10 Sensual Gifts for Your Boyfriend of 4 Years! Show Him You Can Still Knock His Socks Off + 5 Gift Rules for a Successful Relationship (2019)

10 Sensual Gifts for Your Boyfriend of 4 Years! Show Him You Can Still Knock His Socks Off + 5 Gift Rules for a Successful Relationship (2019)

In four years together have you figured out what are the ideal gifts for your boyfriend? How many hits and how many misses have you got in so far? With BP Guide India's list of gift ideas you will not be shooting in the dark and your 4 year anniversary gift for boyfriend will be spot on. Read on to find some cool, sweet and useful gifts for your man.

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5 Rules on Gift Giving in a Successful Relationship

The art of giving gifts needs to be learned and honed. It is not just popping in a shop and buying something that you think your boyfriend would like though by now you would know what your man prefers. Unless you are careful, it might lead to unprecedented embarrassing situations. And when your man is not satisfied with your gift it definitely leads to a wedge in your relationship. We have put together a few tips to help you hone your art of gift giving and make it a success.

  • Expensive Gift Doesn’t Mean Instant Satisfaction
    Your value in your boyfriend’s eyes doesn't depend on the value of your gift nor does it guarantee instant satisfaction. The only thing you’d be doing when buying expensive gifts is flaunting your wealth or getting in debt. And that might not end well for you, especially if it's been bought on a credit card.

  • Quality Gifts, Not More Gifts
    If you have the idea that more gifts mean more satisfaction, again you are wrong. It’s the quality of the gift that matters. Put some thought into it and buy him one great gift, instead of compensating for lack of ideas with a whole bunch of things that mean nothing.

  • Either Useful or Emotional
    Whatever you get him, it should either be useful or sentimental. Take a wallet for instance. It is a very popular gift for men but does he really need a new one? Instead get him skincare if you notice he needs some looking after. It's not something he'd think for himself but will be touched you notice and look after these small things. Complement it with another sentimental present. You have been together for 4 years and would have wonderful memories and pictures. How about making him a photo book with these pictures and adding some anecdotes which remind him of the happy memories.

  • Make it a Surprise
    Want to make your gift exciting? Make it a surprise. No hints and no clues whatsoever. If possible make sure he doesn't even know that you are intending a gift for him. Spring it on him a day before or after. Or you could gift him a subscription box which means he has a new gift every month the whole year.

  • Be Honest About His Gifts
    This is not relevant to your gift but to his gifts. If your man loves getting you gifts, the best thing you can do is to be honest about his gifts. If he is a good man and appreciates you, he would take this on a good note and would be careful the next time around. If you are not honest about his gifts, you are at the risk of acting just to please him even though it doesn’t. But be sure you deliver it to him in a good and sporty way and not gripe about it. Remember its the thought that counts but again honesty is the best policy.

Top 10 Anniversary Gift Ideas to Wow Your Boyfriend of 4 Years

Personalised Linen Print

What better gift can you get for your boyfriend than a linen print commemorating 4 years of togetherness. Your names followed by your anniversary date and a lovely message for your boyfriend is sure to melt his heart. This bespoke one of a kind piece can be purchased from Not On The High Street for ₹3,697. The linen print also features a floral design that frames your message beautifully. The floral design comes in two colour combinations namely grey, aqua and teal and teal, grey and flamingo pink. This thoughtful gift comes printed on natural organic linen.

Wooden Zen Sand Garden

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend is a workaholic and hard at work all day the zen sand garden is an ideal gift for him. After a stressful day, this is exactly what he needs to wind it down and let loose all the tensions plaguing him. The zen garden is known to relax a person and bring down the anxiety bringing a sense of calmness and peace of mind. Priced at ₹4,062, the wooden zen sand garden from Amazon comes with 2 types of rocks, artificial sand and rake. Set it on his tea table and let him rake it and arrange it to his heart's content and watch the day’s stress dwindle away. It also makes for an awesome decor.

Drip Coffee Maker

Source www.amazon.in

Who wouldn't like a cup of coffee to start the day? Imagine waking up and the sweet aroma of coffee wafting from the kitchen. There is no better stimulant than that. The Black + Decker 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker from Amazon is just about the best out there when it comes to coffee makers.

The coffee pot can hold up to 12 cups and can keep warm for up to 2 hours even after coffee is done the brewing thanks to the hot plate and the keep warm function. Priced at around ₹2,089, it can also be programmed to have a delayed start. So, you can program them to start early morning so he can wake up to the delicious smell of coffee. Buy it here.

Vintage Blue Topaz Cuff Links

Source www.etsy.com

Cufflinks are a must-have for every man in a professional environment or otherwise. A good quality cufflink and tie clip is hard to come by. Cufflink should be classy, elegant and should accentuate the outfit. It should not be gaudy or take over the outfit.

