The Beauty of a Saree is Indisputable: 10 Sarees You Should Consider Buying Online That are Sheer Class and Elegance (2019)

The Beauty of a Saree is Indisputable: 10 Sarees You Should Consider Buying Online That are Sheer Class and Elegance (2019)

New trends and styles are cropping up every day. But nothing beats the elegance and the subtle glamour of sarees. Here we bring to you 10 sarees from every corner of India that is sure to be an asset to your wardrobe. We also added a few help in the process.

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What Is a Saree?

Most women from India love dressing in Sarees. It is what defines the Indian heritage. Sarees usually are 5 to 9 meters in length and anything between 2 to 4 feet breath. While some occasions demand sarees, sometimes, it is just a trend. Whether you are accustomed to wearing them or it is just your style, they are sure to make you more beautiful and graceful as compared to other clothes. They grab attention, are ethnic, they adjust to your body; they come in a vast variety and are not too costly. Buying them saves you time to as compared to buying westernized clothes. Also, you can buy them online at any time of day or night, and when you buy online, you get to notice and buy the latest trends before anyone shopping from a physical store.

Tips to Keep in the Back of Your Mind When Buying a Saree

It is good to always remember that what you wear determines the first impression that you make. It can also make you the centre of attention. If you love standing out and looking elegant and stylish, you have to consider some factors when buying your sarees. Keep reading for tips on how to achieve that.

What Is the Occasion?

Ensure that the Saree you have is not too gaudy or too simple for an event where you intend to wear it. When it comes to weddings, the look should be beautiful and gorgeous. For instance, one can go for the South Indian silk sarees. As much as they are costly, they are definitely worth given the occasion. Are you attending a daytime event? If yes, avoid the dark colours. However, black is an exception. The rest will always make you seem overdressed. As for the evening parties, zari work, as well as heavy embroidery, will never disappoint.

Which Fabric Suits You?

Think carefully about the kind of material that will suit you. When it comes to the plus size women, a sari made of stiff cotton is a bad choice as it can make you look bulky. On the other hand, silk is a perfect selection when it comes to weddings. If it is too expensive, consider cheaper options such as chiffon and crepe silk. Don’t forget that the material also determines how comfortable you are when wearing sarees. You can choose a material which is easy to fold when traveling and also requires minimum maintenance.

What Is the Print And Colour?

Make sure that the saree has colours and prints that match your taste. In addition to that, they should also match other elements. For example, don't go for big and bold ones if you have a full figure; Even worse than that if you are short. In fact, the small ones make women look relatively tall and slim. On the other hand, floral patterns suit almost everyone. As for the colours, the dark colours are the safest. That is regardless of your height or body size. Consider other factors such as your skin complexion as well. Equally important, never let the saree colour overshadow that of the jewellery. If that were to happen, they would not be meaningful. For the pear-shaped, georgettes and linens are excellent.

Think About Your Body Type.

Ensure that you choose a saree according to body type as it will affect how you appear. For the tall ladies, consider broad shoulders, large prints, and bold colors. As for the short ones, vertical prints, short borders, and light colors will do the trick. Heavy fabrics suit slim women. Embroidery, prints and heavy zari can be an excellent addition for those who are skinny. Apple-shaped will look good if the saris have bold and big prints and embroidery work. Silk and chiffon will never disappoint even if you are overweight. The latter will also do when it comes to those with hourglass figure.

Top 10 Best Sarees to Buy Without Any Hesitation

A Luxurious Gharchola

The Bitter-Chocolate Bandhani Tie-Dye Saree is the best that you can buy for yourself or as a present for your wife, sister, fiancée or even mother. As the name suggests, it features the famed bandhani style from Rajasthan in pure cotton. That makes it both soft and durable hence a great value for your money. It contains a blouse and underskirt which is tailor-made to suit your needs. At the moment, you can get the saree at a pocket-friendly rate of only $325 or Rs. 12,705 at Exotic India Art.

A Flowy Leheriya And Gota Patti Saree

At Kasturi B, you can find a jaw-dropping collection of sarees that is sure to leave you breathless. The Green Georgette Leheriya And Gota Patti Saree saree with the zari weave on its borders begs every eye to look at it with amazement. It lets you flaunt your unique dressing sense with class. It is an elegant saree created with the mesmerizing zari work to add a glamorous touch to the creation. The sari has been made from banarasi cotton silk fabric and is lightweight. It can be put on during special occasions. It is available at Kasturi B for Rs. 5,850 only.

A Rich Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

This gorgeous Kanjeevaram saree features really unusual colours so consider this if you want to stand out. The primary measurements of the Rich Kanjeevaram Silk Saree are 5.3 meters in length while the width is 47 inches. The blouse length, on the other hand, is 29 inches, and the width is 47 inches. It is available in cream, green and pink colour and since its handwoven, the saree might have some colour variations, which is part of its charm. As a rich saree, it is ideal to wear it during those major evening events or weddings. It weighs only 1.76 lbs. It is of silk material, therefore should only be dry cleaned.

