Surprise Your Long Distance Boyfriend: 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Even More in Love with You (2019)

Surprise Your Long Distance Boyfriend: 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Even More in Love with You (2019)


Your boyfriend's birthday is almost around the corner and still haven't been able to decide on the perfect gift for him? We're here to take some steam off your head. If you're in a long distance relationship and want to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday, we bring you 10 lovely gifts which can be ordered and sent online to him to show him how much he means to you.

Long Distance Relationships: A Bittersweet Affair

Long distance relationships are hard and a lot of work, but for all that’s worth, a long distance relationship also allows you to spend time with yourself while you even figure out how to make a relationship work despite all the distance. Sometimes, there are going to be good days, and then there will be days which are not going to be as great. This is what makes a long distance relationship, a bittersweet affair.

Here, we will be talking about everything you need to know about a long distance relationship along with our ten best picks of gifts for a long distance boyfriend. Keep scrolling to read more.

How to Make a LDR Work?

No one has ever said that a long distance relationship is easy. But then which relationship is anyway? A long-distance relationship comes with its ups and downs, like any other relationship and helps you develop a better understanding of the other person while you also work on your self and live your own life. Here are some things that you need to know when it comes to a long distance relationship.

Have Open Communication


Communication is the key for every relationship, whether it is a long distance one or not, familial or friendship. In long distance, however, communication plays even a more pivotal role since the distance could result in doubts and insecurities and the only way to not let that come in between is if there is a constant channel for healthy communication, where emotions are openly expressed and shared with your partner. In a long distance relationship, since physical presence and elements are not much of a usual affair like any other relationship, that calls for communication to be stronger, more transparent and honest while both the partners make time for each other to communicate and express, making up for the lack of actual physical meetings, interaction, and bonding.

Give Distance Some Benefit of Doubt

A lot of times, partners in long distance relationships end up blaming the other for any lack of communication or any other reason. What usually happens is that the person is blamed because of the distance. We need to understand and slowly accept that long distance relationships are hard, but most of the times, it can be worked out if only the partners would give each other some benefit of the doubt whenever there is a fight or a misunderstanding, instead of jumping to conclusions.

Make Time for the Other


People in relationships are individuals first - who have their own lives to live, their own respective needs to cater to. Then, there is a relationship where life is shared, and so are the ups and downs that come with it. In a long distance relationship, while you are busy with your life, your partner might need you, and that is when the idea of slowly and steadily making a long distance relationship work comes into the picture. Both the partners need to be together, depending on each of their own schedule, come up with a way to communicate regularly, where feelings are shared, and the lack of presence is made up for in one way or another.

So, if you are in a long distance relationship, talk to your partner and come up with a way to communicate. It could be a regular conversation, or could sometimes be exchanging pictures of what the other one is up to, or when you do a thing both of you love doing, send him a message and share it with him through a phone call or video call.

Trust the Other

Trust is essential for every relationship since doubts can do no relationship any good. In long distance relationships, insecurities could get multifold if there is a lot of missing going on in one of the partner’s life or if there is a lack of a decent conversation. The insecurity of losing a partner can overshadow a long distance relationship, but it can also strengthen it. A relationship cannot be so convenient where everything goes on smoothly, and it requires for you to put in efforts and make it work, even in the hardest of times.

Long distance is also a way where you learn how trust can build a relationship, because after all, if you two are really into each other, there would not be any reason to be doubtful, and there shouldn't be, because no matter what you do, you should be trusting the person you are with.

The Little Gestures

This one’s important. We know that all the tips we have given above are easier said than done. But you know what, some gestures can go a long way in making long distance work. Little reminders, a surprise visit, your favourite coffee on your desk when you are having a bad day, etc., there’s so much that can be done to build a long distance relationship. So make sure, you fill your long distance relationship with some little gestures on and off, to keep that excitement going with a tinge of surprise element for your partner.

10 Gift Ideas for Long Distance Boyfriend


We spoke of gestures, and here we are with 10 Gift Ideas for long distance Boyfriend. These gifts are beyond the usual tips and have been exclusively curated keeping in mind the struggles of a long distance relationship - gifts that would make your partner feel special and loved, and cover up for the distance!

1. Personalised Love Letters


An old school fanatic stuck in a virtual century? Well, don’t you worry, now you can send your partner personalised love letters in a very old school manner. All you need to do is reach out to The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. and send them your message and then get the letter customised where you can choose between fonts, templates, and extra elements if any. And that’s it! They will take care of the rest and get your letter delivered.

