Are You Looking for New Kurtis for Summer You Can Order from Home(2020)? Now You Can Choose from Our Compilation of the Best Designer Dresses That You Can Order Online!

Are You Looking for New Kurtis for Summer You Can Order from Home(2020)? Now You Can Choose from Our Compilation of the Best Designer Dresses That You Can Order Online!

Though most of the people are skeptical about shopping online, one thing no one hesitates to buy is a designer, Kurti. You just have to look at the picture to get a complete idea about the dress and then order according to your size and budget! As simple as that! Here are the best options we have gathered for your convenience, so you can choose easily!

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Are You Bored of Old Kurti Patterns?

Every woman has various pieces of Kurtis in her wardrobe, catering to her needs. However, over the years modern women and especially the younger crowd expect some new touch to their clothes, in this fast-paced life. To cater to the needs of the younger and fashion-conscious generation, designers are constantly exploring and designing unique pieces of Kurtis. These outfits are a blend of tradition and modernity, making it perfect for the modern generation. To cater to all your needs, in this article we have listed the best ones that you can choose online.

Spice up Your Style with New Kurti Patterns

Spice up your wardrobe with these new kurti patterns. These attires have evolved from the traditional ones by incorporating the latest design and cut. Here is a list of the new kurti patterns.

  • Chikankari - A pattern that comprises of embroidery work all over the dress, with delicate hand made thread work.

How to Choose Stylish and Modern Designer Kurtis?

Here are a few tips one has to keep in mind before opting for a kurta.

  • Body type - It is necessary to keep one’s body type in mind to choose the perfect one. For instance, full-length kurtis are good for women who are heavier on the bottom.

Chic Kurti Styling Tips


Though kurtis are considered to be an ethnic attire in India, still you can add a modern touch to it by following some chic styling tips:

  • Pair short kurtis with loose palazzo pants.

Best Kurtis to Purchase Online


Ethnic Kurtis are an essential part of every women’s wardrobe. They are perfect to be worn for any traditional occasion and come in colourful shades, as well. They are also made from silk, gold motifs, silver motifs, colorful floral embroidery, and sequins. Here is a list of some of the best ethnic attire for your reference.

Green Yoke Design A-Line Kurti

An ethnic kurti that is perfect for festive occasions! This A-line kurti comprises of a sequined yoke, that consists of colourful floral embroidery. It consists of a loophole neck along with long leaves design, that are loose and elegant. Moreover, it consists of an asymmetric hemline, making it perfect to be worn with pants. Also, it comes with a string attached at the waist that can be used to fasten the dress snugly around one’s waist. It is made of viscose rayon which imparts a fluidic vibe. The kurta is designed by India’s renowned fashion designer Ritu Kumar and can be purchased for Rs.6,300/- from Myntra.

Black Art Silk Straight Kurti


Art silk Kurtis is always hit with the ladies due to their comfort and elegance. The short outfit comes in black art silk, with floral print adorning its entire length. It comprises of round neckline with full sleeves and a short hemline. It is made from soft crepe silk, making it look like a second skin on your body while adding comfort. The kurti can be paired with a set of patiala pants, colour juttis and long earrings. It can be purchased for Rs.999/- from the house of ethnic wear Biba.

Ethnic Motif Printed A-Line Kurti

A unique kurti made of cotton thus is perfect for the summers. This simple but elegant kurti comprises of gold foil print all over its bodice. The short kurta can be paired with leggings or jeans. It has a deep V-neckline that is attached with a pair of fasteners, that can be fastened as tassels in front of the neckline. The sleeve is made of polyester and is fitted till mid of it and evolves into balloon sleeves from the front, making it look chic and stylish at the same time. The sleeves are cinched at the hemline to form a perfect shape. Also, it comes in an elegant red colour, that will surely make everyone’s head turn towards you. It can be purchased for Rs.674/- from Lime Road.

  Sequin Kurti

This sequinned kurti comes in a beige colour, that is subtle and oozes charm. It features a yoke that consists of beige sequins on the neck and also on the sleeves. It consists of a V-neckline and three-fourth sleeves. The A-line attire consists of a bottom part that has a slit on both sides. The ethnic kurti comes with monochrome pencil pants, that make it look complete. It is made of satin silk and is perfect for all festive occasions. This glitzy straight designer set can be purchased for Rs.1,680/- from Indya.

Best Casual Kurtis

Casual Kurtis are a staple in every women’s wardrobe due to their comfort and versatility. They can be casually paired with jeans, patialas, skirts and much more. Here is a list of some of the best casual Kurtis that are available online.

Pink Printed Polyester Kurti with Trouser

This pink polyester kurti has a straight fit. It comes in a baby pink colour with a collared neck made of a floral design. It also has half-turned in sleeves with a hemline that is made of floral material. A floral hemline runs along the entire length of the dress making it perfect for any outing or casual parties with your family and friends. It comes with matching floral pants that are pre-stitched. Let your hair loose and just add a set of long earrings and stylish clutch to compliment your look. This elegant set can be purchased for Rs.1,588/- from Mirraw.

