Silver Wedding Anniversary! 10 Romantic Gifts for Husband for the 25th Year Anniversary

Silver Wedding Anniversary! 10 Romantic Gifts for Husband for the 25th Year Anniversary

The Silver Jubilee is a big one! A couple that has stayed together for 25 years has a very special bond and to celebrate that BP-Guide India brings to you select silver wedding anniversary gifts for husband, as well as traditional 25th anniversary gifts. We also have great ideas on how to make this day memorable for both of you.

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Celebrate 25 Years of Togetherness in a Big Way

Make it a Grand Event

The 25th wedding anniversary is a big milestone in any person's life. Not only does it stand for so many years of togetherness and love but also becomes a testimony to how well you know your spouse. This calls for a magnificent celebration of your lovely time together. There are a variety of things you can choose from to make this a grand event. Some might like a fancy trip abroad as a kind of second honeymoon and spend some quality time together. You can also plan a personal and extremely private party for two and then another elaborate one with your family. A small feast with your favourite dishes and some romantic music can be some simple things to include. In any case, it is important to ensure that your plan includes things which both of you would like to do together and make this milestone a memorable one.

Try to Have an Intimate Night

You can rekindle the romance with your spouse on this special occasion that symbolises your love towards each other. Turn your bedroom into a love nest to spice things up in your romantic life. You don't need to spend too much money for this. You can do simple things to set the mood here. light a few scented candles and put on some music; be playful and sensual take a ride back to the times when you just got married. This can be a beautiful way of celebrating your togetherness. As the years go on, couples find new ways of being intimate and something like just staying up late talking to each other over a bottle of wine can be incredibly romantic. Do whatever makes you feel fantastic about your relationship.

Do Something Which You Both Love

You can spend time doing things with the both of you can enjoy doing together. Whether it be watching a movie together or playing a game; anything that can help you spend some genuine time together is worth it. You must make sure you pick up common areas of interest, so both of you can have some fun. Plan a date night or a special dinner which you can enjoy with your spouse on your special day. Take a walk on the beach, pack a picnic hamper and go for an impromptu long drive, or get dressed in all your finery and go out for a romantic meal at a fine dining restaurant, there are loads of things you can do.

Romantic, Grand and Intimate Gifts for Husband on 25th Year Anniversary

Renew Your Wedding Vows With New Wedding Rings

Do you still recall your wedding vows or your feelings during the wedding ceremonies? On this special occasion, you can remember those vows again. Saying your vows again will also strengthen your love and the relationship that you share. The Classic Platinum Solitaire Love Bands, are promise bands that can be a standing symbol of your love. These retail at Rs.60,000 on Exchange your vows in a renewal ceremony along with these promise bands. These are diamond studded platinum rings with a matte finish. This can be a present for keeps for your husband and you.

Have a message inscribed inside the rings. Have a ceremony with close family to do this, or exchange your vows of love and commitment in private. Either ways, it will be an unforgettable experience for both of you and you may stir old memories you hadn't visited in years.

Swarovski Crystalline Wine Glasses


If you want to go for something really classy, you can gift him Swarovski Crystalline Red Wine Glasses which are available at This includes two modern wine glasses with Swarovski crystals studded stems that add to its magnificence. They retail at Rs.22,371 and are made in Austria. The base is composed of a large clear crystal hence creating a sparkling effect. It is a perfect set for your dinner table when the two of you want to talk over some wine.

Nova Multi Grooming Kit


You can think of a way for him to take care of himself as a present. A personal grooming kit can be an extremely thoughtful and practical present. The Nova Multi Grooming Kit, 7 in 1 NG 1095 Trimmer in silver retails at Rs.1,098 at It is a 7 in 1 multi-featured kit that trims your facial hair effortlessly. It includes a cordless shaver and precision trimmer which can be charged or powered by an AA battery. The kit comes with a one-year warranty and can be an excellent utility present.

Plan All Day Outdoor Activities

If your spouse enjoys some adventure, you can plan a day full of fun and sporty activities that you two can do together. You can even try new activities which neither of you has tried before. There is an array of options that you can choose from; it can be something simple as yoga or you could opt for more something more adventurous like trekking or river rafting. You can even spend a day visiting places of interest like a museum or any monument. The importance her is not laid on what activity you chose but aims at giving you a chance to spend some quality time together in a different environment. Make your plans with the aim of having fun together so you can cherish it for days and years to come.

