10 Great Gift Ideas for Husband on Valentine's Day: Find the Perfect Gift for Your Husband this Valentine's

10 Great Gift Ideas for Husband on Valentine's Day: Find the Perfect Gift for Your Husband this Valentine's

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to let your husband know how precious he is to you. The best way to do that is to give him something special, which perfectly showcases your feelings towards him. Our extensive list of gift ideas and romantic ideas for what to do on this day will ensure a memorable day for both of you.

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How to Show Your Love for Him this Valentine's Day

Gift Him an Experience of a Life Time

Gifting is a great way of showing your loved ones how much you appreciate them. On the wonderful occasion of Valentines Day, why not surprise him with the gift of an amazing experience? Try new adventure sports together. You could go skydiving or snorkelling. Some other popular and newly introduced adventure sports in India are flyboarding and parasailing. It would be a great experience to share an adventure together. This would really be one of the best gifts that you could give your husband on Valentine’s Day!

Gift Something You Both Can Enjoy Together

While picking the experience or gift for your husband on Valentine’s Day, go for gifts that you both can enjoy together. You can go to a couple’s spa together or make an arrangement for a brunch date. Doing something special together on the day dedicated to romance is truly a great idea. You can also go sightseeing in your nearby destination and plan a mini getaway for the two of you! You can also buy customized gifts like pillows with the picture of the two of you or a couple’s t-shirt with cute quotes on it.

Make a Handmade Greeting Card for Him

Give your gift a personal touch with a handmade greeting card for your husband. All you have to do is to buy the supplies from the stationary store and employ your creativity. Add a few lines of text and maybe some pictures of the two of you. Try to think of a heartfelt and loving message for your husband. Fill the card with pictures, doodles and messages for him. Get creative and your husband is sure to appreciate the effort.

Ten Best Gift Ideas for Your Husband for Valentine's Day

Park Avenue Hamper

Source www.fnp.com

Gift your husband with this Park Avenue gift hamper. It is a specially made hamper that comes in the form of a personalized kit for men. It has all the essentials that your husband needs to kick-start his morning. This awesome shaving and grooming combo is ideal for your husband. It contains Park Avenue Deo Talc, a Luxury soap, apache razor, and shaving cream. It also has an aftershave lotion, body deodorant, and shaving brush. It is indeed a complete kit that your hubby can use daily. Gift him some love and shop this from fnp.com for Rs. 1949.

Me and You Personalised Candle

Source www.fnp.com

Celebrate Valentines Day with this lovely Me and You personalized candle. All that you need to do is to put your favourite picture on the candle and see it glow with love. This is a great way to celebrate this special day with your hubby. The single-use candle makes a really memorable gift for your husband. You can shop this gorgeous candle from fnp.com for Rs. 449.

Black Office Bag

Source www.fnp.com

Gift this useful black office bag to husband dearest on Valentine’s Day. It is one of the must-have accessories for men. The bag has enough space that will help you keep all your essentials in one place. This stylish bag can be taken to work and has a chic look. Gift it to your husband so that he can take all his important things to office in this well-designed office bag. Show him how much you care with this gift. You can shop this from fnp.com for Rs.2599 and gift it to your husband.

Pen and Card Holder

Source www.fnp.com

Help hubby stays organized with this pen and card holder. It is excellent for keeping at his desktop and the set has a classy look. It has two sections; one cylindrical and one open wherein you can easily keep all the essentials that are usually kept at the office desk like the pen, clips, and other stationery. The pen and card holder has a very professional look and is ideal to be kept at an office desk. You can gift this to your husband on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Shop it from fnp.com for Rs.579.

Adidas Dynamic Pulse for Men

Source www.fnp.com

Spice up your Valentine’s Day and give this perfume to your husband to celebrate love! The Adidas Dynamic Pulse for men is perfect for the athlete type. It has a fresh fragrance that lasts all day long and counters sweat. Those who are into sports would really appreciate it. Give it to your hubby so that he can wear it to the Gym or whilst going for a jog! He will really love the scent of this ultra-dynamic perfume. Shop it from fnp.com for Rs.599.

