Looking for the Best Travel Destinations in 2019? Prague Should Definitely Be on Your List! Top 10 Places to Visit in Prague and What Souvenirs to Bring Back

Looking for the Best Travel Destinations in 2019? Prague Should Definitely Be on Your List! Top 10 Places to Visit in Prague and What Souvenirs to Bring Back

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown and thinking about going on a vacation this year? Still looking for the perfect spot? We are here to help you choose the best possible holiday destination. This article will not only help you with some of the places you must visit in Prague but will also provide some guidelines how can you make this trip more enjoyable by avoiding some simple mistakes, alongside a list of some memorable gifts to bring back from Prague.

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Why Prague Should Definitely Be Your Target Travel Destination?

Tired of your mundane stressful schedule and thinking about going on a vacation this year? Still looking for the perfect spot? We are here to help you choose the best possible holiday destination. Prague, that is the capital city of Czech republic is also known as 'the city of a hundred spires', definitely is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. With a great blend of tradition, history and modernity, Prague is one of the places on earth to admire the beauty of human creativity. This article will not only help you with some of the places you must visit in Prague, but will also provide some guidelines how can you make this trip more enjoyable by avoiding some simple mistakes, alongside a list of some memorable gifts to bring back from Prague. These are some of the reasons why, Prague should definitely be on your visiting priorities.

Unique and Distinct Architecture

Prague is a fine example of gothic and Renaissance architecture, the buildings here are intact from hundreds of years. These buildings have seen the destruction of 16th and 17th century, and then the infamous world-war, but Prague survived it all and the buildings still Stand tall and tell their tale.

A Musical Hub for a Music Lover

If you are a music lover and have a wide variety of taste that ranges from Serene classical music to hard rock, Prague got everything from you. You can peacefully enjoy classical music in Rudolfinum and in many Churches in Prague, and a plethora of rock concerts and other shows keep happening here throughout the year, there is even a club named Karlovy Lazne, that has separate floor for different musical genres.

Travel and Enjoy Without Pouring Out a Fortune!

Prague is one of the few rare tourist destinations, where you can really enjoy your time without worrying about a lot of money, because it’s relatively cheap for Indians to have a good experience there. They have a rich and organized public transport system so you will have no worries lingering around with pennies, and having a meal in restaurants only costs $2-$3, And guess what? Beer is even cheaper! Cheers!

A Plethora of Events Happening All Over the Year

There is always something or the other, going on in Prague. It can be a seasonal event, if not it will be a Parade on holidays, if not It can be market for special events. You can always catch some exciting thing going on in Prague which showcases their culture and deep historical roots.

Travel Without Any Worries in One of the Safest Cities in World

Prague has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, It’s among the safest cities in the world. You can freely and peacefully roam around not only in broad daylight, but also during its sparkling nights. Though broadly safe, be sure to follow regular rules to keep yourself safe.

A Collection of Rich and Diverse History

If you are a history nerd, Prague should definitely be on your checklist. As we already said, the masterpiece of an Architecture of Prague has maintained itself since ages but the history too is rich and varied. The city has old bridges, memorials, historical gardens, parks, and many other things to offer.

A Heaven for Party Animals!

It’s almost a heaven for party lovers and outgoing people. For those who do not differentiate between days and nights, Prague has a lot of Pubs, Jazz clubs and modern pubs to offer, all of which will cater to your exciting needs. You can witness Prague in a whole other perspective when the sun goes down and twinkling stars come up.

Keep These Things in Mind While Planning for Prague

These are some little but important things that will definitely make your journey as stress free and enjoyable, as it can possibly get!

Avoid Fraud While Exchanging the Currency

In Prague, there are some scamsters who claim to exchange your currency with 'zero commission' but add an unfair 'exchange fee' so it works out to your disadvantage and costs you more than it should. There are also some men in the streets that offer you money exchange prices but will give you unused old currency. So be sure avoid such scams and go to reliable stores to exchange money

Weather of Prague

The weather of Prague is as unpredictable as it can get, you can never be sure that you won't be needing that extra sweater in your Prague trip. Even, in the month of August, it can range from 15 C to 40C, so be sure to plan ahead and pack the luggage accordingly. Specially if you are traveling with children and elders. Usually, spring and Autumn are the best months to land here.

