Cultivate a Reading Habit in 2019 with These 10 Must Read Books That You Will Want to Finish in One Go!

Cultivate a Reading Habit in 2019 with These 10 Must Read Books That You Will Want to Finish in One Go!

Reading is more than a hobby. Besides passing our idle time, it helps enhance our perception, boosts our intelligence, helps form our opinions, and provides perspective. With so many benefits of reading, why not start with a good book today? Or, if you are an avid reader, get ready for a latest addition to your collection. We present to you the best books to read in 2019, along with a bonus tip, which you will have to scroll to yourself!

Tips for Choosing a Book to Read


Do you love to read? If yes, then, we are sure that you must have read your favorite book at least a thousand times, and you are probably out looking for the next one to add to your reading list.

So, as a book lover, you are always looking for next good read, and if you are wondering what would be a good choice, here are a few tips to consider.

Author? Genre? Series? Interests? What Should You Choose?

The very first thing that you should ask yourself is what genre of books you want to dive in next? Mystery, Science Fiction, Adventure, Non-Fiction?

Any authors your favorite? Apart from checking for any of their books you haven't read so far, why not look for similar authors? There are several sites online like What Should I Read Next and Read-Alikes

That said, if there is any other type of book or a specific one, then, you can try it out – but before that, consider reading the summary of the book. Doing so will help you to decide as to whether the book is a good fit for you or not.

Or is there a book of a particulars series that has caught your eye? Then, you can look up the summary of the series online, and find the books, or you can even head off to your local library.

Asking for Recommendations


What’s your family for, if not for asking recommendations for good books to read?

Your sibling, mom, dad and even your cousins – they can often make fantastic book recommendations, and if you have a few common interests, then, it’s even better! If possible, you can even head off to your local bookstore, and ask for recommendations – trust us, they will often have great recommendations.

Checking Out The Book Reviews

Ever subscribed to those monthly magazines?

If yes, you are in for a treat – most of the monthly magazines and even newspapers feature a list of best-selling books; it is suggested that you go through them, find out which new books are doing the rounds, and why.

Joining a Book Club

Want to experience new books?

How about joining a book club – joining a book club has its advantages, as it will give you motivation for reading books that you otherwise, might have never come to you.

Plus, joining a book club helps you in meeting new people that like the same books as you – you can read what others have read, and even discuss with them.

10 Must Read Books for 2019

Sugar Run


Penned by Mesha Mren, the book ‘Sugar Run’ is about the lives of two women, who are both aching with their need for love and freedom. While the first woman, Jodi McCarty, has just been released after spending almost 20 years in prison, Miranda Matheson, is a single mother, still in her 20s, and who has fled an unhappy marriage.

The two women find the freedom and love they long for in one another, and embark together on a journey for a fresh start but instead, what they find is that the past truly never leaves us – instead they are embedded within our present selves, as well as around us.

The hardcover is priced at Rs.1,551 on Amazon.

The Municipalists


Today, you will find many books that focus on the topic of a not-too-distant dystopian future, but Seth Fried’s debut novel ‘The Municipalists’ is nothing sort of beauty.

The book focuses on an odd couple – an anxious human and a snarky yet drink-loving and lovable A.I, and who have joined forces with each other to save Metropolis from an impending terrorist threat.

If you want to spend one day at the city plus laugh and marvel at the wit and imagination that the book provides, then the book ‘The Municipalists’ will be right up your alley.

Buy the paperback for Rs.399 on Amazon.

Where Reasons End


Written by Yi Yun Li, the book ‘Where Reasons End’ features a mother and her talks with her son, who has taken his own life.

The story of the book is based on the real-life events of the author herself, whose own son has committed suicide, and it is this profundity of that loss, that gives a diamond-sharp edge to parts of the book.

The book itself is a devastating read, but yet, it is filled with tender love, complexity and a desire to understand human nature, on why they are forced to go to the extremes.

Available for Rs.514 on Sapna Online

Searching for Sylvie Lee


If you like mystery novels, then, this is for you – written by Jean Kwok, the book ‘Searching for Sylvie Lee’ features the disappearance of Sylvie, the eldest daughter of the Lee family.

It is the younger sister Amy who had decided to take matters in her own hands for searching Sylvie who had vanished after a trip to the Netherlands. It is only then the truth comes tumbling out, and along with family secrets that too come to light.

The author portrays beautifully about the portrait of an immigrant family and the difficult choices that they had to make, but above all, the book reminds us about the sacrifices that we make for love and how the choices that we make affect those around us forever.

Buy the eBook for Rs.735 on Kobo

The Current


Written by Tim Johnston, the book ‘The Current’ is a chilling thriller to the core and will leave you at the edge of your seat.

The book features two woman – one dead, and while the other, barely alive and pulled out of an icy river in Minnesota. The woman who survived looks for answers which lead her to unravel a similar incident a few years back – and searching for the two crimes had led the woman to come closer to some dark and ugly truths, that we are all too happy to leave them buried.

Available for Rs.1,716 in hardback on Amazon.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf


Written by Marlon James, the book ‘Black Leopard, Red Wolf’ is dubbed as one of the gems of the fantasy world.

