Camping in Manali Will Definitely Be a Trip to Remember! Here's How to Plan Your Next Big Adventure (2020)

Camping in Manali Will Definitely Be a Trip to Remember! Here's How to Plan Your Next Big Adventure (2020)

If you have been dying to visit the beautiful hill station of Manali, then this article brings to you the best places to set camp in within Manali for an unforgettable experience. We have listed down details right down to the best adventure sports you can try out at these places. Read on!

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The Himalayan Paradise of Manali

The northern part of India is guarded by the majestic Himalayas Ranges and that’s the reason this region has always been the favourite getaway for every sort of traveller, tourist and adventure seeker. Himachal Pradesh is one of the most celebrated tourist destinations in North India and Manali is surely the brightest gem on its crown. All through the year, this beautiful hill station experiences heavy footfall of tourists and a major part of them consists of trekkers and adventure lovers.

If you find solace in pumping your adrenaline level higher, then Manali is the ultimate destination for you. Doesn’t matter what kind of excitement and thrill you are looking for, Manali has every ingredient ready to make your trip extraordinary. Right from the days when people used to camp and watch the sunrise over the mountains, camping in Manali has been on the rise.

Camping in Manali

Camping in and around Manali is undoubtedly the most favourite outdoor activity that every adventure lover dies to try. Gone are the days when people had to satisfy their thirst for adventure by pitching a tent and witnessing the sunrise hues from an elevated land amidst the mountains. Nowadays, choices are plenty and you can choose what suits your pocket and camping expectations. If it has been on your mind to sign up for a Manali camping tour, then let us help you to plan that impeccably with this complete guide.

3 Things to Know Before You Plan a Camping Trip to Manali

We understand that even the thought of camping at the highlands of Manali is making you exhilarated. But wait. Before you are going for a camping tour in Manali, there are lot many other things to know about. Here are a few essential things that you should be aware of before going on camping at Manali.

1. Weather in Manali

Although Manali doesn’t hesitate to greet the travellers with pleasant weather all through the year, that doesn’t mean that it can’t surprise you sometimes. As we all know, climate over highlands can change anytime and Manali is not an exception to this. Therefore, you must schedule your camping trip only after analysing the ideal season to do so.

Summer sets in Manali from March and lasts till June. The average temperature during summer months ranges between 10 – 25 degree Celsius which is too pleasant to enjoy sunny days and cooling nights. After summer, comes the monsoon. The average temperature hovers between 11 – 15 degree Celsius. July to September is the monsoon season and this is not at all a favourable time to plan for camping at Manali. October to February is the winter in Manali. Winter months usher snowfall that covers the valleys and forests under the blanket of snow. The temperature remains between -15 to 12 degree Celsius.

2. Best Time to Camp in Manali

Camping in Manali is always alluring but it is also important that you choose the right time to schedule the trip in order to get the best out of it. The best time to go camping at Manali is from April to June and again from September to October. Manali is nestled at the foothills of snow-capped mountains of the Himalayan Ranges. So, you can feel the chill in the air all through the year. But for a wonderful and exciting camping experience, you must choose the days when you can enjoy better visibility along with a pleasant climate. Weather at Manali remains wonderful before winter sets in and monsoon is not around.

3. Average Budget for Camping in Manali

Nothing comes free in this world and your camping trip in Manali is also going to cost you a bit. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend exorbitantly on such trips. Various budget-friendly camping packages are available in Manali and the cost of each such package depends primarily on duration, season, activities, types of accommodation and facilities you are asking for. The average cost of basic camping package for one day in Manali will cost you around Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,000 per individual. This cost usually includes the accommodation (sharing basis), three meals and 3-4 adventure activities. Package cost can vary immensely depending upon the mode of transportation you are choosing to reach Manali.

Top 6 Places to Camp in Manali


Manali is dotted with plenty of stunning camps and it is really hard to decide where to camp and where not to. You can choose any camping site you like except the wetlands and restricted areas. Restricted areas, in general, come under the army secured zones and wetlands are too risky to camp for. Keeping the wetlands and restricted sites aside, we are presenting here some of the most fascinating and picturesque camping sites in Manali that you will love to head for.

1. Beas River

If you are looking for a camping site in Manali that allows you to cherish everything good of the rolling hills, lush green valleys, swift streams and captivating scenic vistas; then you must choose a camping spot just beside the Beas River. This is the best camping site for people who love to enjoy loads of adventure activities in the water. Originating from the Beas Kund, the river gushes through the rocky terrains and finally reaches the Sutlej Basin. Beas stretches over a length of 470 kilometres and offers wonderful sides along its banks for camping. Apart from the splendid opportunity of getting indulged into water rafting, you can cherish the breathtaking beauty of the place. Nearby camps that one can sign up for include Rock Zone Adventure, Into Wild Himalaya Camps and more.

2. Bhuntar

Bhuntar is a part of the gorgeous Kullu district and this place is typically used as a gateway to popular travel destinations like Kasol, Kullu town, Manali and Manikaran. The lofty hills and sprawling valleys surrounding the spot make it one of the best camping sites in Manali. At Bhantur, you can engage yourself in a hoard of adventure sports including climbing, swimming, kayaking, trekking, water rafting and many more. Here you can avail all sorts of basic facilities to survive in the woods and river Beas never fails to make the experience more enthralling. Bhuntar also treats the visitors with the stunning views of the region and Himachal does look amazing from this camping site. Divine Moments is a good campsite here.

