Love Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend: Amaze Your Boyfriend with Elegant Gifts to Show How Much You Love and Cherish Him! (2022)

Love Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend: Amaze Your Boyfriend with Elegant Gifts to Show How Much You Love and Cherish Him! (2022)

There are a myriad of options when it comes to gifting loved ones. To help you find the best love anniversary gift for boyfriend, BP Guide has listed down some great options to ease the stress of finding the best gift. You don't have to find a perfect gift, find a gift that will awe and show how much you value him.

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Choose a Gift your Boyfriend will Love

Your love anniversary is drawing near - a day that you would like your boyfriend to feel out of the world! Along with spending quality time together, an attractive gift will make the day even more awesome to remember. However, choosing a gift for the occasion is not easy. You must keep the occasion and theme in mind if you both have decided on it.

There are thoughtful and unique options that you have for your boyfriend. So great are the possibilities that you must avoid the gifting pitfalls. Remember to give a personal touch to the gift and think about what he wants. Your gift must be irreplaceable, and he will remember about the gift long after the day is gone. This article lists out some of the options you have.

How to Select a Love Anniversary Gift

Is there any Theme?

When selecting the love anniversary gift, keep in mind the occasion. Consider the modern themes that will be the base for your gifts. It will help you search for the gifts apt for the theme. The gift must also relate to the subject that will also cause happiness to the recipient. You must also think about the theme you wish to set for your love anniversary.

Personalise the Gift

When selecting the gift, consider the ones that can be personalised. You must think about the various ways of personalisation. One of the common ways is to spend time and design the changes yourself. The other option is to search for multiple personalised products that would cater to the preferences of your man. Personalisation can be due to different means and adds value to the love anniversary gift. The messaging must be carefully considered too.

Avoid Being Obsessed with Buying the Perfect Gift

You may get stressed thinking about the perfect gift to get for your boyfriend. Be thoughtful, consider his preferences and try to think of his requirements - this should provide you with the direction needed when choosing the gift. Don't spend time trying to browse through countless gift options as it may just confuse you even more. Shortlist a few that you think will be great and then customise it a bit to make it special through ways such as gift wrapping or messages!

Capture your Sentiment

The gift options must communicate your feelings for your boyfriend. It could be remembering the beautiful times you had together. It may be simple gifts that would improve the daily life of your beloved while also considering a love anniversary as the backdrop. You may know his preferences as you may know him well, but at times it may be better to talk to him about what he looks forward to receiving from you.

The Budget

Before you even start researching gifts, you must fix a budget in mind. It will be the ideal starting point for you. You must explore gifts that will come within your budget. It can help streamline the activity and help you come up with an intended shortlist of gifts. You will find it easier to select the one you will gift to your boyfriend finally.

Best Love Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

1. 3D Personalised Moonlight Lamp

Your love anniversary gift must have an element of surprise for your boyfriend. It should be charming and romantic at the same time. Zestpics is the platform that allows its patrons to present their snaps creatively. You can choose one of the products that will add to the event's charm. They also allow you to create a personalised theme and a message.

This unique personalised moonlight lamp is a welcome relief from the dull anniversary gifts. It is made from eco-friendly PLA material. The gift, like the moon, would bring luck and happiness. If you tap the moon, it will also change its colour. This feature will help bring a smile to your boyfriend's lips. It will add warmth to the atmosphere and will express your love.

The spherical lamp is made through 3D printing. It comes with an elegant wooden stand. It is priced at Rs. 1,499 on the Zestpics website.

2. Memory Magnets from Oye Happy

Being together brings with it several beautiful memories. Some of them are to be cherished together for a long time. The nostalgia it carries must be showcased for the future. There are many ways to store your cherished moments. Oye Happy is in the business of making the faces of its customers light up in joy. It has several unique products in its portfolio that can make your boyfriend excited.

These unique Valentine Memory Magnets will blow away the mind of your boyfriend. You can store your cosiest selfies in these magnets. This gift will allow you to select the cosiest ones and present them to your boyfriend. You can share up to two images for each magnet. The Oye Happy team will print and then place them in these magnets. The size of each magnet is 4.8 cm X 6.4 cm.

It is available at Rs. 1,490 on the Oye Happy website.

3. The Signature Box Combo

Few men also prefer to receive valuable items as gifts. You must know the traits of your boyfriend before you choose the gift. Some gifts can be helpful for office work too, and your boyfriend may favour them. It will help him remember when he is working, and you will be remembered even if you are away from him.

You can choose this combo that has been designed after an elaborate thought process. It is the ideal gift hamper for your boyfriend’s office desk. The gift box contains a travel folder, diary with thread, keychain, cheque book holder, and cardholder. It is made of synthetic leather that provides the elegance it needs.

It is available at Rs. 455 at The Signature Box website. You can also engrave your boyfriend’s name on the items.

4. Personalised Doodle Portrait

Many of us love paintings to grace our drawing rooms. Isn't it awesome to have a customised drawing of both of you? It would be an ideal gift for your boyfriend on your love anniversary. A personalised doodle portrait could be the best way to profess your love this anniversary.

