Gifting on a Shoestring Budget: 10 Gifts for Boyfriend up to 500 Rupees

Gifting on a Shoestring Budget: 10 Gifts for Boyfriend up to 500 Rupees

Do you stop giving gifts during the lean times? Maybe to many other people, but your boyfriend? No way! Strapped for cash, in a new relationship and need an inexpensive gift for him, or want to give him a small gift for no reason, every girl must have a list of some awesome ideas for gifts that can be bought under Rs.500. We have just the things you need. And these cheap but cool ideas can just as easily be given as birthday, Christmas or Valentine's gift to boyfriend.

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Tips for Picking the Best Gift for Your Boyfriend

There are so many gifts available out there and you have many options to choose from when it comes to gifting your boyfriend. However, it is always best to go for a gift that will either be useful for your guy or holds a sentimental value. Gifts are a way of expressing your love and affection toward your boyfriend and you should pick them wisely. Don’t just buy anything for the sake of it. Keep the gift very realistic and even if it has a funny facet to it, it should still have some use.

Keep Your Gift Either Useful or Sentimental

You could buy something that might cost you a fortune but does not really have any appeal to it. Yes, there are gifts of that sort too! But that just means that you have not invested much of your time and effort in picking the best gift. It shouldn’t seem like you have picked the first thing that you came across.

Put in some more effort and buy him a thoughtful gift for his birthday. Not everything expensive is guaranteed to be of some value and while choosing the right gift for your boyfriend, you should buy something thoughtful over mere expensive. For example, you can gift him a keychain that you can easily find under Rs.500 and which is also useful. Earphones, wrist watch, pair of socks are all examples of something useful that you can buy for him. On the other hand, if you want to give something sentimental, you can go for a photo frame with a picture of both of you.

Do Not Compromise on Quality

Before you buy a gift for your boyfriend, check it's quality. In the process of finding something in low price do not end up buying something of low quality. If you are shopping online, then you can check for the user ratings for that particular product and if it is less then maybe look for a similar product that has a better rating. Check for all the alternatives of the alternate options and then zero down your choices to find the perfect gift. Gifts that are priced a little low can still have good quality but you must check properly first. After all, your guy deserves the best!

Top 10 Gifts for Your Boyfriend That are Under Rs.500

Beard Catcher

Gift your boyfriend with this beard catcher that will save him the hassle of cleaning up the bathroom after he trims his beard. This beard bib is perfect for avoiding the small hair from choking into the faucet. It is made of sturdy nylon cloth and can be attached to the mirror with the help of the suction cup. It is immensely easy to use, setup as well as store. This beard bib saves a lot of time that your boyfriend might spend in cleaning up after shaving. He can easily dispose the hair with the help of this beard bib. It is an excellent gift for your boyfriend for just under Rs.500. You can buy this amazing product from for Rs.499 only.

Batman Cool Pad Eye Mask

Gift this cool Batman eye mask to your boyfriend. It is yellow and black in color with batman glasses print. The eye mask augments a sound sleep and comes with two different settings. You can keep it in hot water for 5 minutes for a hot pack therapy and can get a cold compress therapy by keeping it in the fridge for 10 minutes. Gift him this eye mask for sound and peaceful sleep. Moreover, it is also ideal for eye rejuvenation with its dual features. You can buy the same from Flipkart for Rs.350.

360 Degree Rotating Mobile GPS Holder for Car Dashboard and Windshield

It gets extremely difficult to use navigation while driving your car and using the mobile can be quite distracting while driving. Gift your boyfriend this 360 degree rotating mobile GPS holder that can be used on the car windshield as well as dashboard. It is easy to install on vehicles and it works perfectly on smooth surfaces like glass, refrigerator, granite etc. However, note that you cannot mount it on any non-uniform surface. It will help drive freely without having to worry about where to keep the phone. This saviour of a GPS holder makes life easier by providing a sturdy place where the mobile can be kept and can also multitask as a cup holder. You can get this awesome gift from Snapdeal for Rs.190.

Cloud Magnetic Keychain Holder

This cloud magnetic keychain holder is simple and stylish at the same time. You simply have to rip off the red color sticker and stick the keychain holder on the wall. The magnetic key chain holder easily fixes to any door or wall. You can hang up to 3 keys and buy it in two colors, blue and white. You can get this gift for as low as Rs.399 from This can be a super useful gift for your boyfriend. He can keep his bike keys, car keys and house keys in this charming and cute magnetic keychian holder. He can place it in his living room or bedroom. It makes for an awesome gift under 500 rupees.

Spin the Shot

Order this super fun Spin the Shot game for your boyfriend. It can be used to play the spin the shot game wherein you have to spin the wheel and whomsoever the shot points to has to take a shot. It is a great game for breaking the ice and is a fun drinking game. You can gift this to your boyfriend so that he can have a blast with his friends. It is definitely a party essential and your guy would love using it for having a great time with his friends. You can also play a couple’s drinking game with the help of this. Buy it from for Rs.399.

