11 Thoughtful, Memorable 'Remember Me' Gifts for Boyfriend When Going Away and How to Cope With His Absence

11 Thoughtful, Memorable 'Remember Me' Gifts for Boyfriend When Going Away and How to Cope With His Absence

A sweet 'remember me' gift will keep you in his thoughts and make the pain of parting a slightly easier to bear. Afterall Nobody likes to see a loved one leave. Find here some meaningful gift ideas for boyfriend going away to college or to work in a faraway place plus ideas to deal with the separation.

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Seven Ways to Prepare for and Deal With Boyfriend's Departure

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Your relationship is going smoothly, and you’re absolutely in love with each other, however your boyfriend drops a bomb all of a sudden and tells you that he has to move out of town for a new job. It might come as a shock and you suddenly fear that your relationship is over. But don’t worry, your fears might be exaggerated. When you and your boyfriend are invested in the relationship, you can keep the relationship going strong despite the long distance. Give yourself the time to prepare for it, you must possess the determination and attitude to make it work.

Do Something Special Before He Leaves

Before your boyfriend leaves town, treat him out to a fancy dinner, cook his favourite meal, take him to watch the movie he’s been wanting to watch. Rather than sitting around moping and sulking that your boyfriend is going to leave soon, embrace the new free time he has now. Make plans with him and enjoy the time with him. By doing so he’ll soon realise he’ll miss you just as much as you’ll miss him.

Expressing Emotion on the Day He's Leaving is Fine

You feel mopey and sulky because your boyfriend or husband is leaving town – that’s fine. You’re bound to feel a little sad because you won’t be seeing him for a few days or it could even be months. Expressing your emotions on the day he leaves is absolutely fine, as long as you don’t make him feel guilty about it. If he feels you’re upset about his departure, he’ll worry about you and eventually he’s not going to be able to enjoy his trip. Be supportive and he’ll appreciate you even more.

Distract Yourself After He Leaves

Embrace the new ‘me time’ you have at your disposal. Now you can do all the things you weren’t able to do when your boyfriend was around. Your friends have been complaining that you don’t spend time with them anymore? This is the perfect time for you to meet up with them. You’ve wanted to go watch a particular movie but not found the time to do so? Perfect, you can do it during this time when your boyfriend is out of town. Be it a movie marathon or catching up on that book that you’ve been putting off, distract yourself from thinking about the departure of your boyfriend and enjoy some alone time.

Make a Countdown

Some believe the anticipation is better than the event itself. Of course, nothing can be more exiting than your boyfriend returning after his trip, but the idea of waiting for his return makes it exhilarating. Begin a countdown, on your calendar mark the day he’ll be returning and work towards it. While crossing each day that passes by, think of all the fun things you can do with him once he returns.

Try to Fill Every Day, Rather Than Mope Around the House

Fill everyday with fun activities instead of moping around the house. If you’re on a tight budget and cannot go out every day, that absolutely fine. Do something fun at home. You could have a movie marathon, or invite your friends over for drinks and dinner. Or you could go out to try something new, like pottery classes, baking class or furniture making classes. Once your boyfriend returns you can share these new experiences with him.

Use His Absence for Self Improvement Projects

Have you noticed how you feel more affectionate towards your loved ones when parted from them? It’s true! Your heart does grow fonder when you or your partner is away for a long time. Use this time wisely and try to improve yourself, not just for your partner but more for yourself. Break away from your bad habits and start working on all those things you’ve been putting off all this while. It could be something like starting a new course or even starting your diet and fitness regime. Present a new you when your boyfriend returns.

Gifts to Remember You By for Boyfriend Going Away

Personalised Love World Map

Source www.etsy.com

Get this Love World Map that shows a world map printed with your names and a personal message printed on it. The two locations are pinned and connected two hearts that shows that however far you are, you are forever linked with each other. It’s a thoughtful gift to give your boyfriend, and also is a gentle reminder that shows how much you’ll miss him when he’s away. You can get this product on Etsy for US$ 18.30 or Rs.1,320.

Personalised Executive Picture Stand

Give your boyfriend a Personalised Executive Picture Stand so that he doesn’t miss you too much when he’s away. This picture stand is humorous as well as cute, because the 2D photo stand comes in a regular image of a boy or a girl and your photo superimposed on the image to make it look comical yet cute. Give this to your boyfriend so that he can leave it on his nightstand, and he’ll wake up to it with a huge grin on his face. Made out of acrylic, this photo stand measures 8 inches in size. Upload your own photo or a picture of his that is related to a particular memory when you add this product to the cart and you’re done. You can get this quirky photo stand on Giftcart for Rs.399.

