The Best Gift for My Husband on Valentine Day Want to Show Him How Much He's Loved? 10 Gift Ideas and Romantic Ideas to Mark V Day

The Best Gift for My Husband on Valentine Day Want to Show Him How Much He's Loved? 10 Gift Ideas and Romantic Ideas to Mark V Day

Valentine’s Day is near and all the ladies out there who are wondering what to gift their beloved husband on this special day. Worry n!! Here are some options that can help you. Also read our creative and romantic ideas for how you can celebrate this day of love with your husband.

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Giving a Romantic Gift to Husband is a Big Part of Valentine's Day

The thought of Valentine’s Day is exciting when it comes to people with loved ones. They call it the day of the loved ones, and if you are among them, you can’t let this occasion go uncelebrated. Are you married? If yes, you are probably wondering about a few things. Which is the best gift for my husband on Valentine? That must be one of your concerns. Depending on what your husband loves, personalised valentines gifts for husband can do the trick. In addition to that, tight budget and other reasons can also make you go for Valentine’s Day gift for husband homemade. Do you want to ensure that you get the best for your loved one on this particular occasion? Look no further for the perfect ideas for valentine day gifts for Indian husband. This list has you covered. Read on!

Tips When Settling for Valentine Day Gifts for Indian Husband

You Can Consider Personalised Valentines Gift for Husband

This is a good way to show your husband of how much you love him. If you get him a personalised gift, he will feel appreciated and also know that there is someone who thinks about him. That’s because everyone knows that it takes a lot of thought to come with such a present. It will also build and strengthen your personal connection.

Valentine's Day Gift for Husband Homemade Can Also Be a Wise Idea

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day gift for husband homemade meal can be the best. It may not be necessarily a meal, but something made at home is a good idea. It shows your husband how much he means to you. As for the food, isn’t it the way to a man’s heart? You should cook what he loves most. Equally important, make the setting romantic. It is an excellent idea if you can’t spend a lot of money. It saves you the agony of overspending and at the same time make your husband feel special.

Make sure That the Gift You Select Matches His Taste Or Interest

Whether you go for homemade, personalised or general valentine gift, make sure that it has a relationship with either what he loves or does. For instance, you can’t but him a boat if he is not a fan of the sea. If he likes games, you should buy him a ticket. If you don’t mind, buy two so that you can accompany him.

10 Best Gifts to Buy Your Husband Next Valentine's Day

Brooches And Lapen Pins

Depending on the profession or fashion taste of your husband, it may be necessary for him to wear either formal jackets or coats. After all, it is trending as long as fashion is concerned. How then do you ensure that your man stands out despite the rapidly growing popularity of this style? You can buy him a lapel.

A good example is the Knighthood Men's Peach Bunch Flower Lapel Pin/ Brooch Peach. It adds not only style but colour to any output. As a result, the person wearing it will make a statement as well as stand out in a crowd. It is among the best valentine day gifts for an Indian husband. He can wear it for everyday use including the office. In addition to that, one can wear it when attending a wedding or date among others. If you go for it, you can grab it from Jabong at only Rs. 730.

His Favourite Pen

As your husband jolt down something including goals, desires, needs, talents, memories or imaginations, let him remember you. One thing to achieve that is to buy him this Diplomat Magnum Equipment Black Ball Pen. The fact that it deserves to be on your list of a gift for my husband on Valentine doesn’t come as a surprise. First, Diplomat is a formidable brand not only in Germany but also all over the world. It uses high-quality materials to ensure that the pen lasts for long. That includes All-metal casing and polished fittings.

It may look simple, but that style doesn’t compromise its excellent performance. You are at liberty to choose black or blue depending on your husband's preference. You could make him happy by taking his writing experience to the next level. Simply visit thepenworld and buy it at Rs. 380 only.

Whiskey Stones


Does your husband take his drink seriously? If yes, help him achieve that with Great White Ice Whiskey Stones. The package contains up to 6 ice cubes. The material is Stainless Steel which will see to it that he uses them for a long time. The good this is that they are also reusable.

It uses eco-friendly materials for the sake of one's health. The way it chills the drink is also impressive. The good thing is that you don’t have to dilute it. Therefore, you should settle for it if that is how your husband likes his drink. You can easily purchase it from at only Rs. 2,989.

A Tie

When it comes to the men's fashion world, a tie is indispensable. As your husband attends his next formal event, you can make sure that he had this Black Navy Blue Woven Design Tie around his neck. It has the power to elevate the style, and that is one way of standing out. Match it with one of his classic official wear and see how smart he will be.

That doesn’t mean that he can’t wear it to a party. It will still be relevant. It is stitched to ensure that it looks smart and to promote its longevity. It is a skinny tie, and the material is 100% polyester. Isn’t that worth more than Rs. 349? Despite that, Myntra offers it to you at that pocket-friendly price.

