Looking for a Companion to Quench Your Thirst After that Grasping Workout or Through Your Daily Commutes? Here are 13 Best Water Bottles in India You Can Order Online (2020)

Looking for a Companion to Quench Your Thirst After that Grasping Workout or Through Your Daily Commutes? Here are 13 Best Water Bottles in India You Can Order Online (2020)

Summers are here, and you are you getting thirsty every hour is inevitable! Water not only helps you quench your thirst but also has so many other benefits that we often don't look at enough. Hence you must drink sufficient water throughout the day, and keeping that in mind, we bring you the 13 best water bottles you can order online.

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Points to Note while Selecting a Water Bottle

  • Purpose: You must first understand the reason for buying the bottle. Are you planning an adventure trip? Or is it only going to be used as a gym accessory? The purpose of the bottle will determine the features that come with the bottle. Now, if you are willing to drink germ-free water, you may choose a copper bottle. Before starting to search for a bottle for yourself, you must recognise the reason for buying one.

  • Material used: Most people choose BPA-free plastic as they are robust, but they are not environment-friendly. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is more durable, but some of the bottles can be dented, and the paint may also peel off. However, the stainless steel bottles are made from food-grade steel and are sturdy but lightweight. It is easier to use than brittle glass. On the other hand, if you want to have germ-free water, you can choose one of the 100% copper bottles too.

  • Easy to clean: Cleaning the bottles is an essential criterion that you must consider. The mouth of the bottles must be wide enough to allow easy cleaning of the insides. The stainless steel bottles must also allow using a dishwashing liquid or any detergent. The copper bottles must have specific instructions on how to clean the bottles. Most cleansers tend to oxidise the copper that results in the container being rendered useless quicker.

  • Shape and size: Though we use the water bottles mainly to drink water, we also prefer them to have stylish design apart from being durable. The bottles need to be such that they can easily fit into your hand. You need to choose a bottle with good looks that will motivate you to stay hydrated.

    You must also select the size of the bottle carefully. It will depend on whether you are carrying it to the gym or planning to utilise it during your trips to and from the office. You need to have more water with you if you are planning a trekking trip.

  • Being leakproof: Your bottle must be airtight to allow you to carry it anywhere. However, some of the plastic bottles do not have this feature. If you mistakenly take it in your bag, there are chances that the materials you carry in your bag could get spoilt. It is challenging to keep the bottle upright at all times, and your bag may not have a separate compartment for your water bottle.

  • Price: One of the most critical factors to consider is the price. While you need not spend a fortune on your new water bottle, but you avoid the cheap plastic ones readily available – both online and at retail stores. You must do research and consider various other factors before shortlisting a few. Once this has been done, you may choose one that is within your budget.

Best Water Bottles in India that You Can Order Online

Nalgene BPA Free Tritan Water Bottle

Source flipkart.com

Nalgene is a renowned sports water bottle manufacturer with an experience of over 50 years in the industry. They make BPA-free reusable water bottles that suit your lifestyle. The bottles are leak-proof, easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe. It can store cold as well as hot water, and adding ice cubes is easy too.

The bottle has been designed to flip open when needed, and the sipper is easy to drink. The side of the bottle has gradations that allow you to know about your water intake. The top has a loop that makes it easy to hook the bottle and fits into most bottle holders in a bag or on your bicycle.

The easy to wash bottle comes from the Thermo Fisher Scientific stable. This 1,000 ml bottle costs Rs. 1,888 on Flipkart.

Zafos Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 750ml, Silver

Source flipkart.com

This Zafos bottle is made of stainless steel, making it durable while being lightweight too. It is suitable for the entire family as it is free from harmful BPA and phthalate. The bottle is made from food-grade stainless steel, and there is plastic lining in the interior of the bottle.

They are spill-proof, and the mouth is wide enough to fit some ice cubes. The walls do not permit condensation due to which the bottle does not sweat. The bottles are slim and can fit into your holders of your cycle or the compartment of your backpack easily. You can easily carry them to the gym and back.

The 750 ml bottle comes rather cheap and costs Rs. 449 on Flipkart.

Milton Hawk 750 Stainless Steel Bottle

Source amazon.in

It is very stylish and elegant and made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The bottle comes in vibrant colours, including pink. It is ideal to be taken out when you are exercising or during the commute to and from office. It can easily fit into the bottle carrier of your vehicle or the drawer of your office. You can also take it along with you on your hiking and trekking expeditions.

Being spill-proof is an added advantage. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and unbreakable apart from being odour-free. It is rust-proof too, and can hold 750 ml. Available on Amazon for Rs. 347.

Milton Stylish-500 Thermosteel Water Bottle

Source flipkart.com

With a graceful design always in front of your eyes, you will not forget to drink an adequate amount of water during the day. The bottle is made of stainless steel, and the double-wall vacuum installation ensures that the beverages can be stored at the necessary temperatures for a long time.

The secure lid makes it leak-proof and also has a secure lock system. Being compact, you can easily carry it with you whenever you are commuting and remember to have your periodic intake of water. The body is corrosion and rust-resistant. You can easily clean it with a detergent or a dishwashing liquid. The stylish water bottle can hold 500 ml and is priced at a discounted price of Rs. 789 on Flipkart.

