Got Someone in Your Life Who Eats, Breathes & Lives the Game of Cricket? Here are 12 Unusual Gifts for Cricket Fans Which are Just Perfect for That Friend of Yours! (2020)

Got Someone in Your Life Who Eats, Breathes & Lives the Game of Cricket? Here are 12 Unusual Gifts for Cricket Fans Which are Just Perfect for That Friend of Yours! (2020)

In India, it is next to impossible not to have a large number of individuals in your family and social circle who are avid lovers of the game of cricket! If you are planning to give an unusual gift to these cricket fans, then you have come to the right place. We have curated this list of unique gifts that these cricket fans will simply love and remember you fondly for a long time.

Popularity of Cricket in India

Though cricket is not India's national game, it is, without doubt, the most popular game in India, followed by, debated by and loved by millions. Cricket has become more like a religion that unifies the entire country and transcends all boundaries of regions, languages, ages, gender, and religion. From the time Kapil Dev lifted the Prudential World Cup at Lords in 1983 to Virat Kohli being the top batsman in the world in 2020, the popularity of cricket has only increased by leaps and bounds over the years leaving all other forms of sports far behind. The cricketers have assumed a larger than life persona and a demi-God status in India.

From the narrow alleyways to the school grounds, from small community parks to the stadiums, you would rarely find an open space in India that has not witnessed a cricket match. Every Indian from their childhood is extremely passionate about the game and has numerous advice and critical observations on how the Indian team should have performed on the field and why they lost or won. And needless to say, you must have someone in your social circle who eats, lives and breathes the game of cricket!

Important Factors to Consider When Buying an Unusual Gift for a Cricket Lover

  • Age of the Cricket Fan: As mentioned above, cricket transcends all ages. It is, therefore, crucial for you to consider the age of the cricket fan for whom the gift is meant for. A cricket kit might be an excellent choice for a school-going kid, whereas it may not be suitable for a middle-aged or senior citizen person for whom a more display-type of gift may be appropriate.

  • Quality of the Cricket Gift: Most unusual cricket gifts are created by not-so-familiar brands. Consequently, you need to evaluate and satisfy yourself with the quality of the cricket gift once you have shortlisted a few options. You can check out the product reviews on multiple e-commerce websites to get a good idea about the cricket gift you are planning to buy. Another way to ascertain the cricket gift manufacturer is to check out the website of the manufacturer itself (if available) and see how the product and its specifications are listed there along with quality certifications (if any) which the manufacturer might be having.

  • Utility of the Cricket Gift: Another important factor to consider when you are buying a cricket-themed gift is to understand its utility from the perspective of the recipient. Like, if you are planning to give the gift to an office-going senior executive who does not wear cufflinks, then a cricket-themed desktop clock will have more utility for the person rather than a pair of cricket-themed cufflinks which will get thrown to the back of the drawer anyway.

  • Personal Preferences of the Cricket Fan: You also need to keep the personal preferences and temperament of the cricket fan in mind while deciding on an unusual cricket gift for him. For instance, if the recipient is a passionate Dhoni fan, then there is no need to give him a Virat Kohli themed gift. He will simply not appreciate it. Similarly, a brooding, serious and mature cricket fan will react differently than a light-hearted individual on receiving a quirky cricket-themed gift.

  • Cost of the Cricket Gift: Cricket-themed gifts are available from a few hundred rupees to many thousands of rupees. Although you may want to give the very best to your cricket lover, it is always prudent to select a gift that remains in your budget and, at the same time, conveys your thoughts and feelings adequately.

Unusual Gifts for Cricket Fans

1. Silver Plated Bat Style Cufflink


If your friend has an impeccable dressing style, loves fashion accessories, and also has cricket cruising through his veins, then you can consider gifting these beautiful silver-plated "bat in style" cufflinks from Shaze. These exquisitely crafted brass cufflinks with rhodium finish will complement the recipient's personality and will surely be an attention grabber wherever he goes. The cufflinks having dimensions of 25.3 mm x 5.5 mm x 25.3 mm come packed in a beautiful gift box. You can get these cufflinks for ₹ 1,113 from

2. Personalised Mini Cricket Bat

This unique mini cricket bat is made of high-quality wood and rubber with an overall size of 12 inches x 2 inches. The handle is 4 inches in length, whereas the bat area is 8 inches x 2 inches. You can personalise the bat with your own message engraved on it. The message can be up to 60 characters in length. Your cricket fan would love to display this unique gift in his home or office and will remember you fondly every time he sees the bat. You can order this exquisitely crafted personalised mini cricket bat on for ₹ 499.

3. iKraft India Captain Ceramic Mug


If your friend or family member is a big Virat Kohli fan and a lover of tea or coffee, then this beautiful ceramic mug will be a perfect gift for him. This high-quality ceramic mug has a bright white base with an image of Virat Kohli in his inimitable style printed on two sides. The mug is entirely dishwasher and microwave-safe, and the print will not fade or peel no matter how many times it is washed and cleaned. The mug has a capacity of 350 ml, and its dimensions are 9.5 cm x 7.5 cm. The mug comes packed safely in a thermocol packing, and you can get this beautiful ceramic mug for ₹ 275 from Amazon.