The Public Transport

The public transport of Prague is one of the best, if not 'the best' in the world. Not only, it’s very cheap but also it got almost every area of Prague covered, so you won't have to worry about transportation problems, just stick to the public transport and you will be fine and happy.

Avoiding the Central Areas

If you are planning to visit the central areas and historical monuments like Charles bridge and Prague castle. You might want to skip visiting those in mid day, because since a lot of people visit Prague, they almost always remain crowded. So, if you want to observe them peacefully, you should either get up early or try visiting later in the evening.

10 Best Places You Must Visit While in Prague

These are some of the best places to visit in Prague, some are historic while some have a modern touch. something for everyone.

The Castle of Prague

The current official residence of Czech Republic’s president, the Prague castle was made as fortress in AD 870. Now it’s Prague’s one of the most visited tourist attraction. Interestingly, it was once home of the Bohemia’s kings, it is often cited as largest castle Complex in the world, it’s quite vast so, it takes quite a lot time to travel around but still, it’s worth it. The old palace main hall, the vladislav hall is enormous in size, Royal Garden, which is maintained from 1534, Ball game pavilion, Royal summer house and many more. In the night, the beauty of the castle reaches another level, the beautiful lights shine up the whole environment, it’s one of the main highlights in Prague. Although, you should prepare yourself to walk on foot since it’s the best way to enjoy the beauty of Prague castle.

Prague Zoo

Whenever someone thinks of Prague, watching and getting to know rare and endangered animals isn’t the first thing one would expect here but still, Prague has some great surprises for you in there, the Prague zoo is rated the 5th best zoo in the whole world! You can find this amazing zoo near the bank of river Vltava that is right next to the Troja Castle. Prague zoo can give you a once in a lifetime offer to observe rare animals like Galapagos giant tortoise, rare elephants, rhinos and giraffes. On interesting thing about the speciality of Prague zoo, the Galapagos giant tortoise is that it lives a long and fulfilled life of hundred years, so it alone carries some interesting history on its back.

The Charles Bridge

The Charles bridge is among one of the oldest bridges in the whole Europe. The bridge is standing tall and pride since 1357, it’s popular folklore here that says that the builders of this bridge used some superstitious techniques to provide the bridge additional structural strength by placing the first bridge stone certainly at 5:31 am. It has many old and exotic statues to observe along with exotic view of river Vltava and gothic gates. You can also find the statue of Jhon of Nepmunk here, and people believe that rubbing a plaque at the base of this statue grants wishes! One more reason found to visit Prague

Vysehrad Hilltop Fortress

The vysehrad hilltop fortress is situated on great heights along the bank Vltava river, the name of the place itself translates into “the castle on the heights. Prague seems to love myths and legend, even this place is interconnected with folklores about a beautiful princess that overlooks the city of Prague, even the infrastructure seems to be taken out of an old Disney movie. The vysehrad hilltop fortress is guarding Prague continuously since the 10th century. If you want to have a great view of Prague and some cool photographs with fairy-tale styles fortress, this is the place to go. It also has an open-air theatre which hosts musical and theatrical performance during summer season.

Old Town Square

The old town square is the place to go if you want to see all the examples of vintage architecture ranging from Romanesque, baroque, gothic and renaissance. The old town square contains all of them, whether they be gothic towers belonging to Tyn Cathedral which has the main church of this part of Prague since 14th century or the St. Nicholas church, that has touch of Baroque style, you can also get a nice scenario of square’s central statue of Jan Hus, who was a great church reformer and martyr. The old town square also has a medieval astronomical clock which had been placed there in 1410, making it the third oldest astronomical clock in the world and it is the only one that is still operational. The tower of old town square is open for general public to explore and you can get an awesome view of the city from here.

