Transform Your Wardrobe with the Latest Sarees! 10 Exquisite Sarees with  Work That Will Make You Look Like You Stepped Out of a Photo Shoot!

Transform Your Wardrobe with the Latest Sarees! 10 Exquisite Sarees with Work That Will Make You Look Like You Stepped Out of a Photo Shoot!


Keeping in mind the pace at which the Saree revolution took place, it is extremely important to keep up with the trends when it comes to shopping for Sarees work online. That’s where we come in! We understand the utmost importance of meeting tradition with trends, so, we have curated a sarees work collection which is perfect for the wedding, party or festival season. Our Sarees work recommendations are not just trendy but also budget-friendly. Take your pick NOW.

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Tips on Buying Saree with Embroidery Work

Saree Work Designs - Timeless Wonders

India’s rich culture allows one to explore innumerable varieties of fabrics, styles, designs and work for any and every kind of occasion. Every region of the country specializes in a certain type of work, making it special. There are some exclusive designs that are timeless and can easily become your family heirlooms one day because of their quality and the way they are styled!

Typically a form of embroidery, Maggam work involves the use of gold and silver or even coloured threads at times with a heavy combination of beads and stones, inspired by Nature’s theme. In terms of the elaborate work involved, the aari work makes use of a specialized needle and frame which results in the work looking like a chain stitch, enhancing the hand embroidery and the fabric’s appeal. Then there’s Ikat – a resist dyeing technique where only the yarn is dyed and not the fabric. Ikat is quite rich and the characteristic features of the blurriness of the dyes add to its elegance.

A lovely ensemble of stones, colourful, glittering and gorgeous has stones pasted on fabrics giving the end product a heavy and rich look, perfect for special occasions. One of the most popular types of sarees in India, the Kanjeevaram is woven out of Zari and Mulberry Silk. These sarees are vibrant and have distinctive edging, unique with the kinds of patterns and colours they’re made in. The Banarasi silk’s one of the finest, known for its zari brocade, beautiful borders and floral/foliate brocade designs.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Saree

Considered one of the most gorgeous apparels in the world, a saree is preferred for its evergreen charm and ethnicity with a contemporary twist these days. With every part of the country rich with its own culture, the designs and styling of a saree differ from region to region and hence you’d find innumerable variations, colourful options and styles to choose from. From a whole collection of simple plain sarees to majestically designed sarees, it is important that when you’re shopping for one, it suits your personal taste, body structure and personality. So if you’re someone who prefers comfortable, breathable and lightweight clothes, you should avoid investing in heavy silk sarees and instead go for cotton or georgette.

You should also take care of choosing a style that enhances your personality. For instance, a Chiffon saree will be light and transparent and hence accentuate your curves, which can be unflattering if not worn properly, in that respect Georgette works better. Similarly, fabrics like silk come in different types that include light weaves, near sheer sarees to heavily laden ones, brocade work and more. Your choice of design and fabric also warrants equal consideration on the quality of the fabric, the work on it and the way it is cut, given the treasure trove of spectacular textiles with expensive varieties, fine weaving and exquisite detailing that India has.

How to Maintain Sarees with Heavy Work

Sarees with heavy work on them have a certain aura, a regal charm that can give any woman a queen like elegance, exuding a model grace that’s mostly a natural part of India’s heritage. Bestowed with considerable heavy thread work that may or may not have additional embellishments these sarees weigh much more in comparison than plain sarees or ones with less work. Hence these sarees require some additional care and attention. You should never set heavy work sarees for a machine wash, as it can create a tug at the woven threads and ruin the saree. It is best to have them dry cleaned instead. If you prefer hand washing them, always bucket washes them with a mild detergent and don’t put them under direct sunlight to dry out, as it may lead to the colours fading.

When you store the sarees away, don’t use plastic bags if they have zari work on them as the moisture will turn the zari black. Remove any stains on these sarees with water as soon as you can, and if you can’t them use petroleum later for stain removal. It is best to iron the saree when it’s still damp from an upside-down position and doesn’t ever wring the saree too hard, else the threads may come out.

