Celebrating Your Anniversary Soon and Want to Show Your Affection in a Creative Way? 10 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men That Will Make Your Man Ecstatic on Your Special Day (2022)

Celebrating Your Anniversary Soon and Want to Show Your Affection in a Creative Way? 10 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men That Will Make Your Man Ecstatic on Your Special Day (2022)

No matter how long you’ve been together, we are sure there is no date on the calendar more important than your anniversary with him. Make a romantic gesture or find thoughtful, budget - friendly anniversary gifts for him that perfectly convey your affection. Here we have hand-curated 10 best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men to help you surprise your man on your anniversary. Read on to find the best anniversary gifts for your husband.

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Know The Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men to Show Your Love

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Celebrating an anniversary is an excellent opportunity to appreciate and show your love to your partner. Gifting him their favourite items or unique decoration on the occasion will make him happy. Want to show your affection in a better way? Consider a custom gift that features your wedding vows. Or you can find a personalized gift so he would remember you every time he uses or sees it. Here’s a list of best anniversary gift ideas for men that you can check for showing love to your husband or boyfriend.

The first step for you here is to recall his choices and needs while selecting the right gift. Since anniversaries are milestones of years spent together, those are the perfect times to recall the love, the bond, and the story you share. Even if you spend a lot of time together, the anniversary is still the best time to recall all those memories and laugh about both good and bad times.

How to Choose The Correct Anniversary Gift?

Base It on A Theme

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Are you aware of the traditional themes related to the anniversaries? But that’s not all. Some modern themes are also available that you can consider before buying a gift. You can base the gift on the number of years spent together, the type of bond you share, or common likes. Besides, you can find amazing methods to mark the lovely time you have spent together.

Show Them How Well You Know Them

Select the gift based on what he likes or dislikes. In case, your loved one has an interest in sports, a hobby, or a specific subject, you can pick items related to the same accordingly. For instance, if your partner likes culinary or cooking delights, you can gift him the latest recipe book.

Be Romantic

No matter what you select as your anniversary gift, remember that it should be thoughtful and romantic. As per the internet search, men don’t remember their anniversaries and are not so good at discovering gifts. So, you should be very clear about your gift. And adding a romantic approach to showing (or disclosing) the gift can further add some charm.

Celebrate The Date

That’s what you might have already thought of. If the gift focuses on the number of years you have been together, it feels more special. You can use that number as a quantity of the gift, dishes for the special anniversary meal, or anything else. For instance, if it's your 2nd anniversary, then select a gift that contains 2 items such as movie tickets.

Figure Out What They Need

After spending some years with your partner, you would have likely understood what he likes or dislikes. While that’s a different part, you can use it to evaluate what he is wanting to buy for some time now. In case, you don’t have lots of knowledge, you can do some basic research. Instead of going beyond your understanding level, opt for a safer choice and cater to his requirements.

Does your partner like photography and spend his spare time taking pictures? He will appreciate camera gear as a gift. You might find a new lens for him, but don’t buy it right away. Do some research as things might vary in functionality and price. Also, you should find out what he already owns and what he is willing to buy soon. Moreover, if you aren’t technically confident about the lens choice, you can discover a great tripod suitable for his camera. Similarly, you can choose a gift that he needs and you are confident is the right purchase.

Top 10 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men

After that guide, here’s a quick list of top 10-anniversary gift ideas for men. Go through the same and shortlist the choices for him.

Wood Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

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Is your partner a music lover? Gift him a player. And when you are looking for the right product, don’t look further than this Wood Cruiser player. It has a three-speed turntable base belt drive system. With auto stop setting, it stops automatically when it reaches the end of the record being played. The player features a 3.5mm line-in jack that will allow him to play music from a tablet, a mobile phone, or another smart device by connecting to it directly.

It is prepared with high-grade solid wood to give it a portable and compact design. You also get a handle to carry it easily with you to any place you want. If he loves spending quality time with family, put it on a bookcase, a table, or a shelf for background entertainment and enjoyment. Get this amazing anniversary gift for him now to add an attractive and antique look to your house. You can buy Black Wood Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player from Amazon by spending Rs. 4,890.

Beard Set

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Does he love spending time setting his beard? Gift him a beard set to make his facial hair look more attractive. The naturally derived elements style, condition, and cleanse facial hair with sandalwood scent. This kit is the best option for a person who loves to maintain his beard, and stay groomed, styled, and well-nourished. Vitamin E, wheat protein, conditioner, and beard shampoo present in it help hydrate and cleanse skin and beard.

Moreover, cedarwood oil helps strengthen the hair and repair follicles while Argan oil treats itchiness, dandruff, and fights frizz. In addition, Macadamia oil assists in repairing the damage and retaining important moisture to add shine and strength. It also comes with a beard brush that detangles your beard hair and aids in styling the beard in a way he desires. You can purchase the beard set from Amazon for Rs. 799.

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

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For barista lovers, have you ever thought of some special gift that will indulge their love of coffee? While visiting a barista can be feel stress-relieving, it can highly impact the budget. Here, you can help him enjoy the same essence of coffee at home without spending that much. Gift him this Hario cold brew coffee bottle.

Add coffee and water to this glass flask and let it brew for 8 hours. Next, add sugar, milk, and ice, or if you like anything else too. The durable glass is prepared with tapered silicon that allows easy pouring and has a heat-resistant body. The strainer for the bottle can be easily removed. Get the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle with a capacity to store 650ml coffee from Amazon for Rs. 2,969.

