Dhanteras Is the Day for Celebrating Wealth(2019): Observe the Day by Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi plus  Check These 10 Perfect Gifts You Can Buy for Dhanteras

Dhanteras Is the Day for Celebrating Wealth(2019): Observe the Day by Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi plus Check These 10 Perfect Gifts You Can Buy for Dhanteras

This article will tell you all that you need to know about Dhanteras and also about what gifts to give or what things to buy for Dhanteras. Most importantly, it also tells you what not to buy. We have listed down 10 gift recommendations, so go ahead and take your pick.

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Things You Can Usually Buy on Dhanteras

Considered an auspicious day to buy new things, Dhanteras is celebrated in reverence of Goddess Lakshmi and purchasing gold or silver in any form is considered favorable. In some customs, buying coriander seeds is good luck and symbolises wealth as well. During the Lakshmi Pujan, the seeds are offered to her and then some are sown in an earthen pot or in a garden, while the remaining amount is kept away in a safe or vault with some cowries and Gomti Chakras. Some consider buying gifts for married women like a set of all that’s required for their make-up and being dressed in all the finery. The gift set can also be given to unmarried girls.

While not everyone prefers buying expensive metals, some prefer alternatives like buying silver or brass utensils, marking the Goddess in the house. Copper vessels aren’t just auspicious, but also promote good health too. It is believed that if you drink the water stored in a copper vessel overnight, it creates a natural purification process which balances the 3 doshas in the body according to Ayurveda. Buying a pooja thali is also special for it is one of the best ways of inviting the Goddess and Lord Kuber and can be used to offer Prasad. Steel containers are another option to invest in, and healthier in comparison to the plastic ones.

Significance Behind Buying Jewellery

Diwali celebrations are usually for 5 days, with the first day celebrated as Dhanteras. On this day, people worship the Goddess of Wealth - Lakshmi, Lord of Wealth - Kuber and God of Knowledge - Lord Ganesha. People from the realm of business, consider this an important day for their ventures and honor not only the deities but their balance sheets as well.

It is believed that wealth in some form of precious metals is a symbol of good luck. The purchase of precious metals is inspired by a mythological story of a 16 year old boy whose horoscope predicted death by snake bite on the 4th day of his marriage. His wife laid out all her precious jewelry in a basket at the entrance with lit lamps all around it. The next morning, when the Lord of Death descends in a serpent’s form, he gets dazzled with all the brightness created by the ornaments and the light, preventing him from entering and hence he had to leave, thus saving the boy’s life. Hence the day is celebrated as Dhanteras and buying precious metals such as gold, silver and other metals is considered auspicious.

Other Unique Options for What to Buy on Dhanteras

People have found other unique ways of investing in wealth by exploring options like stocks. While the option of buying Gold and Silver in the form of jewelry, bars, coins or utensils is most commonly sought, the occasion of Dhanteras is also looked at from the perspective of long term investments. Options like investing in tax saving choice of PPF, NSC or ELSS can be explored. Insurance is viable not only for protecting assets but also the future of your family in terms of health and life insurance.

Some other options include buying brooms which signify cleansing your home of all negativity, poverty and misery; lights for decoration, for they denote light, clarity and happiness; books signify wisdom, knowledge and prosperity; Gomti Chakras symbolize protection from evil energies and usually come in a set of 11 pieces.

SIPs are another way of investment with time defined objectives with better returns. Gold Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs have become very popular just like investing in Gold in a physical form, albeit this is done digitally. Other ways of buying something significant on Dhanteras is buying a house, investing in an automobile or electronic items.

Dhanteras Shopping Ideas

Waterproof Gold Plated Wall Picture

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Dhanteras is a celebration aimed at increasing one’s wealth and inviting prosperity during the time of Diwali and involves rituals/ceremonies to cleanse, renew and secure abundance by worshipping and attracting the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The 24K Gold Foil Plated Wall Picture of Goddess Lakshmi in all her finery would be an elegant addition to your place of reverence at home or office and has a shelf-life of 3-4 years in terms of durability. With an adhesive back, it should be applied on a smooth surface and protected from any wet area or direct sunlight. It is priced at Rs.151 on Amazon.

Festive Dinner Set

It is believed that new things make way for a regular and uninterrupted flow of wealth in life and blessings of abundance for all members of a family. Hence, buying utensils is considered auspicious. The 61 pieces Dinner Set is made of superior quality Stainless Steel with a mirror finish and an elegant design, making it a sturdy choice, packaged in a 5 ply box. The Festive Dinner set includes – 11” dinner plates (6 pieces), 8” quarter plates (6 pieces), 5 ½” curry bowls (6 pieces), 5 ½” dish bowls (6 pieces), 330ml glasses (6 pieces), 16cm spoons (6 pieces), 16cm forks (6 pieces), 30gm katori for dips (6 pieces), 43gm serving spoons (4 pieces), 150gm serving bowls with lids (3 pieces), 370gm belly bowls with lids (3 pieces), 90gm rice spoon (1 piece), a capsule tray weighing 280gm and a 2150ml Jug. It is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 2,313.

Orange and Gold Saree

Dhanteras is a symbol of colours, designs and unlimited styles along with luxurious fashion choices and it’s all about being dressed in all your finery during festivals that make them all the more fun and exciting. Wearing ethnic clothing is what makes festivals more special. Since Gold is a primary ingredient for reverence on Dhanteras, women prefer wearing Gold sarees. The Orange and Gold Banarasi Silk Saree from Craftsvilla comes with an unstitched blouse. The saree has a self-designed pattern with Baluchari work and is priced at Rs.2,538.

Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Showpiece

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The laughing Buddha is considered one of the most auspicious symbols of wealth and revered so for inviting prosperity, success and financial gains in one’s life. From greeting positive energies at the entrance to magnifying them, the Laughing Buddha is best placed facing the main door directly/on a side or corner table, diagonally opposite the main door. Measuring 11x 8 x 7cm, the Fengshui Laughing Buddha showpiece isn’t for worship but is regarded as an auspicious add for blessings of abundance. It is priced at Rs.355 on Amazon.

Pooja Thali Set

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As part of the Dhanteras rituals, here’s a handmade Brass Puja Thali Set weighing 410gm, measuring 10” in diameter. The Puja Thali Set includes an urban puja thali made of the finest copper, embossed with an Om motif around the sides and the center of the thali and includes a diya, a bell, a roli/kumkum katori, dhoop, agarbatti holder, a panchamrut set with spoon and essential pooja samagri. It is priced at Rs.999 on Amazon.

Silver Coin

Metals are considered a harbinger of good luck and means to keep negativity at bay. For those who find Gold items too expensive, have a choice to buy silver items on Dhanteras. The Lakshmi Shree 999 Silver Coin weighs 20gm and has Goddess Lakshmi’s motif on it, symbolizing prosperity with the sacred word ‘Shree’ inscribed on another side of the coin. The Lakshmi Shree 999 Silver Coin is priced at Rs.1,033 on Tata Cliq.

Vacuum Cleaner

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The American Micronic Vacuum Cleaner has a 1000 watt motor for powerful suction and a 2liter dust capacity with a reusable dust bag. With 2 pipes measuring 16” each for better accessibility and reach, the vacuum cleaner’s power is 1200 watts. It has an overload protector and 3-stage filtration process. The dustbag is made of non-woven fabric and includes a dust bag full indicator plus a 4m long cord. The package comes with a vacuum cleaner, extension pipes, flexible hose, a floor cum carpet cleaning brush, an instructions manual and a warranty card. It also has a free upholstery nozzle ideas for cleaning soft furnishings off dust and pet hair. Weighing 3.5kg with 3 wheels for easy portability, the American Micronic Vacuum Cleaner is priced at Rs.4,280 on Amazon.

Gold Coin

It is believed that wealth in the form of precious metal is equally precious and symbolizes good luck. Dhanteras is known as an opportune day to buy gold, silver or other metals to attract wealth and prosperity. The 22K Lakshmi Gold Coin from Joy Alukkas weighs 2gm and comes with a BIS certificate in a velvet case, costing Rs.6,631.

Ganesha Brass Carved Shankh

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A conch shell is of religious and ceremonial significance in the Hindu religions and is used as a trumpet. Crafted skillfully in brass, the conch shell has Lord Ganesha’s carving on the external panel that exudes tradition and positivity. Built with sturdy metal components, the shankh has a long lasting sheen and robustness with a high tolerance to high temperature and corrosion. Measuring 5.5” in length, 2” in width and 2.5” in height, the Brass Carved Ganesh Shankh is priced at Rs.895 on Amazon.

Easy Bake OTG

The Inalsa 10L Easy Bake Oven Toaster Grill OTG comes with a tact dial with a power output of 701-900W, power requirement of 220-240 V and HZ with a two year’s warranty. With a rust proof powder coated body, the OTG has a power consumption of 800 W and includes a grill tray and a baking tray. It is priced at Rs.2,990 on Snapdeal.

Bonus Tip: What Not to Buy on Dhanteras!

Just as important it is to know what’s good to buy to invite good luck and prosperity into your life on the occasion of Dhanteras, it is essential to know what you shouldn’t buy on the day, to avoid turning the wheel in the opposite direction, knowingly or unknowingly, as per popular beliefs.

  • Do not buy items made of iron on Dhanteras as it isn’t considered auspicious. Not to promote any superstition, but if you’re consciously working on inviting positive energies, why leave a stone unturned and take the risk of attracting negativity?

  • Buying steel is also a popular choice on Dhanteras. However, just like iron, buying steel utensils is also something you should avoid and instead opt for copper or bronze utensils.

  • When it comes to buying utensils, of course you buy them empty. However, from the perspective of getting good luck inside your house, its best to fill empty vessels with water before bringing them inside the house.

  • Do not buy knives, scissors or any other sharp objects on Dhanteras.

  • Most people prefer buying automobiles on Dhanteras. If you are amongst them, it's best to purchase the automobile and pay for it a day before Dhanteras and take it home on the festival day instead.

  • Do not purchase oil or oil products like ghee on Dhanteras day, instead look for buying them before or have a back-up plan!

  • Avoid buying things in black color on Dhanteras as it is believed to symbolise bad luck.

  • Plan when to send your Diwali gifts in advance. It's best to send or give gifts before Dhanteras, as usually gifts signify gold or money on special occasions and if done so on Dhanteras day, then it’d mean you’re sending wealth out of your house on the festival day.

  • Avoid buying glass products as glass is believed to be associated with the planet Rahu and is best avoided on Dhanteras.

  • Gold purchase is the top contender for buying on Dhanteras. But artificial gold in the form of jewelry or coins, etc. isn’t. So avoid investing in artificial gold items.

While some of these thoughts have been followed generation after generations, most are just age-old superstitions. We do not promote such thought processes, however, it is best to be safe then be stuck with beliefs that flourish later on account of any mishaps.

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Celebrating Prosperity

Dhanteras is an important festival for business households and is seen as a means of inviting more prosperity into their business. Make sure you buy the right gifts or items for the festival, but more importantly, make sure it is within your budget.