Monogrammed Wallet


If you plan to go for a personalised valentines gift for husband, a monogrammed wallet can do the trick. The Steve Bifold Zip wallet is a good suggestion. As the name suggests, it is bifold which is something many men love. It has several compartments to help organize. That includes the primary slot, six card slots, three slip in coins and a zipped slot for the coins.

The material is premium quality real leather for durability. Dimensions are 11.2 x 9.7 which can fit in most of the pockets. Personalization is the icing on the cake. That means you customise it as you wish. At only Rs. 1,695, you can secure it from urby.

Wireless Charging Pad

As the world evolves, don’t let your husband be left behind. Make his life convenient by buying him a wireless charger. He will no longer have to struggle with cables. Sometimes they break or get lost, and it can be frustrating. In that case, one should avoid it at all costs. So, a gift for my husband on Valentine should not bother you anymore. This PowerSquare 10W fast wireless charging pad can be the best thing that he has ever received.

It is grey and visually appealing. It will work with some mobile devices. The iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus are some of them. Others include Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7 and Note 7 and 8. In addition to that, it is compatible will all Qi-enabled devices. It matches any decor and on top of that adds special beauty. The matte finish and metallic ring are some contributing factors of the same. It also charges fast thanks to the 10W output. Its anti-slip ring protects the phone, and you can also rest assured that your battery will also be safe. It is also easy to know when it is working because of the LED charging indicator. Fortunately, it is not too bright to disrupt you. The other juicy part is that you can get it from Flipkart with Rs. 1,799 only.

Custom Photo Book

This gift falls into two categories. The first one is the personalised valentines gifts for husband. That’s because it will be based on your photos and other memories. The other one is the valentines day gift for husband homemade. Once you get the custom photo book, you can fill the pictures from the comfort of your home. That said, it shows how important your husband is since it means to take efforts while preparing the gift. Equally important, it shows that you cherish your memories together and also reminds him of how far the two of you have come.

At Photojaanic, it is easy to find that custom photo book that comes liven your husband’s Valentine day. The price is as little as Rs. 719.

Beard Grooming Kit


Due to their nature, men develop a beard. That makes it necessary to have a good beard grooming kit. Can you imagine how your hair sometimes become trouble? That could be a similar thing when it comes to his beards. Therefore, you should do your best to make his grooming better and let him look forward to those moments. It is also not a secret that an unkempt beard can make him look bad. He needs to be respected and also confident.

A perfect one is the All Essential Beard Grooming Kit. All its components are 100% natural including beard oils as well as beard and mustache wax. The other element is the beard comb. Its material the Sheesham wood to promote style and durability at the same time. For only Rs. 2,999, you get yourself the best beard grooming kit. The kit is beautiful and comprises beard comb, beard growth oil, beard oil, and beard wash. Grab it today from Amazon.

Glass Momentos

These are also among the best-personalised valentines gifts for husband. They are the best ways to express the love you feel for him in writing. That means you will put a lot of thought to profess it and also thank your husband for being a great life partner.

The Soul Mate Keepsake Glass Block is ideal. It offers you a unique way to commit your love. The glass block is an impressive piece of art. Often, it has beautifully crafted meaning of the word soul mate. In addition to that, there is a space for two names of the couple. For personalization, you are at liberty to propose a message of about 14 characters. Its dimensions are 5 x 4 x ¾ inches. Grab one from Personal Creations at Rs. 24.99 only.

Personalised Canvas Clock with Husband And Wife

A canvas clock is another ideal way to show your husband that he means a lot to you. Other than buying a standard one, you can go for this one since it also usually works. That way, it adds beauty to your house and reminds him of you whenever he checks the time. They come ready for hanging and are available in different sizes. They include 10, 12, 15, 18 and 22 inches.

These from Gift Mate use the most recent digital printing technology to provide you with the high quality that you deserve. Its shape is square. The material is canvas and canvas wrap for the body and framing, respectively. It operates using 1 AA battery. Giftsmate will personalise yours at Rs. 999 only.

Bonus: Recreate Your Wedding Night


If you had a good time and you would wish to relive them all over again, there are things that you can do to make that a reality. Your wedding album, as well as video, can make you capture those defining moments including the smallest details. You can also go to your wedding venue for either lunch or dinner. Another option is to create a party similar to the wedding one including the theme and the color and invite your friends. Do you remember your wedding song? If yes, play it and ask him for a dance. Nevertheless, not everyone would love to do that. Many are times when the wedding night does not go as we would wish. Valentine day can be a time to recreate a better one.

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Bound to Select Perfect Valentine's Presents For Your Partner In Crime - Your Husband!

You and your husband are a match made in heaven and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reaffirm your love. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first Valentine’s Day as hubby and wife or your 21st, all you need is love… and of course, a romantic, fantastic and amazing gift to make this Valentine’s the best yet!