Even the Best Man Needs Help Being There for the Groom: 10 Best Man Gifts for the Groom That'll Wow Him On His Big Day (2021)

Even the Best Man Needs Help Being There for the Groom: 10 Best Man Gifts for the Groom That'll Wow Him On His Big Day (2021)

By getting a wedding gift for the groom, you can make his wedding day even more memorable. It can be difficult to know what makes a good best man gift to the groom, especially now when his life is changing so much. Our advice? Keep it simple! We picked out some great wedding gift ideas for the groom that most men would love to receive as a gift.

Move Beyond the Obvious Gifts for the Groom

The wedding day of your best friend is approaching, and you are bewildered about choosing the ideal present. Weddings are all about traditions, and you must keep this in mind too when choosing the gift. It would have been easily selected if you were a relative or a close friend. You would know the choices and other behavioural patterns and quickly come up with a shortlist of probable items.

While there are no rules while choosing the gift, you may quickly go overboard and spend a fortune on the present. It could affect your financial liquidity for some time. You must select a gift within a reasonable budget. But several options can make it a bit difficult for you to choose one. This article discusses how you can choose the best gift for the groom and the available options for you.

How to Select a Gift for the Groom

What Does He Like?

When you are selecting a gift, you must consider the tastes and preferences of the recipient. Instead of asking him upfront, you should understand his likes and dislikes based on prior incidents. If you are close enough to the person, it will be easier to have this knowledge. Otherwise, you would have to talk to his friends who can provide you with this information. It can help you shortlist the items that you can present him at his wedding.

Setting the Budget

It is better to have a budget in mind and not to go overboard when choosing the gift. Spending for your close friends and relatives, but you should have a maximum budget in mind. It will help during your search for the products that you can consider. You can adapt to the budget and select the criteria for the gifts that come within this figure. It will act as the appropriate starting point in shortlisting the gifts considered for the wedding.

Ensure It Lasts Long

The gifts you consider must be durable, and gifting perishable items should not be considered at all. It must be helpful to the groom, and he must be using it regularly. Personalised items can be an option if they can be considered for daily use. Durable gifts can also have a lasting impression on the recipient. He can keep you in mind have you in mind whenever he uses the gift.

Don't Take the Traditional Route

When shortlisting the probable gift items, it is suggested not to consider any traditional items. One of the common reasons against this idea is that the groom will be receiving these gifts anyways. A unique gift will have a special space in his mind, and it can also be distinguished easily from the several gifts he would be receiving. You must have new ideas in your mind that will cater to the tastes and character of the groom. It will help to revitalise his special day.

Ensure It is Personalised

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When selecting the gift, try to customise it for the groom. It will help him to distinguish your gift. If chosen wisely, he can cherish the gift for a long time after the marriage. While there are several options for personalising a gift, you can add a unique touch by thinking outside the box. Creating a special message and engraving it on the gift can be a great option. Moreover, you must let your creative juices flow when deciding on the customised message.

Ideal Man Gifts to the Groom in 2021

We have come up with a few suggestions at different price points. Few of them are personalised options too.

Tieing the Knot - Ties for the Groom

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Ties are ideal as a gift, and even for weddings. It is a crucial style statement for men, but you must know the latest trends and styles. Moreover, you must also have an idea about the preferences of the recipient. You must choose a brand with an adequate range of textures, designs and colours that provides you with ample options. There are several unique designs to choose from too.

You can choose this tie design with a pocket square, cufflinks, and a tie clip. The design is creative and is designed by experienced craftsmen. The entire combo pack comes in an exquisite gift package and a bag. The tie is ideal for both casual and formal dressing. It is affordable and enhances the charm and sharpness of the recipient.

It is available at Rs. 883 on Amazon.

Personalised Cufflinks for the Groom

Source engrave.in

Cufflinks are ideal for all men and add another degree to their style. If the cufflinks are personalised, it provides another dimension altogether to the person wearing them. There can be a short personal message included in the cufflink. It could be the initials of the couple too, or a separate short message for the couple. It could be among the best gifts to the groom on his best day.

LeCalla is a producer of jewellery and is designed for young people. They look forward to making jewellery for the next generation. You can choose these cufflinks made of brass, and you can choose to have a rhodium plating. The engravings can be personalised based on the background of the recipient. Other than the name or the initials, you can also engrave a message or logo when needed.

It is available at Rs. 2,100 on the Engrave website.

Suiting up the Groom

If you take time to select a gift for the groom, you need not look further. A suit can be an ideal gift for the groom, and there are several options available. You can choose from the different fabrics or the colours and designs that are available online too. The one you choose must gel with the recipient's personality, and it would be perfect if you chose a contemporary design.

There are several brands for you. You can also select any hand-embroidered designs or quirky prints. You can also choose this double-breasted suit and satin detailing paired with a pair of trousers made from the same fabric. It is available in sizes 38, 40, 42, and 44.

