Being Plus Sized Has Never Been Better! A List of the Most Beautiful 3XL Kurtis of 2019 That Show Off All the Right Curves (2019)

Being Plus Sized Has Never Been Better! A List of the Most Beautiful 3XL Kurtis of 2019 That Show Off All the Right Curves (2019)

The women who are so infused with this ecstatic state and happened, to adorn a Kurti in many diabolic occasions, is contagious. But, the best part is when the Kurtis really give them the comfort-ability, the perfect stature and it’s easy to customize too, according to the size and shape they desire. It’s that flexible! Thus, let’s browse through the 3XL sized Kurtis which has dazzled the people and made them really happy with its attractive texture, colour and designs-

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How to Choose the Right Plus Size Kurti for Yourself

Opt for More Flared Designs

If you are a plus-size or curvy girl then you need the perfect 3 xl kurtis that complement your body type can be hard to find. The basic tip you can follow is that opt for more flared designs. If you want to wear figure-hugging styles then a body shaper might be needed which is not always a comfortable choice, especially in summers.

Instead, look out Kurti styles which are fit well in the chest area and/or on the waist area and then has a flared hemline. It will not only complement your body type but would make you look more confident about yourself.

Take Help from the Size Chart

Be sure to go through the size chart before buying a clothing item online. Considering there is no scope for trying out these items before purchase you should make sure that you are ordering just the right size for you.

Most of the times, each brand have different size ranges, which vary from one another. This is why referring to the size chart every time will let you know about complete measurements so that you can pick the right size for yourself.

Always Feel Confident About Yourself

No matter what you kind of design or style you wear in plus size kurtis, you should always feel confident about yourself. You should always remember the fact that your body measurements do not define who you are as a person and if you have the right amount of confidence in your then you can rock any type of style and design no matter what.

10 Amazing Designs of Kurtis in 3xl Size

Floral Pink Straight Kurta


So, for the first recommendation of the 3 xl kurtis, we picked a really stunning and very pretty pink straight kurti with floral print. Now, we know that straight kurtas aren’t the always the best option for curvy women but the reason for picking this piece is the beautiful print it features.

Also, you can clearly see the flower motifs right under the chest area which gives a nice dimension to the whole outfit and can make you look even slimmer. This pretty pink kurta comes with round neck and quarter length sleeves and you can also see the flower motifs all across the edge on the kurta which gives a nice colour and texture to it. You can pair this kurta with an ankle-length legging or even blue jeans too. You can buy this kurti on for Rs 1,199.

Multicoloured Cotton Anarkali Kurti

Cotton Anarkali Kurtis are probably the best option for curvy and plus size women and this is why we picked one such piece in our next recommendation. This one here is a white Anarkali kurti with blueprint all over it which actually makes it look quite vibrant and appealing.

This kurti has a mandarin collar and quarter length sleeves but surely doesn’t have any kind of work or motifs on it which makes it perfect as casual wear. The long length of the kurti is perfect to make you look slimmer and it is available in various sizes too. You can pair it with a contrasting legging to add some colours to the look. Grab this really nice and flowy Anarkali Kurti on for Rs 1,141.

Pink Cotton a Line Kurti

Looking for some really gorgeous Limeroad 3xl kurtis? You should take a look at this pink cotton A-line Kurti here which is undoubtedly one of the best pieces that we came across during our hunt of pretty 3 Xl Kurtis. First of all, the colour and the shades of kurti are everything feminine yet so appealing. The two shades of pink make the kurti look gorgeous while the white embroidery on the kurti makes it look even more stunning.

The kurti has quarter length sleeves and two front cuts along with beautiful crochet work on the neck. This kurti is worth including in your wardrobe for that nice breezy vibe when you step out of home wearing it. Make sure that you grab it on for Rs. 1,670.

Casual Solid Maroon Kurti

The thing about A-line kurtis is that they are somewhere in the middle of a straight kurti without side slits and an Anarkali kurti. If you do not want much flare in your kurti then this is the perfect choice for you. We picked a really stylish and dark maroon coloured A-line kurti for you.

It is perfect for semi-casual wear and you can even wear it to small parties too. This kurti got the combination of cold shoulder detailing along with belle sleeves which are perfect if you want to do some experiment with your looks. The otherwise solid kurti also got some print on its chest area which is nice floral print along with some nice thread detailing on it. Pair this kurti with beige pants for that really perfect look. You can shop it on for Rs. 1,299.

White Mandarin Neck Printed Kurta


If you are looking for some workwear in 3 xl kurtis then we have got the perfect pick for you. This one here is a really formal looking white printed kurti which is so simple yet the prints add such a variation in it that you would totally want to buy it.

It has got this mandarin collar for more formal look along with quarter length sleeves. Though simple it has got a bit of everything. For example, it has got this minimal checkered print along with some nice indigo print on the neck area and motifs on the middle front area. It is totally commendable that they have added so much of versatility in a single piece. You should totally team it up with a white or indigo coloured palazzo for an amazing look. This kurti is available for purchase on for Rs 1,189.

Flared Foil Print Kurti


It is the time to up your ethnic wardrobe game and opt for some more interesting colours and designs in Kurtis. So, we got this responsibility on our shoulders and picked a Chiku coloured flared Kurti which has so many interesting elements in it.

