Don't Splash Out on the Whole Bottle, Rather Go for These Miniature Whisky Gift Sets for the Special People in Your Life (2019)

Don't Splash Out on the Whole Bottle, Rather Go for These Miniature Whisky Gift Sets for the Special People in Your Life (2019)

When it comes to choosing the best gift which could show the people in your life, how much they mean to you, requires time and effort. However, Whisky makes for a great gift and a thoughtful one, at that. If you decide to gift it, then our guide would help you with what to look for while buying, suggestions of what to buy, and the accessories.

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Things to Know Before Buying Whisky

Know the Age Statement

As people say, the older the better and apparently it is true for whisky and other such drinks. If you are buying special miniature whisky gift set for your loved ones then you should know about the age statement of the whisky which is often provided on the bottle itself.

Also, if you see some bottles which are not provided with the age statement then you can assume that they age somewhere between 3 to 9 years. Also, do not pay too much for whisky having no age statement on them.

Tasting Notes

Knowing about the tasting notes of Whisky is a must. Most bottles have their tasting notes mentioned which provides information about the contents of the whisky. Reading this provides the information in the light as to what you can expect from the whisky.

In fact, even when a whisky is a little smoky in taste then it is clearly mentioned in the tasting notes. Also, whisky having Bonfire written on their tasting notes have heavier profile.

Type of Whisky

If you think it is easy to buy whisky bottles then you are totally wrong about it. You need to get done with your homework first in order to buy the right kind of whisky. Some of the common types available are Single Malt, Blended Malt, Single Grain, Blended Grain, Blended, etc..

Each of the types have their own characteristics and features which are completely different from the other types available.

Alcohol Strength

You simply can’t buy whisky gift set for him or her without knowing about its alcohol strength. This also affects the price of the whisky, too. Whisky having 40-50% of alcohol strength means that water was added in them before they were bottled. Also, whisky having more than 51% of alcohol strength means that no water was added in it and known as Cask Strength Whisky.

Miniature Whisky Gift Sets to Buy

Old St. Andrews Miniature Twilight Whisky Barrel

There are some gifts which draws attention instantly because of their unique packaging and this Old St. Andrews Twilight Whisky Barrel is one of them. This is a barrel-shaped whisky bottle available in a miniature form which looks quite iconic.

This is a 10 years old blended malt Scotch Whisky. The unusual shape of this bottle makes it even more perfect to give as a gift.

This whisky contains 40% alcohol in content with unique taste and only 50ml of whisky in it. Made in Scotland this whisky has a floral taste with mild notes of apples and lemongrass in it. Other tasting notes are comprised of fruity notes and a hint of ginger in it. The warm and light taste of this whisky is a must-try. You can buy this barrel on for $5.76.

Bruichladdich Wee Laddie Gift Set

Next in line for the miniature whisky gift set is the one from Bruichladdich. They provide this Wee Laddie Mini Whisky gift set which comes with 3 small bottles of Whisky in it. Talking about the content first, then this gift set is comprised of 1 bottle of Classic Laddie, 1 Islay Barley and 1 Port Charlotte each one having a quantity of 200ml.

The packaging is simply attractive and perfect for giving to someone as a present. All of these are Scotch Whisky. What comes as an amazing surprise here is that you can get these bottles personalized, too.

Simply contact with the seller and they will get the bottles especially engraved for you. These unpeated single malt whisky bottles are instantly going to become a favourite of your friends. You can buy this gift pack on for $99.

Ultimate Cocktail Sampler Gift Set

Someone who doesn’t like whisky would surely like some cocktails handy for them. So, we have this Ultimate Cocktail Sampler Gift Set as a recommendation which is comprised of 6 different types of cocktail flavours.

These are pre-mixed cocktails having 200ml quantity in each bottle. Talking about the flavours then these are Margarita, Mai Tai, Aviation Cocktail, Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned and Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita.

These are flavoured with natural ingredients only and cane sugar is used as a sweetener in them. This one is a fine wooden packaging gift set which is quite attractive. You have the opportunity to buy this pack on for $99.

Auchentoshan Gift Pack

Next one we have is the gift pack by Auchentoshan. This a miniature gift pack consisting of different types of scotch whiskies which are simply phenomenal in taste. Each of the bottle contains 200ml of whisky in it and have completely different taste and notes from one another.

These bottles are Auchentoshan 12 year old, Auchentoshan American Oak and Auchentoshan Three Wood. These are single malt whisky originated from Lowland.

These scotch whiskies are triple distilled and while American Oak and 12 years old have 40% alcohol, three wood is going to be a little heavy on you with 43% of alcohol content in it. This gift pack of Auchentoshan is available for purchase on for $38.91.

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey Mini Bottles

The next whisky miniature gift set that you can buy for your loved one is Bulleit Bourbon Whisky mini pack. **Bourbons are classic and anyone receiving them as a gift would be more than happy for sure. This is a special mini pack which is comprised of 10 of such mini bourbon bottles where each one is having a quantity of 50ml in them.

The classic frontier bourbon or Bulleit Bourbon is prepared with rye, barley malt, corn and a special strain of yeast and pure Kentucky Filtered water.

These Bourbon bottles have the bold and spicy character which is quite warm in taste. Moreover, you are going to love the final notes of light and satiny toffee flavour in this whisky which is simply unusual but quite amazing too. This mini pack of 10 is available for purchase on for $32.