Recreate Your First Date Before Marriage

If you are the romantic kinds you can go down the sentimental road. A very good idea can be recreating your first date before marriage. It can be an interesting way to escape back to the time where it all started. You can start by preparing to work on the physical details. Try to make the arrangements as identical as possible. If possible book the same venue for the date and try to wear a similar dress. Arrange for some music from those times in an attempt to make it as close as possible to your first date. Have coffee at the same place you did or watch the same movie you did years ago. You can spend some time together to appreciate how far you've come from when you were young sweethearts.

Revisit Your Honeymoon Destination

You can take a trip down memory lane to the time when you were newlyweds to remember the love that you share. You don't need to be young to be able to cherish your togetherness. Plan a second honeymoon to add some freshness to your relationship. You can either go to the same place that you chose earlier to renew your memories or go to a new destination that the two of you agree on. It can be interesting to visit the same places that you once did as a young couple and feel the romance again. This can also be a way to take a break from your hectic lives and spend some time together to rediscover your relationship from a new perspective.

Go for a Spin in a High End Luxury Car

You can also sweep his feet off the floor in the most classy way - a ride to a date night or dinner in a luxury car for your special day can be an excellent anniversary present for your spouse. You can hire Chauffeur Driven Audi from at an extremely reasonable price. You can ask for a pickup for your spouse as an elegant effort from your side in a chauffeur-driven luxury car. You can avail this at the price of Rs.8,200. Additional cost shall be considered beyond every 4 hours at Rs.300 or beyond 4 km at Rs.70.

Has it been his dream to drive a luxury sports car? Make inquiries at the local car rentals to see if you can let him take his dream car for a spin. There are several high end rentals that let you hire many of the top end cars. He will light up like a child at the prospect.

Pilot for a Day

A fancy date up in the air can be the most romantic thing that you can do to celebrate 25 years of your marriage. It is not commonplace for you to be able to own a plane but surely gives you the option to be able to hire one. You can hire a pilot for a day for the affordable price of Rs.6,490 per person. You can sit with the pilot and manoeuvre a micro flight by yourself. The ride will be scheduled for 15 minutes and will include a complimentary special message for your husband. This can be a unique experience that can be cherished for a lifetime. The airplane is a Cessna model and this flight can be taken from Jakkur Airfield in Bangalore.

Luxurious Cashmere Scarf

If you are looking for a simple but unique present for your hubby, you can gift a luxury item as a token of your love for your 25th anniversary. The Mega Check Scarf from Harrods is a suitable luxury present. It retails at Rs.39,155 at It is made of pure cashmere and is made in Scotland. It has fine tassels for a fine finish and can be a perfect accessory for a casual or formal day.

Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Bellechasse Candle

Nothing can be more elegant than a special scented candle for an anniversary present. You can buy the Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Bellechasse Candle from where it retails at Rs.6,793. It is enriched with an aromatic woody fragrance of black pepper, juniper, oud, patchouli and benjoin. You can light up the house with some beautiful fragrance and set the mood right to spend some romantic time together. The candles are richly crafted with a fragrance that lasts for up to 45 hours. This can be an elegant present for your husband.

Reignite the Spark in Your Marriage With Spicy and Intimate Activities

Passing time and busy lives often tend to extinguish the spark in a relationship. Even though the 25 years of marriage might have strengthened your bond in a very definitive way but the romance and intimacy can be lost with time. You can celebrate these years of togetherness by trying to rekindle the spark and romance in your intimate life. Planning a second honeymoon can be an effective way of trying to get closer to each other. Try to reignite the passion in your relationship so you can strengthen and cherish your beautiful companionship for years to come.

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Try Something New

After 25 years together a couple reaches a certain comfort level which can be envied by younger couples, but the flip side is most things become predictable. Your behaviour, habits, preferences, even the way you celebrate a happy event can become kind of repetitive. While there is comfort in familiarity, treat your silver jubilee as a landmark and bring about changes that will make you look forward to the the next 25 years. If you are not prepared for big changes then do something different on your anniversary.