Custom Anniversary Picture Frame

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It is the best method to recall your cherished memories. While a regular frame might seem dull, you can add some features to make it special. For example, add special dates of your relationship to it. This engraved wooden photo frame is unique in its appearance, being made of pinewood. It comes with a folding stand that lets you easily place it on a bookshelf, nightstand, or desk. Moreover, it is a great gift for your partner whether it’s your first or tenth anniversary. It uses the permanent laser etching or engraving technique for personalized text.

This beautiful item will add great value to your relationship memories. You can buy the wooden photo frame from Amazon by paying Rs. 599.

Instax Mini 11 Instant Film Camera

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If your partner likes photography, stop searching and gift him this instant film camera to upgrade his photography level. It comes with items like Instax LED bunting, a mini glossy film pack, the mini 11 cameras, fridge magnet, warranty card, instruction manual, camera strap, and batteries. It’s a simple-to-use camera that’s compatible with the mini film. Further, the close-up lens and selfie mirror make it a perfect tool to capture selfies together.

Other interesting key features of the camera include a high key style for shining pictures. Also, the reflexive exposure measurement helps get credit card size pictures on the spot. Its flash performs at a high note, instantly calculating the brightness of surroundings to adjust the speed of the shutter. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera is available on Amazon for Rs. 6,149.

Watch Travel Case

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Is he fond of watches? Does he love carrying multiple timepieces along to match with his outfits? A watch travel case will be perfect for him to wrap and carry his favourites. The watch roll can be reused as the sliding cushions can easily move in and out without risking the case. He can store 3 watches at a time safely in this case. Moreover, the watch dividers prevent the timepieces from jarring and scratching while maintaining a well-organized placement.

The item is durable with high-quality leather used for the outer layer. And its interior part is prepared with soft material and ultra-soft cushion wrapping. The edges or joint parts are stitched which makes this box slighter susceptible to breakage. Get this watch travel case for him as an anniversary gift from Amazon for Rs. 839.

Timex Chicago Chronograph Leather Strap Watch

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And if the watch case doesn’t seem that impressive, get him a wonderful timepiece. Do you know the anniversary is the right occasion to gift him a watch? It is a classic item to say that you will be there for him in both good and bad times. If you are ready to get a watch, check this one from Timex. It comes with natural styling, a cool feature, and a brown leather strap. It also has a quartz movement, date window, and stick index dials. The adjustable strap has an eight-inch stitch for the right fit.

Its black dial is made of glass and the brass case is 40 millimetres. The watch comes offers a water resistance of up to 30 meters in depth. With an analogue display, the watch comes with a warranty of 2 years. You can buy Timex Analog Black Dial Men's Watch from Amazon at the cost of Rs. 1,154.

Indoor Desert Grow Kit

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If you are looking for something unique that will improve your life and the home while making a great gift, this is it. The indoor desert grows kit is perfect for the one who loves plants. It should be planted in a ventilated space, away from the wall to protect burn buds, sunlight reflection, and affecting flowering.

You can grow a rose, a positive flower which is the rich colour of sunshine. The flowering season needs specific air humidity and the right nourishment. Make sure that they don’t come in contact with windy areas and branches should stay dry. That’s because when soil is thawed, roots start to transport the nutrients and water to the stem. The kit comes in safe packing, containing a healthy live plant for which the Indian climate is suitable. You can get the kit now from Amazon for Rs. 330.

A Genius Golf Game

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Many sports lover men love playing golf with peers. If your husband is one of them, why not gift him something related? With this genius golf game, your husband can practice at home while switching between beer and golf pong. The portable turf board is best for right as well as left-handed players. It features high-density and high-quality foam which makes it lightweight and durable, weighing 13 pounds. The whole set weighs 16 pounds. When folded, the dimension of the kit is 2.9*2 feet while the kit unfolds to a dimension of 12*2 feet.

The indoor golf putting is available in green with a portable mat featuring an auto ball function. It also includes mini golf practice training aid. Putterball is simple, quick, and easy to set up. Take it out of the box, unfold it, and the game is ready. This Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Portable Mat with Auto Ball Function Mini Training Aid is available on Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 11,526.

Echo Dot

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With automation and a better music experience in mind, you can go with an Amazon Echo Dot for a boyfriend who loves gadgets. Besides providing sound quality, it can lock your doors, turn off the lights, and modify your thermostat with fast commands. You can stream songs from Apple Music, Sirius XM, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. Available in English and Hindi, it gets the latest features and updates automatically.

For a wonderful music experience, you can connect the echo dot with headphones or speakers. Or Connect a 2nd echo dot for stereo sound. You can also pair your mobile phone with this system to use it as a Bluetooth speaker. Made with several privacy control layers such as a mic off button, it provides decent protection against cyber threats as well. Thus, with this in mind, you can also ask Alexa to pay your bills, know the weather, nursery rhymes, cricket scores, and get the latest news. If he is a techie guy, he will love using it and remember you with every command. You can buy the Echo Dot as an anniversary gift for him from Amazon for Rs. 2,699.

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Also, What Can You Do for Free to Celebrate Your Anniversary?

The abovementioned gift ideas are excellent, also we suggest you some freebie ideas to make your anniversary more memorable! Take a look at the list below for some of our favourite zero-cost memory makers.
• Take a walk at sunset and reminisce about your years together.
• Rewind and re-create your first date.
• Dress up and have a slow dance in your living room to your favourite music.
• Take your laptop or smartphone outside to watch a movie beneath the stars.
• Play your favourite sport together. Don’t have a favourite, then learn a sport together – even better!
• Record a video memento and share your favourite memories of the past year (be sure and watch it on your NEXT anniversary!)

For even more great anniversary gift ideas for him, be sure and check out our other post to get more fun and creative ideas to make your anniversary more memorable and enjoyable.