Personalised Photo Bottle Lamp

A personalised artifact to remind you boyfriend how much you love him will always be appreciated. The personalised Photo Bottle Lamp can act as a picture frame as well as a night lamp where your boyfriend goes. Are you wondering how it’s personalised? You can send in a picture of the both of you together and it’ll be replicated on the bottle. Purchase this item on giftcart.com for Rs.849.

Ganesha Idol and Rock Slate Hamper

Do you want to wish your boyfriend good luck on his journey no wherever he’s going? No problem! We’ve got just the thing you can give your boyfriend for his journey - Ganesha Idol and Rock Slate Hamper. The gift combo includes a beautiful Ganesha idol, a rock slate with mantra engraved on it and two matching tealights. You can get this thoughtful gift from Giftcart for Rs.999.

Aiqon Luxury Watch

Source engrave.in

Aiqon Luxury Watches chronicles history, recounts passions, tells time at the same time is considered to be an accessory too. This watch is luxuriously classic, infinitely cool, sometimes both. If you gift this to your boyfriend, every time he looks at the watch he’ll remember you. What’s more, you can engrave a small message too on the back of the dial, a special message to let him know how much you love him. Get this beautiful classic piece on Engrave for Rs.6,800.

Farewell Canvas Print

Source engrave.in

A quirky, fun and unique gift will definitely uplift your boyfriend’s mood before he leaves. He will be feeling guilty for leaving you for how ever long he has to go on his trip, so a funny and cute gift like this will make him feel better. The Farewell Canvas Print shows a group of foxes bidding farewell to one of their kind - making it a perfect gift for your boyfriend. You can personalise the gift by entering a short farewell message to be printed above the graphic. Get this right away from Engrave for Rs.1,000.

Doodle Me A Song

Source engrave.in

Does your boyfriend and you love art of any kind, be it music or doodling? What if we say we have a combination of both? The answer is the Custom Song Doodle Art Print. If you’ve got your boyfriend’s favourite mood-setter song, a 'couple song' or a track that lifts his spirits. This Doodle Me a Song print will send across positive vibes every time your boyfriend sees it. Send in the song and the lyrics will be illustrated to suit your unique style. You can get this beautiful doodle from engrave.in for Rs.3,500.

Mumbai Organiser

Source engrave.in

A planner will come in handy when your boyfriend is going away from town on a business trip. Instead of making a note of all the important things on a piece of paper, he can now jot down all his thoughts on the planner. Grab this perfect planner for your boyfriend and enable him to be super organised! You can get this Mumbai-themed organiser on Engrave for Rs.1,260.

Personalised Journal

Source engrave.in

Here’s another personalised item that you can get your boyfriend as a going away gift – a Personalised Journal. Each of these journals have funky doodles on the cover and can be personalised with your boyfriend’s name printed on the journal. Each journal is available in two variants - blank or ruled paper sheets. You can purchase this wonderful journal on Engrave for Rs.295.

If you are looking for something more classy then check out this personalised journal/notebook. This A5 notebook will be a perfect companion to your boyfriend's day. With 50 high quality sheets(blank or ruled), he can use it to note down his thoughts, day schedules, to-dos and whatnot. The notebook comes in a synthetic leather case that is personalised with his name and a cute charm of your choice. Order it for Rs. 750 on themessycorner.in

Travel Bag

Source www.amazon.in

In this day and age, a backpack has become a must-have item. What with the necessary to carry around a laptop along with other items, a backpack allows you carry your items easily and comfortably. The American Tourister Black Laptop Backpack will make a perfect going away gift for your boyfriend if he has to go out of town on a business trip. This bag will give the laptop more protection with its soft interior design and it has ample space to store his personal items too. This available on Amazon for Rs.1,610.

Be Mature when Bidding Farewell to Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is going out of town on business or he’s moving because he’s got a new job; no matter what the reason is be supportive about it. When you’re in a real, solid, stable relationship, distance cannot test the love you feel for each other. Part of an adult relationship is realizing and understanding that each person has his or her own world, separate of one another. Be supportive of each other’s dreams and help them achieve it.

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Use the time to take stock of your relationship

Some time and distance can prove to be very beneficial for a relationship, and instead of grieving his absence, ues this period to assess your relationship. It's difficult to take a step back and view things from a different perspective when you're busy with daily commitments; you're also a lot more emotionally involved in any given situation. But with him away, you can look back and mull over the important things, examine your own views, identify areas which need work and create a plan to strengthen the bond. Absence also makes the heart grow fonder and each of you can better appreciate the other when reunited.