Karwa Chauth is Coming Up, What Do You Plan to Gift Your Wife? Top 10 Things You Can Send as Karwa Chauth Gifts to India for Your Beloved (2019)

Karwa Chauth is Coming Up, What Do You Plan to Gift Your Wife? Top 10 Things You Can Send as Karwa Chauth Gifts to India for Your Beloved (2019)

When it comes to Karva Chauth gifts, surely a man would be perplexed as to what his wife would love to have. Some women like to go all bling, while others prefer simplicity. As per her liking, you can gift her something big or something compact. If you’re still confused, here’s a list of things that your wife will find resourceful.

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Tips to Find the Best Karwa Chauth Gifts

The Indian festival that celebrates the romance between a husband and his wife, especially across the Northern part of India, is an extremely important part of our culture. Originally started by the wives of soldiers during the ancient days for the safe return of their husbands from war, this festival quickly spread and became a part of our tradition. During this festival, the wife fasts from dawn to dusk without eating anything at all and spends the day meeting with friends and other women observing the fast, praying for their husbands, applying henna on their friends and family members hands and waiting for the moon to rise so they can break their fast. While there is so much a wife does for her husband, the least one can do is to gift the woman in one’s life with a very thoughtful and unique gift that will showcase your love for her and also signify how much you value the effort she is putting in. In case you are confused about how to go about this, here are some simple tips to keep in mind while identifying and purchasing the gift.


While there are plenty of options when it comes down to things that your wife might love, it is really important to know what is the maximum you can spend for picking this token of love. With gifts that range from less than ₹10 to several thousands, there are choices for any budget you might have in mind. This would also help you identify where to look for besides what to look for. With a figure in mind, you would also tend to appreciate the gifts that fit your budget more and restrict from over-stretching which could cause financial troubles in the future. Re-member, people love the intention behind the gift and the actual gift itself, not the actual price of the gift.

Compare and Buy

With digitization, the invention of the internet and Google, no information is really inaccessible, especially when it comes down to the prices for similar products. India is a free market with products of all specifications available here, in variable prices and features. Remember to compare what you like in multiple places before placing your order or purchasing the product. In case you prefer the traditional way of walking into a store for the touch and feel of the product, make sure you check in various stores as well for the best offers. While the value of the item would not be important for your loved one, there is nothing wrong being prudent and get the best value for your money.

Top 10 Gifts That Will Bring a Smile on Her Face

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The festival of Love celebrated majorly across the Northern part of India, Karwa Chauth is the festival where married women keep a fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety of their husband and the longevity of his life. With the women fasting the entire day, the least one can do is send Karwa Chauth gifts in India to her that she will treasure for life. Below are 10 gifting ideas that might be of Interest:

Precious Sargi Thali Set

When it comes to gifts for Karwa Chauth, nothing can beat gifting her a wonderfully crafted Karwa Chauth Set comprising of a Thali (Plate), one Channi (sieve) and one lota (bowl). This holy trinity of essentials for Karwa Chauth is a perfect gift for celebrating the occasion. Gold plated and decorated with beads and red stones, this ornamental set will definitely make the women in your life feel very special and the occasion extremely memorable. Priced at Rs. 999 and with delivery within 3-5 days, time is running out.

Thank You Cushion Cover with Cushion

Nothing can give the love of your life more pleasant than acknowledging the effort she is putting in for your life. Double her joy by gifting her this “Thank you” printed cushion cover with a cushion. This printed White Cushion Cover with an overlap envelope backing that helps protect from stain, the cushion comes in 12 X 12-inch size and has an inside layer of foam to give the cushion a softer touch. Priced at Rs. 239, this printed soft poly satin will be delivered to your doorstep in 3 - 5 working days from date of order.

Fragrant Candle Set of 3

Create an ambience at home to rejuvenate the senses of your wife at home with this set of 3 lemon-scented, 6-inch candle pillars. Also available in various other designs and flavours, these scented candles will create a magical feel in your home and in your life together. For the special someone in your life, these 100% genuine special fragrant candles come at Rs. 419 and will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Necklace with Mustard Yellow Georgette Saree

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Gift this gorgeous Mustard Yellow Georgette saree that comes with a fashionable looking necklace set with earrings and finger ring and win her heart over again. Studded with a green enamelled stone, this necklace set goes wonderfully well with the Chikan work saree with white and green thread work. Priced at Rs. 1,450 on IGP, this stunning set will surely impress your Mrs. Right with the selections you make. Set on Alloy material, the necklace and ring set also has fine cutwork on it.

My Darling Wife Pink Mug

On this auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, let this specially crafted pink mug for your “Darling Wife” express your love for her and make her day extra special. Priced at Rs. 399, this Pink Mug even carries sweet messages inside adding more sweetness to your relationship. Delivered to your doorstep on ordering, this pink mug will show the star that she is in your life and help express your true love for her. Why not make every morning a wonderful way to express your love to her though this pink cup of love.