The book is a part of the Dark Star Trilogy and features a mercenary, Tracker who is given the quest to find a missing child. On the quest, he is joined by various misfits, including one named ‘Leopard’, and who is a shape-shifter. Their journey crosses many deep jungles and labyrinthine cities, where they were faced with both creatures-not-seen-before and obstacles of all kinds.

The story itself is infused with magic and mythology, thus making it one of the best imaginatively-crafted fantasy universes ever!!

The paperback is available for Rs.435 on Flipkart.

How to be Loved


Based on the real-life events of the author herself, the book ‘How to be Loved’ features Eva Hagberg Fisher, who was sent down a road of recovery, when a previously undetected mass ruptured in her brain.

For the first time, she knew that she is vulnerable and that she will need the help of other people to survive. This book reveals the length that we go to put conditions on our love, how we resist the people who want to come close to us, and how it is only during our weakest moments, that we find the greatest source of strength.

The hardcover version is available on Amazon for Rs.1,327.

Prince of Monkeys


Written by Nnamdi Ehirim, the book ‘Prince of Monkeys’ features a coming-of-age story that offers an unsettling insight on how often we are at the mercy of the powerful forces that are beyond our control.

Inspired by his own life, the book features a young boy, Ihechi, who is torn away from his home and friends by an anti-government riot. As Ihecho tries to adapt to the new world around him, he is forced to make sacrifices – including his innocence - and comes to terms on what needs to do to stay in power.

Vibrating with life, this book is a great read and is perfect for anyone who had to grapple with ways with a political angle.

The eBook goes for Rs.1,260 on Kobo

Soft Science


Penned by Franny Choi, the book is inspired by the Turing Test, which are beautiful and fractal-like poems, that are meditations on identity and autonomy and offer consciousness-expanding forays into topics like violence and gender, love and isolation.

The book focuses on how we are provided a way to deal with the above, but still, we fall prey to them.

What the book’s focus on – that itself is a complex topic, but the way Choi has portrayed, that is nothing sort of wonder – he deftly tries to guide us through the mass with an element of lyricism and sensitivity.

The paperback is available for Rs.1,107 on Amazon.

GuestBook – Ghost Stories


Written by Leanne Shapton, the book features a collection of stories – stories of how certain events and incidents still follow and haunt us, long after they had happened and we try to go with our normal lives.

Interwoven with lucid images of art and artifacts, they only add to the element of fear, and thus adding to the surreal aura of each of the stories, reminding us that yes, there are pulsing energies all around us, whether we feel them or not.

Buy the hardcover for Rs.747 from Flipkart

Bonus Tips: Read Your Favorite Authors Online for Free!

For book lovers, it may be hard to admit, but buying new books can be – a bit expensive, plus, it also doesn’t help that every week, new books come rolling in, practically screaming at us to buy and read them right now!!

Plus it’s even more of a problem since the latest releases always come in hardcover first – and they can be quite an expensive lot, so, what’s a book lover to do?

Well, the answer is ‘online’ – did you know that there are a few resources out there through which you can read books online, while still supporting your much-loved authors – and oh yes, don’t worry, the resources are perfect for you to read the books from your favorite authors.

Project GutenBerg


Founded in 1971, ‘Project GutenBerg’ is the absolute classic of online eBook publications. Their goal has always been the same, and even today too – to create and distribute eBooks for people to read that is not only legal but are also free to read!

As of now, Project GutenBerg has a whopping 57, 000 online titles for people to read! That said, it also offers the eBooks to be read in various formats such as HTML, PDF, ePUB, to name a few.

Google Books

Google has conquered everything online – and now, they have even reached the online book world.

Yes, Google Books has a page dedicated to them – it is a large collection of books that are scanned into digital format.

Want to search for a particular book? All you need to do is to type in the name of the book or the author in the search box. But do remember one thing – not all books at Google Books are free – if you, however, are looking for free-content, then, you will need to change your search parameters from ‘Any Books’ to ‘Free Google eBooks’.


If you are not a ‘one-genre’ person, then, ‘SmashWords’ is for you.

Boasting of several titles from various genres ranging from classics, young adult, romance, biographies, and such, SmashWords currently has over 500, 000 eBooks available for you to read. However, remember that not all the eBooks present on the website is free – for the free content, you will need to click the ‘Free’ tab before searching for any eBooks.

Open Library


Having a massive 6 million authors and 20 million eBooks in digital format, the ‘Open Library’ is a website that creates a web page for every book that is published.

All of the eBooks that are published on the website are categorized under various genres such as fantasy, history, biographies, recipes, fiction, and as such. To make it easy for you to search any book by name or author, they have a search box in which you can input your search term.

Internet Archive


Want to access free eBooks to read as well as audio, images and video files – head off to the ‘Internet Archive’.

Founded in 1996, the ‘Internet Archive’ is a non-profit organization that allows people to read eBooks as well as the above-mentioned digital files. As of now, the Internet Archive provides over 6 million free eBooks and other digital files that you can read online.

If there’s any particular book or author that you are looking for, simply type them in the search box, and the eBooks will show up, all sorted by name, catalog, rating, relevance and the count of downloads.

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So, don your reading glasses and pick out the best book from these amazing options, and let your imagination soar! If you don't want to spend money, you can always read some authentic publications online. Happy reading!