10 Best Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend on Your 3 Year Anniversary and the Important Things You Need to Talk to Him About (2019)

10 Best Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend on Your 3 Year Anniversary and the Important Things You Need to Talk to Him About (2019)

In this high tech world of passing fancies and fads, a steady relationship is nothing to chuckle at. If you've been sticking by someone for 3 years, it's safe to say that things are turning serious and that should be reflected in the gifts you pick for your anniversary, such as those in this list.

What to Gift Your Boyfriend of Three Years or More to Ensure that He Continues to Feel Special

Who doesn't love gifts?? Gifts communicate affection and warmth that is capable of changing the mood of a person immediately. If you have ever been gifted, then you know that feeling. When you are gifted, the gift makes you feel that you are important and you are recognized by others. Therefore you should never underestimate the power of a gift, especially gifting your boyfriend or girlfriend. In this piece, we will look at the best gift ideas for your boyfriend of 3 years.

Being in a relationship with your boyfriend for three staggering years is no joke. It means that you have together gone through thick and thin, and proved yourselves inseparable. Also in this era where people get into a relationship for selfish gains, it means that you are serious and are planning for something even much bigger, maybe even marriage. It is not easy to come by a male friend who will stick with you for all this time if you don’t have any future plans. Therefore, when you find this special boyfriend, it is important to show him how much you appreciate him by buying him a special gift for your 3 year anniversary.

Top 4 Tips For Buying Gifts for Your 3rd Anniversary

Before you can surprise your boyfriend of three years with a gift, you need to be sure that he will love it. Therefore you need to have some handy tips to ensure that what you pick is a hit.

The Amount You are Willing to Spend

It is always important to live within your means. You do not have to strain yourself too much to get a gift that will end up draining your bank account and declare you bankrupt in the future. On the hand, the best gift doesn’t necessarily be cheap, if you can afford to get a costlier one then go for it. What we mean here is that you should determine how much you are willing to spend on the gift for your boyfriend. Only ensure that you do not stretch yourself beyond your limit, financially speaking.

What Kind of Gifts Does He Prefer?

Everyone has their taste. There are those people that naturally don’t like gifts of certain nature, and when they are brought, they will express their love for it just on the outside but inside they don’t connect. It is therefore important to know your boyfriend’s taste before you go ahead to purchase one. Otherwise, everything might end in disappointment. As you have stayed together for three years, you are supposed to know what his taste is. Still worried about finding something he likes? Do your research by asking suggestions from his parents, siblings or even best friend. From there you can make a wise decision on the best gift for him.

Buy Personalized Gifts

Gifts comes in a wide range. There are those that are customized and personalized and then there are those that are just generic gifts. Personalized gifts are those that come with, for example, a personalized message together with their name and even photo. The general gifts don’t have any details of your boyfriend on them. Personalized gifts are known to be more appealing when compared to their counterparts, however, in most cases, they may come at a higher price than the general gift ideas. Along with your budget, also know whether you want to buy a personalized gift or just a plain one before you go ahead and purchase one.

If Not A Gift, What Other Activities Can You Do To Mark The Anniversary?

In many cases, unique experiences can take the place of actual gifts. You can decide to go out and catch a special movie, or better still, take a cooking class or engage in an activity that he likes. These may mean a lot to him. Therefore it is up to you to decide whether to go the tangible gift path or the activity path. In the end, you want to show him how much you love and appreciate him.

Top 10 Gifts to Buy for Boyfriend on Third Anniversary

Leather Wallet

Source www.etsy.com

This handmade wallet, made of leather is a highly useful gift that your boyfriend will love and be proud of you when you gift it to him during this special day. It also comes with free personalization. Every wallet differs from the others in a unique way since each is made from different genuine leather thus slight variation is present, however, the quality is unmatched. If you want it personalized, his name or monogram will be placed on the front side of the wallet. The message, on the other hand, will be placed inside. If this sounds like it, you can check out Etsy.com where you can buy it for Rs. 1387.

Rustic Leather Messenger Travel Bag/ CarryOn

This messenger bag has a big pocket at the front as well as a zippered pocket seen when the flap is lifted. It has up to 5 inner compartments where one of them is zipped. Your boyfriend will find it useful to carry his laptop, papers as well as books since it has a lot of room. The Highlander can also be used as a briefcase. It measures roughly 16 by 12 inches, it is artisan made, hand branded and polished. Keep the bag oiled to make the leather shiny and supple. You can get this for your boyfriend of 3 years at The Humanera for only Rs.3,200 today.


