Celebrate Karwa Chauth the Modern Way with a Gift for Your Husband! 10 Karwa Chauth Special Gift Ideas for Husbands (2019)

Celebrate Karwa Chauth the Modern Way with a Gift for Your Husband! 10 Karwa Chauth Special Gift Ideas for Husbands (2019)

Celebrate this Karwa Chauth with a modern twist, with your husband. Get him one of these 10 gifts we have handpicked for you to choose from and make this celebration of love memorable for the two of you. We have also added a few other recommendations of how to celebrate this day. Read on!

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The Tradition of Karwa Chauth and the Present Outlook

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We all know about this age old tradition of Karwa Chauth in India where married women fast for the entire day without having anything to drink or eat for their husbands’ long life and the fast is completed by looking at the moonrise at night.

The popular story which has been passed for the tradition is that of Queen Veeravati and the same is narrated each time a Karwa Chauth puja is held. However, there are many versions of the story. Even though Karwa Chauth reflects an old tradition which honors the marital life in a traditional way, these days with the changing times, a shift has also been seen in the outlook towards Karwa Chauth.

On one hand, husbands also have started fasting for their wives and on the other hand, Karwa Chauth is now more about celebrating and honoring the relationship between a couple, rather than about the fast. In a positive light, it is a day to celebrate your special bond with your partner. So, whether you’re a believer in the tradition of Karwa Chauth or not, you could redefine how you want to celebrate the day depending upon the relevance it holds for you.

That is why, this article is all about redefining Karwa Chauth where we focus on celebrating your relationship with your partner through meaningful gifts and quality gestures, beyond the fasting. Moreover, usually it is the husband who gets his wife a gift on Karwa Chauth as a reciprocity of the fast, but since we are talking about the redefinition of Karwa Chauth, then why not redefine this element too? Make this Karwa Chauth about two partners - who love, care and respect each other mutually, where each gift the other and keeps the tradition alive, in their own way. Wouldn't that be a beautiful way to celebrate this day?

We’ve compiled a list of 10 very romantic gifts for your husband along with two very different ideas on how you could take this Karwa Chauth as something to spend some quality time with your husband. Keep scrolling to read it all.

10 Karwa Chauth Special Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Well, Karwa Chauth is all about the romance - which can be expressed through gestures and gifts.
That is why, we've compiled a list of different romantic gifts which would make it difficult for you to decide which one to pick. This list has a diverse range of options - a blend of everyday gifts and personalised romantic gifts. Have a look at the entire list and then pick the one which is the perfect reflection of your love story!

Perfect for Each Other' Wine Glasses

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Karwa Chauth is all about celebrating the beautiful bond you share with your partner and the same calls for raising a toast. So, why not get your husband these personalised wine glasses which say - ‘My Heart Beats for You’ and you could get your husband’s name on it. It comes in a pair and you could add both of your names when getting it personalised.

This pair of wine glasses makes for a great gift, with something to mark the celebration and an item of everyday use. It comes in a beautiful box packaging with satin detailing. You can get a pair of these wine glasses from igp.com for Rs.1,400.

Beautiful Box of Roses

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Flowers have been a traditional gift, which showcases love and care. We suggest you give your husband flowers to express your love but in a manner which is rather not traditional. We picked this Beautiful Box of Roses as a great alternative for the traditional bouquet, suiting the occasion and perfect way to surprise your husband and also expressing your love.

This is available on Ferns and Petals with 30 Roses in all with a blend of 15 yellow roses and 15 white roses, beautifully arranged in a maroon wooden box. You can get a specific number of roses showcasing the number of years you have spent with your husband. In case you want red roses, you can get the same customised as well. Moreover, the box can be put to use later for storage or other purposes. You can get this Box of Roses for Rs.1,899.

Digital Portrait

It is rightly said that memories must be preserved. Usually this is done in the form of pictures, trying to seize the moment. You could take this expression a step forward and gift your husband a Digital Portrait this Karwa Chauth. You could either pick a picture from your wedding album, or some other memory that means a lot to both of you.

It is a great gift, with a unique element to it. It comes with a wooden frame, making it a perfect addition to your walls or that bedside table. All you need to do is upload a high resolution picture and Oye Happy would get this digital portrait made for you from a digital artist. You can get this for oyehappy.com for Rs.4,950.

A Wellness Gift Box

Usually products which serve someone’s everyday needs make for a great gift option because it can be put to use and also shows that you care about someone. If you agree with this way of gifting, then this Karwa Chauth, gift your husband a kit of grooming products that he could make the most of.

We picked this Wellness Gift Hamper from Forest Essentials which has a face wash, a facial moisturiser and an after shave gel. It will cost you Rs.1,495 and you can get it from forestessentialsindia.com.