Special Surprise Flower and Chocolate Arrangement

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At Rs. 999, gift your loved one all the symbols of love together in a cane basket on this auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth. A special hamper comprising of a cane basket with a Teddy Bear, 5 White roses, 5 red roses, and 10 Dairy milk chocolates, this truly is a gift of love for this someone you truly love. Packed together with great care and attention to detail, this hamper is certain to impress your wife and compensate for all the trouble she has taken for your long life and safety. A Basket that showcases how much you care.

Red and Gold-Toned Embroidered Potli Clutch

This Karwa Chauth, let tradition meet trendy and gift the woman fasting for you this trendy Red and Gold-Toned Embroidered Potli Clutch with an attached wrist loop that can be carried by her to any social functions. Made out of fabric, this single compartment rich fabric clutch comes with a drawstring to close the compartment and is very easy to maintain with only a clean dry cloth needed to remove dust from the clutch. Already made from bright red fabric, the clutch looks classier, thanks to the rich gold embroidery on it together with the use of complimenting white beads. Priced at Rs. 1,649, this priceless gift will be home-delivered within 3-5 working days from the date of ordering.

Lanvin-Modern Princes Eau De Perfume

Quoting Marilyn Monroe “There are no women who do not like perfume, there are women who have not found their scent”. What could be better than helping your Modern Princess find her scent by gifting her this classy pink bottle of Modern Princess Eau De Perfume? This floral-fruity 90 Ml bottle will easily slip into the handbag whenever she is travelling next. From the house of Lanvin, the makers that offer many other flavours, the Modern Princess Eau De Parfum is a perfect way to express your love for her. At Rs. 5,300, be sure to order today to get the same home-delivered.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch

Because Purple is beautiful, this Smart Watch in purple is sure to accentuate the beauty of your loved one. For the modern woman who cares for your life and well being, show that you care and lover her too by gifting her this beautiful Fitbit Versa Lite edition. With a one year warranty, this fitness band helps keep track of her fitness levels, including how many times her heart beats for you. A fitness band with over 4 days of battery backup, this touch-screen helps track all her activities with more than 15 different exercise mode and sleep monitoring. At Rs. 15, 999, order today and gift it to her to turn the world purple with envy.

Kindle Paperwhite

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This gift is ideal for your wife if she loves reading as much as she loves you. This lightest and thinnest e-reader from Amazon, Kindle Paperwhite offers a glare-free display, that helps read even in glaring daylight. With a battery that lasts for weeks and storage of 8GB, she can carry her entire library even at the beach or pool. Available in WiFi and WiFi and 4G connectivity, downloading and carrying books is made extremely easy. At Rs. 12, 999, this modern personal literary can reach you within 24 hours from ordering.

Other Considerations

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Festival of relations and love, Karwa Chauth is an ideal time for the husband to show that he cares for his dear wife, someone who fasts the entire day for his wellbeing. These 10 Karwa Chauth gift ideas are sure to make you a super hit in front of your life. Time to offer one of these as the gift for someone you truly love.

A Personalised Gift

Another aspect to keep in mind while selecting a gift for your beloved wife could be the aspect of personalization of the gift, which would not only surprise your better half but also show-case to her how much she truly means for you. With a gift that also highlights your attention to her likes and dislikes, this gift could be a great option for you to bring back the spotlight on who the true hero of the festival is, your beloved wife who has fasted the entire day for your health and well-being. All gifts come at a price, however, a personalised gift can make the gift priceless and endear the same to the recipient


A gift hamper is a wonderful way of expressing your undying love for your lady love. Comprising of multiple options in one gift, a hamper could be a great choice to spoil her with choices, and will positively bring adulation for you in her eyes. Whether she is someone who loves everything under the sun, or you are someone who is unable to figure out what to purchase for her, a gift hamper gives you a perfect solution. From flowers to chocolates to soft toys to even cakes, anything or everything could be clubbed together to form this wonderful hamper. Hampers can be created based on the budget one has.

Gift for 2

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Another great option to go well with is festival of love between couples is a gift for 2, especially in today’s time, where there are plenty of nuclear families, or in case of a young couple just starting this journey together. Available at various prices, sizes and colours, it is very easy to find something that might match your taste and requirements. This festival of India for the couples can only be enhanced with a gift for 2. Not only can a gift for 2 really make your first Karwa Chauth together a memorable one, but it can also rekindle this feeling of togetherness in you, no matter how many years together.

Gift Coupon

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Often, we are stuck, unable to determine what to purchase as a gift for the love of our life, a criminal offence if the occasion is Karwa Chauth. Often, the feeling of what if she doesn’t like what I pick is the cause of this dilemma. Fret not, for gift coupons are a wonderful solution to this problem. With plenty of choices to pick the gift coupons from, all one needs is to determine the budget for the gift, and bingo, you have your Karwa Chauth gift ready. Especially handy if your busy life did not allow you to purchase a gift in time, a gift voucher can quickly come to your assistance, with most vouchers available instantly once purchased.

With the hope that these tips would help you while deciding on what to purchase for your wife this Karwa Chauth, here’s wishing all a wonderful Karwa Chauth and a long and healthy life together.

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