Source flintstop.com

This is the best gift idea for your boyfriend if he is fond of quirky or unusual gadgets. The phone-o-hologram can be used with any Smartphone for entrancing 3D hologram projections. It will amaze your boyfriend every time he sees the beautiful 3D hologram images appear as if they are floating in space above his Smartphone. He is supposed to place it on his phone then turn off the lights to see the holographic projections explode from his phone’s screen. You can order it today from flintstop.com for only Rs. 349

Personalised Lamp - Cubelit Mini

Show your love to your boyfriend who has been faithful enough to stand by your side for 3 years now, by buying him this personalized lamp- cubelit mini. This is a cute and illuminated gift for the kind of person who loves and respects you. The lamp comes with a gorgeous bottom glow and plug and play functions to use when you want to operate it. Upload yours and up to 5 of his or your favorite photos to www.indiagift.in. Send them to care@indiagift.in for customization of the lamp. It is currently selling at Rs.999

Handmade Engraved Beer Glass

Source www.etsy.com

This unique beer glass is enough to show your boyfriend just how much you appreciate him. It will surely put a smile on his face anytime he reaches to it and fills it with his favorite drink. It will grow with him and it will make him laugh every time he uses it, for years and years. The glass holds 24 oz of his favorite drink. Since its handmade the glasses are made on order. Order yours from Etsy.com at Rs. 1732.

Leather Brown Unisex Passport Cover

Source www.amazon.in

With just Rs. 500, you can get your boyfriend the Bling Stores leather brown unisex passport cover as a gift for your 3rd anniversary. These passport covers are handmade, personalized and of standard dimensions and comes in rich colors and is suave. It is capable of accommodating 2 stapled passport of standard size. The leather used to make them is rich in quality making it look classy. You can order these passport wallets for just Rs 500 at www.amazon.in.

Love Handcuffs

Source www.amazon.in

Surprise your boyfriend with a sexy gift that will thrill him. Yours is one of a kind, and for that matter, you have to treat him with these Exciting Lives Love Handcuffs from Amazon.in for only Rs. 299. They are lightweight, they are soft and most of all they are perfect for making those intimate moments even more fun. The handcuffs are faux fur decorated, and the fur can come in various colors. These cuffs open with a switch, however, they still come with keys for opening them. They make the ideal gift.

Pen with Stylus and Torch

Source flintstop.com

Yet another gadget gift for a boyfriend who loves techy stuff. This stylus makes it easy to take note, turn a page on his Apple iPad, or his smartphone. He can also use it to even draw. It has a soft rubber tip that won’t scratch his Smartphone screen, but rather let him draw comfortably and accurately. It resembles the ordinary pen only that it is curved to provide easier and comfortable handling by the user. It is pen sized, lightweight but compact, and also it is portable. You can easily put it in your pocket. The pen includes a combination LED flashlight, stylus and pen. It comes with 3, mercury free AG3/LR42 batteries. If this is the gift your boyfriend needs, you can go on and purchase it from flintstop.com for Rs.449.

Personalized Wood iPhone Docking Station

Source www.etsy.com

Get your boyfriend this Personalized Wood Docking Station to celebrate your third anniversary . For only Rs. 1,886.20, you can get it from www.Etsy.com. You can make it specially his by adding custom initials. Its natural beauty and delicate design makes it a unique gifting idea. The customizable docking station is compatible with all phone models. It is easy to assemble. Personalization is available at no extra cost, so go ahead and order it for your beloved.

Flame Atmosphere Bluetooth Speaker

Source flintstop.com

The flame atmosphere Bluetooth speakers make a perfect gift idea for your boyfriend during your 3rd year anniversary. It comes with up to 96 LEDs while its counterparts only have 60. These are capable of showing real flame light. They can connect to his Smartphone or their device through Bluetooth, and they are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. The speakers produce a huge stereo sound which is clear and nice to listen. The radius in which these speakers can connect is up to 33 feet. They are available in a compact size and you can move them around the house freely. Get them to from flintstop.com at Rs. 1499 only.

Take Him For Dinner In The City

If you prefer to try something different to celebrate your anniversary, you can instead take him out for dinner. Ensure you make it a surprise for it to have more meaning. There are many eateries in India that can make the ideal dinner place. All you have to do is to do a bit or research to know which ones you like. There are both posh ones as well as pocket friendly ones. Some high-end restaurant could be for instance the Indian Accent in New Delhi, Peshawri in Mumbai, Villa Maya in Trivandrum etc. There are also pocket friendly but the best restaurants to have dinner such as Agent Jack's Bar, 21 Hill Street, Sway Bar & Kitchen and more.

Bonus: It is an Ideal Time to Say Yes if He Proposes

When it comes to marriage proposals, it is hard to know the right time to say yes. However, if you have dated for about 3 years, you can be rest assured that it is a perfect time. If you have been honest with him, it means that he loves you for who you are. On the other hand, you know who he is. Therefore, if you love the man he is, then it is only fair that you take your relationship to the next level. After all, three years is considerably an ample time to know each other and know for a fact if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

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Have that important talk about your relationship

It is a cliche that all men dread and thus avoid talking about their relationship and 'where is this going'. There may be some who meet this description but there also many men who want security in their relationships and to know the girl they are with also sees a future with them. Three years in no small amount of time and your anniversary is a good time to evaluate what you want and have a serious, adult conversation about it with him.