Make the Healthy Switch: 10 Best 1 Litre Copper Water Bottles for Office and Home (2020)

Make the Healthy Switch: 10 Best 1 Litre Copper Water Bottles for Office and Home (2020)

The benefits of drinking water stored in a copper vessel are known to Indians since ancient times. However, these practices have since been forgotten in the hustle and bustle of modern urban life, leading to many lifestyle diseases that could have been easily avoided otherwise. Using a water bottle made of copper instead of some other material is one such small lifestyle change that can bring huge benefits to your health. This BP Guide will take you through the best 1-litre copper water bottles currently available in the market.

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Importance of Copper for the Human Body

Copper, an essential mineral for human survival, is found in all the body tissues and plays a major role in the formation of red blood cells while maintaining the nerve cells and strengthening the immune system. The presence of copper in the body helps it to absorb iron, form collagen (a protein which holds the body together and is found in bones, skin, muscles and tendons) and also plays a role in energy production in the human body.

Imbalance of copper in the body can lead to brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. Its deficiency can also lead to heart-related conditions, high cholesterol and blood pressure, de-pigmentation of the hair and skin, weak immune system, increased risk of infection, osteoporosis, anemia and thyroid-related problems. Copper is known to be a natural cure for thin lines and wrinkles on your face as the strong antioxidants in copper help in fighting the free radicals which are the main reason for these fine lines. And, it also helps in the formation of new and healthy skin cells.

Copper is naturally found in a wide variety of eatables which include whole grains, oysters and other shellfish, potatoes, beans, dark leafy greens, yeast, dry fruits, cocoa, organ meats (kidney and liver), nuts like cashew and almonds, and black pepper, etc. Some copper supplements are also available in the market, but there are certain risks associated with them as copper supplements can interact and create an imbalance of copper in the blood, if taken with: birth control pills, hormone therapy, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like Aspirin-G, Ibuprofen and certain other medicines. Excess or deficiency of copper can cause certain medical conditions/diseases, so it’s advisable to check with your physician and if required, get the tests done to know if the required quantity of copper is present in your body.

Benefits of a Copper Water Bottle

In our culture, water kept in a copper vessel has been considered like a medicine and you may have seen your grandparents drinking water kept in copper vessels. In Ayurveda, water kept overnight in a copper vessel is mentioned as positively charged water, which can balance the three types of doshas in the human body (vata, kapha and pitta). Water kept in a copper vessel undergoes a purification process and can kill microorganisms like fungi, moulds, algae and bacteria present in the body. Not only are these harmful agents are killed, but the water also helps to maintain the pH (acid-alkaline) balance of the body.

The science behind this theory lies in the fact that when water is kept in a copper vessel overnight, a small amount of copper ions dissolve in the water. This process is known as oligodynamic effect and the water gets the capability to kill fungi, bacteria, etc. Copper water (read water kept in a copper vessel overnight) helps in weight loss by breaking down the body fat, aids in digestion by killing harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation in the stomach which makes it a great remedy for acidity, gas, indigestion, ulcers, infection, etc. It also heals wounds faster due to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Reading the above points, you can safely conclude that copper has so many benefits that an imbalance of this mineral can cause different problems in the human body and it’s also an essential ingredient for the proper functioning of the human body's various mechanisms.

Best Copper Water Bottle 1 Litre

We have researched some of the most popular and top-rated pure copper water bottles. Most of them are from reputed brands and have positive reviews from customers. You can choose the one from the below-mentioned list of best copper water bottle 1 litre. They are available in different designs, finishes and styles to suit your particular likes and preferences. However, it’s advisable to drink water from a copper water bottle no more than 2 – 3 times a day. The best time to drink copper water is on an empty stomach, early in the morning to get the maximum benefits. Water kept in a copper bottle when consumed in the morning aids in digestion and cleanse the impurities from the body.

Dr. Copper World’s First Seamless Copper Water Bottle


Topping our list is Dr. Copper's seamless pure copper water bottle, for the simple reason that it is a tried and tested bottle by thousands of health enthusiasts and most of them have positive things to say about this product. This pure copper water bottle is leak-proof, has a simple and attractive design, and is ergonomically designed for easy hold. The dimensions are - the height of the bottle is 27.5 cm, the diameter of the bottom of the bottle is 7.3 cm, length of the bottle is 7.3 cm and the neck diameter of the bottle is 3.4 cm, so you can easily pour water without any spillage and the bottle weighs 350 gm. Continuous use of copper water reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Dr. Copper 1 litre copper water bottle can be purchased from Amazon.

Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle

Prestige needs no introduction in the arena of home utensils and kitchen appliances, as they are providing quality products for decades. This copper bottle under their "Tattva" brand comes with a silicone seal which makes it leak-proof. The smooth and glossy surface of the bottle with the Prestige logo etched in-between makes it look attractive and the ergonomic design makes it easy to carry and hold. The consumption of copper water has various health benefits like improved digestion, boosting the immune system, stopping the growth of harmful bacteria, strengthening the bones, enhancing haemoglobin synthesis and slowing the ageing process. The Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle can be ordered from Prestige Xclusive for ₹ 760.00.

Copper Master Leak-Proof Printed Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle


The blue-green printed Jaipuria inspired design of this bottle will surely draw the attention of everyone as this bottle certainly doesn't look like a typical copper water bottle. This printed copper water bottle by Copper Master gives you more than one reason to ditch your plastic bottle and switch to a copper water bottle. This beautiful bottle is easy to hold and the screw mechanism lid makes it leak-proof. Regular use of water stored in a copper bottle stimulates the brain and eliminates toxins from the body. In Ayurveda, copper water is known as tamra jal and has been mentioned as an excellent and natural way to balance the disorders inside the human body. The printed copper water bottle by Copper Master is available for ₹ 599.00 on Amazon.

Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle

For more than 30 years now, the name of Milton is synonymous with water bottles, flasks and thermoware range. Milton is well known for its superior quality products across the country and the Copperas copper bottle is also a unique product from the house of Milton. The sleek body of this pure copper bottle is easy to hold and the water holding capacity of this bottle is 920 ml. The Milton logo is etched in the front side of the bottle and the styling of this bottle makes it a great product to carry along to your gym or yoga sessions. Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle is available on Snapdeal for ₹ 816.00.

Indian Art Villa Hammered Design Copper Water Bottle

Indian Art Villa is a Jaipur based company founded in the year 2012 and they specialise in copper and brass products. They have various designs of copper water bottles and the one chosen by us is the hammered design copper water bottle. This beautiful design is handmade (like their other products) with the ‘Indian Art Villa’ logo inscribed on it. The dimensions of this bottle are – height of the bottle 10.3 inches, neck diameter of the bottle is 3 inches while the weight is 290 gm. Drink 3 to 4 glass of copper water on an empty stomach in the morning (before rinsing your mouth and brushing your teeth) and drink tea/coffee or any other beverage after 45 minutes. Regular practice of this procedure will keep many diseases at bay and would also cure many diseases. The Indian Art Villa hammered design copper water bottle can be ordered from Indian Art Villa for ₹ 585.00.

TAGOTT Handmade Pure Copper Apsara Water Bottle


The TAGOTT Apsara pure copper water bottle is handcrafted and a beautifully designed masterpiece which has an ergonomic design. Embossed with the TAGOTT logo, the bottle has dual lacquer coating and the joint-free body is leak-proof as the cap is fitted with good quality plastic with a deep embedded silicone ring to prevent leakage. This makes it easy to carry along to the gym, office or college without the fear of water spilling inside your bag. The trendy Apsara water bottle by TAGOTT is available on Amazon.

Indian Art Villa – Hammered Design Cocktail Copper Bottle

Another elegant product from the house of Indian Art Villa, the hammered design cocktail copper bottle is not only a pure copper water bottle, but is also an excellent showpiece for your living or dining room. The dimensions of this 1,150 ml water bottle are – height of the bottle is 11.3 inches, neck diameter of the bottle is 3 inches while it weighs 200 gm. The handmade hammered design cocktail copper bottle displays the Indian Art Villa logo in the front and can be ordered from Indian Art Villa for ₹ 895.00.

Wonderchef Cu Artisan Bottle 1 Litre

Wonderchef, founded in 2009, is a leading company which manufactures kitchen appliances and utensils and has carved a name for itself in a very short period of time. This tan coloured, hammered design, copper water bottle by Wonderchef comes with a rotating style lid and the cap displays the Wonderchef logo. The sober looking copper artisan bottle by Wonderchef comes with a 2-year warranty and can be purchased from Wonder Chef for ₹ 1,099.00.

Uddhav Gold Pure Copper Bottle – Matte Finish


This pure copper bottle from Uddhav Gold is available in matte finish and is designed to be dirt-proof and leak-proof with a screw top lid. The bottle is manufactured without any joints and the design looks graceful and appealing. Copper water is known for its numerous benefits which include controlling diabetes, preventing cancer, kidney stones and improving digestion, etc. Measurements of the bottle are – height of the bottle 25.4 cm, diameter of the bottle neck 7.6 cm and weight of the bottle is 281 gm. The Uddhav Gold pure copper bottle – matte finish can be ordered from Amazon.

Crockery Wala and Company Pure Copper Bottle Antique Finish

Crockery Wala and Company specialises in copper-ware, brass-ware, stainless steel-ware and kitchen essentials and this copper bottle in antique finish is one of the exquisite items from their house. The bottle dimensions are – bottle height is 10 inch, depth is 9 inches and the diameter of the bottle neck is 3 inches. It is made of 99.5% pure copper and weighs around 320 gm. The antique finish copper bottle is available for ₹ 849.00 on Crockery Wala and Company.

How to Clean and Care for a Copper Water Bottle

Regular use of a copper water bottle can cause impurities of water getting stuck to the internal walls of the bottle. The simple and traditional way to clean a copper water bottle is by rubbing it with a mixture of salt and tamarind paste. You can also use lemon juice, salt and hot water – fill half the bottle with this mixture, keep it overnight and then rinse it in the morning. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is also effective in cleaning copper and this solution should also be left for around 8 hours before shaking the bottle and rinsing it with clean water.

A few tips to keep in mind while washing your copper water bottle are – clean the bottle with hand and avoid scratchy cleaners such as steel wool, avoid dishwashers or detergent bar as the chemicals can cause oxidation which can damage the metal, dilute the vinegar and salt solution with water and don’t use it on a regular basis. For daily use, you can use a soft cleaning liquid, hot water and a soft washing cloth to clean your copper bottle. The copper shining powder is easily available in the market; it is totally safe and also gentle on your hands. An authentic copper bottle may tarnish as it ages, which is quite normal and regular cleaning will keep its shine.

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Take the First Step to a Healthy Lifestyle

Using a copper water bottle is an important first step to move towards a healthier lifestyle. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you in deciding which copper water bottle will be the ideal fit for you. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.