3. Kothi Village

When your soul is tired of the chaotic scene of highly congested tourist destinations and looking for solace in the lap of Mother Nature, Kothi Village can be your next destination in Manali. Settled at the foothills of Rohtang Pass, this tranquil village is about 12 kilometres far from Manali. Thanks to the staggering altitude of 2500 feet above the sea level, Kothi village is best known for its magnificent views and beautiful camping sites. What makes this place an exotic camping destination is its proximity to the highway leading to Spiti, Leh and Lahaul. From here you can enjoy a captivating view of Beas River. Kothi village is an ideal base to spread your wings and go out for paragliding over its picturesque landscape. Some of the excellent camps near Kothi are Backwoods Mountain Camp Hamta, Camp Exotica Manali and many others.

4. Solang Valley

When you are pondering over the camping places from Manali, it is not possible to ditch Solang Valley. This is surely one of the most celebrated camping retreats for adventure-seeking souls. Sitting on the banks of the Beas River, Solang Valley has everything to make you fall for its untouched charm. This place is easy to access and is well equipped with luxury as well as deluxe accommodation facilities. Apart from camping, you literally have the freedom to indulge in a variety of adventure activities namely trekking, skiing, river crossing, zorbing, snow tube ride, paragliding, ATV ride and lots more. Solang Valley is the place where you can redefine the definition of camping.

5. Tentsville Camping


When your heart is willing to plunge into the wilderness of Himalayan terrain but your body is not ready to leave all the modern facilities behind, it is best to go for Tentsville Camping. This place is located at the Bhanupal district of Kullu and known as a comfortable heaven for trekker, hikers and camping enthusiasts. When ethereal beauty of Tentsville Camping will take your breath away with its fascinating view of snow-clad mountains, its luxurious tents will help you to relish a comfortable living after every exciting session of adventure sports. Tentsville Camping is an amusing combination of lush pine forests, imposing valleys, enriched wildlife and plunging waterfalls. So, there is hardly any place better than Tentsville Camping when you are planning for a luxury camping trip in Manali.

6. Tirthan

Another glittery gem hidden within the sprawling greenery and thick conifers of Manali is the Tirthan Valley. This place is still safe from the claws of commercial travel industry and that’s why nature flaunts its beauty in a most glorious way at Tirthan. Perched at a height of 1600 feet from the sea level, this valley is a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of cities. Guarded by snow-capped mountains and gleaming valleys, Tirthan is a gorgeous place to plan a camping trip in Manali. Adventure lovers come to Tirthan Valley to take a break from mundane life and to enjoy the thrill of a bunch of outdoor sports like trekking, camping, paragliding and many. Tirthan Valley is still not a known camping destination and that’s the reason, you can experience the true essence of natural beauty amidst its quaint ambiance. Tirthan Jibhi Camp is the best camp that you can find near this valley.

Top 4 Activities to do in Manali

Manali is not just a summer retreat but it is much more than that. One of the major reasons that make Manali a travel hotspot is surely the adventure sports. Dotted with the high-altitude landscape, cascading waterfalls, scenic valleys, thick patches of conifers – Manali allows you to try several adrenaline-pumping activities. Here is a list of few such adventure sports which are hard to miss during your camp-life in Manali.

1. Trekking

It wouldn't be wrong to describe Manali as the 'Paradise to Trekkers'. Trekking enthusiasts all across the globe, come here to have an unforgettable trekking experience. Manali is the home to some of the most beautiful trekking trails in the world. Camping at Manali can be best enjoyed when you combine it with trekking trips. Easy, moderate or difficult – all levels of trekking routes are available here so that you can choose the right one as per your physical fitness and mental agility.

2. River Rafting


Manali is the home to four gorgeous rivers – Beas, Satluj, Chenab and Ravi. So, it is not hard to imagine why river rafting is so much popular here. Beas is the best river to go for rafting. Depending on the difficulty level, river rafting has been categorised into six levels. You can choose a level that your body is capable of. Beas River flows through the Kullu Valley and it runs for a stretch of 20 kilometres in Manali. The water of Beas is neither too strong nor too weak for rafting and that’s why Beas in Manali is one of the ideal spots to enjoy river rafting in North India.

3. Skiing (Depending on Season)

If you always have dreamed of skiing through the thick blanket of snow spreading across the slopes of mountains, then it is time to make your dream come true at Manali. What can be better than trying skiing while enjoying camping at some gorgeous place in Manali? In order to find a suitable platform for skiing, you have to either head for Rohtang Pass or Solang Valley during winter months. Heavy snowfall during winters covers everything with powdery snows and allows you to enjoy blissful skiing.

4. Paragliding

One of the best ways to behold the jaw-dropping aerial views of Manali is paragliding. Kothi village is the best place to try paragliding. Solang Valley has also earned its fame as a stunning paragliding site near Manali. Flying over the heavenly landscape of the Himalayan terrains on a sunny bright day feels like flying high like a bird. The duration of paragliding can range between 1 to 20 minutes.

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Be it any hill station, you have to prepare yourself for the change in weather and climate unless you reside in such a place already. You might be walking through clouds and it might be d=sunny one moment and be raining the next. Weather changes very frequently and can also cause you to be sick. So it is wise to carry some necessary medicines so that you don't fall too sick during the trip. While you're there, make sure to click a lot of photos and try a lot of adventure sports to make it a memorable trip!