrical dial, both in shades of black. This beautiful Titan Watch is available for purchase on tatacliq.com for Rs. 2,895.

Soft Toy of Her Choice

And finally, we have something common but mushy to consider for the Bhai Dooj gift ideas for sister. A soft toy of her choice is something you can consider giving to your sister. However, it entirely depends upon her choice, but we still have something to recommend.

Moving over the stereotypical choices of teddy bears and smiley pillows, we found this soft toy rattle doll, which is too cute. Available in beige color, this is quite soft from outside and has a rattle inside. So, no matter how old is your sister is, she is undoubtedly going to love it. This cute doll is small in size, but you can pick a bigger one too. This rattle doll is available for purchase on archiesonline.com for Rs. 699.

Some Unusual Gifts You can Give on Bhai Dooj

Some Cash or Gift Card

It is not necessary that your sister likes whatever you buy for her. So, in this situation, you can either go for cash or some gift card. Almost all the online shopping sites offer this service of buying gift card, which allows the user to purchase items worth of that gift card. Or you can be more practical about this whole gift idea and hand over a money envelope to your sister.

Surprise Trip

A quick surprise trip is one of the best ideas we can think of for Bhai Dooj. You can aim for a location just outside your city so it won’t take long to get there and come back. This quick vacation for your parents and siblings will definitely turn out to be one of the most cherished memories of your lifetime. You can also plan a road trip.

Sponsor Her Hobby Classes

One of the most thoughtful Bhai Dooj gift ideas for sister is something practical and meaningful. You can sponsor hobby classes for her. There is always a passion in someone that they always wanted to have, but certain restrictions in life always came in between. If your sister also happens to have one such passion, then you can arrange the classes for her by financing her for it.

Some DIY Gift

There are thousands of ideas over how you can prepare a DIY gift for your sister. Of course, this is going to take some patience and a lot of hard work, but the result will be worth it. Some of the suggestions from our side are fairy tale lights with pictures in her bedroom, picture collage, a painting, a DIY card, or a DIY photo frame.

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The Best Gift Would Be to Spend Some Time With Her!

No matter whatever gift you decide on to give to your sister on Bhai Dooj, its value will increase a thousand manifold if you give it to her with your own hands. This Bhai Dooj, go visit your sister and surprise her with the best gift ever!