Hundred Reasons I Love You Box

Looking for a way to tell your husband how much you love him? Well, then this is the perfect gift that you can give to him this Valentine’s Day. It is a box that has 100 cards explaining why you love your spouse. It is packed in a beautiful box that reveals the several reasons as to why you love your husband so much. This will definitely bring a bright smile on your man's face. The cards are pre-printed and you can add more cards to the deck if you wish to. Keep this box in his wardrobe or slip it into his desk drawer. Let him chance upon this awesome gift and be surprised. You can shop this awesome gift from excitinglives.com for Rs.425.

Bluetooth Water Speakers

These Bluetooth water speakers make listening to music all the more exciting! It has an LED light water display that looks amazing while playing music on the Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are USB powered and are filled with water. The water jets upward and creates a colourful fountain while playing the music. The louder the music, the higher will the water move. You can pair the Bluetooth to your smartphone or connect it to your mp3 device. These speakers do not need a battery to be operated. Give these gorgeous looking water speakers to your hubby on Valentines Day! You can buy them from excitinglives.com for Rs. 2499.

Captain America Retro Pocket Watch

This is an ideal gift for any superhero enthusiast! This retro style pocket watch is indeed a classic accessory to keep. It has a steampunk design of artwork that is based on Captain America on its cover. The cover opens up and reveals the clock inside it. It is a Quartz clock made of stainless steel. If your husband is a superhero geek then he would absolutely love this gift! You can shop this classic piece from excitinglives.com for Rs. 599.

Chess Mini Shot Glass Set

Gift this Chess mini shot glass set to your husband and kick start any party! It is a perfect drinking game that tests both your strategic thinking skills and drinking abilities at the same time. It has mini glasses that have pieces marked on them. These shot glasses are made with hard plastic. The chess set has shot glasses and board material that is made of glass. It has a total of 32 shot glass pieces. You can bring fun and thrill to any party with this awesome drinking game. See who wins the chess and who turns out to be the drunkest. What more? You can even play it with your husband on Valentine’s Day and have some fun. Shop this mini shot glass set from excitinglives.com for Rs. 999.

Gold Plated Playing Cards Deck

Take your love for playing the card to the next level with these gold-plated playing cards. These luxurious playing cards are plated with gold and look very classy. You can play with these cards during any party or get together with fellow couples and friends. It is perfect for those occasions when you have a bunch of friends over and when you want to chill with your pals. You can also use them when you have a family outing or picnic. Add some fun to your parties with the gold-plated playing cards deck. You can shop this from excitinglives.com for Rs. 249.

Unique Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Husband

Romantic Treasure Hunt

Set up a romantic treasure hunt for your husband on Valentine’s Day! Make the occasion even more exciting by playing treasure hunt with your hubby. You can decide as to what your treasure would be. It can be a romantic night in a hotel or a surprise dinner date for the two of you. Make sure that you leave him with clues that lead to the next clue and then the next. Your clues also have to be placed in places that are easy to locate. Otherwise, it can get him confused. Lead him with clues on each step and then finally reveal a well planned romantic treasure. However, you should make all the arrangements for your romantic dinner well in advance so that he makes it to the surprise on time. Keep the clues simple and easy to understand.

Candlelit Dinner

Plan a wonderful candlelight dinner with your husband on Valentine’s Day. Make the reservations in advance since on Valentine’s Day there is bound to be a lot of rush. You can choose to go to one of the best restaurants and arrange for a candlelight dinner. Moreover, you can also arrange a candlelight dinner at your own place. Cook him his favourite meal or order it. Set a romantic mood for your special date and play some romantic music in the background. Buy aroma candles that have mild fragrances for the candlelight set up. Plan it such that you can surprise your husband with a romantic dinner. He will certainly feel loved and will feel special with this wonderful gesture.

Engage in Activites that He Loves Doing in His Free Time

How many times do you actually participate in your husband’s hobbies and interests? Well, Valentine’s Day is about the right time to show some love to your husband. You need not to necessarily give him something very expensive to show your love. Instead, you can do the simple things like engaging in activities that he loves to do in his free time. If he is into sports then maybe you can watch the latest match together with him. If he is into gaming, you can also learn how to play his favourite game and play it with him. He will definitely love this side of you and it will bring you both closer.

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This Valentine's Day spend some quality time with your husband

Gifts are great, but if you truly want to connect with your husband then share experiences together. Go for fun adventurous activities. Learn something new. You could take a dance class tor workout together. Spend a lazy day at the spa, go for a wine tasting session maybe, or visit an art exhibition. Do something that he enjoys and have fun doing it.