These vintage cufflinks from Etsy tick all the right boxes and are styled in the 1950’s fashion. Priced at ₹3,395, the cufflink gift set has a pair of cufflinks and a tie tack, all featuring a blue topaz gemstone as the centrepiece. The blue topaz denotes your four years of togetherness overcoming all your troubles and reaching an important milestone.

Personalised Map

After four years of being together, you would have had your big moments and also your lowest moments together. Whatever it is, it cannot top the moment you laid eyes on each other. The frantically beating heart and the butterflies in your tummy is not something you’d forget. Yet how about immortalizing the moment with the personalized map from lovecation.com.

Spot the location on online maps like OnlineMapFinder and take a screenshot with your spot marked clearly. You can either choose to have the map as a digital file or printed and framed. You can also customize it and choose your own shape and colour. The cost depends on how you want the map and starts at ₹4,750.

Little Message Glass Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

How about a little gesture of love? 4 years or not romance, never gets old. With these little message bottles available on Amazon, your boyfriend can have a little piece of romance every month until the next year.

Priced at ₹550, each bottle has a small token keepsake and a blank paper. Personalize them by writing your words of love in the blank papers and then sealing them in the bottles. With one for every month, you have 12 bottles with a small keepsake and a message of love.

Natural Bath & Body Gift Set

Source www.amazon.in

Not all men are all that conscious towards skin health. Give them a soap and a deodorant and they are done. The SOS Organics assorted gift set on Amazon with all natural and organic products will help him take the first step in the right direction.

Priced at ₹490, the set contains 2 bath bars, a shaving bar, a hand cream and a lip balm. The bath and body products are made from organically grown ingredients from the hills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. The formulations include essential oils and oils from plants native to the region. It makes for a wholesome product that nourishes your skin and keeps it supple and soft. Buy it here.

Happy Anniversary Candle Set

Source www.amazon.in

Your man can all be macho and masculine but if he says he dislike scented candles, he is definitely lying. A good scented candle such as the ones from Eliora is a guilty pleasure for everyone. The Eliora anniversary gift set is a set of two candles; one Tearose and one Vanilla Jar Candle. The vanilla candle is the typical vanilla fragrance which is sweet and potent.

While the Tearose is the classical rose fragrance with a hint of lilies and mint. The candles are made from natural wax and are hand poured to ensure a high-quality product. It can also be customized if you’d like to add a message to your boyfriend. The Eliora Happy Anniversary Candle Set is available at Amazon for ₹799.

Charging Docking Station

Dating a gadget freak. Aren’t we? You know what's the best gift for your anniversary! The Charging Docking Station from Amazon with options to charge 5 devices and your apple watch. The charging station includes 2 of each iPhone/iPad charge cables, micro USB charge cables and type c charge cables, all delivering a consistent 12 v charge.

The partitions which also includes a watch holder can be removed and rearranged as per your will. Priced nominally at ₹2,339 the device is sure to make life easier for you guys particularly when travelling with all your devices. Buy it here.

Retro Arcade Machine Handheld Gaming System

Source www.amazon.in

Yet another gem of a gadget for your nerd. The dreamGEAR My Arcade Retro Machine Gaming System holds around 200 classic arcade games. The fun handheld arcade console brings back the nostalgia of the times spent carefree with friends racing to beat their scores and set new records. It also features joystick and button controls for a realistic experience. Bring back all good memories with the handheld gaming system for ₹2,862 from Amazon.

Exciting 4th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

A gift is a special part of your anniversary celebration but it is not the whole thing. A celebration is something that you should remember fondly after a few years. A gift alone doesn't do that. You need to plan a trip or a something of the like to honour the occasion. Men are not known to remember dates and it would be up to you to remember the date and plan something appropriate. We have listed a few ideas to inspire you.

Photoshoot to Commemorate the Occasion

The current trend right now is to immortalise an occasion with a photo shoot. If you can afford a photo shoot, get the best local photographer and click some pictures of the occasion. If you cannot allow a budget for a photo shoot, get the help of a friend, probably someone who owns a DSLR and you are set. You can get help from Pinterest for ideas and inspirations. You can ask your photographer to make a photo book for you or you can use Print Venue and the like to get your book done.

Get Pampered and Primped

It is likely that both of you are busy in your lives with no time to stand and stare much less a pampering session. With this big moment coming up, how about slowing everything down; In fact just stop the world at your door and book yourself a couple’s spa.

Get pampered and finish the day with a fabulous date at your favourite restaurant. Your usual burger and fries don’t count; not even your occasional Asian fare. Step it up a notch and make reservations at a top restaurant and get dressed as such in a little black dress and heels. With wine and conversation flowing this night would be one to remember in a long time.

Surprise Him with a Trip

If you two are travel birds or just plan to be one, now is the time to kick start. Start this new year in your lives with a relaxing trip. Book yourself in a resort and take life slowly, with lovely sights, music and definitely food. There's nothing better to bring life to perspective than travel. And being there with your loved one will bring forth the emotions and what made you love each other. Any issues you had with each other will be forgotten in the aftermath.

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