Best Husband Mug

If your Husband loves his everyday tea or coffee, then this ‘Best Husband’ Coffee Mug would make for a great gift. It also comes with a wallet, making the entire hamper a perfect blend of thought and utility where you express a message through a customised mug and also give him something that he could use everyday.

It is a practical yet thoughtful gift and you can get it for Rs.888 from giftalove.com.

Personalised Round Crystal

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Another way to express your love to your husband this Karwa Chauth is with this Personalised Glass Crystal. You can get the best picture of the two of you and use it to display on the crystal. You could also pick a picture based on a thought, like a fun memory of the first trip you took together, or the first time you met.

This could be a perfect gift which could be on your husband’s work desk, or something that can be a memory collectible at your home. You can get this from igp.com for Rs.800.

Personalised Lamp

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If you’re looking for a unique personalised gift option, then get this Personalised Lamp from Ferns and Petals. This Lamp could be customised with different pictures of you and your husband on each side, and would look beautiful in the night when it would be switched on.

It is something that shows that you spent some time looking for a personalised gift rather than picking a common personalised option. You can get this for Rs.2,999 from fnp.com.

Handcrafted Chocolates

Chocolates never go out of our gifting list - because everyone loves them and there are so many options to choose from. But even with something as basic as chocolates, there are so many unique gifting options available out there. We picked this handcrafted chocolates which can be customised with an ‘I LOVE YOU’ message communicated through the chocolates. Isn’t that great?

It comes with 18 chocolates of different flavors and a teddy bear which complements the occasion. You can get this gift combo for Rs.2,199 from giftmyemotions.com.

Wooden Logs with Polaroid Photos

Even though pictures in a frame showcase a beautiful gesture, yet it is extremely common. Another way to create memories and preserve them is through these wooden logs which can be used as a holder for cute polaroid pictures. To complete the gift, get 10 pictures clicked in a polaroid format and then gift the two together. While picking the pictures, you could be more thoughtful and use the pictures to narrate a story, like the milestones or memories of your journey with your partner in a chronological manner.

Moreover, it makes for cute elements of home decor which would add to the aesthetics of your house.
The set of 10 wooden logs would cost you Rs.599 and you can get it from bigsmall.in.

Message in a Bottle

Messages in a bottle are small gifts which reflect big emotions, with bottles having a scrolled up note where you could express something beautiful for your husband, making it a perfect romantic gift for Karwa Chauth. We picked these from Oye Happy which come in a pack of three, with beautiful designing with the use of brown and red. They have listed down ten options of messages you can add in the bottle, each of which are sweet and romantic. You need to select the message number while placing your order. It is a beautiful gift, perfectly suits the occasion of Karwa Chauth. They are priced at Rs.790 and you can get them from oyehappy.com.

A Modern Take on Celebrating Karwa Chauth: Things to Do Together

Gone are the days when Karwa Chauth was just about fasting and the traditional elements. If anything at all, then Karwa Chauth of the present times is about celebrating the bond you share with your partner and that is what should be the essence of this day. If you’re more into gestures rather than gifts, then here are some ways you can spend some quality time with your husband this Karwa Chauth:

Go Out for a Romantic Dinner

This one's a classic and never goes out of style - a romantic dinner. Book you and your husband a table for two at the most romantic place you can find. Add the elements which you both find romantic - it could be some wine, soothing music, reserving an entire place, some candle lights or picnic dinner by the beach. You could also decide on the restaurant depending on if they offer romantic customisations - a secluded table, a candle lit set up. Also keep the cuisine in mind when picking the restaurant.

To be more thoughtful, you could actually pre-order the meals and drinks, surprising your husband with how much thought you put in to the dinner. There is so much you can do when planning a romantic dinner with your husband, so make sure you go all the way and celebrate Karwa Chauth in a romantic style.

Plan a Short Getaway Together

Redefine Karwa Chauth this year by taking a trip together. We know how important it is to spend some quality time together and what better than a quick travel getaway? When travelling, no work can come in between and the two of you can have the best of times, knowing each other more. This is what would fulfill the essence of Karwa Chauth with you celebrating the day and your relationship through this trip. You could take this as an opportunity to take that trip that you’d been wanting for a long time, and you could even surprise your husband with the trip, while you also keep other elements of the trip as a surprise which would unfold only during the later phases.

While planning the different elements of the trip, you should focus on the things your husband would love, be it a quiet heritage property to live in, or an adventure activity. If you’re keeping the trip a surprise then just make sure that your partner would be free from work to travel during that time. Otherwise it could result in problems and you’d not want that.

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Make This Celebration Extra Special

This Karwa Chauth, you can make the celebration extra special by gifting him something he has been thinking of for a long time. You could help him get in touch with his lost hobbies, or take a trip together, or just have a romantic dinner somewhere in the quiet. Make sure he would like the gift or surprise you planned for him. To do that, you need to gauge his schedule beforehand. Make it a memorable Karwa Chauth for the both of you!