A Guide to What Gifts to Buy for Arangetram in 2019 and 10 Gifts That Will Clearly Express Your Appreciation of the Dancer's Years of Effort & Hard Work

A Guide to What Gifts to Buy for Arangetram in 2019 and 10 Gifts That Will Clearly Express Your Appreciation of the Dancer's Years of Effort & Hard Work

Finally, after years of hard work, when your young one has delivered their best out there on the stage, it's your time to praise their efforts the right way. BP-Guide brings you the complete guide on how to choose the right gifts for Arangetram with our top 10 picks from the internet to take some work off your shoulders. These gifts are selected keeping the relevancy of the occasion and are only some of the finest choices out there. Read on to find out more.

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What is Arangetram & How is it Important?

Quite literally meaning ‘debut’ or ‘entering the stage for the first time', Arangetram originates from the Tamil language. Arangetram is the official introduction of a disciple of an art form, usually Bharathanatyam dancers (though today, the term is more commonly used for any traditional musical instrument player or dance form from the Southern part of India), to the world of Art lovers, both public as well as experts, through their first ever solo stage performance.

Usually lasting for around 2 to 2.5 hours, the dancer performs on stage for the audience with just one break in between. This was the moment where the disciple enters the world of professional performance and makes their first mark on the art world. This is usually organised in a large auditorium where friends and family are invited to see the official first performance of their ward.

Though no detailed history is available to validate the first reference to this term, it has featured in various ancients books and texts. In fact, in the ancient Devadasi tradition, “Arangetram was considered to be the final right of passage that dedicated the dancer to the temple”- (Gaston 1996).

Requiring a lot of practice and stamina, this is a proud moment for the disciple, teacher, and the parents. An Arangetram is usually extremely significant for the disciple for this culminates years or practice, rehearsals, and orientation to details. Requiring extreme dedication and, sometimes, a lot of sacrifices, this is also the moment where the student announces to the world, “I AM READY.”

How to Choose Gifts for Arangetram?

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Preparations for the Arangetram usually begin at a young age, and it takes many years of practice before the award is presented in front of the world through an Arangetram. Since this is the entry for the ward into the professional segment, this performance usually takes place in front of family and friends to boost the confidence of the performer. This is also the occasion where the elders in the family bless the young disciple and friends of the disciple can help the disciple with her confidence. A gift represents to show your appreciation and shower your blessings on the artist who has worked hard for many years to put up the show.

From a Nataraja Statue to a pack of dry fruits, there are plenty of choices available today to show your appreciating for the efforts that would have gone in towards the performance. Most of these gifts are usually very traditional, considering the collective value of such an event. However, this does not meet one needs to restrict these choices alone.

Listed below are some of the most prominent items that can be given away as gifts to the performer after the performance.

10 Appropriate Gifts to Buy for Arangetram

1. An Idol of the God of Dance, Brass Nataraja Idol

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The God of Dance, Lord Nataraja Idol is one of the best gifts to give to the one who devotes the art of dance. Symbolising Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance of destruction of evil from this world and the subsequent creation of a new world, a dance patron can receive no better appreciation than the brass statue of the one who, as per Hindu tradition, is believed to have created dance in the first place. Though the figure is available in various sizes, starting from as small as a few inches to even life-size models and the prices for the same could vary from anywhere Rs. 200 to a couple of lakhs. This Bronze Shiva Statue Nataraja Idol comes in Antique Brown with dimensions 10 inches (height) X 9 inches (length) X 3 inches (depth) and is available for Rs. 4,999 on Amazon.

If there is some other size that you desire to gift to the performer, you have many more options of Lord Nataraja statue to choose from at Statuestudio where the figures are available from the size of 5 inches onwards.

2. Wooden Vastu Pyramid Wish Cash Box

An auspicious occasion like an Arangetram is also a great occasion to wish the performer with all the luck and good wishes for a bright future. Add to it the benefit of Vastu and Feng-shui and the blessings double for those who believe in this. Here’s a Vastu Pyramid gift box with Egyptian symbols all around and glass inside. It is thought that this box works on the principles of laws on attraction, helping create a world that one’s heart desires by helping bring focus on that one thing. It is this principle which also states that if one stores their wealth in this box, they will never need more wealth again and wealth would continue to come. One’s mind is a compelling thing! Available on Plusvalueindia, this amazing box, weighing only 360 g, can be bought for Rs. 1,400.

3. Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Source nalli.com

Nothing can beat the charm of a Kanjipuram Silk Saree when it comes to the traditional attire of the South Indians. If the Arangetram happens to be for a girl child, this silk Sari from Nalli’s is a dream come true for the performer. Available online at nalli.com, this exquisite and pure Kanchipuram silk will be delivered to your doorstep only for Rs. 14,537.

This bright red saree together with its broad green saree border and rich silk pallu, along with the unstitched blouse, it would reach your doorstep within two working days. With a contrasting green blouse, even the angels in the heavens would be jealous once the girl wears the saree. Besides this, there are plenty more to choose from in the Silk saree category when one visits the official website of Nalli silks, the traditional saree destination for all South Indian women.

4. Cameleon Make Up Kit for Women

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Arangetram is all about the performer decking herself up from head to toe, clad in a beautiful silk saree, gold jewellery adorned all across the body, Ghungroo in the feet with makeup to enhance the beauty even more. With the performance taking place at some distance from the last row of seating, it would be challenging to see the facial expressions. The Makeup on the face is applied only to highlight the facial beauty and the manifestations of the dancer.

