Update Your Wardrobe for the New Year! 6 Trendy and Classy Kurtis in Jabong for 2020 and Tips to Dress Right for Your Body Shape

Update Your Wardrobe for the New Year! 6 Trendy and Classy Kurtis in Jabong for 2020 and Tips to Dress Right for Your Body Shape

Kurti is one attire that you could never get bored. You can wear it toned down or make a fashion statement; It always evolves every year and stays ahead of every new trend that hits the market. As such, we have brought to you the latest trends to rock the year in 2019. Check out the top kurti in Jabong, the best online retailer in India.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe with Trendy Kurtis

One can simply never have enough of kurtis! This versatile clothing item is a good attire for lots of places from office to class or even casual outings and gatherings with friends. This is why most ladies are drawn to kurtis. It comes in different fabrics and designs to suit your taste and occasion. With ever-evolving styles and new trends coming out, it's always good to keep up with the latest fashion. So we gathered the latest designs of kurtis and a few stylish kurtis from Jabong that we think you will love!

Stylish Kurtis Designs for 2020

Front Slit Kurtis

Who doesn't love slits? Slits have been introduced for a few decades now and it won't be going away anytime soon. Particularly the front slit which left an impression on everybody and seems like it is staying around for a long time as its quite popular. It is a very flattering trend on kurtis as well. It gives an elegant touch to the overall kurti design and is chic and contemporary. This trend suits every lady and is a must-have style!

Single Shoulder Kurtis

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The single shoulder style is mostly seen on evening gowns or cocktail dresses. It's simple, alluring and exquisitely feminine. When this design is incorporated on a kurti, it grabs your attention for its elegance and uniqueness. The single off shoulder kurtis might show more skin than the average kurti attire however it does so in a tasteful manner highlighting the confidence and the elegance of the wearer. This trend is more suitable for a more formal event and its guaranteed to awe everyone in attendance!

Trio Cut Kurtis

Slits have always been an all-time favourite that we saw it fit to mention two different styles of slits that are in trend! The trio cut style or the multiple slit style are high in demand especially for formal wear kurtis and for good reason. It gives off an air of nobility and elegance; And gives you an instant confidence boost. This style of slit is form-flattering and is quite popular that it is being picked up for bridal attire. This goes to show how this style suits all women and who wouldn't want to look as beautiful as a bride at an occasion!

A-line Kurtis with Tieups

The A-line design of dresses have been around since the late 50s and has made its way back half a century later. This trend is one that never dies and a favourite for good reason. It is a flattering style on many forms as it is fitted on the top and gradually flares as it reaches the hem of the dress. It's modern, very edgy and not overly flowy. This style on kurtis is magnificent and it is a suitable design for many occasions. The added tie-up accentuates the waist giving a slimmer silhouette which is what most ladies always aim for. This style won't disappoint!

10 Chic Kurti Hauls to Buy from Jabong in 2020

Asymmetric Hem Kurti

This eye-catching Emerald Green Kurti looks very classy in its simplicity. What draws people to the kurti is the asymmetric hemline which extends from mid-thigh to mid-calf. This beautiful green cotton kurti has golden thread detail on the front and stitch pattern around the sleeve cuffs. There is also a tassel detail on the longer end of the hem. This gorgeous kurti is simple yet speaks volumes in terms of classic beauty and elegance. It is suitable for office wear or a casual outing with friends. Pair this kurti with palazzo pants for a more classy and formal look or jeans for a more laid back look. This versatile kurti can be yours for Rs. 1699.

Front Slit Silhouette Kurti

We all love a lightweight attire especially during humid weather and this kurti caters to our needs while looking edgy and on point. This is a gorgeous cream hue kurti that extends beyond the knee and features a front slit. It is slightly see-through as its very lightweight without detracting from the quality of the material. It is a beautiful kurti with simple decorative buttons on the three-quarter sleeve and the neckline. It is suitable to wear for a workplace or everyday casual attire. You can amp up the look with leggings and heels or tone it down for a more laid back look. This simple and chic kurti can be yours for Rs. 1599.

Off White Trio Cut Kurti

This fashion-forward kurti is simple yet classy and intriguing. It is guaranteed to impress everybody. It comes in an off white to cream coloured with silver foil work on the front panel and the mandarin collar. However, what makes this attire intriguing is the trio cut in addition to a short hemline of the middle part in comparison to the rest of the hemline. Overall this kurti is elegant and classy, it can be worn for a workplace or a casual outing with friends. Pair this chic kurti with a black churidar and a short heel to amp up your look. This attire is a must-have with the price of Rs. 1699.

Straight Cut Print Kurti

This chic and stylish kurti is so gorgeous and compliments your femininity and style. The peach colour is very pleasing and goes well on most skin tones, flaunting a softer delicate side. The kurti has a gorgeous floral and geometric pattern on the front centre panel of the dress from the neckline to the hemline with stylish pintucks beside these patterns. It also sports a long slit on either side of the kurti giving it an airy vibe. This attire is perfect for casual outings with friends, pair it up with light-coloured leggings or churidar and you're set to go! This feminine and chic kurti can be yours for Rs. 1899.

