Update Your Wardrobe with the Latest Sarees: New Collections and Latest Saree Trends for 2019 & Where to Buy Them Online

Update Your Wardrobe with the Latest Sarees: New Collections and Latest Saree Trends for 2019 & Where to Buy Them Online

The saree is a classic but keeping up with the latest styling and draping trends is important if you want to make the right fashion statement. Learn all about the new saree designs ruling in 2018, the latest styling tips, how to drape your sarees in unique ways to give them a new lease of life, as well as where to shop for the new collections online. Get ready to make heads turn this season!

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Tips for Selecting Sarees for Yourself and Others

The Essence of a Saree

Indian sarees are a versatile choice for women apparel and hence choosing one is equally easy or complicated as you’d view yourself wearing it. Considered the ultimate choice for their ethnicity and elegant charm. Sarees have a uniqueness from each region that they are created in, resulting in a variety of themes, textures, designs and styles.

Purchasing a saree does not end your experience of wearing it, you should be aware of how you can drape it, which in turn helps you decide, if it is appropriate and comfortable for you or not. Further, your body structure will also have an added impact in the way you drape a saree. Your choice of the saree fabric can make you look taller, shorter, wider or slim.

Choosing the Right Kind of Saree

India is rich with attractive fabrics, including expensive varieties that are woven finely and come with intricately detailed designs. Before purchasing such traditional or regional sarees, the quality and authenticity of the fabrics should be determined. For women who favor glamor and a hint of contemporary will find a lot of variety in the trending designer options available in the market.

Chiffon is extremely light and a sheer material which accentuates the curves, but can be unbecoming if worn wrongly. Silk is available in different varieties of lightly woven, sheer to heavy, brocade, etc., each having its own charm and allure.

If you prefer wearing comfortable and lightweight clothes, then you shouldn’t choose silk sarees, but go for cotton sarees. For a formal event or special occasion, opt for a glamorous fabric like georgette. If you’d like to avoid getting caught up in a long drawn draping process, choose a ready-to-wear saree!

Popular Trends

Without having a fair knowledge of the latest trends and running styles in the market, you’d find something amiss in the way you choose your saree. Matching your personal requirements to the options available is equally important.

For instance, these days sheer fabrics like lace, net or chiffon are very popular and many women celebrities in India are seen wearing them. Their adaptability, the way these fabrics can be draped, and their unique or creative styling are extremely fashionable, plus choosing the right accessories to pair up with adds to a saree’s elegance. Jewellery with semi-precious stones or gold is always a favored choice.

New Collection of Sarees in 2018

Ruffled Saree

Ruffle sarees are a hot favorite these days. Ruffles can be added to most sarees, but most conveniently to delicate materials. Like a comeback from the 90’s era, this form can be styled in a variety of ways. From a tiny fringe detailing at the drape or border can be quite attractive and add to the retro vibe. A ruffle styling in contrasting or same color as the saree can make it look bold.

The ruffles can be kept small or huge, and can be elegantly carried at any age or for any occasion. This navy blue ruffle saree is a poly georgette that comes with an attached blouse material in the same fabric. The print is stripes and it is priced at Rs.2,749 on Myntra.

Saree with a Jacket

Source kraftly.com

The chic jacket look is a classy twist to the conventional saree. The jacket brings a coordinated and organized look to the style quotient of a saree, defining a woman’s upper body, creating a glamorous look, either with the drape tucked inside the jacket or pinned on the outside. There’s a variety of long, short and voguish jackets that are in the market. From the classy high necks that exude royalty, to the collared jackets which add a tailored charm with delicate embroidery along the neckline, or collar jackets with button up designs add a vintage look to the saree.

These jackets from Kraftly highlight two leading styles of long and wait length jackets with an ethnic touch that would look lovely over a saree even in casual wear. This White Fuschia Block printed jacket, priced at 5,049, has a stitch detail and small button closure. Crafted in cotton, the jacket measures 34 inches in length and has a maroon and yellow lining.

Source kraftly.com

If you're looking for a shorter, more fitted piece closer to a traditional blouse, go with this eye catching Blue Phulkari Jacket Jacket-11. The embroidered jacket is priced at Rs.1,699 and is also available on kraftly.com.

Shirt Style Saree

When it comes to wearing a saree, the look is incomplete without a well-fitting and matching blouse to complement the style and ethnicity. Ranging from conventional sleeves, to chic crop tops to the new age shirt styles, blouses are equally important for rocking in a saree! A shirt blouse can team up with most saree styles, for a formal look a cotton or linen saree would work best, for a more glamorous look blouses with sheer sleeves would look beautiful with a Chinese collar, a high neck or a peter pan style.

To make it even fancier, you can try knotting your shirt and turning it into a blouse, or don a denim shirt as a blouse. This indigo printed blouse is styled as a shirt, with a v-neck and elbow sleeves, front open hook eye with show buttons. It is priced at Rs.1,499 on limeroad.com.

Saree with Peplum Blouse

Peplum is in vogue these days, paired with a saree, it looks really chic. For an indo-western fusion look, a peplum blouse with the saree is a style you should try. You really don’t need to spend extra in getting a new blouse made. Just choose any peplum top from your closet and pair it with a contrasting saree. This pure Chanderi saree featuring floral printed motifs comes with a peplum cotton blouse in contrasting blue. It is priced at Rs.11, 550 on Aza Fashions.