H2O SB-104 750 ml Bottle

Source flipkart.com

H2O is a premium brand and manufacturer of water bottles of the highest quality since 2012. They are driven by a mission to make their customers more joyful by using their sleek products. The company guarantees 100% satisfaction and great value for all its products. So much that you would look forward to rehydrating yourself after a hard training session, it is designed in the shape of a vessel, and you may store any beverage you wish – juices, shakes, water, or even hot drinks like coffee.

The walls of the bottle are made of stainless steel that ensures that the container is durable. The ergonomics of the bottle make it easier to hold it. The lid has a unique design that makes it easy to open. The wide opening makes it easy to clean with a dishwashing liquid.

The bottle’s capacity is approcimately 750 ml and it costs Rs. 408 on Flipkart.

Quick Shel Double Wall Water Bottle

Source flipkart.com

Quick Shel brand manufactures BPA free elegant stainless steel bottles. The interior of these bottles is made from the best quality stainless steel that also prevents stains and odours. The bottle is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you. Made using 304-grade stainless steel, it utilizes the highest levels of hygiene and uses advanced vacuum insulation technology.

Drinking water is easy due to the convenient opening at the top. It is available in two variants, floral and life black. The bottle has a volume of 450 ml and is available at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 399 on Flipkart.

Hydro Flask 12 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Source shopclues.com

Hydro Flask bottles are insulated and can maintain the temperature that you wish to carry in the bottle. The insulation ensures that the bottle does not feel too cold on the touch and does not fog when it contains cold water. It is scratch and shock resistant and is an excellent choice for travellers as it keeps the beverages warm or cold for a long time.

The bottle has a powder-coated finish and comes with a lifetime warranty. It comes with a wide and flexible cap that allows you to open with the flip of a finger easily. They are made of non-toxic and BPA-free plastics and food-grade stainless steel.

It has a volume of around 350 ml and costs Rs. 3,196 on Shopclues.

Contigo Autospout Ashland Water Bottle

Source flipkart.com

The Contigo bottle comes with Autospout technology that provides 100% leak proof in the closed position. It has a protective spout cover that keeps the beverages germ-free, and the bottle, along with the lid, can be cleaned easily using a dishwasher. The cap is such that you can open with your fingers, allowing you to concentrate on your activities and making it easier to quench your thirst.

A button lock provides added security from spillage when you are travelling, making it the ideal companion for long travels and treks. It also comes with a carabiner clip to act as a hook. There are markings on the side of the bottle to make you realise the amount of beverage you are having.

It is made from BPA-free material, and the 500 ml bottle costs Rs. 1,427 on Flipkart.

Frabble8 Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Source flipkart.com

The bottles from Frabbie8 are known for their durability and high-quality materials used. They are made using rust-resistant food-grade stainless steel. The bottle also has powder coated paint treatment apart from being scratch-resistant too.

The double-walled vacuum-sealed container has a thin copper lining that acts as an insulation. The bottle has a mouth along with a textured grip. The bottles are leak-proof and made from BPA-free materials. However, you must clean the bottle after every use and must not store carbonated drinks.

The 500 ml bottle comes at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 699 on Flipkart.

Best Copper Water Bottles

Evergrow Leak Proof Copper Bottles

Source flipkart.com

According to Ayurveda, drinking water from a copper vessel removes the three doshas from your body. The Evergrow range of copper bottles is known for its dash of elegance coupled with a budget-friendly price. The brand is known for being a noteworthy manufacturer of copper glasses and mugs.

The bottle is made from pure and hammered copper and assembled by skilled artisans. You need to clean the container by hand but do not use any dishwasher. Instead, you may sparingly use lemon juice along with some salt after diluting with water. The one-litre bottle comes at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 499 on Flipkart.

Dr. Copper World’s First Seam Less Copper Bottle

Source drcopper.in

The company has made remarkable progress in developing copper-based water bottles and has a significant contribution to this field. The bottle is made from environment-friendly materials and is leak-proof, making you drink germ-free water.

It comes with 100% pure copper and is portable too. As you must clean the bottle often, do pay heed to cleaning instruction provided. The bottle is quite cheap, and the piece of 1 litre bottle is Rs. 749, available on drcopper.in.

Tagott Handmade Apsara Water Bottle

Source flipkart.com

The bottles from Tagott is known for their craft and graceful design that makes the products stand apart. The bottles do not have any joints and are resistant to rust and have a leak-proof cap seal. It has a wide mouth for easy cleaning. The bottle has a dual Lacquer coating.

The cap is also fitted with high-quality plastic and deep threaded with a silicone ring. It is slim enough to fit in your hand when you are commuting. The one-litre bottle is available at a discounted price of Rs. 899 on Flipkart.

Prisha India Craft Copper Water Bottle

Source amazon.in

The bottle is 100% pure copper that ensures you have pure, germ-free water. Apart from the benefits that people get from drinking water from a copper bottle, the added attraction from Prisha is the sleek design of its range of water bottles. The bottle also comes with a cup that will help you to drink an adequate amount of clean water while you are travelling. The 1-litre bottle can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 520.

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