This particular one, we've selected is cream. When it comes to the border, the manufacturer has settled for half-fine gold zari blended with magenta handwoven for a lovely saree. The same case applies to the pallu. The drape and a contrasting blouse are the icings on the cake. It is available at Tulsi Silks at Rs. 23,130 only.

A Luscious Lace Saree

A Luscious Lace Saree sets the mood right. It is versatile hence perfect for wearing during the day, and at night or evening. It is also ideal for attending events. The saree is available with an unstitched printed blouse. In addition to that, it is classy and stylish. That makes you stand out and look presentable and distinguished. Its incredible patterns together with the lace embroidery are other great aspects. Equally important, it comes with a matching blouse. It is readily available at Shree Designer Saree. The price is Rs. 2,457 only.

A Floral Printed Silky Satin Saree

The Haute black saree embellished in Kundan embroidery in georgette only on Kalki. It comes with an unstitched blouse in pink and raw silk. This pink and black saree is in the most comfortable fabric which is Georgette. The unstitched blouse's material is also georgette and raw silk for the body and borders, respectively. It is available at Kalki Fashion at Rs. 8,340 only.

Grey Georgette Saree with Designer Blouse

The Grey Georgette Saree with Designer Blouse saree lets you showcase your excellent dressing sense. It is elegant with a mesmerizing red sequence border which adds a touch of glamour. Apart from the blouse and the borders, the saree is otherwise grey. The embellished workmanship takes its look to a whole new level. The faux georgette is stylish and long-lasting. It measures 5.5 m by 46 inches. It is perfect for all occasions but perfect for parties. This saree available on Kasturi-B for just Rs. 3,425.

Paithani Silk Saree

This elegant orange, blue Paithani saree is a wonderful addition to your collection. The saree is of silk material, and therefore you only need to dry clean it. It is a beautiful orange colour with contrast blue colour at the border and the pallu. The two colours blend well to give the saree an elegant look. When it comes to the border, it is double-sided with floral work. It also matches with the pallu and blouse. The detailed zari design is also fantastic.

The Brilliant Paithani Silk Saree measures 5.5 meters in length; the width is 46 inches. Its blouse, on the other hand, measures 30 inches in length and 46 inches in width. Buy one from Navlaee Paithani for Rs. 14,950 only.

A Ready-Made Party-Wear Saree

This Pre-stitched Party-Wear Saree comes in mint green colour and is perfect for daywear. It features lycra net with pre-stitched pleats as well as pallu. It also has highlighted border in zardosi work as well as sequin embroidery. The saree also goes well with the readymade blouse which comes in navy blue velvet. This saree should only be dry cleaned. There may be a slight colour variation. This one sells for only Rs. 17,940 at Kalki Fashion.

A Radiant Chanderi Saree

The Radiant Chanderi Saree is handwoven is available in blue, orange and green colours. It is lightweight, perfect as day wear or even during evening events. It is made using chanderi with a unique weaving technique and should only be dry cleaned. It also comes with a matching blouse for an unmatched elegance. It is perfect for wedding, parties as well as festivals. Its classic saree style makes heads turn your way. When it comes to caring for the dress, it is straightforward and the best way is to dry clean it. You can grab yours today at Ethnic Rack for Rs. 5,022 only.

A Traditional Classic Purple Woven Design Cotton Blend Saree

The Classic Purple Woven Design Cotton Blend Saree is sure to set the mood for the moment. It comes with purple silk with the blue motif and embroidered border. It comes with a matching blouse piece made of the same material as the saree. The contrasting colours, which are purple and blue, makes you stand out for all the right reasons. It has a purple woven design for the body and a zari border. Its Paisley print pattern and Zari border match well.

This saree is ideal for all occasions especially the traditional ones. For example, you can wear it during the day and not feel uncomfortable. You can also wear it during an evening event. Also, it makes a perfect gift idea. The material is a cotton blend for durability and comfort. Buy yours today from Myntra for Rs. 1,439 only.

Bonus: Stitched Or Traditional?

In the recent past, most people prefer going for unstitched or un-embroidered saree for many reasons. To start with, one can get the embroidery and elaborate work was done to suit their needs. These sarees are also the best for winter or summer and can be perfect for a variety of events. Unstitched sarees are also known as traditional sarees and are even to date the favourite among most Indian women. The pre-stitched ones are on the other hand increasingly becoming a favourite for younger women. Pre-Stitched sarees are more expensive than the unstitched ones. The stitching process, as well as the attachment of the inner skirt, is the reason for their cost. Therefore, if you opt to go for the traditional ones, you save a lot on your purchase.

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Accessories Your Saree Wisely

Every girl loves to dress up in a saree. It is the most simple piece of cloth but one of the most glamorous too. A saree is not only made by the design and the style, but the accessories also make the saree. You need to keep an eye on the accessories and the shoes when wearing the saree. Shoes might seem very trivial but trust us, sometimes it is what makes or breaks a saree. Also, keep an eye on the drape. Different kinds of sarees require different styles of draping. But do remember it's you who brings the elegance to the saree, not the other way around.