Dhoti Saree

Dhoti style saree is counted as one of the leading and fascinating choice of drapes in the Indian market. Quick and easy to wear, one of the best options is to choose a plain chiffon saree to display the style well, with an attractive blouse and a pair of lycra tights to hold it together and a pair of heels to complete the look is all you need to carry this saree style! This lovely dhoti saree in green comes with a gold crop blouse. Buy it on the Global Desi site.

Belted Saree

Source g3fashion.com

An innovative style that gives a modern touch to the traditional version, the belted saree style isn’t so new, yet is in vogue. Usually known as a kamarband, the belt has had its place in the accessories department since long, now it has been transformed by modern day designers to emphasize the waist, more so by a thin belt.

The style is quite simple. The choice of the belt has to complement the saree, for instance, for a heavy saree like a brocade or banarasi, a thicker belt is appropriate. The belt is normally worn near the lower waist to style the saree drape, which is free from the belt at the back.

Style your sarees with this Diwaah belt. This silver tone embellished and textured belt is meant for casual wear and can be paired with a sheer saree for a chic effect. It is priced at Rs.449 on Myntra. It has a beaded detailing and closes with two snap close buttons.

Trouser Saree

Pant style sarees flaunt the body really well. All you need is a pair of jeggings, palazzos or leggings with ethnic crop tops, plain silk choli or embellished blouse and heels to complete the look. From teaming it up with Nehru jackets, to dhoti pants to high neck blouses or draping it pant style, you can play around with this style to your heart’s content and make it as innovative as you’d like.

The blue viscose rayon palazzo saree with an accompanying blouse in the same fabric is in bandhini with a shibori dye pattern and is priced at Rs.2,100 on jabong.com.

You can choose another style which is trouser type, comes in viscose fabric with a partial elastic style and a side zip, pockets on both sides, a drape pattern in full length and regular fit. This Berry Pant Saree from Global Desi is priced at Rs.2,249. With a side zip and elastic in places for comfort, drape pattern for style and pocket on both sides for convenience, it really is a blend of style and comfort.

Saree Gown

A fusion of the Indian saree and Western gown, the saree gown is a magnificent attire for those who prefer a trouble-free drape of the saree. Mostly pre-stitched, the saree gown can be zipped up easily without worrying about getting the pleats in order. Under normal circumstances, donning a saree would entail multiple draping attempts, adjusting the drape length and getting the pleats right, however with this style, you can just wrap it around your body and allow the pre-pleated pallu to fall elegantly over your shoulders.

This black saree gown by Fashion Online is priced at Rs.9,500 for an unstitched gown and for an additional charge of Rs.1,500 you can purchase the stitched saree gown.

Fusion Saree Drape

A saree can enhance your beauty and personality the way you want it, from looking sensual to formal, giving the ethnic look or being fashionable, you can don any avtar with just a simple drape. A simple saree drape styled different can change the way you look and exude charm like never before.

Whether it is the scarf draping style that can be complemented with oxidized silver jewellery and sneakers or the double pallu drape with a backless blouse, you will stand class apart from the crowd in each look. The butterfly drape with a fancy blouse gives the saree a fusion twist, while the Mumtaz style will revive the retro era bringing the chiffon back in fashion. These modern styles will help you look elegant and glamorous like never before!

Fringed Saree

Fringes at the saree’s border and the blouse, with a pastel color combination can create a lovely ombre effect! It would be a rocking look for an evening event. Fringe sarees not only look classy, but they also carry an enigmatic beauty with them. You can choose from a variety of fringe at the blouse neck or crop tops or to the saree through its entirety or at the hems. Whatever style you choose would only enhance your style. The half n half Ikat cotton saree in maroon and black color with tassle details at the drape hem is priced at Rs.1,899; buy it from rustorange.com.

Bonus Tip: Redo the Conventional Way of Draping a Saree!

Gone are the days, when the women wore only sarees and performed their daily chores in and around the house draped in the delicate six yards! From the conventional pallu over the head era to the modern day savior, retained exclusively for special occasions, the journey of saree has witnessed quite an exquisite transformation.

The changing fashion trends and fusion of the old with the new has witnessed some extraordinary drape styles, creative blouse cuts rich with new designs, textures, colors and flair. Here are a few tips you can take pointers from, for re-doing the traditional way of wearing a saree.

  • The Top Effect
    Although the smallest part of the saree, and something that comes with a blink-and-miss effect, the blouse can highlight your saree in different and effective ways. Whether you wear a backless bikini styled blouse or a high-neck full sleeve blouse, the blouse too has witnessed a tremendous transformation. Experiment with the variety available and pick your choice from sheer tunic blouses, flimsy peplums, peter pan necks, printed bolero jackets or shirt styles.

  • The Drape Effect
    There’s no longer a single perfect style to don a saree. The conventional petticoat has been replaced by dhoti pants to leggings to hot pants. From trouser style sarees, to palazzo pleats, skin fitting capris and cigarette pants to the popular bikins sarees that come with a sexy blackless blouse and a thigh-high slit, the choice of draping styles is never ending these days! For women on the move, the pallu can easily be worn around the neck and wrapped up with a classy jacket.

There are so many different ways with the use of colors, fabrics, concepts and layers that make for a glamorous and elegant wear for the modern woman, and making the saree a modern day boon!

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