Sarees with Different Types of Work

Resham Embroidery

In resham embroidery, the thread is used for creating intricate patterns, which is best reflected in the way the patterns are designed in floral, paisley or other decorative forms. The cloth looks elegant when a single resham strand is used as the colour of the fabric, as would differently coloured threads on similar colours or contrasting colours to make for vibrant and visually appealing apparel. Resham embroidery has a gorgeous result on specific fabrics like silk, pashmina, georgette or cotton, in addition to knit fabrics.

The orange embroidered border saree from Mirraw is made in soft silk and velvet fabric with resham embroidery to give it a designer style. Measuring 44” in width, and 5.5m in length, the orange silk saree includes an unstitched blouse in black colour with embroidery all over the blouse front. The Orange Soft Silk Embroidered Border Saree is priced at Rs. 1,862.

Crochet Work

Crochet is a technique used to create fabric by meshing loops of yarn, thread or strands made of other materials using a crochet hook. In this technique, each stitch is completed before the next one is initiated. With the liberty to spin a variety of intricate designs in different styles and on different fabric, crochet can also be worked on shawls, mufflers or dupattas and more, in addition to Sarees. The Faux Georgette Peach Colored Saree is created with intricate detailing of beads, crochet lace and patch border work and includes an unstitched Faux Georgette Blouse in the same colour. Priced at Rs.6,490, this beautiful Embellished Georgette Saree in Peach is apt for party wear.

Hand-Painted Kerala Cotton


Hand-painted by expert Indian artisans, a hand-painted saree is a result of a lot of hard work, precision, skills and expertise with a rich cultural heritage that is presented rather elegantly on the end product. Whether it is a hand painted Kerela Kasavu Cotton or a half and half Khesh Woven Cotton saree, the striking shapes, colours, dual shades and hand-painted patterns present you with a wide variety of designs to choose from. Anand Hand-Painted Kerela Cotton Saree is 5.5m long and 1.1m in width and is made using the cotton of Kerala Kasavu sarees, giving it a traditional yet contemporary touch. With a purple contrast border, the saree includes an unstitched blouse piece in the same colour and is priced at Rs.1,000.

Warli Hand Paints

A form of tribal art created typically by the tribal folk from the North Sahyadri range in India, warli culture’s focused on nature and its elements, which is depicted in its paintings as well. The paints represent the pre-historic cave art with scenes of humans engaged in hunting, farming, harvesting, dancing with most of the work done in dots, lines and geometric patterns. The beautiful Green Sico Saree depicts the tribal art form in a self-coloured drape with a hand painted & zari border and measures 3 meters. Priced at Rs.5,499, the saree also includes a self-coloured Pure Sico Blouse in the same colour.

Cutwork Saree

Whether you have a fondness for the classy kinds of cotton, a bandhej print or a contemporary style, there are different kinds of cutwork on sarees which are embellished with some stunning embroideries, sequins, stones that exude elegance with a variety of zari, brocade, woven motifs to enrich the six-yard wonders for any kind of occasion. The Grey and Pink Cutwork Saree presents beautiful pastel shades of pink and grey in a pure handloom tussar silk saree with its fine texture and cutwork in floral wine patterns and come with a pink tussar blouse with cutwork sleeves priced at Rs.8,900.

Lace Work

Saree Borders are an integral part of the apparel and lace borders recreate the gracefulness, accentuating the visual appeal of the saree. A trend always in demand lace is made out of line, cotton and other synthetic fibers in different colors. Whether you go in for golden, silver or sequins lace work, think of incorporating floral patterns for a more retro look or a net lace border with heavy embroidery, there’s a wide range of options to choose from. The Neon Pink Saree is art silk is designed with an ethnic woven detailing, enhanced with heavy resham and zari embroidered lace and stonework and comes with an embroidered dupion silk blouse in rani pink colour with similar work and golden beads embellishments, priced at Rs.6,180.

Kundan Work

An amalgamation of zardozi and Kundan work, this form of embroidery has its origin in the Mughal Era where it flourished under the royal sponsorship in Gujarat and Rajasthan and it also floundered on account of the high costs involved in getting gold and gemstones for work. Kundan Work on fabrics came back in vogue when artists began using semi-precious stones, pearls and silver in combination with modified versions of zardozi materials. Sarees with Kundan work form a significant of a wedding trousseau in India. The beautiful Shimmering Georgette Saree in the colour green is crafted with Kundan and Sequins work and comes with a stitched blouse in the same colour with sequins work and is priced at Rs. 4,485.