First of all, this is definitely not a casual Kurti as it has got this foil print work on it on the chest area. Also, the sleeves are pretty amazing as they are these short cape sleeves.

Moreover, the Kurti has asymmetrical hemline which is short from front and long from the backside. This is an A-line Kurti and hence also got some flare on it too. This pretty crepe Kurti is perfect to make you look different on functions. Pair it with brown palazzo to match the colour of the upper front area for a perfect look. You can buy it at for Rs 767.

Pink Rayon Flared Kurti Dress

Kurti dresses are quite in trend and you should totally check out the collection of Craftsvilla 3xl Kurtis for it. We picked a one really nice piece of them which is a floral print calf length Kurti for you. It can be worn as a dress or can be paired with legging for an ethnic look.

This one here is nicely flared with the combination of round neck and quarter length sleeves. Because of being a bit clinched on the waist, this Kurti gives a nice flowy vibe which is great for plus size women.
The basic colour of this rayon Kurti is actually grey but the amazing pink and indigo floral print all over it somehow overpowers this dull colour and makes it look more vibrant. This is actually a really nice pick for some Boho appeal. You can buy this Kurti dress on for Rs. 955.

Blue Solid Anarkali Kurti with Jacket

Kurti with a jacket is our personal favourite pick amongst all as they eliminate the need of using dupatta which is quite liberating for a woman. So, here is a solid blue Anarkali Kurti with a jacket on it.

This is a rayon Kurti which is in blue solid colour and comes with a round neck and three-quarter sleeves. The Kurti is knee length with flared hem and also got some print on the hemline as well as on the edge of the sleeves too.

However, the real hero here is the jacket which gives the otherwise plain Kurti added style and uniqueness. This is a completely printed jacket which matches well with the print of the Kurti too. Team up this Kurti with an ankle-length white legging for that perfect ethnic look. Buy it now on for Rs. 849.

Pink Embroidered Cotton Stitched Kurti

Who said light colours aren’t for plus size women? You just need the right amount of confidence and the right kind of styling to pull them off. So, we picked a light pink coloured Kurti for you which is quite simple yet quite graceful and the pink colour adds some feminine approach in the attire.

This is a straight Kurti with round neck and quarter length sleeves and also got some pleats detailing on it too. But the major highlight is the black embroidery done on the bust area of this Kurti.

You can also spot some of this embroidery done on the sleeves too. You can pair this Kurti with black or white pants to create a nice chillout kind of look. Grab it now on for Rs. 2,199.

Pink Anarkali Kurti with Side Slit

It is the time for going bold and this last piece amongst the 3 xl Kurtis is sleeveless. This is a really beautiful blue and pink Kurti which is quite stylish and got some amazing elements in it.

This is a sleeveless kurti which is in Anarkali style but also got a side slit on it. The Kurti is solid pink on the upper area and has a blue colour on the lower flared area along with some nice floral print and gold handprint detailing on it.

Now, sleeveless kurtis can be a bit intimidating for curvy women especially when you have bulky hands but you should totally rock such pieces with great confidence. and buy it now on for Rs 1,349.

Guide to Look Slim in Ethnic Wear


There can be some kind of struggle while choosing plus size ethnic wear and most importantly while wearing them. But not anymore!

We have got some tips and tricks for you which can make you look a bit slimmer while donning the ethnic outfits. Make sure to follow them every single time you wear a suit or lehenga or saree or anything else to look your confident best in them.

Opt for Lightweight Fabric for Both Salwar Suits and Saree

Whether you are buying 3xl Kurtis wholesale range or saree, you must always focus on choosing lighter fabrics over heavier ones. Heavy fabrics like silk, velvet, jacquard etc. can make you look even bulkier than you are. In this case, opting for lighter fabrics like chiffon, net, georgette would be a perfect idea for you and your body type. Lighter fabrics are not only easy to carry but also looks great on curvy people.

Choose a Narrow Bottom Wear

Whatever type of bottom wear you are teaming up with your Kurti, you should always stick to the rule of choosing narrow bottom wear. Particularly when it comes to wearing Anarkalis, you should always stick to leggings (ankle length). If you are wearing straight Kurtis then you can go for palazzos to balance out the effect and the same goes vice versa.

Go for V Neckline and Quarter Length Sleeves

V Necklines and quarter length sleeves are the most perfect combination in Kurtis when it comes to plus size women. Wear V neckline kurtas give you a leaner look and you can determine the length of the cut on your own. Quarter length sleeves also cover almost all of your hands revealing only the leaner part which gives you a further slimmer look.

Wear Darker Colours

And the last tip is something you have heard before. When wearing 3 xl Kurtis, you should go for darker colours. They help in creating a uniform body shape and hence gives an illusion of you being fitter and slimmer in terms of appearance. However, it totally depends upon your final choice that what kind of colours you want to wear.

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Pairing Is Hassle-free

No need of particular salwar, churidar, etc. kurti facilitates wearer with different choices for the bottom like skin fitting leggings as well with loose-fitting Patiala or jeans, jeggings, treggings etc. the choice is yours!!! It is good to consider your body shape, occasion, and weather for a perfect pairing. You can get a new look within a minute just by changing bottom wear.