Moreover, if you are someone who loves the old school gesture of sending letters but you’re not much of a writer, then also you can reach out to them, and they will write the letter for you and give you all the assistance you need. A simple letter with the simplest template costs Rs. 280 and the cost keeps increasing as you choose better templates or include pictures.

2. 24K Gold Plated Bookmark


If your boyfriend is an avid reader, gift him this 24K gold plated metal bookmark from Letternote. This dreamy bookmark comes with an intricate metal designing, making it extra special. You can grab it for Rs. 799 from

3. Customised Luggage Tags

Travelling together can strengthen a relationship, where you understand the other person and his or her way of living on a very deeper level, which is what makes this one a great gift. These Luggage Tags from PropShop24 can be customised where you can get something written for up to 10 letters - could be your names, or a word each of you respectively resonate with.

These tags are made up of teakwood with a polished finished, making it a gift filled with quality and durability. The wooden engraving customisation also grabs your attention instantly.

It is priced at Rs. 565, and you can reach out to Prop Shop 24 for getting it customised or if you have any more queries.

4. A Shared Travel Journal

Even when two people travel together, they could feel differently at certain times, despite the time shared and cherished together. Nevertheless, sharing those thoughts also strengthens a relationship and allows you to know your partner together.

So, gift your boyfriend this Travel Journal, a journal which both of you would share, express in together, and discover places together.

This one is by The Art Bar and has a certain pre-designed element to keep the fun going. For instance, there is a world map which comes along the journal, and you and your partner could mark or colour those countries which you have visited together! It also has a pocket for souvenirs, making it a safe collectible from all your travel endeavours.

It comes in a navy blue hardcover, and it can also be customised up to 10 characters if you are looking at a personalised version of this travel journal.

You can get it from for Rs. 1,250.

5. Name a Star After Him


This one has to be about going that extra mile when talking about gestures. You could name a star after your boyfriend, giving him a gift beyond all bounds. All you need to do is share the name and zodiac of the person you want to give this gift too, and a star will be picked for him.

You will also be getting a certificate which would also come with a constellation chart and the location of the star. If you want to personalise it even further, then you could send a customised message on the certification.

You can get this done from for Rs. 1,950.

6. A Countdown Calendar


One of the things that every couple faces in a long distance relationship is keeping count of the days until you meet each other. Which is why, this countdown calendar is a great gift for your boyfriend, letting him know that you are waiting and counting the days.

You can get it from Flipkart for Rs. 799.

7. You've Got Mail Surprise Box


Another one on the list is this You’ve Got Mail Surprise Box by Oye Happy. We know surprises go a long way in building a relationship and for that extra element of love, so why not gift surprises too in the form of a box. This one comes with a tiny heart in a bottle, six miniature postcards with different messages and a pack of cupid’s crunch chocolates.

Moreover, the entire box comes in cute, intriguing packaging, making it a perfect gift! You can grab this one for Rs. 490 only.

8. Box of Personalised Gifts

Blending personalisation with utility, we picked this Personalised Gift Pack for him by Modish. It comes in a sturdy trunk packaging with travel essentials for him - a hip flask, passport cover, and a sunglass cover. You can also get each of the elements personalised with a character limit of 10 each. This one offers all the products in Tan and is a great gift for your travel-loving boyfriend.

You can get it from for Rs. 2,050.

9. Rumi Love Journal

Not all relationship gifts have to speak of love in an outward extravagant manner. Sometimes, it is about giving utility items, with that subtle element of love, which is why we picked this Rumi Love Journal by WoodGeek. It’s a Hardcover Bamboo Wood Journal, engraved in Rumi’s words - ‘ Wherever you are, and whatever you do, Be in Love’. We know Love and Rumi go hand in hand since there isn't anyone else who has spoken of love in a much more straightforward and honest way.

So get this Rumi Journal for your long distance boyfriend and be a daily reminder of love in his everyday life, even from a distance - or instead, making that distance go away.

You can buy it from for Rs. 999.

If you’re looking at a different message or a visual being engraved, you can reach out to them for specific customisation. They also offer other products apart from notebooks like Wooden Crossword Wall Art, Nameplates, etc. So have a look at their entire range of collection too!

10. Clip a Memory


Being hundreds and thousands of miles apart can be hard, especially when going through a tough period. This tough period, calls for a reminder of all the happy memories which usually get overshadowed with all the fights that come around. This is what makes this Clip a Memory Wall Hanger a great fit as a gift for long distance relationships.

This Photo Frame Clip-On comes with 12 complimentary pictures which will be printed and clipped on. Later, these can also be replaced by new memories in the form of pictures.

You can get this from for Rs. 1,490.

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