The 10 Sweetest Gifts for Husband on Karva Chauth in 2020! Inject a Dose of Romance into a Traditional Festival with These Tips!

The 10 Sweetest Gifts for Husband on Karva Chauth in 2020! Inject a Dose of Romance into a Traditional Festival with These Tips!

You are fasting for your husband's long life and well being. Why not add a dash of romance as well to Karva Chauth with a gift to your beloved husband! We present a fantastic list of romantic gifts that will seal your love on this day, so what are you waiting for!

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Is Karva Chauth Special For Husband?

Karva Chauth is a popular tradition that involves married women fasting from sunrise to moonrise for their husband’s good health and longevity. Many believe the story of Karva Chauth can be traced back to Queen Veeravati, however there are many variations to the story – some believe that it revolves around Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, while others think it’s from the Mahabarata. No matter where the story stems from, the focus remains on observing rigorous fast for their husband’s good health and long life.

However, the modern day significance of Karva Chauth has slowly changed. Today, generation X sees Karva Chauth as a festival to honour marital relationship and celebrate the special bond only married couples share with one another.

Romantic Ways to Celebrate Karva Chauth with Husband

Spend Some Quality Time With Your Partner

Women of the 21st century are smart, well-educated and independent thinkers. If they’re still willing to fast for their husband – whether it’s of their own volition or because society will have it no other way, they do it because they love and care about their husband. Having said that, ladies, don’t forget that your husband probably feels very guilty about it. Men probably have a tough day too knowing that the person they love is starving the whole day for their well-being.

Avoid going through this alone. Spend some quality time with your husband, maybe the both of you can take some time off of work and spend the day together. Your husband wants to fast with you? Brilliant, respect his wishes and appreciate the kind gesture – it will only strengthen your relationship.

Create Your Own Karva Chauth Ritual

Whether you choose to observe Karva Chauth or you don’t, it’s up to you to celebrate it the way you want to by creating your own rituals for that day. Make your own rules with your husband that could turn into a family tradition for years to come. You could enjoy a pre-Karva Chauth party the night before, go on a spa date with your husband or you could even plan a romantic candle-light dinner with your husband. It is totally up to you to decide how you want to celebrate this festival.

Give Each Other Gifts

Is your husband feeling guilty because you’re observing karva chauth? And has he decided to fast too because he can’t seem to see you suffer alone? That’s very sweet of him to do so. Show him how much this simple gesture means to you by presenting him with a gift. Karva Chauth, a festival that celebrates the bond shared between a husband and wife, could be used as an opportunity for you to express how much you love, care, and trust your partner. You could send him a bouquet of roses, or write a love note. He’ll take the hint and will definitely get you a gift in return too.

10 New Age Romantic Gifts for Your Husband on Karva Chauth

Explosion Box


Surprise him with an explosion box that brims over with sweet messages, memories and lovely photos that show him your deep love for him. This two-layer explosion box can hold up to 32 photos of varying sizes. The photos are spread through the explosion box which features accordion folds, pull out tags plus specific slots for spaces plus a gift box where you can add any additional gift you may want to give. Get it on Amazon for Rs. 399

Park Avenue Men's Combo

You partner in crime is the one who loves you at your best and at your worst; he makes you feel special, loved and pampered all the time. Words are not enough to show how much love him and how perfect he is for you. Get him this personalised wallet which is a wonderful way to express your feelings. Made of classy synthetic leather, the wallet has 6 card slots plus 2 compartments to hold currency. It looks sleek with dual coloured design. You can customize it with his name and a special charm. You can order it on The Messy Corner for Rs.999.

Street Food Party

Are you and your husband a die-hard fan of Indian street food? Go crazy with some of our favourite Indian street food recipes for your husband. Whether you’d like to cook for your husband or your husband would like to cook for you, as the saying goes a way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. From tangy and sweet to spicy and sour – Archana’s Kitchen has 9 amazing recipes that you can easily make at home. Try it out, and you won’t be disappointed.

