10 Sarees Jamdani Recommendations That Showcase the Grandeur of Indian Weaving Heritage

10 Sarees Jamdani Recommendations That Showcase the Grandeur of Indian Weaving Heritage

Declared by UNESCO as "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" , the beautiful Jamdani sarees are a much-coveted addition to the wardrobe of Indian women. The luxury and extravagance of these sheer, feather-light sarees is truly something special. Get to know interesting facts about Jamdani saree designs as well as check out our curated list of absolutely remarkable sarees that will have you drooling in our exhaustive guide.

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Things to Know About Jamdani Saree

It Originates from Dhaka

Jamdani sarees find its roots in Bengali origins. Jamdani sarees mainly originates from the Dhaka region of Bangladesh and hence also known as Dhakai Jamdani saree too. They have utterly soft fabric which is historically known as Muslin. After spreading its popularity in Bangladesh, saree Jamdani became popular in Bengal region too.

It Is Made Up of Muslin Fabric

As said above, Jamdani sarees are made up of woven cotton fabric which is a variety of finest quality of Muslin. Muslin is known as one of the softest and very delicate kind of fabric which is considered an art in the Bangladeshi weaving industry. Because of being so popular, there are many fake copies of Jamdani sarees being sold in the market.

Jamdani Is a Very Labour Intensive Form of Handloom Weaving

Making Jamdani sarees are no child’s play. It is known for requiring extreme labour intensive and this is the reasons behind their expensive prices too. Jamdani sarees are one of those few garments which showcase the handloom weaving very well and they must be handled with great care too.

10 Mindblowing Saree Jamdani Designs For You

1. Jamdani Buti Saree with Mina Border

Source www.ajio.com

If you are looking for very soft Jamdani saree designs then you must take a look at our first pick in this list. We have handpicked a yellow coloured Buti Jamdani saree for you and the best part of this saree is its woven mina border and the very intricate pallu too.

As they say, less is more these days, this Jamdani saree depicts it so well. The combination of red and yellow colour makes the saree look very vibrant and it emits a positive vibe too. You can wear it on day-time functions and small get-togethers. The saree is a very indie pick and has moderate length. It comes with an unstitched blouse piece. However, this one is definitely not a typical Jamdani saree as here you will find the mixture of cotton and art silk fabric together. This makes the saree look very rich and classy. They have used hand woven technique for the saree to give it a more authentic feel. You can buy this stunning saree from ajio.com for Rs. 2,249.

2. Red Cotton Bana Jamdani Zari Saree

If you have a thing for solid red sarees then you are going to love this twist of Jamdani saree in solid red colour. This one is a cotton bana saree with zari work. This Jamdani saree can be easily identified because of its pure cotton stiffness and very lightweight feel. It has beautiful golden border and jal tassels on the hem of the pallu. The complete saree is handwoven and hence depicts the typical Jamdani handloom work pretty well.

However, the saree does not offer blouse piece with it. Interestingly, the saree has lesser width as compared to other sarees which makes it easy to handle for newbies. The major highlight for this saree is its temple border and beautiful pallu with a bit more elaborated golden zari work.
However, the complete saree is very plain in looks but still remains quite appealing. If you are up for solid red Jamdani sarees then you can purchase it from fabindia.com for Rs. 4,990.

3. Soft Cotton Dhakai Jamdani Saree

The next in the list of Jamdani sarees is a very typical soft cotton Dhakai Jamdani saree which looks every bit classy as these sarees are famous for. This is something you can call a pure Jamdani saree - it comes in grey colour and has a red border and antique golden work on it. However, the saree does not have a blouse piece attached in it but a golden blouse is going to look amazing on this saree.

The saree is longer than usual lengths and is quite sheer in terms of transparency. This depicts the hand-woven cotton fabric of this saree really well. It is super lightweight and extremely easy to carry. This saree looks very elegant and can be worn on any occasions. You are going to love the contrasting zari work of gold on both grey and red colour of this saree as this makes the saree quite rich in terms of appeal. To order this saree get on bengalloomsindia.co and buy it for Rs. 2,793.

4. White Jamdani Saree with Red Thread Work

We are pretty sure that you would not have come across such a genuine and elegant Jamdani saree ever. This one is a white Jamdani saree with red thread work all over it. The thing is to notice here is that how the people managed to do such an intricate thread work on very soft fabric of cotton. This is definitely creativity at its best. Apart from red thread work you can also find multicolour butta work all over it to give it some colour and twists.

The saree has a red border and the pallu is also red in colour. This saree is perfect for any Bengali woman looking for something different in the next Durga Pujo. Apart from that, this saree is perfect for all sorts of festivals and functions too. Blouse piece is not included in this saree but you can go for a half-sleeved solid red cotton blouse with it. You can purchase this saree from roopkathaweb.com for Rs. 5,800.

5. Silk Matka Jamdani Barfi Palla Saree

Jamdani sarees are all about their texture and their handloom craft but what if they get mixed with the classic silk fabric? This saree is a great example of the same. This one is a silk Matka Jamdani barfi palla saree which has stunning woven fabric texture depicting elegance all over.
The saree is available in Rani Pink colour with turquoise pallu and tiny motifs all over. If you will have a closer look at this saree then you will discover intricate golden and turquoise thread work all over it in form of small designs.

This saree is accompanied by a blouse piece which is attached in the saree itself and has a running pattern. The saree has a golden border which enhances the richness of this saree very well. The saree speaks volume about the traditional Dhakai Jamdani saree but the silk fabric gives it a modern yet classy twist so well. This gorgeous saree is available for purchase on fabindia.com for Rs. 12,990.