The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers and Heroes Miniature Gift Set

One of the most unique additions to this list of whisky sets is this pack of The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers And Heroes Mini Gift Set. This unique set has a unique story too and was basically, created as an ode to unsung heroes, extraordinary men and women, and Irish Soldiers.

The set included three bottles which are Single Malt Irish Whisky, Rare Irish Whisky and one bottle of Limited Edition Fourth Centennial.

All these bottles contain 50ml of whisky in each and these Irish Whiskies are simply phenomenal in taste. They have about 43% of alcohol content in them and each of the bottles has unique tasting notes which vary from citrus floral notes to oak notes and cardamom notes. You are going to love this pack which is available for purchase on for $26.99.

Monin Miniature Cocktail Set

If you are done with miniature whisky gift set then you can also consider this Cocktail gift set too. This Monin cocktail gift set has a charm of its own and it is comprised of 5 different types of Monin syrups here in this pack.

Also known as syrups, these ones are available in mini-packs having 25ml of quantity in each bottle. The pack here contains flavours like Passion Fruit, Mojito mint, Coconut, Strawberry, and Blue Curacao.

If your friends aren’t a great fan of whisky then such type of cocktail sets can turn out to be a wonderful and pleasing option for them. In fact, these flavours are going to please any cocktail lovers, instantly. Grab this 5 in 1 mini cocktail pack on for $7.42.

Johnnie Walker Mini Collection Gift Set

Just like Bourbon and Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker is another classic name for whisky. So, why don’t you buy their mini collection gift set for your loved ones? This pack here is comprised of 4 bottles each one having 200ml of Scotch Whisky in them.

You simply can’t get away from the classic blended scotch whiskies of Johnnie Walker and this exquisite gift pack would be something that your friends will remember for a long time.

So, the four bottles included in the pack are Creamy Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Exclusive Johnnie Walker Platinum Label, Johnnie Walker Black Label, and finally cream of the crop, Johnnie Walker Blue Label. This is like getting the best of the brand in one pack altogether. You can buy this pack on for $199.

Jack Daniels's Tasting Kit

Talking about whisky miniatures and leaving Jack Daniel’s out of it would be totally impossible. So, here is an amazing Jack Daniel’s Tasting kit which is comprised of three different miniature bottles. This whisky set here contains versions like Honey, Fire, and Original bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

This trio is the best offering from the popular whisky brand where you get their Classic Old No. 7 Black Label along with sweet honey-flavoured bottled and a spicy fire flavoured bottled.

You get the best of flavours here and great versatility too. Each of their whisky is prepared with rye, malted barley, corn and then transferred into copper stills. And before being transferred into American oak barrels, they are kept in Sugar Maple Charcoal stacks to develop a unique taste. So, get your hands on this classic pack on for $69.99.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Cocktail Bitters Gift Pack

We have provided you with the classic Bulleit Bourbon miniatures, but, it is time to try something different. these Bourbon Barrel Aged Cocktail Bitters are perfect for a unique gift pack. What makes them unique is that neither they are whisky nor cocktails.

Of course, many people do not like the over sweetness of cocktails and this is why these bitters are perfect for them with their unique alcoholic and botanical flavours.

These are 5 aromatic bitters, available in 10ml quantity. You get flavors like Orange, Sorghum & Sassafras, Spiced Cherry, Aromatic, and Chocolate. Moreover, they are infused with herbs and fruit extracts which are the basics of any cocktail recipes. You won’t find such unique gift pack and you can buy it on for $29.99.

You Can Consider These Whisky Accessories, As Well

It was quite a struggle to find miniature whisky bottles in India because of the unavailability of the sources. So, we comprised a list of some of the finest miniature sets available in USA. Apart from these options mentioned, you can buy these whisky accessories which can turn out to be great gifts for whisky lovers.

Stainless Steel Whisky Holder


A stainless steel whisky holder is one epic gift for all whisky lovers out there. You can buy this holder of the capacity of 237ml for your friends along with a miniature whisky gift set. It is completely leak proof and rust resistant, too. Also, this flask is going to last many years without getting deteriorated at all. You can buy this flask on for Rs.215.

Whisky Glass Set

How your friends are going to enjoy whisky without even having authentic whisky glasses. So, we have got an amazing Whisky Glasses Set to recommend as one of the gifts along with a mini bottle of whisky. Here you get a set of 6 glasses with optimum grip and frosty finish which further improves their beauty. You can also spot some engraving done on the lower side of the glasses which looks quite impressive. You can buy this set for Rs.549.

Silicon Ice Tray for Whisky

Apart from the miniature whisky gift set, what makes a whisky amazing in essence are the perfect ice balls. For this, you can gift them this silicon ice tray which can be used to make perfect 4 ice balls at a time. Through this unique ice tray, you get perfectly round ice balls every single time which are easy to take out from the mold. You can buy this tray on for Rs.379.

Portable Briefcase bar


This final recommendation is one epic gift for every single whisky lover out there. This is a portable leatherette wood briefcase set available in brown colour. This can be used for keeping your cocktails bottles and other drinks safely in it. along with glasses and other things. You also get 1 hip flask, 1 peg measure, 1 tong and 3 glasses with this briefcase. You can buy it on for Rs.1,999.

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