4 Ways to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend and 10 Gifts She Will Love

4 Ways to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend and 10 Gifts She Will Love

Your girl deserves nothing but the best and you are prepared to go to great lengths to find her the perfect gift. Even the best gift givers need a little help now and then which is why we have put together a list of romantic, thoughtful, extravagant and sweet gifts, each perfect for a different occasion.

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How to Get the Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend

Plan Ahead

The only way to ensure you have the perfect gift is to plan ahead so you have enough time to brainstorm and come up with a good idea. You also need time to execute your plan, such as getting a customised gift made, or if you buy it online. All these things take time and you must make sure it is ready for her on time.

Have you considered making something for her yourself? It will be a very sweet gesture, but if you want it to be perfect, it must be well made with good material. You also want to inspect the gift if you have bought it online or had it made to see if it turned out the way you expected, and if it requires additional work.

Has She Been Dropping Hints?

Girls often talk about things they like or would want to receive as a gift. She may have been giving you clear hints about what she would like to get from you, specially if you have been dating for a while and she is comfortable telling such things. It really would be the perfect thing to get her, as it is exactly what she wants. It may also be in your best interest to pay attention to what she says, so not getting her something she said she wants will be a big misstep.

A lack of open hints doesn't mean there aren't other ways to find out what she would like. Wishlists that are open for public viewing on e-commerce websites, Pinterest pages, Instagram feeds and other socila media pages all offer a good insight into things likes and may want as a gift.

Practical Gifts Are Often the Best

Think about the ways you can make her work easier, add some comfort or convenience in her life or makes chores simpler. Useful gifts are used often, making the user thankful to the person who gave it to them. Aside from reminding her of you, wouldn't it be nice to give your girlfriends she really needs. She may either have her eye on some gadtel, tool or equipment and you can but that for her. Or think of things she could use. Does she often feel chilly when you go for out for movies? Buy her a nice wrap or shawl in a lightweight material which she can carry it easily in her bag.

Heard of Love Language?

Each person is different, we all know that. How do you know what type of gift will appeal to your girlfriend the most? It is fairly simple if you follow the guidelines laid down by Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. Now we aren’t telling you to go read the book, unless you want to, but we can sum it up for you.

Your (or your girlfriend’s) love language is one of five means through which you experience or express love best - by receiving gifts, spending quality time with a loved one, by words of affirmation, through physical touch, and by acts of service and devotion. Meaning, she is most touched by or feels loved best when you do any of these. Most people have a primary and a secondary love language.

The affiliate website offers a simple test to determine what your (or her) love language is and you can ask her to take it. She will be touched by your effort to please her and make her feel loved.

6 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Personalised Tile Frame

Give her a framed memory of your favourite picture together in the form of a tile frame. Reliving memories is a great way to keep the spark alive in your relationship, and a picture sitting on her bedside table, dresser or desk at work is a nice way to do that.

Attach a high resolution picture at the time of placing your order and it will be transformed into a canvas print and framed for you. The frame measures 330 mm x 350 mm and is made entirely of canvas and sits on an acrylic frame. Add a short message along with the picture. Order it for Rs.649 on archiesonline.com.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

If your girlfriend likes her tequila you both know the salty mess that happens when you are trying to fix shots at home or for a party. Solve the perennial problem with a set of shot glasses made entirely from Himalayan pink salt.

Hand carved from blocks of the natural edible salt, the slow dissolving salt starts flavouring the drink as soon as the liquid is poured inside, the longer it’s held, the saltier it gets. Use it to spike not just tequila but any drink that could benefit from a mild hit of salt. The pack contains a set of 4 shot glasses that hold 30 ml each. It goes without saying that this product should not go in the dishwasher. The salt is naturally antibacterial and the glasses can simply we wiped clean, if you must wash, a quick rinse with minimal water and a thorough drying should suffice. The pink tinted, slightly translucent glasses are great to look at too. Buy a set of 4 glasses for Rs.1,099 on allnaturals.in.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A portable bluetooth speaker with excellent sound clarity that she can use to listen to all her favourite music is a perfect gift for the musically inclined girlfriend. You don’t necessarily have to splash out a huge sum for an expensive speaker but we recommend the Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker because it packs a lot of punch for a speaker this size.

It has a true 360 degree sound, uniform coverage and is encased in a seamless and durable aluminium body that is also water resistant. It streams music via Bluetooth, has an impressive 10 hour battery life, is compatible with all types of devices including Android and iOS, has a built in microphone to enable her to make hands free voice calls, and has a wireless range of upto 9 meters. It is also incredibly compact and lightweight, making it perfect to carry around. Buy it for Rs.17,910 on Flipkart.

Smart Jewellery

A piece of jewellery that also happens to be a fitness tracker is a great gift in a world dominated by smart but bulky and often ugly fitness bands. This gift is far down the expensive end of the spectrum so read further only if you have a large budget. The Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker is priced at Rs.15,365 on Amazon, so unless you intended to spend so much, skip this suggestion least you be tempted to buy it.

It has an impressive 4.1 star rating on Amazon based on over 7000 reviews. More an overall health tracker rather than just a fitness monitor, the beautiful leaf shaped gadget encapsules useful features such as steps taken, distance moved and calories burned. It monitors sleep quantity and quality and serves as an alarm clock by gently waking its user with a soothing vibration.

Apart from tracking physical and sporting activities, it helps its user manage stress through guided meditation and breathing exercises, tracks menstrual cycles, has a 6 month battery cycle, and can be worn as either a necklace or bracelet, or clipped onto clothes. The data is synced wirelessly to an app on the phone. Users who reviewed this often preferred it to the other available options in this price range as they found it promotes health as opposed to only encouraging weight loss.