4. Cricket Pitch Cake


If your cricket lover kid is having a birthday party, then you can think of ordering a cricket pitch themed cake for him. This unique 1 kg vanilla cake is shaped like a circular cricket ground with a cricket pitch, wickets, a bat, and a ball placed in the centre. Your cricket fan will surely correlate with the cake and will be delighted to receive it. The 1 kg cake (suitable for serving 10-12 people) is 9 inches in diameter and can be ordered from for ₹ 1,949. For bigger parties, you also have the option of ordering a 2 kg or a 3 kg cake instead.

5. Virat Kohli Bobblehead


The Virat Kohli Bobblehead is another great gifting option for the great Virat Kohli fan in your social circle. This polyresin bobblehead has Virat Kohli attired in India's bleed blue colours with full cricket gear, standing confidently on the cricket pitch with a ball in one hand and a bat in the other. This bobblehead with dimensions of 15 cm x 5.5 cm will look great both on the work desk as well as a shelf. Your recipient will be proud and delighted to receive this Virat Kohli collectible and will remember you every time he glances at it. You can order this Virat Kohli Bobblehead on for ₹ 999.

6. Sporty Cricket Kit


If you wish to introduce the game of cricket to your 2 – 6-year-old kid, then this Sporty Cricket Kit is the perfect gift option for him. This cricket kit is made of high-grade plastic and comprises of 4 wickets, a bat and a ball. This non-toxic and sturdy kit is perfect for play both indoors and outdoors, and your kid is going to love you for it. The dimension of the kit are 8 inches x 3.5 inches x 23 inches, and you can get it from IGP for ₹ 690.

7. Personalised Cricket Caricature Photo Stand In

If your friend or family member sees himself as a cricket player or plays cricket at the college/university and has a great sense of humour, then he is undoubtedly going to love this personalised cricket caricature photo stand-in. All you have to do is take a great picture of your friend and upload it to the website. They will create a unique caricature using the photo you have uploaded. This acrylic photo stand-in is 18 cm in height and 0.3 cm in thickness and will look great almost everywhere – a desktop, collectibles shelf, or even a side table. You can order this stand-in from Regalo Casila for ₹ 375.

8. # 1 Cricketer Wooden Medal

When you want to celebrate the skills and achievements of your passionate cricketer boyfriend, then this "#1 Cricket Wooden Medal" will be the perfect gift for him. This wooden medal comes with "#1 Cricketer" engraved on the front. You can have your small message engraved at the back in 4 different styles to choose from. You can also select the type of wood of the medal – birch or mahogany. The medal has dimensions of 3 inches x 3 inches x 0.9 inches and weighs between 12 – 19 grams depending on the wood you select. You can also add a greeting card to be sent along with the medal, on a chargeable basis. Order the #1 Cricketer Wooden Medal on Wood Geek for ₹ 499.

9. Sachin Tendulkar Handmade Leather Diary


For the worshipper of Sachin Tendulkar – God of Cricket, who also loves to maintain a diary and take notes frequently, the "Sachin Tendulkar Handmade Leather Diary" will be a gift like no other. This exquisite handmade leather diary has two images of Sachin Tendulkar and "The God of Cricket" embossed on the leather cover. The diary is 7 inches x 5 inches x 1 inch in size and has 144 unruled pages of 100 gsm quality. The diary is hand-sewn and comes with a closure button as well. You can get this unique Sachin Tendulkar diary on Flipkart for ₹ 680.

10. Metal Cricket Kit Table Watch Showpiece


This beautiful cricket kit showpiece is best suited for use both in-home and in office. The showpiece is crafted of high-quality steel and has an analogue table clock with three wickets, a bat, and a ball positioned in the background mounted on a stand. The showpiece will look perfect on your office table, the side table in your living room, the bedside table in your children's bedroom, or even on the study table. This showpiece has dimensions of 9 inches x 9 inches x 9 inches and weighs 450 grams. You can delight your loved ones by ordering this showpiece from Amazon for ₹ 899.

11. I Love Cricket Wall Clock


For the person who has no qualms about exhibiting his passion for cricket, this "I Love Cricket Wall Clock" art piece is perfect. The clock is handcrafted using high-quality MDF and has a black body and beige dial. The dial is 10 cm in diameter, whereas the clock has a diameter of 30 cm. The wall clock depicts the bowler in action on one side and the batsman executing a drive on the other. Enhancing the uniqueness of the wall clock is the small bat appended to the minute's hand. Order this unique wall clock from for ₹ 1,245.

12. Crazy About Cricket Ring


If you have that cricketer in mind who spends more time practising in the nets than doing anything else, this "Crazy About Cricket Ring" will be the perfect gift to grab his attention. This stylish ring features a wraparound bat with a ball at one end with a red colour stitching. The ring is made of high-quality pure 92.5-grade sterling silver with traces of enamel. It is completely lead and nickel free. The ring can be gifted on any occasion – birthday, anniversary, or just like that. This beautiful handcrafted ring can be purchased from for ₹ 750.

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This Might Just Prove to Be the Most Special Gesture for Your Cricket Loving Friend!

All these gifts mentioned in this post are definitely going to bring a smile on the recipient's face. However, there's an even better gesture that you can do for your cricket-loving friend. You can buy them tickets for a cricket match, of their favourite team, or in which their favourite player is playing. And even better, you can be right next to them in the stadium! Trust us, there isn't going to be a better heart-warming gesture than this!