How to Celebrate V Day When You're in a New Relationship & 10 Simple and Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend of 6 Months (2018)

How to Celebrate V Day When You're in a New Relationship & 10 Simple and Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend of 6 Months (2018)

It's the day set apart for love and for lovers, and it coincides with 6-month young relationship with boyfriend. Now you are wondering what to do or what to buy for him to commemorate the day. These ideas would guide you into making a choice that would most definitely be appreciated by him.

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Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day with a New Boyfriend: When it's New, Keep it Simple and Inexpensive

Being in a new relationship during the Valentine season is a bittersweet experience. Well, sweet because you have someone to share your love and celebrate the day of love. However, for the new relationships, it’s bitter because you have no idea what to do on this day. As the relationship is new and you both are still in the getting to know each other phase, so doing something grand isn’t appreciated. So, you should do something simple and inexpensive to celebrate with your six months boyfriend. There are plenty of different inexpensive valentine celebration idea, such as:

Make Dinner and Keep It in the “Red”


The simplest and the most romantic inexpensive valentine celebration would be cooking a delicious meal for your new boyfriend. But, to keep the spirit of Valentine alive and to add some romantic touch to your dinner, you can make a special red dinner. Like, cook all the red coloured food items for the dinner. Red, yep, such as start the dinner with the simple beetroot and carrot salad. Then, you can move to the main course with red sauce pasta or cranberry sauce chicken If you both like to drink. Afterwards, you can wash your dinner with a glass of red wine. And, don’t forget to end dinner on the sweet note of gajjar ka halwa.

Make a Collage of Your Romantic Texts

In the past, in a six months relationship, you both would have shared hundreds of text messages daily. So, to make a simple valentine gift for your new boyfriend, just select the most romantic and cheesy texts that you both have shared with each other. And then take the print out of the texts and create the beautiful romantic text collage for him. This gift will make you happy and this gift won’t look overboard for the new relationship as well.

Leave Notes for Him

So, you can make the whole valentine's week special for your boyfriend in the most inexpensive way by sending romantic love notes to him. Well, if you know the daily routine of your boyfriend which we do hope within the six months of your relationship you must know, you can leave love notes at all those places where your boyfriend visits daily or uses. Like, leave a love note in his toothbrush holder, in his coffee mug, stick a note on his car keys, put notes in his office bag etc., in this way, your boyfriend will be thrilled and, consequently, will look out for your love notes daily.

Put Your Phone Down

Let’s just steal some uninterrupted moments on Valentine's day by cutting yourself from your phones and social media. You and your boyfriend can make a pact of shutting down your phones on Valentine's day and just enjoy the company of each other. Trust us, when constant interruptions of your phones and social media buzzing are silenced for the day, you two can know more about each other. You both can talk about your future, past and the beautiful present that you are enjoying with one another. This activity will add a freshness and positivity on the day of love.

Do His Chores

For the boyfriend who is still new and you are still figuring out the dynamics of your relationship, for him pick the easiest and most convenient Valentine gift option. Something like helping him out with his daily chores. You can help him with his weekly laundry, cook him meals for the whole week, clean his place, fold his clothes, etc., 9 out of 10 boys don’t like to do their daily chores so by helping them out with it, you are giving your boyfriend a huge gift which he will appreciate totally.

Write Him A Love Letter

Sometimes, old and cheesy valentine celebration methods are more romantic than any expensive gift. You can send sweet notes to your boyfriend a few days before Valentine's days via mail. Yep, the traditional notes via a postman, this old style gesture will definitely leave a big smile on your boyfriend’s face. You can write all sort of romantic poetry or phrases for your boyfriend in the notes. If you are not good with words, then you can narrate the love quotes of your favourite authors or you can take reference from any romance novel. You can even send one single stemmed rose along with the notes also.

Make Him a Mixed Tape

Oh, yeah, pretty old method but you can modify it a little bit to align with the modern day. Like, instead of making the classic mixed tape for your boyfriend, you can make his playlist on the iTunes Store and share it with him online. This playlist can include all of your own favorite songs as well so that your boyfriend can understand your taste in music. You can even ask him to create the playlist for you as well, so that you can understand his taste in music too. This is a very sweet and simple valentine day gift which your new boyfriend will definitely cherish on this special day of love.

Simple Valentine's Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend of 6 Months

If you are a bit confused and can't make up your mind about one simple Valentine gift idea for your new boyfriend, then we can offer you multiple gift options. There are plenty of different options available to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most romantic manner, but still, without going overboard. Here we have compiled ten simple Valentine gift ideas which will be appreciated by your new boyfriend. You can place an order for any of the following valentine's day gift and make your first valentine day special as a couple.

Love Jar


A special and simple way to brighten your boyfriend’s mood on Valentine’s Day would be when he receives this little love jar from you. This beautiful love jar is filled with decorative petals, artificial roses and other decorative accessories which are visible from outside. This jar also includes 10 blank papers to write a sweet message to your boyfriend. This sweet love jar full of sweetness and goodness will definitely uplift the mood of your boyfriend on the special day of Valentine. This gift can be ordered from Amazon store for ₹349 and will be always cherished by your boyfriend.