Eyezone Massager

Does she have a stressful job or stay up late studying? Chances are your girlfriend would benefit from the soothing and healing effects of the Eyezone Massager, a highly rated and loved gadget that massages the eyes and temples. It combines massage therapy with pinhole therapy and magnetic therapy to combat headaches, eyestrain, fatigue and insomnia. It is starting to sound like the perfect thing for her isn’t it?

Many of her stress would have their origins in a screen as we spend hours with gadgets, appliances and monitors all day. It works on 4 acupressure areas - eyes, temples, nose and cheekbones, improving circulation and correcting dark circles and puffy eyes. It deploys pinhole therapy through perforated vision panels, passing light through a pinhole which helps to relax the eye muscles. Magnets are fitted inside the frame to induce the therapeutic benefits of a magnetic field. Buy it for Rs.935 at prezzybox.com.

Love Tracker

People are always looking forward to something; why not take a step back and see where you have been? Just like a countdown timer keeps a record of time left for a certain happening, the Love Tracker is a daily reminder of the number of days you have been in love.

An incredibly romantic gift for your girlfriend, it will remind her daily of your time together. The calendar measures 13” x 9” and comes with five sets of single digit tokens, one set for each slot on the calendar. Count the days you have been together and gift it to her. Then help her keep track of it by changing the number of days each day. Buy it for Rs.1,290 on Oyehappy.com

Do Something Nice For Her

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Girls are so impressed when their boyfriend does something meaningful for them. Buying her a gift or sending her off to a spa for a massage is fairly simple and easy to do, but have you considered giving her a massage yourself? Getting a massage is a great way to relax and soothe sore muscles, giving your girlfriend one is a nice way to bond with her.

Buy the different products you will need or a ready massage gift set like this Hot Stone Therapy Pack which has everything needed to give her a luxury spa treatment. They are gentler than deep tissue massage but hot stone treatments offer similar benefits. The pack contains a 100 ml bottle of stress relieving massage oil, a blend of Geranium, Lavender and Patchouli essential oils. Natural river pebbles, a mood setting candle, a white cotton hair band, and an instruction manual complete the set. The contents come in a reusable PVC bag with press stud closure. Buy it for Rs. 1,777 on Prezzybox.

Gift her the set and offer to give her a massage with it. Read up about how best to give the massage, make a CD with music you can play to create a more relaxing environment.

A Love Letter

Write her a beautiful love letter telling her you love her, explaining exactly why you do. Start with the things that first caught your attention, the emotions they stirred in you. Tell her the things you find most endearing about her, the things she doesn’t really like about herself but which you find irresistible.

You don’t have to wax poetic eloquence, although you can if know how to. Write her the most honest, admiring, loving letter that you can, filling it with your deepest feelings. Write her a letter that makes her smile, laugh, and will move her to tears, a letter she will never part with.

Elvis on Call

Send a musician to her door to serenade her with music! If you can play, show up yourself with perhaps a backup singer or two to make a dramatic presentation. It may sound a little over the top but that’s precisely why it will be romantic. She may be a teeny tiny bit embarrassed at first, perhaps even shocked if you aren’t the kind to make such overt gestures, but she will love every minute of it.

Hire a musician to do it for you, maybe tag along to capture her expression. You can hire a guitarist from Oye Happy under their Elvis On Call experience package which costs Rs.2,900. The guitarist will show up at the time and place of your choice, and break out into a musical sequence the moment she appears. The performance comprises three songs, typically Hindi with a few English options you can pick from. The range is not endless and the guitarist may or may not be able to play your chosen song. This musical surprise is available in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata and Mumbai though certain locations may require an additional charge. It’s best you call and confirm availability before placing an order.

Room of Memories

No matter how old we grow, balloons take us back in time to fond childhood memories. Which is why balloons never seem to go out of fashion even when giving gifts and surprises to grown ups. If your girlfriend happens to like them as well, you can make her a delightful surprise on your own. Fill her room with balloons, fill them with helium so they float right up instead of sinking to the floor, and attach pictures to the ends.

What you will need: plenty of balloons in different colours, or you can use heart shaped ones to make it even more romantic. To make things simpler for yourself, go around the neighbourhood and look up the local balloon seller; if there isn’t one around, inquire at party organisers as they will have the equipment to make helium balloons. Use long lengths of string to tie them up so the pictures you attach hang mid way between the ceiling and the floor, or lower. Use ribbons, glitter, perhaps attach small gifts to some of them, make it as pretty and romantic as you can.

You will need a little help from co conspirators to help you get access to her room, so this one will need plenty of advance planning. If she lives with her family, attempt this only if they don’t entirely disapprove of you, besides, you will have to be on good terms with someone at her home to let you in with a balloon maker! Check hostel rules and enlist the help of her roommate or friends if she lives in a hostel or as a paying guest.

Ask Her What She Would Like

Asking your girlfriend if there is anything she had in mind to celebrate her birthday, your anniversary or her big break is not a bad idea. Have a few aces up your sleeve but by asking her you are taking her plans into account too. Many girls have their own idea of the perfect celebration and would like to have things done a certain way.

You can plan your surprise around what she wants, that she she gets the celebration she always wanted, and a bonus surprise from you. She will also like how you are caring and thoughtful of her wishes.

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Meaningful Gifts

The perfect gift is one that holds meaning and significance for her. When planning your surprise think back to all the things that move her, what she holds dearest and work with those ideas. Reach out to her in an emotional way by showing her how much you care for the things important to her. It can be a simple gesture or gift that means the world to her, making it perfect.