White Printed Cotton Kurti With Pant Set

A classic white kurti with colourful floral motifs that are handprinted. The kurti is made from pure cotton, making it comfortable to wear in scorching summer heat. The kurti comprises of a closed Chinese collared neck. It comes with a fitted three-fourth sleeve that gradually loosens to form a balloon-shaped sleeve and is cinched at the wrist. Also, the kurti is split into two halves from the midriff onwards to create a stylish look. It comes replete with a set of colourful floral loose pants that complements the top attire. Thus, making it the perfect attire for casual events. This classic piece can be purchased for Rs.3,899/- from Mirraw.

Orange Art Silk Straight Kurti


Another art silk Kurti finds prominence in our list due to its comfort. It is lightweight, making it perfect for summer and comes in a bright orange colour featuring bright floral print all over the body. It comprises of a round neckline and three-fourth sleeves. This summery top can be paired with white pants or a pair of blue jeans, sandals and minimal jewellery. It can be used as office attire or for casual outings, as well. It has a cotton lining on the inside to make it suitable for wear in summer. The attire can be purchased for Rs.1,299/- from Biba.

Ethnic Motifs A-Line Cotton Kurti

A cotton attire that doubles up as a kurti or as dress, making it a flexible one. The off-white asymmetrical hemline kurti is made of pure cotton. It consists of a closed round neckline with cap sleeves. The cap sleeves consists of a thin piping border in contrasting colour. The upper bodice of the kurti comprises of multiple colourful floral motifs.

The bottom half also consists of big floral motifs but they are more spaced out. The side of the dress consists of an overlapping side hemline, that also has an in-built pocket on both sides. It can be worn as a standalone dress with a pair of wedges and chic jewelry. The dress can be purchased for Rs.569/- from Jaipur Kurtis.

Chikankari Straight Kurti

Chikankari Kurtis are casual attires that are often preferred by the youngsters. The elegance of the ethnic Chikankari technique is ages old. It is a technique that involves hand-embroidered cloth with delicate threads. The chikankari work is mostly done on pastel colours, that are perfect shades for summer. This Kurti that we have included, is made of cotton and consists of chikankari work on the upper half of the bodice, while the bottom half tapers to create a fitted top. The attire has a closed neckline and is sleeveless. The Kurti can be worn over jeans, making it perfect for the office and other casual events. The attire can be purchased for Rs.2,940/- from Lime Road.

Best Contemporary Kurtis

For girls who are bored with normal Kurtis and want to deviate from the traditional ones can opt for contemporary ones. This contemporary Kurti incorporates modernity and comfort while making it suitable for younger girls. Here is a list of the best ones that you can choose:

Diagonal Kaftan Kurti

Kaftan type Kurtis is perfect contemporary Kurti for young girls. This pink kaftan type attire has a closed run neckline with a contrast silver taping hemline. The attire consists of three-fourth loose stitched sleeves, that are perfect for casual outings. It has a broad V-neckline with an asymmetrical hemline, adding both ethnic and modern touch to the dress. The attire can be worn with metallic pants and complemented with casual sandals. This salmon-pink kaftan can be purchased for Rs.1,319/- from Myntra.

Turquoise-Blue Embroidered A-Line Kurti

This turquoise blue coloured A-line kurti is breezy, thus making it perfect for hot summers. The attire comprises of an embroidered yoke on the bodice. It has a mandarin-collared neckline and three-fourth button-down sleeves. The embroidered yoke has a button closure in the front with an asymmetrical high and a low hemline. The kurti also comes with a matching palazzo pant, which is made of viscose rayon. The embroidered turquoise kurti can be purchased for Rs.1,169/- from Myntra.

Cotton Peplum Top

Peplum tops have always been famous as an contemporary attire, and much preferred by modern women. This peplum kurti top is made of cotton and has a round neckline. The peplum top comprises of elbow sleeves and comes in navy blue colour. The contemporary top can be paired with matching ankle-length trousers, that add finesse to your look. Just pair the modern attire with a pair of platform heels and let your hair loose to make all heads turn. It can be purchased for Rs.3,200/- from Mirraw.

Halter Neck

Halter necks are not only found in modern western dresses, but also look good with traditional dresses. This halter neck kurti is made from cotton and comes in an attractive red colour. The yoke comprises a vertical sequin design and a neckline that is tied with straps. This solid colour dress comes complete with palazzo pants, making it more comfortable to wear on outdoor events. Throw in a pair of strappy sandals and you are all set to ace the event. You can purchase this trendy outfit for Rs.1,200/- from Nykaa.

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Read Care Instructions Well Before Use!

Every dress that is purchased, online or from shops, comes with a set of instructions to maintain its shape and colour well. It is very important to read all these instructions well before using them. The usual instructions included are about how to wash: machine wash or hand wash, warm or cold water, with or without detergent. Some materials can not be washed altogether and need to be dry-cleaned, instead. Other instructions are about whether or not a dress can be pressed with an iron. While most cotton dresses are safe to iron at home, others might require a steam press. Very rarely, we come across instructions about not to wear perfume on a particular dress, as its colour might fade from it!