St. Vitus Cathedral

The St. Vitus Cathedral church is the main church of Prague, along with the seat of the Archbishop, this cathedral is home to tomb of many Christian saints, martyrs and also three of the bohemian kings. The cathedral was started in 1344 AD and this masterpiece took almost 525 years to complete. And because of this, in St. Vitus cathedral, you can see a mix of architectural techniques of different eras ranging from Neo-gothic to gothic and Baroque to renaissance all at once. There are very few wonders remaining in the world which have a blend off all these historic styles. Thee inside contain beautiful patterns in huge glass windows like a depiction of the HOLY TRINITY, and St. Wenceslas chapel that is decorated with a collection of over 1300 gems. Once in 8 years, they also display the rare Czech crown jewels here, you can see them if you are lucky enough.

The National Art Gallery in Prague

If you love knowing about historical art, the National art gallery in Prague can just be the perfect place for you. This art gallery contains Europe’s most important art collection. Not only the art from Czech artists is included here but also from various great artists from all over the Europe, Monet and Picasso are also among them. The biggest collection of art is placed in Veletrzni palace, which itself is not that old structure comparing to others in Prague, it was built in 1925 but holds art from 19th century to the modern-day world.

Clementinum Library

Often stated as the most beautiful library of the modern world, this amazing library contains a collection of over 6 million books! The architecture is baroque styled and the structure itself was made in 18th century. Along with harbouring a sea of knowledge, the interior of this library is a pleasure for the eye too. The ceiling has beautiful artwork on them that will keep you bind for hours. It also has a 68-meter-tall astronomical tower from where you can get a great view of the city, a mirror chapel. The walls are also decorated with beautiful patterns of frescoes and unique astronomical clocks.

Dancing House

This building is an example of how unique the architecture Prague can get; this structure was created by Czech architect Valdo milunic and Canadian frank gehry. This is called dancing building because it resembles a female dancing in the arms of her male partner. You will find this landmark of a building at the banks of Vltava river in Ressolve street. Although it is a private building, but there is also a restaurant on the 7th floor of the building, which is named ‘the celeste’. It brings a new refreshment in architectural art of Prague which is majorly dominant with architecture with a touch of history.

Kampa Island

The kampa island in Prague is home to Lennon wall, a museum of modern art, werich villa and many others monuments. The Lennon wall is open for everyone to add their own words or art to the wall. You can find the kampa island right below the Charles bridge. There is a stream called Devil’s stream, which passes from this island and you can enjoy short boat rides. It also has sculptures of babies that are huge in size made by artist David cerny.

Best Souvenirs to Bring Back from Prague

After visiting the best sites in Prague, these are some best souvenirs you can bring back from Prague.


Marionettes are handmade puppets; you can buy them from many stores around the Charles bridge in Old town. These puppets are a bit pricey but since they are handmade and the quality is great, things get balanced easily. They are meant to be bought by adults who know how to evaluate things but are fun to play with for kids too.


The world saw cubism as a style of painting, but Czech countries went beyond that and included cubism in their architecture and every day objects and it is known as Kubista here You can find beautiful objects decorated in beautiful and bold patterns with striking shape that is both beautiful and practical. These make excellent gifts for your folks back home


If you love collecting jewels and precious stones from around the world, you should consider this. Garnet is deeply interwoven in the history of Prague, and has a tradition as a royal gem in Czech Republic. Garnet is used both in jewelleries and in beautiful paperweights. You can get them anywhere but you should ask for certificate of authenticity while buying because there are many fake copies of garnet around.

Kafka Souvenirs

As you must already know, Franz Kafka was born in Prague. He spent most of his life-time here and many of his books were also written in Prague, and Prague offers you a variety of Kafka souvenirs to take back home ranging from book copies, calendars, postcards and other Kafka-collectible gifts.

Becherovka Herbal Liqueur

This is a popular health drink that is popular all over the country. The drink itself is made up of a blend of ginger, spices, herbs and some secret ingredients which are not allowed to become public. The alcohol content of Becherovka is around 38%. You can find this at almost every corner in Prague, from supermarkets to even around the airport. These souvenirs will definitely stamp Prague as an beautiful and lifelong memory in your hearts.

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