A Saree Brooch is the Perfect Blend of Utility and Beauty: 10 Awe-Inspiring Selection of Ethnic Saree Brooches to Tie Your Outfit Together and How to Select the Perfect Brooch

A Saree Brooch is the Perfect Blend of Utility and Beauty: 10 Awe-Inspiring Selection of Ethnic Saree Brooches to Tie Your Outfit Together and How to Select the Perfect Brooch

With just a simple brooch, you can easily glam up a saree! From weddings to parties and all your gala functions, brooches are great to flaunt. We got you covered with some cool options, go explore amazing brooches and saree pins to find the one that resonates your personality and you’re set to turn heads.

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Why Should You Use Saree Brooch?

They Look Super Fashionable

The use of fancy saree pins and brooches are quite popular in India and the reason is pretty predictable, they look quite fashionable. Even a simple saree brooch is enough to grab attention from people on you as well as on your dressing sense. The fun part of the process is that you do not need to try too hard or spend too much on these saree brooches too.

A Beautiful Saree Brooch Can Completely Modify the Look of a Plain Saree

The idea of using a saree brooch as a piece of jewellery or accessory is completely different from those of necklaces and bangles for women. While the latter ones are used to modify your own look, the former one is preferred to modify the look of your saree. If you believe in the idea of power dressing then you must get acknowledged with these accessories like saree brooch.

They Are Ideal for Weddings, Parties And Other Family Get-Togethers

The only limitation with saree brooch is that you cannot wear them to every single place. You must have the right kind of saree brooch for the right kind of occasion. For example, for the weddings and other relevant family functions, you would want to wear something more elaborate. While for the formal events like business meetings and appraisals, you would not want to wear any of the saree brooch or maybe something minimal.

10 Saree Brooch Designs You Are Going to Love

Small Beaded Brooch in Teal And White

Starting this list with a simple saree pallu brooch design which can be teamed up with various types of sarees without any doubt. This brooch is made with many little beads in it in the colour teal blue and white. These little beads make the brooch looks very intricate and exclusive.

In fact, the flower-like design is another bonus here as it is quite common to find similar designs in sarees. You can find a safety pin attached behind the brooch to secure it neatly on the saree. Furthermore, it can be used as a shoulder brooch on simple sarees. Do not use this brooch on the already heavy sarees as it won’t justify the combination at all. Also, prefer dark-coloured sarees as the light colours of the brooch will make it look even shinier on such sarees. You can buy this beautiful beaded saree brooch on utsavfashion.in for Rs. 668.

Floral Patterned Golden And white Saree Brooch

Source www.amazon.in

Looking for a saree brooch with a long chain? No need to look somewhere else as this floral patterned golden and white saree brooch is just perfect for you. This design is one of the most exclusive pieces in this list and considered great for wedding and family functions. The best part is that saree brooch like these can be used in multiple ways. It can be used on the backside of the blouse, as a shoulder brooch, on the front drapes of the saree and more.

Talking about the embellishment on the brooch then they are really gorgeous. The combination of white and golden stones on the brooch makes it look extremely beautiful. And the long chains are obviously added bonus on it. However, make sure to keep it away from perfume and water for its longevity. You can buy this gorgeous saree brooch from amazon.in for just Rs. 269.

Saree Blouse Back Brooch

Source paytmmall.com

You must be open to experiments when it comes to fashion and accessories and this back blouse brooch is the perfect example of it. This might not be a typical example of saree brooch but it does complement a saree really well.

Many times the blouse designs turn out to be quite dull as compared to the saree. This is when you need to use a saree brooch to beautify the blouse even more. The one recommended here is a white coloured gold plated saree brooch made with little pearls too. This back accessory for the blouse looks really beautiful and adds more grace to a saree. The combination of pearls and stones in the brooch makes it look really elegant.

Perfect for the parties and wedding nights, you can secure the brooch on the blouse through pins given on either side. You can buy this beautiful brooch from paytmmall.com for Rs. 663.

Multipurpose Bridal Sareepin Brooch

You can save some bucks by buying a multipurpose saree brooch design. This brooch can be used as a waistbelt, kamarband, keychain and juda accessory too. In this way, you have the perfect opportunity to save a lot of money just by buying a single piece. This brooch belongs to typical Indian authentic jewellery style which is very royal in look.

Made up of alloy metal, the brooch is guaranteed to last long. This designer saree brooch is made up of semi-precious stones and available in multiple colour options too. The saree brooch has yellow gold plating on it to add the regal touches on it. It is advisable to wear such kind of accessories on wedding functions and other family functions. You are going to love the meenakari done on it as it is really detailed and classic. This unique and multipurpose saree brooch is available on craftsvilla.com for Rs.641.

Quirky Lipstick Stilettos Brooch Pair

We could not stop ourselves from ditching the traditional pieces for a while and opt for something more trendy and quirky. The impeccable style of this combination of lipstick and stilettos motif brooch is just unmatchable. We really liked the cool idea behind them and the fact that they are so appealing and modern in terms of look, they are only going to add a bit of quirk in your traditional sarees.

You can also team up them with all sorts of attires too. The best occasions to wear such kind of quirky saree brooches are your friend’s wedding, mini get-together and more. The red and green solid colours used are bright and easily visible too. These pretty pieces of saree brooches are available on voylla.com for Rs. 249.

