Not Yet Ready for Valentine's Day? 10 Sensational Gift Baskets for Boyfriend for Valentine's Day

Not Yet Ready for Valentine's Day? 10 Sensational Gift Baskets for Boyfriend for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner and you haven't got a gift yet! Sweep your man off his feet with our list of amazing gift baskets. Filled with everything that dear to him, this gift basket can be anything from skincare to eatables. Also, available are tips to make this Valentine's day momentous.

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Role of Valentine's Day in Your Relationship

Valentine's day is a romantic day for couples. It is a celebration of love and recognition of a strong relationship. Whatever your beliefs are, it might be meaningful to your partner, therefore, recognising and celebrating it will show him how much he means to you. Valentine's day brings the relationship into focus, and you can use this as an excuse to make improvements in your relationship for the happy and better future.

For couples, this day develops positive feelings and repairs the connection between them. If you and your partner are well aware of each other's expectations, then your Valentine's day is going to be a beautiful one. The key to this is to know his needs and respond accordingly. Being in a relationship, you know each other very well, therefore, you should try to support each other's goals and aspirations. This way you can develop a strong sense of attachment and understanding in your relationship.

How to Make This Valentine's Day Memorable

Make Him Feel Special

Valentine's day is considered as the most romantic day of the year. The couples find it an ideal day for showing their love and care for their partner. On this special occasion make him feel special and honoured. Cheering him, supporting him, sharing his joys, doing crazy stuff with him, or calling each other by funny nicknames would surely make him feel loved.

Nurture your relationship every day and you don't require any special occasion to celebrate your love. Show your affection, listen to him, motivate him, and support his goals and passion. In doing so, you will make him feel special. Appreciate his work and always try to build positive feelings in your relationship. Shower your love and care throughout the year, don't reserve it just for Valentine's day.

Take Him on a Trip

A romantic walk on a beach or a romantic getaway with him on Valentines is a great way to spend some time together away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A short trip to such destination will bring you closer and build a strong understanding between you two. Travelling together builds a sense of coalition and partnership quality in both of you.

A romantic getaway with boyfriend on Valentine's day is the most beautiful thing you can ever do. It will not only help your relationship to raise from great to greater but also create unforgettable memories. You can take him to far-off places like Minicoy situated in Lakshadweep which is far away from the maddening crowd so that you both can enjoy some personal time together.

Personalise Gifts for Him

A DIY gift basket is the best gift you can ever gift to your boyfriend on Valentine's day. Handmade gifts show that you think about him and care about his needs and passion. Customising any pre-made product also does the same. If are planning to go the DIY route, then you will require some materials which you can easily purchase from any stationery shop. If you wish to get it customized, then again you find many options in websites like

Gift basket for boyfriend on Valentine's day can also be easily handmade. Think of everything he likes and desperately want to own. List down everything and add to the gift basket you have already purchased. You can also customise it with romantic love notes and cards.

10 Sensational Gift Basket Ideas for Boyfriend on Valentine's Day

Beer Bucket

If your boyfriend loves to drink then this Microbrew beer basket is definitely for him. On the special occasion of Valentine, gift this basket to him and he is definitely going to love it. You can get this beer bucket from for Rs.2,749. In this bucket, you will get 3 beer bottles, craft brews, and snacks.

This gift comes with a galvanized steel bucket which keeps your brews cool for a long time. Along with it, you get Samuel Adams Sam Seasonal Beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Shed Mountain Brown Ale and snacks including 1.1 oz Buffalo Popcorn. The snacks include a mix of premium gourmet nuts, crisp cheddar crackers, and tasty pretzel nuggets along with 1.4 oz pepper kettle corn. Gift him this Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket complete with everything he needs for a fun night with his friends.

Fruit Gift Basket

If your lovely boyfriend is a wellness guru and always concerned about his health and fitness, consider giving something essential that will be useful in his goals. Being passionate towards health and fitness, he requires a good nutritious food filled with multivitamins. Fruits can do the job for him.

Gift him a fruit basket which has a variety of fruits that will help him to get the necessary nutrients. Adding a rose bouquet with the basket will scintillate the moment. This fruit gift basket along with roses will cost for Rs.1,999 on for 5 kg fruits along with 12 roses.

New England Breakfast Gift Basket

In this busy lifestyle, many people just skip the breakfast in the hurry to get to work. If your boyfriend is amongst them who don't care much about breakfast, you might want to look into that since it adversely affects his health. This shows that you care about him and never want him to miss any meal.

Get him this breakfast gift basket on this Valentine's day. This shows that you care about his health and always want him to be healthy and fit. This breakfast bucket will cost you for Rs.4,124 on Gourmet Gift Baskets. In this set, you will get Maine’s freshest blueberries, New Hampshire maple syrup, Buttermilk Scone Mix, Blueberry Pomegranate Jam, Buttermilk pancake mix and Perfect Potfuls Assorted Gourmet Coffees. All this at your doorstep so that your Valentine can enjoy this New England breakfast in comfort.

Chocolate Gift Basket

Everyone out there loves chocolates and Valentine's day is the romantic day for couples; Then why don't you start the day by giving him this chocolate gift basket. What could be sweeter than this? Dark chocolates are also helpful in improving memory.

