Bhaubeej is the Most Wonderful Festival Celebrated among Brothers and Sisters(2019): 10 Best Bhaubeej Gift for Brother to Make Him Smile the Whole Day

Bhaubeej is the Most Wonderful Festival Celebrated among Brothers and Sisters(2019): 10 Best Bhaubeej Gift for Brother to Make Him Smile the Whole Day

Bhaubeej or Bhai Dooj is the second most important festival which celebrates the bond of affection and respect between siblings. This is celebrated just after Diwali. To make this Bhaubeej special for your brother, we have compiled this unique guide which will make your task of selecting the gifts for your brother, so much easier.

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Significance of Bhaubeej for Brother and Sister

Strengthen the Bond Between Siblings

Giving a Bhaubeej gift to the brother is not just about giving fancy materialistic things but more about the beautiful sibling bond shared by the brother and the sister. Indian culture celebrates numerous colourful festivals that bring our entire family together, and festivals like Rakshabandhan and Bhaubeej are a great excuse to bring the siblings together. Such occasions leave a positive impact on their relations as years to go by, so one should never miss the opportunity to celebrate festivals like these.

An Excuse to Bring the Family Together


Festivals are a great opportunity in Indian households to bring the entire family together. In the current scenario, kids move out for studies and jobs and parents get busy with their lives. But these are the festivals which can bring them together from different cities or even countries. Bhaubeej or Bhai Dooj comes as a wonderful excuse to let the siblings spend some much-needed quality time together which is often lost because of responsibilities and complexities of life.

Keep the Festivities Going

Indian festivals are a total delight and when it comes to Diwali, you want the festivities to continue so that you can enjoy some more amazing time with your family. In such a case, Bhaubeej serves as the perfect excuse to keep the festivities going on for a few more days. Annakut and Bhai Dooj are the much-needed occasions after Diwali to enjoy some more time at home and enjoy the sweets.

Bhaubeej Gifts for Brother

A Cute Cushion


There is literally no limit to the kind of gifts you can pick for Bhai Dooj 2019. We pondered a bit about some cutesy and adorable gifts which can fill in the day with a lot of memories and laughter. So, this cushion turned out to be a great idea for the same.

The “World’s Best Brother” themed cushion is an amazing choice for Bhai Dooj to let your brother know that no matter how many times you guys fight with each other, he is definitely the best in the world. Here you get 1 Recron filled cushion along with the quirky cushion cover. This is a moderately sized cushion that would work well for both Rakhi as well as Bhai Dooj. Moreover, apart from the tag line on it, you can also spot some common insults siblings use against each other. So, basically it is the most fitting gift you can ask for. Buy this now on Ferns N Petals for Rs. 349.

Special Mug


The next one here is also a type of personalised gift which is going to be loved by your brother. Coffee Mugs have become a popular form of gift and people often go a step ahead and get them personalised for their loved ones.

But thankfully with this already personalised mug, you won’t have to make any changes. If you are a sister looking for a perfect gift for your brother on Bhai Dooj then this personalised coffee mug won’t disappoint you.
It is a white ceramic mug which comes with “Awesome Brother” tag on it along with some doodling of a brother and sister. The best thing about this gift is that you can get it personalised furthermore by printing a picture or your required text on it too. Moreover, this ceramic mug is already a star and you can buy it on for Rs. 275.

Dry Fruits Box


It becomes quite impossible for a sister to pick Bhaubeej gift for a brother when the brother doesn’t like many things. In such cases, you can keep it traditional and buy something which is appropriate for the festival and also fulfils the vibes of Bhai Dooj too.

This dry fruits gift pack is a perfect option for it. Not only are they quite healthy but also suits well according to the Indian festivals and the old ritual of handing over dry fruits to your loved ones. Here, in this pack, you get 200 gm of cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios and raisins combined. All the dry fruits are carefully vacuum packed which retains their freshness no matter when you consume them. This festive dry fruits pack by Ghasitaram is indeed perfect for your brother if he doesn’t like many gifts. So, buy it now on Amazon for Rs. 406.

Love You Bro Chocolate Box

We always try to put all our efforts into picking the right gifts for the right person. And this is why we picked these special Rakhi/Bhai Dooj themed chocolates for your brother. These are called "Love You Bro" chocolates where you get 25 pieces of chocolate bars inside the box. The box is crafted exclusively for a brother and this is why you won’t have to do further personalisation on your own.

All the chocolates included in the pack are milk chocolates that are prepared using organic ingredients. Each of the chocolate bars is wrapped separately in beautiful brother and sister themed wrappers which are quite like the icing on the cake here. You are going to love everything about this product from the packaging to the delicious taste. You can buy this special chocolate pack on Flipkart for Rs. 569.

Gentlemen's Kit

When it comes to giving a gift to your brother, you don’t have to think much especially when your brother is a total grooming freak. You can buy this ultimate and wholesome grooming kit for him called the Gentleman’s Gift Set.