6. Banarasi Cotton Dhakai Jamdani Saree

It is the time to strike a pose with very beautiful and traditional handloom cotton Dhakai Jamdani saree. This one is a white Jamdani saree with blue Resham Jal work all over it. The saree looks regal and gorgeous beyond word and it is all because of the intricate resham work done on it.

This saree is a wonderful mixture of classic craft techniques and contemporary designs coming together. In fact, both the fabric as well as the work is done on the saree is hand-woven. You can imagine the labour work and patience required to create a masterpiece like this. The saree is accompanied by an unstitched blouse of a similar pattern as well. On the complete saree, you can see the soft hues of blue threads while on the pallu, it becomes navy blue which gives a very rich touch to it. The saree is super lightweight and perfect for small get-togethers. We will not recommend it for daily wearing as the thread work is quite intricate for it. You can buy this saree from banarasee.in for Rs. 2,499.

7. White Soft Jamdani Saree

Now for a saree Jamdani, that's completely white in colour without any other hues but still looks super regal. If you a fan of white sarees then you must not miss this beautiful Jamdani piece here because it looks breathtakingly beautiful.

However, you will not get a blouse piece with it but a crochet white blouse is going to look perfect on it. This white saree is quite plain and does not have a border too but has very intricate thread work all over along with mina work on the pallu. The saree has a semi-sheer property with the white thread work giving some opaqueness to it. The saree looks very trendy but it is quite delicate so must be handled with extreme care. The saree does not have a specific design for the pallu and goes same all over. This makes it different from other sarees mentioned here. This white intricate Jamdani saree is available on snapdeal.com for Rs. 3,384.

8. Multicolour Jamdani Cotton Silk Saree

You really need to have a multicoloured Jamdani saree in your wardrobe as they are remarkably stunning and portray the handwoven work in the best way possible. So, we picked a cotton silk blend handloom Jamdani saree for you in maroon colour.

With the base of maroon fabric, the saree has traditional resham and zari work on it in multiple colours like orange, green, white, golden etc. This saree offers an unstitched red coloured blouse with it as well. The Jamdani saree has very gorgeous pallu where you can find floral patterns of various colours done on it. The saree is basically all about its multicolour thread work which is quite commendable and very detailed. This cotton silk handloom Jamdani saree can be bought from utsavfashion.in for Rs. 7,514.

9. Beige Jamdani Saree

We have seen enough colours and contrasts in Jamdani sarees and hence it is time to pick something very minimal. So, we chose this beige coloured Jamdani saree for you which gives very subtle yet glamorous vibes from it. It has multicolour thread work done all over but that does not make it OTT. The thread work is in geometrical designs and gives a modern appeal to this saree. You can find maroon, yellow and light blue threadwork on it which perfectly balance out the soft beige colour of this saree. Blouse piece is not included with the saree so we recommend you to go with a maroon colour blouse for this Jamdani saree.

You can wear this saree for day-time functions as the multicolour thread work is going to bring brightness to your ensemble. To buy this saree, get on to roopkathaweb.com and buy this for Rs. 5,300.

10. Sky Blue Cotton Silk Jamdani Saree

Our final pick for the Jamdani sarees is very simple and subtle. We chose a sky blue coloured cotton silk Jamdani saree for you. While the cotton fabric maintains the authenticity of the Jamdani sarees, silk adds charm and classiness in it. This makes a perfect festive wear saree with beautiful golden zari work on it and thankfully it is not transparent at all like the rest of the Dhakai Jamdani sarees mentioned.

A blouse is not attached with the saree so you can prefer a golden blouse with it to match the golden zari work on it. The saree is otherwise quite simple but the pallu is very rich with very beautiful zari designs on it. This beautiful Jamdani saree is available on limeroad.com for Rs. 1,818.

Tips To Treasure Your Jamdani Sarees

As Jamdani sarees are quite expensive and very exclusive too, you should better know about some of the tips of its handling as well as some tricks while buying it too. Check out these little ideas given below and buy the best Jamdani sarees for you.

1.Handled Them with Care

As mentioned in the sections above, Jamdani saree is very delicate and can get destroyed even through a single poking thread out of it. So, make sure that you store these sarees in their respective saree covers or kits and never mix them with other sarees with heavy embellishments.

2. Look For High Quality Weaves

You should know that despite being very simple in terms of colours, texture and designs, Saree Jamdani is very expensive. It is all because of the hard work put into their making as well as the patience required for their creation. So, do not get surprised or put off by the prices and always go for fine quality and exclusive handloom creations, which will support the weavers.

3. Try Buying Jamdani Sarees from Authentic Bengali Shops

Source saree.guide

You have seen all the saree Jamdani mentioned above but the probability is that some of them can turn out to be fake too. Many people try to sell Jamdani sarees with mixed fabrics and fake prints. And in order to save your money and buy authentic sarees, you must get in touch with some original Bengali shops only. You can find original Jamdani sarees out there in reasonable pricing.

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The Weave Of Jamdani Sarees Dictates The Price

A true-blue Jamdani saree can be a once-in-a-lifetime buy and are often handed down generations. An exceptional addition to your saree collection, these sarees can be a conversation starter. If you are looking to buy a high quality one, then pay attention to the weave. When Jamdani sarees are super smooth having very delicate texture and are extremely light weight, then they are the highest quality and the price will reflect it. So adjust your budget and expectations accordingly!.