It is available at Rs. 11,495 on the Bonsoir website.

Photo Wallet

All of us use our wallets several times during the day. You can gift a photo wallet that can help the recipient to relive their good times. It can help them to remember the good times and feel happy. The recipient can also replace the traditional wallet and replace it will this wallet. Moving to a new option will be looked forward to, and this option is great too.

You can use this personalised leather wallet that will include a picture of the best time of the wedding. It can be a photo or monogram engraving that can add value to the wallet. Before buying, you can send the message or the picture you wish to see on the wallet. This wallet has five card slots, one zipper pocket, two more pockets for cash and an ID window.

It is priced at Rs. 999 on the Moments of Love website.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Toiletries are a significant part of the baggage when travelling. It is essential to have them together in one place and have them handy when needed. You can have a hassle-free trip if you have a toiletry bag with you. It can also be the ideal gift for the groom on his wedding day. It can also be personalised with the initials engraved elegantly on the side of the bag.

The toiletry bag for the groom must be sleek and can come in any of the images clicked during the wedding. This stylish toiletry bag has two side pockets, six separated mesh compartments, one bottom and one front zipper bag. It is durable and stylish and is made from cationic polyester fabric. The dye provides a two-colour effect on the bag. It is crease and water-resistant.

It is priced at Rs. 745 on Flipkart.

Go Pro Versatile Camera

Source www.amazon.in

We all love to have snaps of our best moments and prefer to have a versatile camera handy. No wonder a Go-Pro camera could be the ideal gift for the groom. It will capture the most delicate moments at the start of his married life and provide a panoramic view of the moments. The camera can provide the best clarity to all the fast-moving activities.

This black Go Pro Hero 8 camera is pocketable, and there is a side door that allows you to place the batteries quickly. It can doubly act as the camera of choice for pro filmmakers and vloggers too. Three stabilization levels enable the user to pick the best option. There is a TimeWarp that can adjust speed well. It can also allow the user to have 4K videos even at night. You can also live stream at 1080p on different social media channels.

It is priced at Rs. 28,999 on Amazon.

Classy Whiskey Decanter set

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Is the recipient fond of his favourite drinks? If yes, then a whiskey decanter set can be an option too. This set can also provide the perfect backdrop for a liquor session with the groomsmen. There are few options to have a personalised message engraved on the gift. Some of the options are so elegant that the groom may only find it second to his bride. It can be the perfect celebratory toast at his wedding!

If you choose this decanter set from Singh Mr European, you can be assured that the groom will not put his eyes away from it. It has a classic design with brilliant clarity. The set is ideal for those who love whiskey and all those who love this noble liquor. It is an excellent choice to serve alcohol and double up as a thoughtful gift for all occasions. The set has a decanter and six old-fashioned double glasses. It is made from double-thick borosilicate glass.

It is priced at Rs. 3,999 on Amazon.

Bluetooth Speaker Table

Source sevenaire.com

Is the groom a tech geek? This Bluetooth speaker table can be another option for you. He can replace the traditional furniture with something new. Moreover, it can also suit him to be tech-savvy. The table has modern looks and has a speaker that can allow him to listen to his music through his smartphone. It can also be placed in any position across the house based on convenience.

This product from Seven by Sevenaire is the result of an infusion of audio innovations with art. The sound emitted is uniform and consistent and allows the ideal surround sound experience. It emits captivating sound and provides a brilliant audio experience. It has 360-degree speakers and emits 88W surround stereo sound. There are four Bass radiators and six speakers.

It is priced at Rs. 23,999 on the Sevenaire website.

Smart Wallets

Source cuirally.com

A smart wallet is geeky and ideal for those who prefer to keep technology in their pockets. It can also induce the groom to replace the older wallets and use this new one. Most of these wallets have a slim design and have a tracking device and a card access mechanism. There would be a replaceable battery for charging the apparatus.

You can choose this Voyager leather wallet that alerts the connected smartphone and prevents theft. The user can double press the wallet for connecting to the smartphone. The user can easily search for the location of the wallet through an app. The wallet can also act as a remote for selfies, and you can check its location from various devices. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

It is available at Rs. 3,299 on the Cuirally website.

Tissot Bracelet Watch

The last option on this list is this premium wristwatch from Tissot. It has a sapphire crystal face and is made from stainless steel. The watch is both brilliant and classic. It is water-resistant too. The Tissot men's V8 has an index dial and has a Swiss quartz movement. There is a stainless-steel bracket with push buttons closure.

It is priced at Rs. 30,000 on the Company website.

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A wedding is a magical event for the bride and groom and the help and cooperation of their friends cannot be ignored. With a little bit of planning, you’ll be able to get the groom the perfect gift that’ll make him appreciate the thought and effort you’ve put in. Don’t forget to wish him the best and let him know you appreciate his friendship.