The backdrop could be customised according to your wishes. It can also have collages of the significant events involving both of you. The doodles are designed by the founder herself that provide the unique design for which it is famous. The painting is in black and white and is a handmade artwork. It is available in many sizes that you can easily select from a drop-down.

You can buy it for Rs. 3,599 on the Doodling Tale website. Once you make the payment, you fill out a Google Form and forward the images you prefer.

5. Golden Rose and Rocher Choco Hamper

There is none too young or too old to have chocolates. Chocolates are an excellent gift option, and everyone likes them. A box of chocolates is bound to bring a smile on your boyfriend's face. You can choose this delightful hamper of a box of chocolates accompanied by a golden rose.

This exclusive contains a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates (weighing 269 gms) – a brand renowned for its crunchy chocolate flavours. A gold-plated rose accompanies it. That will show everlasting love for your boyfriend. The gift will make your relationship stronger, and it also has a cute small "I Love You" heart-shaped tag.

It is priced at Rs. 4,870 on the Gift Across India website.

6. Perfect Memorable Gift Combo


Gift Across India is a popular online marketplace for selecting gifts for your loved ones. You can conveniently order gifts using a smartphone. There are several beautiful gifts and combos for you. For your love anniversary, you can choose an exceptional gift that will make your boyfriend happy. A fruit champagne bottle can work wonders on your love anniversary.

You can present this bottle of fruit-based champagne that will spread your love to your boyfriend. The gift basket will also contain cashew (100 grams), almonds (100 grams), and home-based chocolate (100 grams). This romantic gift will be a treasure to the loving moment for the pair. It is elegant and is bound to mesmerise your boyfriend.

It is available at Rs. 2,880 on the Gift Across India website. You can pick the delivery date from a drop-down.

7. Why I Love You Cards


Why I Love You? There could be many reasons. Why not write and design them in your own hands and present them to your boyfriend. It will help both of you come closer on this special day. The gift can provide the positive energy to keep both of you energised on this special day.

The Why I Love You card box is available online and will let you tell your boyfriend why you are still in love with him. The cards are packed in a Kraft paper box. The cards measure 5.5 cms x 4.5 cms. The box measures 10.5 cms x 6.5 cms x 3 cms. It makes it portable, and your boyfriend can carry it anywhere. This mini gift will be an expressive and truly romantic gift for your guy on this special day.

It is priced at Rs. 259 on Amazon.

8. Personalized Photo 3D Table Lamp


The love anniversary must rekindle the strength of love in both of you. How can you ensure this love anniversary is worth expressing your love for your boyfriend? You must think of gifting something special. The gift must be something that he will remember for several months in the future. My Sequin provides personalised gifts to help you be confident on this special day.

You can choose this unique customised 3D table lamp that can light up the flame of love in both of you. The beautifully crafted illusion lamp can be the ideal option for this day. It can add life to the bedroom or the living room. It can be placed anywhere and make your man remember you. It is an impressive personal gift that will make you extraordinary. Your man will be bound to embrace you with love.

It is made of acrylic, and the base is wood. You can upload an image that will be used in the lamp. It is priced at Rs. 1,192 on the My Sequin website.

9. Suit Accessories set for Boyfriend

You are Awesome!! After receiving your gift, you would like to make your boyfriend say this to you. Your gift must be elegant enough to deserve this remark. You must know the preferences of your boyfriend before selecting this gift. All men have their fancy suit collection. Choosing a set of suit accessories is going to make his day.

The gift box will be an elegant fashion statement that can adjust to his tastes. The accessories are placed in an MDF box that is going to be helpful for them. It can easily complement their suit collection. The gift box contains a black necktie, a pair of cufflinks, a free-size matching lapel pin, a men's wallet, a matching pocket square, black star print socks, and an Italian print treasure box. You can add a personalised message card too.

It is priced at Rs. 2,356 at The Gift Affair website.


Were you too pressed with work to forget buying a gift for your love anniversary? Are you looking for something that will be useful for your boyfriend? If yes, then this personalised leather diary can be a suitable option. It will be helpful for your man to take notes at his workplace. He will also keep remembering you whenever he uses this diary.

The diary is made of premium leather and will help your boyfriend pen down his thoughts. It is stylish and helps him be organised too. The diary can be personalised by adding the name and a charm. You can also add a tag along with the name. You can also select whether the pages will be ruled or blank. The diary is of A5 dimension and measures 8.8 inches x 6.4 inches.

It is priced at Rs. 899 at The Messy Corner website.

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Love Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend!

Suit accessories, personalised diary or a 100 reasons why you love him cards are some of the spectacular gifts you can give your boyfriend. From personalized gifts for boyfriend on your anniversary to stunning love anniversary gifts, there are many options to choose from. Remember, when gifting, make it go along with the occasion as well as a theme. Also make sure to gift according to your budget and give a gift that communicates your feelings towards your boyfriend.