Personalized Mug


To keep the valentine day gift low key for your boyfriend of six months, you can gift him the customized mug with your photo. Yeah, if you are six months down the relationship road, then having a photograph of each other is a good thing. So, you can click a big smiling picture of yourself and imprint on the coffee mug for your boyfriend. This way he can start his morning with your beautiful smiling face. This mug has a black base colour so your picture will definitely pop out very well. You can order the personalized mug from the and it will be going to cost you ₹349.

Personalized Cushion


Well, giving photo frames on Valentine's day has come to be an old idea and moreover, it doesn’t look romantic. So, you can personalize a beautiful and comfortable cushion for your six months boyfriend on Valentine's day with yours and his goofy picture from a date. You can give your boyfriend a candid picture of you both printed on a cushion cover. So, that he can always feel your presence around him whenever he likes and can give tight hug to your image printed on a cushion cover. For this simple Valentine gift, you have to upload your image on and get your personalized cushion for ₹349.

I Love You Cupcake

If you and your boyfriend have sweet tooth, then you can celebrate Valentine's day by gifting him these cute I love you Cupcakes. Moreover, if you haven’t said those three magical words to your boyfriend yet, then with these I love you cupcakes, you have the perfect opportunity to convey your message. These delicious and cute looking I love you cupcakes can be ordered online from the Currently, these cupcakes are available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. So, check your location availability before ordering these adorable cupcakes for ₹799.

Adorable Greeting Card

Sometimes corny and cheesy looking traditional valentine greeting cards are sufficient to express your love. There are plenty of different Valentine's day greeting card options that are available. These days especially, e-greeting cards are very much trending, but the traditional Archie’s greeting cards have something special about them. That’s why to your boyfriend of six months gift the sweet and emotional greeting from Archie’s gallery and personalize it with your message. You can order this particular valentine greeting card from the for ₹399.

Magar Kaise Kahoon Personalised Song - Female Version

Let's dedicate the popular Hindi romantic song to your boyfriend this upcoming Valentine's day. Ok, now, you don’t need to get music lessons for this, just visit the and personalize the song for your boyfriend. To personalize the song, give the name of your boyfriend to the website and give them the date, and your personalized song will be ready by then. You can listen to the sample song before placing your order. This beautiful gift can be ready for ₹150, way to cheap for such an innovative gift.

My Valentine Poster

A perfect gift for your sweetheart to make them feel special on Valentine. This poster comes in A4 size and is made using glossy paper and is framed. This gift is bound to raise a smile on your boyfriend’s face. He will definitely love to hang this poster in his bedroom so that he always feel your love and appreciation around him. This is a very cute way to ask your new boyfriend to be your valentine date and to spend this lovely day with you. You can order this be my valentine poster frame from for ₹699.

2D Crystal Keychain

You can gift a personalized fine crystal key ring to your boyfriend on Valentine's day as well. Your stunning message or text can be professionally engraved on the dignified crystal where it looks like it's floating inside. You can add your love message on this unique and beautiful crystal keychain so that your boyfriend can always keep it with him. To get the personalized crystal keychain, visit the and upload your image or text in the given space and the personalized keychain for ₹300.

Personalised Whiskey Glass

If your boyfriend is a whiskey guy and cherishes his drink very much, then gift him this personalized hands of a whiskey glass. You can imprint the name of your boyfriend on this whiskey glass so that no one can dare to touch his glass. Let your boyfriend enjoy his strong drink and relax as he enjoys with his pals. To get this personalized whiskey glass, you have to visit the and enter your boyfriend’s name to get delivery of the glass for ₹599.

Automatic Tie Hanger

If your boyfriend has the clutter of ties in his wardrobe and that makes it impossible for him to locate the accurate tie as per the occasion. Then, get him the motorized Tie Rack clips which can be hung onto the clothes rod in your cupboard and it would keep closets and drawers clutter-free. Just press a button and the rack rotates to show all ties in a neat, organized, and ready to wear manner. A small light helps your boyfriend to locate the right tie even in the dark. You can order this product for ₹2000 from the

Lots of Red Roses

Well, if you are looking for the highly simple Valentine gift for your boyfriend of six months, then you have the best option in the form of red roses. A bouquet of fresh red roses is something which never lacks their romantic flavours. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a new relationship or ten years old relationship, just a single stemmed red rose is sufficient to express your true feelings. You can easily order the different assortments of fresh red roses online from websites like,, etc., just add some sweetness and freshness of red roses into your Valentine's day celebration and let your love blossom.

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Getting a perfect inexpensive gift for 6-month boyfriend

Just like we said earlier, you should not break the bank to celebrate Valentine's day with your boyfriend of 6 months. Though it might have seemed the choice of a suitable gift were few, but now you can see there are an array of ideas which you can conveniently choose from. So go on, celebrate the day of love with your love, sealing the day with a gift and have fun!