Fruit Design Neck Travel Pillow


This fruit design neck travel pillow is ideal for anyone who travels frequently. It is covered with a soft velvet material for optimum comfort, and can also fit in your bag easily. The neck pillow has super-light micro beads and is perfect for both long and short journeys. Moreover, it can be used while reading, watching TV and sleeping. You no longer have to worry about the sleeping issues you face while travelling in a plane as you can simply wear it around your neck and are good to go. You can also use it at home to feel comfortable while reading. Buy this cool gift for your boyfriend from Amazon for Rs.399.

Wall-Mount Bottle Opener

This wall mount bottle opener comes in the form of a wall hanging. It is ideal for house parties wherein the guests can help themselves with this bottle opener. Usually during house parties, people are always looking for a bottle opener striggling to find one. This cool wall-mount bottle opener makes it easy to just pop open your favourite drink. It is very convenient to be used. It is a perfect gift for your boyfriend under Rs 500. The bottle opener is made of wood and has interesting messages written on it. Your boyfriend would love flaunting it in front of his friends. Buy it for Rs.299 from

Beer Belt

Gift this cool beer belt to your guy and it will surely take him to could nine! The cool beer belt comes in three colors; blue, black and in an army print. It has 6 pockets to keep your beer and can be carried during a party, trek or even movie at home. It is made of cloth and has an adjustable belt. He can wear it around while at a picnic with his pals or joining the friends for a sports match. The beer belt is really eye-catchy yet useful and your boyfriend will forever be grateful to you for gifting him this awesome gift. It is certainly the best gift for all beer lovers. Gift this amazing gift to your guy for Rs.499. Buy it here.

A Set of Push Up Bars

Is your guy a fitness freak? Is he the kind that just wouldn’t stop talking about how much he loves to workout. If your answer to these questions is yes then this is probably a gift that he will love! It is a general black and grey color push up bar with medium length. The push-up bars from Aerofit enable you to comfortably do push ups at home and helps you tone your arms as well us increase body strength. This can be an amazing gift for your fitness freak boyfriend. Support his fitness goals by giving this push up bar to him. You can buy it from for a cost as low as Rs.449.

Beverage Dispenser

Isn’t it really daunting when you have to serve the drinks to all your hosts every single time? Not to mention the refills! This beverage dispenser has got you covered. The beverage dispenser helps in dispensing the drinks from the bottle effortlessly and makes for a great party supply. It helps keeping your drinks fizzy. You simply have to keep the dispenser on the plastic beverage bottle and then turn it upside down. It is excellent for any party or get together and you can gift it to your boyfriend for an amazing party experience. With this in place, you can enjoy the party just as much as your guests do. Buy it online from for Rs.399.

Don't Just Wrap it and Hand it to Him! Bonus Tips for Presenting the Gift

Disguise the Gift to Look Like Something Else

The value of your gift increases with the way you present it. To surprise your boyfriend, you can gift wrap the gift in fake packaging, meaning you can wrap it up in something that least looks like a gift. For example, you can wrap the gift in a box of office supplies or can keep it along with washed laundry. You can also keep the gift somewhere in the kitchen where your boyfriend usually visits and put it inside a grocery bag. You can also keep the at his workplace with the help of his colleagues. Maybe under his drawer inside a cookie box or a snack box. This way he will be really surprised to see the gift pop out of nowhere.

Gift Him at an Unusual Time

It is highly likely for him to expect a gift exactly when the clock strikes 12! So act all casual and give him an illusion that you have completely forgotten about the gift. You can show up at his place early in the morning knocking his door only to surprise him with your gift. Or you can pop in at his work place and give the gift to him there. Take time off your normal schedule to surprise him when he is least likely to expect it. You could also wait until his birthday has almost ended to present the gift. This sure will make your gift a memorable one. Or you can choose the lunch hour to visit him at work and take him by surprise.

Use Balloon Notes to Lead Him to the Gift

A simple way of getting him to the gift is by building some suspense to make it all the more exciting. All you need to is to write clues about the place where you have kept the gift on pieces of paper. Put each clue inside of a balloon and blow it. Then tie these bunch of balloons together and present it to him. He will receive the clues after popping each balloon. Now, with these clues, ask him to find the place where you have hidden his birthday gift. This is a super fun and creative way of presenting the birthday gift to him. It is a creative and fun way of giving him his birthday surprise.

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Don't get hung up on the price

When you put your mind to it, there is so much you can do with Rs.500 so don't get stuck thinking you have less money to spend on a gift. Some of the best things in life cost nothing, such as your affection. Shower your boyfriend with that, and anything you get will seem like icing on the cake. That said, there are some incredible things you can buy for that much, so start looking!