This luxurious grooming set is comprised of some of the most versatile and beneficial items. This kit includes face wash, face scrub, body wash, cologne soap, lip balm and body lotion. All these items are packed carefully in a nice gift box. These items emphasize providing acne and blemish-free appearance along with keeping you groomed and smelling nice too. As men’s skin is usually a lot more rogue, these items are made especially by keeping this factor in mind. This wholesome gift pack is definitely the most useful one out there. You can buy it on for Rs. 1,349.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Your Bhai Dooj gift for your brother should be something which blesses him with all the good luck and charm in the world. And keeping that in mind, we picked this lucky bamboo plant for him. As bamboo doesn’t require much care and trimming, it would be a fitting gift for your brother.

In this pack here, you get a 2 layer lucky bamboo plant along with a green melamine square pot to keep the bamboo plant in it. This plant is suitable for indoors and even better when you keep it on the study or work table. Bamboo is said to emit positive energy and create good vibes for the people around it. Not only that but this small but beautiful plant is perfect for home decor or office decor too. This one should definitely be there in your shopping list on this Bhaubeej. You can buy it on for Rs. 380.

Personalized Caricature Photo Stand

Show your brother your creative side by ordering this superb caricature of him. This is a personalised caricature photo stand which can be kept on the table and it looks quite funny too. The design that we picked turn the person into a sports anchor but you can pick some other options too like a singer, rock star, scientist and many more. You can also make a combined caricature photo stand of both of you together as well.

These photo stands are prepared with acrylic which means they are totally water-resistant. All you have to do is upload some photographs and enter text if you want any. You can also give some specific instructions if you want more personalisation in the stand. Get this caricature photo stand done on for Rs. 375.

Personalised Water Bottle

The next Bhaubeej gift for your brother that we have shortlisted is a personalised water bottle. You cannot argue over the fact that everyone should be reminded to drink water regularly, so this bottle is surely a perfect gift to remain assured of your brother’s water intake. The best thing about this bottle is that it can be personalised so you can either go for your brother’s name or something interesting to be printed on it.

This silver water bottle has a sipper on top and has a capacity of 600 ml. It is made out of aluminum and has a silver finish on it. Moreover, this bottle is also quite travelling friendly. The printing done on this bottle is through digital heat transfer which doesn’t get ruined with time. So, don’t waste time and start editing on this bottle which you can buy on Print Land for Rs. 389.

Photo Engraved Wooden Notebook

Personalised gifts are one of the best options to go for when you want something special and long-lasting for your brother on this Bhaubeej. This photo engraved wooden notebook for your brother would be a marvellous and personalised gift to consider. You can get the personalisation done on both the front as well as back cover of the notebook as per your need. The charges differ as per your requirements.

You can also select from the type of wood, size of the notebook, etc. The notebook has 70 white pages inside while the outer cover remains that of wood. Apart from the picture, you can also get some text engraved on the wood cover of the notebook. This is such an amazing and unique gift that you can pick for your brother from for Rs. 899.

Brother and Sister Wall Clock


When it comes to super cute and adorable gifts for your siblings, this wall clock totally wins the competition. It is one of the best gifts for your brother on Bhai Dooj that we came across and you can’t find something more amazing to portray the beauty of the brother-sister relationship.

This is a wall clock perfect for a pair of little brother and big sister because of the editing already done on it. Moreover, you are free to customise the wall clock further as per your requirements. The doodling done on this wall clock is really cute and you are totally going to love the way this clock turns out to be. This white wall clock is perfect for a minimal look and would totally grab anyone’s attention. You can customise it as well. You buy this wall clock on Dezains for Rs. 1,946.

You Can Try These DIY Ideas too

If you are done with the mainstream gifts for your brother on Bhai Dooj then you can consider some unique gifts for your brother too. We bring you some DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ideas which don’t cost much money but definitely cost a lot of effort and love too. You can make a difference by making the gift for your brother on your own on this Bhai Dooj.

Make a Band for Him on Your Own

Just like Rakshabandhan, Bhaubeej is also the celebration of the pious bond between a brother and sister. Sisters are supposed to tie the moli on their brother’s hand on Bhaubeej. However, you can make a difference by making a special wrist band for your brother and tie it on his wrist on Bhai Dooj. This will add a personal touch to the whole festival and will definitely make him feel special.

Bake a Cake

As they say, you don’t need an excuse to bake a cake. In fact, you should definitely try this thing out for Bhaubeej along with your brother too. This way, you guys can chitchat while baking and it will help you two to know each other’s current lives even more. And of course, you can feed your brother the cake instead of the regular sweets.

Paint a T-shirt

One of the most unique and definitely creative Bhaubeej gifts for your brother can be a hand-painted t-shirt. The idea is pretty simple and all you need is some paint and a lot of creative ideas. You can paint a plain white t-shirt with some doodles and a message for your brother. This is definitely an amazing idea to woo your brother on Bhaubeej.

Personalised Video

And finally, let the technology come forward and take charge while you sit back and relax. Thanks to the amazing apps and online services, now you can make a video for your brother on your own, and that too with editing! You can create a video out of old pictures of you and your brother and give it as a gift on Bhaubeej. This will brighten up all the amazing memories you two share with each other.

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Celebrate Bhaubeej with Your Sibling and Cherish Those Precious Moments for Life

Bhaubeej is the celebration of the warmth and affection between siblings who have grown up together and have so many shared memories. Take some time off from your busy life and spend it with your sibling to reinforce the bond you share with him since childhood. We hope our guide would have helped you decide which gift you will give your brother this Bhaubeej. Stay connected with the Best Present Guide for more such interesting articles.