This snack and chocolate gift basket contains snacks, chocolates, truffles, and velvety chocolate and peanut butter dipped peanuts. With so much nutrition and taste inside a single basket, he is going to cherish this gift forever. You can also add motivational notes along with chocolates to inspire him to be fit. You can get this sweet deal for Rs.4,812 on

Dried Fruit Tray

If you are looking for something beyond the usual collection of dried fruits, the Dried Fruit Tray by Harry and David is ideal for you. Your boyfriend can store this and consume them for a longer period of time to be healthy and fit. This dried fruit tray can help him with the nutritional requirements.

You can buy this gift basket for Rs.2508. The dried fruits come artfully arranged in a reusable wooden tray. The tray contains pears, yellow peaches, Mediterranean apricots, angelino plums, kiwi, apple rings, cranberries and many more.

Bakery Sweet Gift Box

Does your boyfriend have a sweet tooth? If it is so, then this sweet gift bucket is bound to make him happy on this special occasion. He will cherish that gift very much and appreciate you for giving him his favourite. You can also personalise it with love cards or a bullet list of "I love you because" and ask him to fill it. Then, the occasion becomes even sweeter.

In this Bakery sweet gift box, you will get 20 sweet items comprising of 8 Raspberry galettes, 2 snickerdoodle cookies, 2 double chocolate chunk, 2 macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies, 2 white chocolate raspberry cookie bars, 2 peanut butter cookie bars, and 2 German chocolate cookie bars. Buy this for Rs.2,062 on

Feel the Heat Romance Gift Basket

Not everyone loves chocolate; Some prefer spicy food over that sweet stuff. If you think that your boyfriend is among those, then you can give him a hot and spicy food basket on Valentine's day. Try giving him a Feel The Heat Romance Gift Basket from for Rs.4,741.

In this basket, you will get Texas Tornado Spicy Snack Mix, Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips, Fredericksburg Farms Guadalupe Valley Cilantro & Garlic Salsa and Sucklebusters Cayenne Hot Sauce. You also get a 13 inch Monte the Monkey with the pack.

Naughty Nights Romantic Gift Basket

Gift a naughty little set to your boyfriend on Valentine's day to set your night on fire. In the gift basket, you get a Vanilla musk massage oil, 4 chocolate body paints, and a Sensual pillow and sheet spray, along with a Feather Tickler, Satin eye mask which you can use during your games. This basket also includes Paradice, a daring game of foreplay where the dice make the decisions on what to do next, Cream Centre biscuits, a spicy chocolate bar, edible body tattoos, and 3 votive tea lite candles.

This gift bucket also includes Love Affair game which includes 72 cards and dice for you to play with him, a book of poems and creative ways to romance with him. Also included are body massager, pheromone candle, chocolate truffle cookies, and many more. This gift basket is enclosed by a fire red gloss basket and also topped with a jungle print ribbon which will light the night. The gift basket measures 15 inches long, by 9 inches wide and 16 inches tall. Buy this gift basket for Rs.7,905 here.

Fitness BroBox

Is your guy a fitness freak? Does he love to keep his physique and health maintained? Then support his goal by getting him a fitness BroBox. In the gift basket, you will get whey protein powder, snacks, nut bars, and milk.

2 Jack Links Beef Jerky in the basket helps to put lean muscles, therefore, suitable for your fitness freak. The bucket also contains 2 trail mix snacks, 2 pure protein bars, 2 kind fruit and nut bars, 2 whey protein packets, and 1 muscle milk. Along with all these products, you will get 1 card which you can personalise with a special message for him. Buy this for Rs.2,403 on

College Care Package BroBox

If your boyfriend is a college student, then this care package is perfect for him. If he feels hungry or just craving for something spicy then this college care package BroBox will take care of his needs.

Inside this gift basket, you will get 12 snacks along with 1 card with your special message for him. The Basket contains 1 Crunchy Cheetos, 1 Nacho Cheese Doritos, 1 Amos, 1 Ritz Bits Cheese, 1 Snickers, Plain, 1 Starburst, 1 Skittles, 1 Caramel Corn Popcornopolis, 1 Ritz Bitz Peanut Butter, 1 RedBull, and 2 Beef Jerky. Give him this special gift on Valentine's evening, and he will never forget the moment. Doing so will show that you care and everything will be just fine. Buy this awesome present for Rs.2,059 on

Surprise Him with a Romantic Evening on Valentine's Day

Surprise your boyfriend with a romantic evening date on Valentine's day. You can book a table for two at his favourite restaurant or any place he loves the most. You can also decorate the venue with dim lightings, candles, heart-shaped balloons, and flowers. It's not necessary to go all out red, try some other colours too which goes with the theme. This adds a contrast and will look even more beautiful.

Order his favourite drink and food and make him feel like a king. This will surprise your boyfriend, and he will respect and appreciate your efforts. This will remind you of all the past moments that you had with him. This romantic date will be an everlasting memory for both of you. Share your feelings, emotions, and thoughts with him and talk about his dreams and goals. This will strengthen the relationship bond that you hold. So, chalk out a plan and enjoy the moment of being together.

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Make Your Own Gift Basket

Can't find a gift box that has all your love's favourite stuff? Why don't you make it yourself? Make a list of all the favourites of your man. It can be anything from skincare to his favourite snacks. Once you are done collecting all the necessary products, you can purchase a gift basket from any stationary store or a florist store and get it decorated. Again everything you need to decorate the gift basket is available in craft stores. The best thing about this custom gift basket is that everything in the basket is your idea. Other than the gifts, the gift basket is also filled with your love and affection which makes this extra special.