Silver Pearl Garland Saree Brooch

If you are not a big fan of colours, vibrant designs and larger than life patterns then you are surely going to love this unique pearl garland brooch. It has no colours and just the soothing effect of the pearls which gives off-white coloured hues. In order to add some creativity and oomph in the overall design, they have added little crystals between the pearls and a bunch of them in the middle.

The best part about such kind of saree brooch is that they go well with all kind of sarees and can be worn on all kind of occasions too. In fact, it can be teamed up with western attires as well. It is only going to add the pinch of class in your ensemble. A very stunning piece of accessory that every woman would love to use. This gorgeous pearl garland saree brooch is available on flipkart.com for Rs. 399 only.

Peacock Saree Brooch

One of the most common designs you can find in Indian jewellery is that of a peacock. Not only saree brooches but you can find them in necklaces, earrings and even in bangles too. Despite being such a mainstream design, it is loved very much by Indian women. And this is why we have this perfect peacock saree brooch to recommend to you. What is going to draw your attention more towards it is the detailed multicoloured meenakari done on it.

It has 2 inches of height and has blue and golden colours in it with some hues of green and red too. You can find the use of mini stones and crystals in it too. The complete peacock saree brooch looks no less than a piece stolen from the rich Indian heritage. It is also going to complement well on all kind of sarees too. You can buy this stunning peacock saree brooch from indiamart.com for Rs. 40.

Unique Winged Wonder Saree Brooch

It is not a matter of surprise that this saree brooch is also called Princess of Wales Winged Wonder Brooch too. The designing and the wonderful use of semi-precious stones and crystals in it is worth taking all of your attention. The brooch has flying wings like design with a gorgeous red stone fixed in the middle. The wings are beautiful golden in colour with white crystals all around it.

The design is such a classic piece and has strands of crystals attached to it which has pearls at the end. The complete look of this saree brooch makes it super antique and super adorable. In fact, the embellishments on this accessory are going to take your breath away for sure. Made up from brass, the brooch is something we would recommend strongly to you. This winged saree brooch is available on voylla.com for Rs. 1,049.

Trendy Ladkewale Saree Brooch

It is the time to turn the tables. Why should only guys get to wear the uber cool blazer brooches? The unique saree shoulder brooch is going to blow your mind as it is not only super cool but complements the theme of a wedding perfectly.

This “Ladkewale” brooch can be worn by both guys as well as girls who belong to the groom side of the family. Similarly, “Ladkiwale” brooches can be used by the bride side of the family. The very unique brooch has Ladkewale written on it and has a turban shape on it with pearls strands hanging from it. The entire piece of the brooch is gold plated and hence the longevity of this amazing piece is ensured very well.

It is perfect to wear it on the front drapes of the saree but make sure to keep it away from water and perfume. This amazing Ladkewale saree brooch is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 265.

Butterfly Crystal Studded Saree Brooch

Sometimes it is better to ditch the mainstream designs to pick something out of the box and this butterfly-shaped saree brooch makes the perfect example of it. First of all, the amazing crystals studded on this brooch makes it look not only sparkly but a really precious piece of jewellery. In fact, they add a level of liveliness in it too. The perfect combination of Red and blue crystal used in the middle increases the beauty of this accessory. While for the rest of the spaces, small white crystals are used. The size of this saree brooch might be smaller but the look is really beyond beautiful.

It is made up of alloy metal but does not have a plating on it. So, make sure that your store it safely otherwise it can turn dull easily. This beautiful and elegant saree brooch can be bought from shopclues.com for just Rs. 399.

Tips And Tricks for Saree Brooches

If you are someone who is really new to this entire concept of using saree brooch then you need to take a look at these tips given below. With these simple tips you will be able to use these brooches in a better way.

Reuse Your Old Jewellery to Create Saree Brooches

Did you know that you can use your old jewellery pieces to create a saree brooch out of it? Well, if you haven’t then it is the time to know about it. This trick is just perfect when you have lots of broken or old jewellery pieces lying around in your house. You can combine some of them together to create a beautiful brooch out of it. It can be used as either shoulder brooch, pallu brooch or blouse brooch too. And the best part of it is that you won’t have to spend a single penny on it.

Experiment with Your Style

Source saree.guide

This tip not only applies to only saree brooches but other types of accessories too. You need to learn to experiment with your style as sticking to the same patterns can be too safe to play. You will never come to know what actually suits you the best if you won’t try different things. Our special recommendation is to experiments with various colors in saree brooch.

Wear the Brooch According to the Occasion

Never forget the occasion for which you are wearing the brooch. After all, the brooch must complement your look and not dull your sparkle. For example, a simple and minimal design of saree brooch would work for low key get-together. While for a wedding and family functions, you need to wear something really unique and large.

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Saree Brooch is a Blessing

The traditional brooches and saree pins have evolved a lot now and women are increasingly splurging on these little elements to notch up their style quotient while maintaining elegance, poise and sheer sweetness. There are a plethora of e-commerce sites and fashion brands offering an array of attractive styles, designs, colours and shapes to choose from. Adorn a perfect brooch with your ethnic ensembles and stand out with an extraordinary saree brooch.