Watch the Moon Together at Any Special Place

Did you know that the moon of Karva Chauth is the moon of Kartik and it’s believed to be in the form of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha? The reason women who fast see the moon through a sieve is because women used to wear a goonghat as a mark of respect for the elders. Hence, the sieve covers the face of the women as a symbol of respect to the moon.

Women who usually break their fast go to their terrace or to any other place from where they can see the moon. Why don’t you make it more romantic this year? You could go someplace special to watch the moonrise. It could be anywhere – the beach, the mountains, or someplace which holds a great significance to the both of you.

Personalised Snow Globe

Can you think of one person who doesn’t love snow globes? Get your husband this personalised snow globe as a Karva Chauth gift and he’ll love it. You can customise it by having the picture of the both of you together inside the globe. What’s more, you can shake things up and replace it with another picture every time you feel like it. Gift this to your husband and see the huge smile spread across his face as he sees the snow dance around your picture. You can get this one-of-a-kind snow globe from Giveter for Rs.699.

Love Story Desktop Caricature

Caricatures are definitely unique gift options for any occasion. Now couples no longer exchange generic gifts – it’s all about personalising it, and this desktop Love Story caricature is just that. The photo you upload will be caricatured, and you can have a personal message in the heart too. Your husband can place it on his desk at his workplace or you can use it to decorate your home. You can get it from Giveter for Rs.1,999.

Moonstruck Wall Clock

Show your eternal love for your husband this Karva Chauth with a beautiful custom-made wall clock. As the name suggests, Love Moonstruck Canvas Wall Clock will make a perfect gift for your husband because it screams love, love, love all over the clock with a picture of a cartoon couple kissing. What’s more, you can personalise it by getting both your names on the clock. It’s not too expensive or cheap, which makes it a perfect gift option. Get it from Giftalove for Rs. 2949.

Engraved Wooden Plaque

Memories are etched forever with personalised engraved wooden photo plaque. This engraved wooden plaque is another gift optionfor this Karva Chauth. Made out of real birch wood, the photo shared will be engraved on the block of wood giving it a 3D effect. You can even write a small note on the wooden rock further customizing it to suit your needs. You can order this sized 10 x 12 inches on PrintBucket for Rs.1,400.

Romantic Night Out

Karva Chauth celebrates the bond shared between a husband and wife. Although times have changed, women still observe Karva Chauth because they still believe in the emotion behind the tradition and want to express the undaunted love they feel for their husband. That said, it doesn’t mean you have to follow all the age-old traditions that your parents used to follow. You can create your own traditions, you could organise a candle-light dinner with your husband or you could go to the beach to watch the moonrise. Just remember that this festival brings two loving hearts closer together every year.

Beard Catcher

One of the biggest peeves for married women is the smattering of tiny beard hair their husbands leave around the bathroom after their daily grooming. If you are tired of thinking of ways to get your bathroom to be more tidy, here is a cheeky gift idea to give your husband a hint. The Beard Catcher is essentially a large synthetic nylon bib with suction cups attached to the bottom ends to stick it to a glass surface. It will catch any hair he trims off, which can then be deposited in the bin, leaving you with a clean bathroom. Karva Chauth is a great time to give him something like this since he is already feeling so bad you’ve been starving yourself all day for his sake. Buy it for Rs.499 on Big Small.

Be Unique: Eat, Travel and Enjoy Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth fasts should be observed by women of their own volition. If you’re a woman of the 21st century and feel that observing this fast shouldn’t determine whether you love your husband or not – then be unique and do something together with your husband to celebrate this festival. Go on a romantic getaway with your husband, or you could plan a couple’s massage with your husband instead.

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Celebrate Your Marriage

No matter what the origins of this ancient practice may be, it doesn't change the fact that it is about honouring your marriage. While the women fasted for their husband, he in turn looked after her and lovingly fed her at the end of the day, thus bringing them closer. The concept of romance may have changed over the years, so if this time honoured tradition doesn't appeal to you, find other ways to express your love to each other.