Brasso Work

With wispy, soft tissue kind fabrics, adorned with some spectacular designs, Brasso work is unique in the realm of fashion and style and can be raised differently on fabrics. Made out of an acid etch process which involves burning fabrics to create a deeper texture, this technique is applied on soft materials like velvet, silk, chiffon and georgette giving it a lovely, ornate and glamorous appeal. The beautiful Pink Black Brasso Saree in Art Silk fabric measures 5.5m and includes an unstitched blouse of the same fabric, priced at Rs. 2,699.

Kasab Work

Also known as Kasav, this embroidery’s a variant of Zardozi work and considered on the most magnificent forms of embroidery in the Indian subcontinent that involves threading actual gold or silver fibers onto fabrics to create interesting and intricate patterns and designs. This embroidery’s mostly done on fabrics like cotton, brocade, silk and velvet with lighter fabrics like chiffon as well. Kasab embroidery’s usually confused with another form called Badla, however the basic difference between the two forms is the fact that Badla has a plain wire used to embroider, while in Kasab, the wire is wrapped around a thread for the embroidery work. The warm and classy Grey Chanderi Silk Saree with Kasab Work is created with the embroidery on the borders and on the accompanying pink coloured blouse piece, priced at Rs.1,690.

Uppada Jamdani


Sheer Silk Sarees that have their origin in Uppada, Andhra Pradesh, Jamdhani’s a hand woven fabric that involves weaving geometrical, animals and plant inspired motifs and patterns, along the lines of Mughal and Persian aesthetics. The process entails two people to sit at a pit loom and work together in wefting and wrapping the background threads, with the designs then weave in just like embroidery. Jamdhani has two distinct styles: Butidar which has floral patterns created through the fabric, while Tercha’s motifs are created diagonally across the fabric. The Uppada Mina Jaal Saree with Ornate Border is in turquoise blue measuring 5.5m in length and 1.1m in width with an attached blouse piece in same colour, priced at Rs. 5,049.

Bonus Tip: Design a Gorgeous Saree Using a Plain One at Home!

Designing a saree isn’t difficult at all, what with a plethora of simple and handy stuff to work around with. All you need is a plain saree some saree borders that are abundantly available in the market. Here are a few quick tips to help you design your own saree from the comfort of your space with minimal expense!

  • Adding Border: You can choose a border in contrast to your saree colour and stitch it into the saree edge and/or your blouse. There’s a range of velvet, pearl, wire work, Kundan, or mirror work borders and more available, in addition to the elegant lace and designer borders, both locally and online.

  • Embellishing: You can embellish your saree by adding mirrors, kundan, or zardozi work to it. The entire look of the fabric changes when you attach a patch or glue some sequins on the drape, along with the border and transform it completely.

  • Floral Adds: Explore the floral borders. Just trim of a floral border in a contrasting shade to your saree can be stitched onto the edges, as can the blouse have the same floral pattern to give it a more contemporary appeal.

  • Dime a Dozen: There’s no need to pay thousands of rupees for designer sarees when you have multiple ways of designing yourself. Whether you choose to accessorize your saree with brooches or chains made of pearls and metal, stitch up a brocade blouse in a contrast colour or stitch up two different fabrics in different colours and patterns and then embellish them with lace, sequins or borders, your choices are plenty on that front.
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Pick a Saree That Loves Your Shape & Size!

Though draping a Saree comes naturally to many women, picking the right one that makes you look gorgeous can be quite a task. Hence it is always easier to keep in mind simple pointers that will make you look your best in dreamy Sarees. If you are blessed with an Apple shaped body, choose a Saree that hides those extra inches on your bust; stomach areas. A Silk Saree with delicate borders is all you need in times like these with a smashing pair of Jhumki earrings to elevate the style status of your entire outfit.

Have a curvy waist and well-rounded hips? Your perfect Saree mates are gorgeous Georgettes and charming Chiffons which are bathed in bright colours, heavy borders and small motifs. Have an athletic figure? Well, the options are endless! Define your toned waistline and lean upper body with subtle precision by draping