A-line Overlapping Hem

If you’re looking for an attire that stands out from every kurti out there, this is the one! This unique and stylish kurti is eye-catching and shows off a confident and elegant style. It showcases a unique diagonal cut overlapping hemline on the front of the kurti which is shorter than the one in the back. This grey pure cotton sleeveless kurti shows off a bold sense of confidence, style and elegance. The A-line cut suits many and is flattering to most figures, it can be worn for the workplace or an evening out. Pair it with light coloured pants and heels to amp up the whole style. You can recreate this look if you buy this kurti for Rs.1699.

Contemporary Sleeveless Kurti

This urban and contemporary kurti gives off a modern and stylish aura making you stand out from the crowd. If you like being the centre of attention then you would love this edgy kurti. This attire features an abstract pattern and a layered curved hem. It also has a small vertical zip detail on the right shoulder. It is a sleeveless kurti that extends to the knee and has a print in different shades of blue. This is the kurti for fun-loving bubbly and outgoing ladies who want to wear a dress that expresses who they are! You can pair this attire with leggings or jeans and heels, and go out and about with friends in style. You can get this gorgeous look for the price of Rs. 1599.

Tips to Choose the Right Kurti for You

Fashion trends are ever-evolving and every style is more enticing than the next. There is nothing wrong with wanting every clothing item that comes out and expecting it to look as good as the ads. However not every style is guaranteed to flatter your figure and it is crucial to identify what works for you and what doesn't. A trendy kurti that looks gorgeous on one person may not look as good on yourself, this is why it is important to understand the shape of your body. Before you go ahead and purchase new kurtis we compiled a few tips to help you pick which style suits your body shape best.

Apple Shape

An apple shape depicts a body form that has a rounder and fuller shoulders and tummy with average to full bust. The arms and legs are not as round but rather slimmer in comparison to the rest of the body. For this body figure, it would be best to choose a kurti that accentuates the waist like an A-line kurti. It would be even better if there is an added tie-up or a belt to emphasize the waist even more. A simple V neckline also gives the illusion of a smaller chest. It is best to avoid heavy embellishments and patterns on the middle part of the kurti as it draws too much attention to areas you don't want people’s focus on. Not a lot of light-coloured kurtis work well with this figure however a darker shade is flattering.

Pear Shape

A pear shape depicts a body form that has broader hips and thigh with narrower shoulders and chest and a well-defined waist. The upper part of the body is slimmer in comparison to the lower half of the body. For this body figure, it would be best to choose a kurti that is straight cut to add length to your body. It would be also better to wear kurtis that has embellishments and patterns on the middle part of the kurti to draw attention to the upper half. A variety of neckline works well with this body figure like a round, square and collar neckline. It would be best to avoid light colours for your pants as it draws attention to the area you don't want people to focus on.

Rectangular Shape

A rectangular shape depicts a body form that has an average yet equally sized shoulder to waist to hip ratio. The waist is not very well accentuated so the kurtis have to give the illusion of a defined waist. For this body figure, it would be best to choose a kurti that has a plunging neckline and kurtis that give a curvy silhouette. Create a cinched waist by opting for belts over the kurti or tie-ups. It is also better to use a heavy fabric for the kurti to add a much-needed volume while going for sleeker bottoms.

Hourglass Shape

An hourglass shape depicts a body form that has a full bust and hips and a defined waist. This figure is considered to be the most desired shape as most attires are flattering for it. However, if a lady has fuller than average bust it is best to go for a deep neckline. A lady with fuller than average hip can opt for an A-line kurti. It is recommended to purchase a kurti that is well fitted as it could hide desired curves and give the illusion of appearing larger than you are.

Inverted Triangle Shape

An inverted triangle shape depicts a body form that has a broad shoulder with close to no definition between waist and hips. The appearance of the body would seem that the bottom half is way smaller than the top half. For this body figure, it would be best to choose a kurti that has a deep neckline as it can take away the attention off the shoulders and give the illusion of appearing much smaller. It is also recommended to opt for kurtis that is well fitted at the bust or cinched at the waist then flare all the way to the hem. Settling for layered bottoms like a patiala gives a much-needed volume and evens out the proportion.

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Avoid Blindly Following Trends

Trends come and go; A new trend enters the fashion scene every season. Rather than blindly following the trends, learn to wear for your body type. No two body shapes can wear the same. Not many variations; A belt, or a change in neckline makes all the difference. It's all about accentuating your plus points and hiding your weaker points. And to help you look the best in whatever you wear.

Before you go ahead with your year-end shopping spree, stop and spend some time reading our article. It is sure to give you an insight into classy styles and how to dress for your body shape.