Considering how important makeup can be for the dancer, the performer would greatly appreciate a great make-up kit and other beauty products. Priced at Rs. 1,090 on Amazon, this Cameleon Makeup Kit For Women is not only handy for the performer to carry, but also offers all the colors and options that a professional would look for in her makeup kit. It'is delivered within ten days from the date of ordering.

5. Thousand Dream Gift Basket

An Arangetram is a dream come true for the performer and symbolizes the epitome of his/ her dedication and constant grinding. Nothing can showcase your appreciation of their efforts than this unique gift hamper. It's delivered right at your doorstep and can be purchased from myfloralkart.com for Rs. 2,599. It looks elegant and stylish and at the same time, and is one of the most traditional gifts one could give away for the occasion.

Comprising of fresh fruits together with natural flowers, this is an epitome of simplicity and elegance when it comes to a gifting solution. There are other selections to view and select, available on Myfloralkart if you wish to explore other exquisite gifting ideas displayed on this platform. With a dozen flower and around 5 kg of mixed fruits, this basket would surely showcase how special the recipient is.

6. Joy of Love Dry Fruits Pack

Source fnp.com

Here’s another excellent gifting idea for expressing your joy, love, and admiration you have for the outstanding performance your loved one has given on the stage. For showering that extra love and appreciation, the gift hampers from Ferns n Petals, called the “Joy of Love” will certainly shower the recipient with all your love for them and their performance.

A combination of lovely pink roses and a basket full of dry fruits, this combo is one of the most graceful gifts for your loved ones. Not only with this nuts help in recuperating from the exertion of the performance, but it will also be a grand gesture for the many hours of work that the performer has put in. Available at Rs. 3,299, this combo truly signifies love, warmth, and relaxation.

7. South Indian Sweets: Mysurpa

When it comes to tradition, sweets form an integral part of the South India tradition. Keeping up to this tradition has been Sri Krishna Sweets, an establishment that has been in operation since 1948. Equally traditional has been the rich Mysorepa prepared by this old family of sweet makers.

Available in 300 g and 500 g pack, this is a must have sweet when it comes to traditional sweets down south, and a wonderful gift to shower your blessings on a young performer who has showcased their talents in their first public performance. Priced at Rs. 325 for half a kilogram, this delicacy would be delivered to your doorstep when ordered from srikrishnasweets.com. Packaged in a classy box, this box is extremely easy to carry, and they taste just like ones your grandmother may have used to prepare for you, with the same love and care.

8. Jewellery: Touchstone Mughal Jali Collection

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Representing and honouring the gods through their dance form, a great way of appreciating the young performer for their first performance, in practice since ages, is gifting the young performer with this beautiful ornamental step necklace. Available for Rs. 1,414 on Amazon, this lovely two-piece step necklace, made from glittering stones and polished gold metal will surely bring out the elegance in the devotee.

Available online, there are plenty of other choices available once you visit this website. Designed for the goddesses and deities, this gift would signify that the dancer’s performance was nothing short of an apsara dancing from the higher heavens. It’s a perfect gift from elders as well as friends alike to gift for one’s Arangetram.

9. Prisha India Craft Ghungroo

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One of the highlights of any Aarangetram program is the clinging sound of the traditional Bharathanatyam Ghungroo. One of the constant companions of a Bharatanatyam dancer, the Ghungroos stays with the dancer even after the performance, during every practice sessions. If there is one gift that would continuously remain with the performer and keep reminding of your appreciation for the performer, it's these Bharatanatyam Ghungroo available on amazon.in for Rs. 999 only.

They come in 3 colour choices with 30 brass bells tied onto a red, green or blue pad. With 30-day return policy and handcrafted for the comfort of the performer, this ideal Arangetram gift will be delivered to your doorstep with a week from ordering for the same. With soft cushioning on the pads and perfect weight for the comfort of the dancer, these Ghungroos are genuinely the gift for someone you love.

10. Idols of Hindu Gods

Source amazon.in

If Lord Ganesha is said to bring luck to those who are the gifted ones and Saraswati, being the Goddess of Knowledge, there are many options to choose from when thinking about gifting an Indian Gods' & Goddesses' idols to someone who is having their first ever stage performance or Arangetram. This 7 inch Brass Ganesha idol with Lord Ganesha in a sitting posture will surely represent the luck and best wishes you wish to communicate to the young performer who has just had her first performance.

A symbol to spread positive vibe in your surrounding, this idol is extremely handy and can be carried along by the young performer wherever they travel in their life taking your blessings and good wishes along with them. Priced at Rs. 3,250, this Brass idol is a steal for the value it brings in. Get this from Amazon.

Genuine Appreciation of the Performance is the Best Gift

Given the significance of this one evening event for the young performer on stage and the family, the appreciation and blessings are all that the performer is looking forward to from the audience. All the gifts given above will be an ideal solution to express your pride in their performance and will only encourage the young performer to continue treading towards the quest for the art they have already ventured into. While there are many other options to choose from, these ten options are the most sought after gifting solutions and signify both tradition and genuine appreciation for the performance delivered.

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Make Sure You Keep the Gifts Relevant

After giving in a lot of thought and researching about it, we've only curated above some of the best options for you to present to your Arangetram performer. However, there's no bound to what you could choose to gift the devotee. From beautiful pieces of traditional items of clothing to healthy traditional snacks, there are a lot of options available. Our only advice to you would be to keep the occasion in mind while selecting the gift and present only the most relevant and useful gift! Happy Gifting!